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Day 2 Tuesday
It was to be day two of the lads sexual education, he arrived home as usual tired and with a mountain of homework, they ate together, then at Beryl `s insistence and his disgust, the boy, began what turned into a good few hours of homework, algebra, in Beryl`s mind a wasted time as 75% of pupils will never use it ever again, and English, but she said nothing, insisting on his education coming first, and knowing the self-discipline would do no harm in later life. It was a long evening our two participants both conscious in their own ways that they wanted to get on to a much more interesting subject, Beryl watching TV in a distracted sort of way to pass the time.
It was fully ten o`clock when the dressing gown clad lad reported to his grandmother, still in the sitting room, that the house was locked, the hens settled, and the homework done. She took his hand and had him join her on the sofa. “now young man, what shall we cover this evening?” she asked, then added, “perhaps that should be uncover!” they smiled as she already knew what his answer would be.
“erm well, you did say, erm, that you would show me your…um, top, and to be honest gran I have been dyeing to see them all day… well in truth for some time…!” she smiled, blushing slightly, then said, “I had noticed your interest,” she grinned, then said, ”I was going to wear my sexiest bra, but I decided instead to wear a workday one, it`s harder to unclasp, and it will be more fun for you, I shall sit on the stool and I won`t interfere so that you can undress me, just my top tonight, and then I will teach you all about tits, and how to excite them… ok?” Vigorous nodding confirmed he was very OK! So, she moved to sit on the padded stool in the centre of the carpet, turning off the long-ignored TV as she did so.
Having thought ahead his only item of clothing was the dressing gown, under which by now, the lad was sporting an erection that ached. As he stepped towards her, the gown dropped open, her eyes hungrily latching on to him and feasting on the sight! “My what a compliment” she gasped, he blushed and said “it`s been hard like that, thinking of you and your promise all day gran, despite me taking care of it a few times, it kept coming back, it was awkward, I didn’t know what to do with it!” She pulled him to her and kissed him, saying she “would give it some thought!”
His fingers found the bottom button of her loose flowing blue blouse, which she had worn deliberately outside her slacks, their eyes met briefly then his fell to the task in hand. One then another fell to his trembling hand, the fifth and last allowing the item to fall open and reveal a flesh pink matronly bra, solid reliable and to his young mind well filled.
He silently slid the blouse from her shoulders, down her arms until, once clear of her hands, he could d**** it on the Sofa arm without ever taking his eyes from her encased bust. Over the year he had seen her before, on holiday in her swimsuit, but this was different somehow, forbidden underclothing full of, until now hidden breasts that he knew would soon be revealed to him… he was overcome… mesmerised…dumfounded!
Beryl waited sat like a stone statue, waiting, watching, allowing him this moment, till finally suggesting that he kissed her and perhaps he could undo the bra as he did, removing this final barrier. He knelt before her, willingly kissing her, not as the dutiful grandson, but as her lover, passionately deeply and with feeling.
His arms enfolded her warm body, feeling for the soft strap, gently probing for the hook and eyes he had found when examining the bra`s in her drawer, perhaps this very item or one oh so similar. Three of the four tiny hooks parted easily, the last canlı kaçak bahis took a second attempt before leaving its partner… the elastic slipping from his grasp, the sudden slackness a relief to both parties the support now loose.
Their body`s still close, his arms around her and the shoulder straps supporting the pink slings, the breast remained covered, he eased back and held the cups in place, suddenly realising at last he had his hands on these long dreamt of treasures, a woman`s breasts, and not just any woman, his own grans, his stand in mothers, his fantasy, his dream… Their eyes met, it was almost as if he was too scared to lower his gaze, she smiled, then whispered,” go on then…you know you want to…I`m not going to stop you am I…”
As if in slow motion he rocked back on his heels easing the straps from her shoulders as he eased the cups from his long awaited goal, slack, soft breast meat, blue veined, and no longer young or pert, came into his vision, then finally the nipples, stiff erect and dark, engorged with her excitement, the areola with its ring of sensitive dots, those nubs it was all too much.
His hair trigger shot his ready load on his grandmothers feet, he turned red as a turkey cock, and she, realising what had happened, laughed. …to his embarrassment! Then realising his shame, she said for him not to worry, it was a compliment and to pass her a tissue, which he did she speedily mopping her slippers then without comment returning herself to her position on the stool, smiled at the lad and muttered “Now, where were we?”
She lifted her left breast, offering him the nipple, an offer that he was quick to enjoy, instinct having his lips latched to her nipple rapidly and in a way that soon had her eyes closed as she remembered her late husband`s love of that particular game, while her breathing became louder and harder!
She hugged his head to her breast, pressing his face into the soft tissue, smothering his hair in kisses, as the rolling climax overtook her once more. The lads ministrations soon had her cumming again, changing breast as if he couldn’t get enough! It had been so long, so very long since any man had touched her body, shown her such sexual affection, it was perfection, joy, sensuous and spontaneous, instinctive and so much more than just a lesson.
She hauled him from her breast, looked deep into his eyes and was about to speak, to explain about, his grand-fathers love of her breasts, when he uttered those immortal words “I do really love you gran!” then kissed her on the lips in a way that confirmed his statement in no uncertain way and without doubt. What his voice and his kisses said, was also confirmed with his hugs, his hot hands on her flesh, his caress of her breasts, so soft and gentle, her mind screamed at her that he was hers, but in their own way they both already knew it!
She also knew instantly that her resolution to ‘only help the boy understand’ had crumbled with this, at his first sensuous touch, he would have to be her lover not only her pupil, she would teach him do to her all the things that ‘her Sid’ had ever done, teach him every last perversion that her inventive husband had tried over their years together, her mind said, why not, why not let him become hers, hers sexually, let him use her, and become a well-trained lover! here was her answer, she trusted the lad, he wouldn’t blab, he wouldn’t let her down, she suddenly saw things oh so very clearly, her sexual drought was about to be over, but first…time for a reality check…
“look lad, yes, you do love me…but as a gran or mum, love is a fickle thing, different things to different people, you love me as your gran, not as a lover, one day you will find real love, lovers love not güvenilir casino family love, this is lust, not sexual love, your just overcome by the first woman`s tits you’ve ever seen, and you want this to go further, ok, so let`s both just enjoy it, no complications, I will teach you all about sex as I know it, prepare you for the sexual world… ok?” he nodded, perhaps a little shaken by her grip on reality. She went on “I haven’t had an any sexual partners since your grandad died, and I will be honest I miss it, diy is not as good is it?” he nodded again, unable to put words to her admission of her masturbating, his gran…beyond his imagination… “you are my answer,” she continued “perhaps I am yours, and together we can have fun, sexual fun, but as I said it`s just sex, lust, call it what you like, but remember I could end up in jail should word get out, your still just u******e, I am a responsible adult, and your gardian too, so think on lad, and no hints when dads home either…ok?” he again promised sincerely and she knew he meant it.
They kissed, the bargain sealed, and he was sent off to his bed once more, tomorrow was another school day! She reached for her vibe…

Day 3, Wednesday
Wally arrived home just as usual, the meal, homework and shutting up the hens were accomplished by 9pm, it was still light, dad had rung as was usual on Wednesday`s, and gran had watched her programs, so it was a more confident young man that followed his tutor into her bedroom. He closed the curtains, then said to Beryl, “can I ask a favour gran?” she stopped and turned to face him, “go on!” she said curiously. “Just sometimes could you be topless for me around the house, um, I don’t mean nude, though you could if you like,” he grinned, but just…well… topless, I`ve fantasized about you cooking and so on naked, so I could see those awesome tits of yours anytime I wanted…” he tailed off, embarrassed, she grinned, “perhaps, but I shall keep my dressing gown handy if I do oh … and I shan`t be frying anything either…”and she kissed him full on his lips. He looked a bit curiously at her…” frying?” he asked, she said she didn’t like the idea of spitting fat landing on her tits, and as the penny dropped, they both laughed.
“Let`s see if there`s any other bits you will find interesting then” she said stripping off her top, that pink bra hove into sight once more, but much to his disgust she made no attempt to remove it, instead undoing the top of her skirt. “you ready for this?” she asked, he nodded enthusiastically, taking a seat in the old wicker chair to watch as she dropped the thin skirt to the floor followed by the half-slip. she stepped from the ring of clothing, bending to retrieve them and folding them before hanging them on the bed end. She was now wearing a pair of dark blue workaday knickers which with the pink bra left her covered as she would have been in a swimsuit. The knickers held her smooth and taught, her wide hips speaking of her good c***d-bearing qualities, the full belly just lapping over the waistband, and the odd pubic hair peeping under the leg-bands. Her stocking-less legs thick and solid, with small ridges of fat on the inner thighs. To some she would have looked anything bar sexy, to wally she was Cleopatra, the Mona-Lisa and Venus all rolled into one, she was gran, his gran, and she was beautiful
She faced him, “not a pretty sight is it, this fat old bird… gone to seed I have, and if you want me to cover it all up again I shall understand lad…” he held up his hand, and she tailed off to silence, “Gran, your special to me, granted your no page 3 girl, but they are half your age and haven’t had to cope with me for years,” he grinned reassuringly, “your mine gran, and I do love casino firmalari you, just the way you are, regardless of what you say!” with that he leant forward and kissed her belly, then fixing her astonished eye`s with his he slipped his fingers in her waistband and rolled the blue material down over her buttocks. She shivered; nerves not cold making her tremble, other than doctors, the lad would only be the second male lover ever to see her without her knickers. Before she knew it, the things fell past her knees, again she stepped from the garment, conscious that his eyes were still fixed on hers, and he hadn’t as yet lowered his gaze.
She felt behind her and after a second or two the bra fell away, still his eyes did not move, It was as if he didn’t want to see, though he knew he did, her body was taboo, it had been for so long it was ingrained, he had had it fixed in his head that ladies lower bits were sacred, and he was frightened of looking down at her body, flabby or not, afraid of upsetting her with his reaction, mentally he needed her permission.
Long moments passed then she whispered, “don’t you want to see, am I that hideous” he felt ashamed, and muttered, “can I? oh, please can I, I do so want to” she nodded, and finally with willpower he managed to drop his eyes, her mons and the pubic bush covered her slot well, her legs hid the actual lips, he looked up again then said, with feeling “Gran, to me your beautiful, don’t ever say your hideous again…ever!”
Tears filled her eyes as she took his hand and led him to her bedside, first sitting then rolling herself onto her back on the soft mattress, she lay on her back legs together, arm at her side. She turned to him and taking his hand, said, “ready…” he knew what she meant, and nodded. Slowly she opened her legs, squeezing his hand reassuringly as she did, her sex was now fully displayed to his mesmerised gaze, seconds passed silently, their breathing and the clicking of her alarm-clock the only sound.
She asked if it was what he had imagined, told him that he could touch her, but to be gentle, then waited till like a butterfly his finger touched her mons, then finding it didn’t bite advanced along first one lip, then the second. The silky texture and the slippery wetness made progress like touching silk, her fingers came to his aid, holding open the warm wet lips, letting him look deep into her body, exposing the clitorise tucked into the pink fleshy hood, she groaned as his fingertip stroked at the hood, like it was a pet, gently but firm and soft but fleshy. His jaw fell, it was not as he had expected, not like the picture in teachers book.
She explained how the clit was very like his willy, sliding the hood back to reveal this marvellous button most men wish to play with, explaining how women masturbate, and saying that she loved hers touched and sucked. His eyes grew as she talked, then making a decision he slowly lowered his head and tentatively began to use his tongue, just as she had on him only yesterday.
She groaned, it was magical, her breathing increased as did his tempo, she began to grunt, yes, yes, oh more please, more, yes oh yes…don’t stop, yeeesss, then she began to cum, her two hands on his head in case he should ease off, she began to shake her head, side to side, eyes tight shut, and her world erupted in coloured lights and sound, as she properly climaxed for the first time with her new stud.
She had to drag him from his new toy, aware that he had sent her into extasy, and eager to please her he had been unwilling to cease his games. They lay together he in her arms kissing, though his lips tasted of her goo, adding to the effect. They drifted off to sleep, an hour passed, two, till she needed to pee, waking him as she retrieved her arm from round him. Sleepily he set off for his bed, half asleep, muttering, “thanks gran your ace!” as he wandered away. She smiled, perhaps this could work and perhaps her body wasn’t as hideous as she had thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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