A boat trip with my sexy wife

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A boat trip with my sexy wife
Our vacation days at Bahamas started well. The sun was shining brightly and we enjoyed it tanning our skin. Ana and I really relaxed fine; we really needed it after a long time at office…

The boat trip was my idea and I thought Anita would like it.

She smiled and accepted, saying we could enjoy a romantic lunch and then swim in the clear blue ocean in the late afternoon sun. She was definitely coming round to the idea.

It was early in the season and I had no problem getting a nice boat to a private charter for the day. I arranged everything with the skipper, who was a kind black man called Jeff and he told me that I would not be disappointed with his services…

The next day Ana and I arrived on the quay side very early. The skipper quickly introduced us to his crew, two young black guys called Freddie and Tommy. Both guys were his nephews. They would help sail the boat and look after us. They were both good looking lads with dark skin…

My sexy wife was wearing a tiny yellow bikini, with a long skirt wrapped around her soft waist. She stumbled when she boarded the ship; but quickly Tommy caught her, his strong, young arms wrapping around her upper body, pulling the blouse tight to her body and making her breasts heave…

I saw them look at each other as Anita thanked him for his support. Their eyes met and they smiled at each other. That look between them had been quick, but it got me quite excited…

As we sailed, the lunch was really very fine: a selection of fresh fish, salads and cooked meats; all washed down with a nice red wine.
As we finished, both young guys joined us for a drink, while Uncle Jeff was at the helm, setting course to a secluded bay in the coast.

I stayed back from the conversation with those guys and smiled to myself as more and more sweet Cuban rum found its way into my glass…
My sexy wife was now flirting with the two black guys. She was now showing her nice round illegal bahis curves, covered barely by her tiny yellow bikini.
Both lads could not keep their eyes off her long tanned legs and the soft curves of her round boobs.
Even her hardened nipples could be seen through the thin material.

Despite the fact that I was becoming rather intoxicated with too much rum, the thought of my wife flirting with these two lads had me as hard as a rock.
I felt I was as horny as hell and I wanted to fuck.
But then I thought I could be a voyeur; watching my sexy wife in the hands of those little black bastards…

I was sure Ana would go for it; because I knew she was also horny like me.

It would not be too difficult for me to feign a sickness, everyone could see I had enjoyed many drinks and I was looking little woozy…
Then I announced I was not feeling fine and I would take a nap down below.

My words were greeted by a unanimous vote of agreement from the guys.
Anita just sighed and smiled at me, but she said not a single word…

I could almost make out the shape of her hard nipples under the bikini top.

Below deck I found a low bunk against one wall of the rear cabin. I saw that there were several windows overlooking the deck; so I chose the one that gave the best vantage point. From there, I could see the bikini clad figure of my sexy wife, now stretched out on a blanket, as she was joined by the two black hunks.
Soon Tommy placed his hand on Anita’s shoulder. I thought it was just an innocent gesture; but then his mouth met my wife’s plump red lips…

The other guy slid his dark skinned hand into the top of her bikini.
His fingers clenched and massaged her boobs gently under the fabric and Anita closed her eyes and moaned softly. He popped her nice boobs out.

The Tommy took charge again and he caressed my wife’s hard nipples; as his partner Freddie ran his hands up and down Anita’s long, slender legs. Higher illegal bahis siteleri and higher his fingers traced until they almost touched her panties.

Ana moaned again as his exploration finally touched her covered mound.
I watched as her thighs relaxed and slowly spread open. This was obviously what Freddie had expected to happen and he quickly eased the crotch of Ana’s panties to one side; thus exposing my wife’s glistening pussy lips.

The bitch was already wet, when this black guy lowered his face between her open inviting snatch. Anita moaned again.
As Freddie sucked her wet cunt, his partner was still mauling her tits.

Ana found Tommy’s hard cock. It was huge and now fully erect…
My wife could not even get her fingers all the way round that thick shaft.
As she jerked Tommy, she was bouncing her hips up off the blanket and trying to get more of Freddie’s tongue inside her.
The black guy was tonguing her to orgasm, as I could see…

As Ana’s body began to rock and shudder in the beginning of orgasm, Tommy pushed his hard cock into my wife’s face. She still had her eyes closed as the climax washed over her body, but then she became aware of his presence. Then she slipped out her soft tongue and licked the head of that huge cock.

As Anita was starting to suck hard that cock into her mouth, Freddie was busy stripping his shorts off. His tool was already hard and he seemed to know where he wanted to put it.
He just pulled the yellow bikini bottom off Ana’s body and he just crawled up between her outstretched legs; getting ready to invade her horny pussy.

Soon he had Ana’s legs up and over his shoulders. She was moaning deeply; sighing and calling his name as the other guy removed his cock from her mouth, still undischarged and began jerking it with his hand.

But then Ana noticed it and she begged them to cum in her body. She cried she wanted to have their cocks in her cunt and ass at the canlı bahis siteleri same time…

Both guys laughed and Tommy got on his back. He held his thick cock pointing directly upwards, waiting for my wife’s pussy. He didn’t wait long. Ana straddled him and soon she was bouncing back and forth, impaled onto that huge monster black cock.
Freddie soon found position quickly, exploring Ana’s tight butthole…
Both black guys had to use their strength to keep Ana still while they fucked her both holes in a wild manner. She screamed in delight, as they grunted.

Soon she cried out loud, as she was humped by the two huge black cocks; trembling and shaking as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body…

Both guys seemed to cum together; as they arched their backs on Ana’s body. A second later Ana grunted and screamed with pleasure. I knew she had cum hard this time.

The black guys withdrew their cocks at same time and Ana stood there onto the wooden deck, her body shaking with no control.
While I thought it was all over; the dark figure of the skipper stood over my wife’s naked trembling body.

Jeff was naked and smiling as he was jerking his huge black cock.
He knelt down close to Ana and he made her bend over onto all fours.
He commented his nephews that the white married little slut now was very nice stretched; but he still wanted to enjoy a nice piece of white asshole.

Then he grabbed Ana’s hips and I watched her opening wide her eyes; as that huge cock invaded her poor anus. She could not even cry a word.
Her breathe came shorter, as the skipper pounded her asshole very hard.

She finally cried she was coming again, with that big cock buried in her ass.
Then Jeff grunted and he came deeply in her anus, adding more warm seed

He laughed and pulled out, slapping my wife’s buttocks.
Anita looked exhausted. Her legs lay spread open and limp on the deck revealing a very wet and open pussy and a very abused looking asshole.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and she looked directly at me. Our eyes locked together in shocked surprise and she gave me an evil stare…
But then her red lips relaxed into a beaming smile.
The look of lust returned to her face, as she winked at me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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