A Boy and His Mom Part 2

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A Boy and His Mom Part 2
The next morning Lily was surprised to arrive downstairs and not find her son there already. Ever since he was born, Tim had been an early riser and even though he was now a teenager eager to get his license and begin driving on his own in a few weeks, he was unlike most teens in that he was always in the kitchen when she came downstairs, if not already gone off on whatever project he was planning for the day.

She was disappointed. She had put on a white t-shirt that she knew would become almost translucent once she began working out and working up a sweat. She had put on her skimpiest pair of pink shorts that barely covered the crease at the bottom of her ass and hugged every inch of her that it did cover like a glove. Now it almost seemed like wasted effort.

Maybe he had not looked in the folder last night. She had discovered on his computer the day before a folder entitled, “Moms” and at first she had panicked thinking he had a folder of pictures of her naked and in the shower and such. And he had. But there had been four other folders with the names of moms of four of his friends. Three of them had provocative pictures, a few of which even appeared to show him about to receive blow jobs from the other moms! It had turned her on so she had decided to show her son that he should have come to her for more “hands on” learning about sex rather than going to Sherree and the other women…. Though to be honest, seeing him putting his cock into her dark flesh had been unexpectedly erotic for Lily!!!

She had hoped that after having sent her husband off to work with a smile that morning that she might get a special cream dessert from Tim, but it did not look like it was going to work out that way. She took her vitamins and hung around the kitchen for a few minutes before deciding she was just going to have to wait for her treat. She wondered as she went down into the basement if she might not have to wait days before he found her additions to his collections. That would be a shame because she was really horny now! There was no way she could just wait for him to discover it on his own!

She had just finished her 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and sat down on the weight machine bench when she heard the door at the top of the steps open up. Tim was coming down the stairs dressed only in sweat pants. Sweat pants that only served to make evident his erection!!!

“Good morning Sleepy Head! How are you?” Lily said with a smile as she reached for the handles above her head as if to start her pull down exercises. She did not have to look down to know that while her nipples did not stick out as much as Tim’s cock, they were just as obvious and her son did not fail to notice as he stared right at her chest for a couple of seconds as he walked toward her, not hiding his lust.

“So when did you get on my computer?”

“Oh, that! I wanted to see the pictures that you had shot of me yesterday morning before I took my shower and … well you can imagine my surprise at seeing all that is in your ‘Moms’ folder.”

“So you took pictures of yourself masturbating on my bed and saved them there?” Tim’s voice had a little edge to it and he was now looking down on Lily from just a little more than a foot. The intent at intimidation was obvious.

“Well, as a matter of fact, I did. I told you long ago that if you had any questions about sex you could ask me.” Lilly stood up and still was shorter than her son. He was so close that the front of her breasts brushed his bare chest. “So when I found that you have been taking pictures of not just me but other women, many of them without their knowledge, I’m guessing, I decided to show you what you bahis siteleri have been missing out on.”

“Okay Mom. If you want to act like I have been missing out on something, then….” His hand moved quickly and he had a fist full of her hair near her scalp before she could intercept his hand. “…how about you show me if you are as good at sucking my cock as each of your friends are!” He pulled her to him and before she could protest, he moist mouth, tasting of toothpaste and mouthwash was on hers and she felt her lips parting for his tongue!

“What the hell am I doing?!?!” her mind screamed and at the same time other parts of her body were urging her to surrender to him! Her heart pounded out the cadence to abandon all resistance and other parts of her betrayed her desire to be taken roughly.

It was not that her husband was not a good lover, he was. He was tender, compassionate and careful. He let her lead more in the bedroom than she ever dreamed and had never even marked her body with his lips or teeth let alone his grip or a slap … or rope or handcuffs. Secretly she had wanted him to want her. She had long ago tired of simply cuddling and hearing him drift off to sleep. The first few times he fell asleep lying next to her naked body she had taken offense. She wanted her body to excite him and to always make him her personal sex machine! She wanted to turn him on to the point that he lost control and stopped being a gentleman. But in all of the years they had shared a bed, he had always made love to her. She was starving to be fucked. And the guilt at wanting to be a slut ate away at her!

And now, it was her own son, punishing her for being a whore. He was the one that was stealing her breath and roughly twisting her breast so hard that it made her gasp!!! He chuckled and she felt his pleasure in her response. This was not what she had planned. She had thought she might masturbate him, stroke his manhood… possibly allow him to lick her starving pussy. She had never dared dream.

“You walk around here in front of my friends like a whore, showing your body to all of them! They all call you ‘The Hot Mom’ and they all want to fuck you! In fact, that’s how I have gotten to screw so many of their moms! They want to screw you!”

“Let go of me!” Lily pushed against his chest and turned the side of her hip toward her son. “This is crazy!”

“No crazy is fucking yourself with a big black rubber dong on your teenage son’s bed and thinking he won’t do anything!” Lily elbowed him in the solar plexus driving the air out of him. A moment later he kicked her behind her knee and pulled her down to her knees by her hair. With the other hand he pushed the waistband of his pants below his cock and balls. “And crazy is also refusing to suck my cock after having given me the perfect blackmail material yourself!” He slapped the hard shaft of his cock against the side of her face a couple of times and then told her to open her mouth.

Lilly was scared shitless… and her pussy was on fire with need! She had her catalogue of favorite fantasies and she was living out two of her most wicked! She had this thing about being attacked and made to unwillingly perform sex acts with a man or other men (sometimes even another woman). It had been one of her “go to” fantasies since she was young. But she had only in the last couple of years wonder what her son would be like as a lover. She had remembered his caress as a baby suckling on her teats. She had remembered how caring and gentle he had always seemed to be both with her and with others. She had seen him as the instant replay of her own husband who would never hurt her, never make her do anything and who certainly asyabahis would never attack her…. Tim was the best parts of both of those fantasies and she was nearly on fire with the need to give in to his every command!

The velvet head of his swollen cock pressed against her lips and she yielded to its insistence. Her mouth opened and she was immediately aware that his cock was not as thick as his father’s yet, but it was iron hard and he pushed hard into her face; the same rounded thickness was quickly at the back of her mouth insisting that she take more of him into her mouth and that she take him all into her mouth right from the start! He grabbed her hair close to her ears in both hands an pulled himself into her, causing her to either relax or have her throat bruised as one of her boyfriends had done to her back in high school! She knew how to swallow not just a load of cum now, but a hard cock as well and she took the stiff probe of her son into her throat until the nest of his curly pubic hairs were smashed into her lips!

“God this feels good. None of the girls at school can take me and only Chaz’s mom could! Damn, Mom you are a good cock sucker!!” He pulled back and she gasped in air before he jammed himself right back in, closing off all airways in her neck! His words excited her! And that bothered her. He continued to tell her things, things a boy his age should not know about sex and yet, she did each and every one of them giving him more reasons to praise her which caused her face to burn red. “ That feels so good when you swallow like that…. Wow yes! It feels so good on my head Mom, do that again!! Fuck!!!”

She was always only moments from passing out when he would pull back and she would cough out the burning dead air from her lungs and breathe in the oxygen her body craved for only a breath or two before he was right back inside of her skull. The room was soon spinning and his words only garbled sounds when she felt him pull out of her and step around behind her. Lily let the cool clear air fill her lungs and push back the cobwebs of the last several minutes. Her mouth was thick with a salty fluid and it took her a moment to realize that it was probably only his pre-cum that coated her mouth.

Tim shoved her face forward and she was just able to get her forearms and elbows parallel to the ground enough to keep her from smashing her face into the floor. He was behind her and kneeling down on the floor and moving her hips into a position for him to do something. Then she felt the head of his prick pushed against her pink folds of flesh around her pussy, opening her up and then sliding into her. “Fuck Mom, you are literally gushing with juices and I have not even started to fuck you!!! You really are a whore! Wait until I tell the guys! They will all want to take turns fucking your creamy pussy and licking you up!” He slid all of the way to his root into her in a single mind-shattering shove!

His sudden deep penetration pushed the air out of Lily’s body once more and the lightning bolt impulses of pleasure from her pussy streaked through her body and exploded her fragile grip on reality into a thousand tiny shards of pleasure and desire that ripped through any thoughts of denying her lust. She wanted the cock that was inside of her and she pushed back onto it, willing more of him into her! She wanted… she needed to take it all into her. She heard his grunts and felt his hands on the outsides of her hips as he began pulling out and then slamming his hips into again and again. She felt his right hand sliding more toward the crease of her ass and she silently urged him on, moving her bottom to meet both his cock asyabahis giriş and to direct his hand onward.

She did not care what the small voice whispered about it being her son or about how he should not…. She wiggled her ass and his thumb fell into the crease of her bottom and moments later she felt his thumbnail rake lightly across the texture of her sphincter. She moaned and somewhere far far away her mind heard her voice saying, “Yes, Oh God yes!! Shove it in me! I want it!!!” His thumb was then right at the center of her hole, testing pushing in… She was nearly sobbing now with the raw lust to be filled by her attacker. And then she gasped as she felt the thumb push harder and open her asshole!!! She whimpered and shuddered and then as she realized he had sunk his thumb up to the knuckle into her ass and she moaned again and this time her body convulsed as the orgasm that had been slowly building up within her suddenly broke free and exploded! She could feel every vein, every cell of her lover’s body that was within her and her body tried to claim it all for her!

The waves of pleasure pulsed and pounded through making her want more and squeeze even tighter to the shaft then she felt the ripple of swelling of her son. She felt his sack up tight against her fingers as she rubbed furiously at her quivering clit. She could almost feel the load swell and rise through him and explode deep inside of her as she bowed her back to will the thick cream to slide into her all of the way! She did not want to lose a drop! Some a****l instinct had taken over and her body was rippling with pleasure and power she had forgotten she held and she could feel the youth behind her nearly convulsing as the orgasm thrashed his body and her pussy pumped him dry of all that he had and begged for more!

He was banging into her now without any efforts at control. His sharp boney hips slapping her ass, his thumb pulled out of her bottom and he was slapping her ass harder and harder! Without warning her grabbed her by her hair and jerked her upright, causing Lily to cry out, though her mind could not sort out whether she was in more pleasure than pain or the other way around! He pulled her back against his lanky body and she could feel the sheen of sweat that covered his body. It made her smile to think she had worn him out!

“Mommy, you are good slut, better than I ever dreamed you would be! I love cumming in your juicy cunt! From now on, you will make it available to me whenever I want.” His free hand wrapped around Lily’s body and he slapped one breast hard and then grabbed the other and squeezed it hard! Lily’s eyes began to water as she said she understood. Tim caught her earlobe in his teeth and then he hissed in her ear, “You are mine from now one and I think you are just enough of a slut that you are really going to enjoy it!” Lily silently confirmed that she knew she was going to love it!

His cock slipped out of her slippery vagina and an unimaginable amount of fluids, his, hers and theirs flowed own her thighs like champagne released from a bottle, bubbling up and then over the outside of the bottle.

“Now, Mommy, turn around her an clean my cock and balls with your mouth!” Tim ordered as he pushed her away from him in a manner that again nearly caused her to go face first into the hard wood floors. She smiled to herself as she turned around looked up into the face of her son, who was no longer a boy to her.

He was now a man. She smiled again to herself as she though, “He is more than just a man; from now on, he is my lover!!!


What is it with the name Lily lately? As is true of most of my stories, this one is inspired by the conversation I have had with a person this site. This one is inspired by a user name Lily. I have not asked her if I could post her user name, so I will not use it….. But if she cares to add it to the comments below…..

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