a cherry for her brother

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a cherry for her brother
When I went to live with my father and his wife it was because they were in the US and it was a better opportunity for me than living in the Caribbean I didn’t think it would open any more opportunities than studying and getting ahead until I met my step sister.

She was s*******n when I moved over there and quiet the spunky girl. She was dark skinned like her mother with soft curly black hair like mine a gift from our dad’s mixed ancestry. She was about five foot four and around a hundred and thirty pounds. She was plump though her plumpness at her age was all eye popping. Her adolescent breasts were large soft mounds that bounced each time she walked and with a small waist accentuating her ample hips and bubble ass she was quiet a dish for who ever could get into her panties.

I must say now that that was the last thing on my mind when I moved there. I’d spent time with her before but at that time she was younger and slender not as shapely as she was now.

It was Christmas vacation in Tampa where we lived. She and I were at home alone as my father and my step mother worked. Normally Linda, my sister would be over at out cousin’s but with me there it seemed logical for me to baby sit and Linda didn’t mind in fact she enjoyed the prospect of having me at home alone.

I woke early and went downstairs and there she was already on the floor watching Cartoon Network. The girl never seemed to sleep.

“Mornin’ Jake,” she said.

“Morning Linda.” I said my eyes fixed on her butt. She was lying on her stomach and wearing a night shirt that was just an extra large tee shirt that barely covered anything. I could see her entire ass, two large mounds shrouded in a pink panty. Her thick legs were in the air kicking at nothing. I stopped still staring. She must have sensed me or saw my reflection in the television or something because she turned and with a mischievous smile said, “I made some buns want some.”

“No thanks.”

She pouted and she looked so cute when she did. Her lips were full red though I knew she wore no lip stick. Her big brown eyes shimmered and her cute button nose only added to her appeal.

“Maybe one.” I said.

She giggled and turned back to the television not even bothering to cover herself. Did she think because I was her brother she could prance around the house exposing herself? Maybe she did and that was what she did all day for the first week I was there. Where ever I was it seemed she’d show up conveniently half naked. I came out of the bathroom and there she was her door open in a bra and panties either facing me or backing me or bending over sometimes not even in either exposing her full body to me. If I were downstairs watching television she’d sit across from me, legs up on an ottoman and parted slightly so I could see up the skirt she was wearing or the night shirt she loved to wear. All week it went on like this to the point that I couldn’t handle it because even though I was her brother it still aroused me seeing her delicious body but I fought the urges to even touch her if I could for fear what I might do instead in the bathroom during my shower with soap as lubricant I’d take my six and a half inches of cock and wack off the tension.

That was the first week the second week she started doing something different. She started this tickle game. I don’t recall how it started but we were outside and we were talking about something and it ended up with me tickling her. That opened the door for her to tickle me and soon every chance she got even when step mom and dad were home she’d tickle me though not with the same intensity but when they weren’t it was up to me to find a way to get away.

I remember one incident she was downstairs again on the floor and I was in the kitchen. I didn’t even hear her come up behind me and start to tickle me. I whirled around and caught up in the moment wanting revenge I chased her. She ran up the stairs to her room but managed not to close the door. I caught her as she jumped on her bed and started to tickle her.

She rolled over on her stomach and I sat just above her butt straddling her and tickling her. She squirmed and kicked under me bucking playfully giggling as my fingers worked her sweet spots which were her sides and her back. In spite of myself I started to get aroused. Her night shirt had ridden up and seeing her chocolate flesh I felt my shaft harden.

I stopped and got off her.

She rolled over still laughing.

I stared at her licking my lips wanting her.

She stared back seductively lift one leg and putting her foot on the bed and letting it fall exposing herself. I could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri see hair peeking out from behind her white panties. It didn’t turn me off but I turned and headed for the bathroom.

“Where’re you going?” She asked.

“Shower.” I called over my shoulder.

I closed the door behind me and was sure I locked it as I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower. With the water hot and beating down on my I caressed my balls and began to massage my shaft. My eyes were closed and my lips pursed as my hand move up and down the length of my shaft. All I could see was her body and I imagined myself riding her and riding her hard and fast. I moved my hand up and focused on my head lost to everything around me the water beating against my skin until I heard the door.

I pulled the curtain back and there she stood. She was naked staring at me and my shaft. Somehow she’d picked the catch on the door. I got a clear view of her, her short curly hair tied, her soft bouncy breasts free and firm her dark nipples hard, her web of pubic hair obscuring everything down below her navel.

“What you doin’?” She asked cocking her head slightly as cute as ever.

“Showerin’. Wh… what are you doin’?” I asked frowning as she came towards me.

She stepped in the other end of the shower and once inside said, “Showering.”

If our father or her mother caught us I knew it would be bad but at the same time I welcomed her in the shower and turned. She reached out and touched my balls as if weighing them in her hands. She squeezed them a little hard that I expected and I winced.

“Sorry,” she said letting go quickly.

“It’s okay.”

She reached out and took them again this time massaging them slower and softer. Her hand moved up to my shaft. She took it in her hand slid her hand from the base to my head and back again. She must have noticed me shiver as she did it again squeezing harder this time.

I reached out and grabbed her breasts one in each hand squeezing her nipples and then squeezing the meat of her soft supple breasts, kneading them in my hands as if they were dough. They were so warm and so soft and for her age quiet big but still fit easily in my hands.

Her caress of my shaft increased as my hand made its way down her stomach and through the moist web of soft hair and deep into her slit.

“Uhhhhhhhh…..” She moaned closing her eyes but still caressing me.

I found her clit and took it between my fore finger and thumb teasing it before moving my fingers to her opening. It was tight and I reasoned it was because she was more than likely still a virgin. I didn’t want to pop her cherry especially not with my finger so I only toyed with the sweet soft lips beneath.

She continued to stroke me a tangle of hands between us now as one of mine was buried deep between her folds and hair caressing her small clit and the other alternating between her soft breasts while her hand continued to stroke me.

I could feel my balls tingling and I felt weak in the knees. My hands went to her shoulders. I squeezed as did she. She squeezed as she pumped me and I felt the cum building in me ready to explode.

My support faded. I opened my eyes to see her kneeling before me stroking me her mouth moving over to my head. I couldn’t believe she was going to suck my cock. Did I really want to cum in my sister’s mouth? Why not she was jerking me off yet I had no choice. No sooner than her mouth enveloped my head that a wave of cum rushed from my head.

She pulled back and spit.

“Ewww.” She said spiting it out some of it clinging to her chin. “That’s gross.”

I didn’t know what to say to her as she stood. I reached out and pulled the piece clinging to her chin off.

“It’s so icky.” She said.

“It’s okay.” I said not really sure of what else to say considering that I really didn’t want to cum in her mouth to begin with but it made me realize something as we stood there under the stream and that was my sister was curious about sex and I was the only male she knew who she could fool around with and in reality not get hurt.

“Where’d you learn to jerk a man off?” I asked as I dried her off.

“TV. Real Sex 2.0.” She said.

I frowned.

“It’s on HBO.”

I nodded. “Do you masturbate?” I asked.

“Sometimes but it’s not so good.”

I walked her boy off us naked to her bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. I lay her back and spread her legs. She looked up at me curious to my plan. Lying back as she was her hands clasped behind her head her breasts jutted up seductively. I kneeled between her legs and parting her hair along her slit spread the fat soft folds of her mound tipobet back and slipped my tongue between it.

She shuddered uncontrollably her hands coming from behind her head pushing my head away.

“Relax,” I said softly and tried again working around her clit this time slowly making small circles until even though her breathing was hard I sensed she was ready. I took her small clit between my lips and pulled gently then taking it as carefully as I could between my teeth I flicked my tongue across it.

She shuddered again but didn’t try to push me back.

I continued flicking my tongue across it exposing her to the texture of my tongue with each pass. She moaned and her hands went from holding my head to pushing my head down into her soft pubic hair that tickled my nose.

She somehow tasted salty but also sweet at the same time. I slid my tongue into her opening, peeling back the petals of her pink labia with my fingers. I thrust my tongue in as far as it would go and began to tongue fuck.

She bucked under me arching her back, gripping my head trying to bury it in her pussy.

I could smell her juices oozing from her and taste them on my tongue as I poked it deeper into her. I took her clit in my mouth again and began to suck. I was tempted to finger her but fought off the temptation being satisfied with only her clit. I sucked it hard and fast as if I were sucking on a lollipop.

“Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh.!” Rose from her lips.

I glanced up and past the two bouncing mounds that were her breasts nipples pointing to the ceiling I could see her head thrown back and her back off the bed.

“Ahhhh. Ahhhh.” She shuddered more violently than the first time and if it were any other time I would have thought something was wrong. She fell limp on the bed breathing hard, panting in fact as I pulled myself from between her legs her cum and juices all across my lips.

She looked up at me and smiled. “That…” She lost her breath. Breathing so fast she swallowed and took in a gulp of air. “That was great Jake.” She was still breathing fast. She put one hand on her forehead and the other on her crotch.

“Glad you liked.” I said. “You know we can’t tell anyone about this.”

“Don’t worry I know. Plus I’m not going to ruin a good thing.”

I smiled.

Over the next days and weeks Linda and I experimented. We tried different oral sex positions from 69 to Linda straddling my mouth with my tongue inside her. I never brought up the prospect of penetration and neither did she. We were happy to just please each other orally. The stimulation we brought each other was more than enough. She kept trying to swallow my cum learning to give me one hell of a blow job but she hated the taste still I didn’t care. It was during the New Year though that things changed.

Linda and I were walking home and out of the blue she asked. “Do you wanna fuck me Jake?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I did but she was a young woman. She got her period and wasn’t on birth control and I didn’t want to take any chances though they were condoms. “Do you really want to lose your virginity to your brother?” I asked.

“Why not?” She asked.

Why not indeed? We’d already committed i****t and in some places since I was older this was probably some sort of sexual abuse crime if not **** why not take it all the way. I still often when she sucked me off or jerked me off imagined what it would be like to fuck her from behind ass in the air my dick in her pussy all the way in but sibling fondling even the level that we were at was one thing but all out sex was another.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“We’ve shared so much and I’ve learned so much I don’t wanna lose my virginity to someone who’s gonna take it for granted.”

I sighed.

“If you’re worried about me getting pregnant I asked mom about starting the pill.”

I stopped walking. “If you want to Linda I’ll be more than willing. Since I got here it’s all I’ve really imagined with you shaking your fat ass all over the place.”

She giggled and bumped me with her ample hip.

Over the next month we bided our time. We still toyed with each other and Linda seemed to get a greater pleasure in teasing me knowing that soon we’d get a chance to go all the way.

Since the day she came in the shower she’d stopped wearing panties and preferred dressed to pants and this was simply so if she were in the mood and we were alone I could fondle her. In fact sometimes it didn’t matter if we were alone. One Sunday at the dinner table her feet found my crotch and it wasn’t long before my feet found hers. The session was quiet naughty only before for her it went too far and she hurriedly tipobet güvenilir mi excused herself from the table. The rest of the day she was pissed at me and I found out it was because I made her cum with my big toe pressed against her crotch and she didn’t return the favor. That night while our folks slept I let her return it in my room.

Two months passed since she went on the pill. I felt fairly certain it would work especially since her period became predictable the only problem now was finding a time. That time came during spring break. It gave us a chance at home alone and we took it.

It was a cool morning and the sun streamed in my window. The folks had already left as they always left early for work. Linda came in my room dressed in her night shirt no panties or bra and crawled under the sheet next to me without a word. She took hold of my morning erection and squeezed.

“Eh girl.”

“I want you.” She said.

She kissed my neck and my cheeks and my lips. She crawled on top of me and kissed my chest.

I pulled her night shirt off. I only slept with boxers on so that was all I needed to shed.

She lay flat on me my dick pressed against her abdomen. She began to rock against me pressing her breasts against my chest, sucking on my neck as she did.

I slide my hands down her back and between her butt crack past the puckered star of her ass hole and to her moist wet opening. She was wet very wet. I made me wonder if she wasn’t playing with herself before she came to my room. I toyed with her lips flicking my finger between them, I poked at her opening and tease her with my finger pushing it in.

She flinched. I pulled back and rolled on top of her. I looked down at her. I kissed her breasts one then the other squeezing the one I wasn’t suckling and then switching and switching again nibbling on her nipples as it did even tugging on one between my teeth just to see her face twist in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I moved my tongue down her belly and circled her belly button before I delved into the forest of pubic hair then the valley that led to her clit. I began to suck it as I sucked it the first time rewarded with less of a shudder than the first time but still a shudder one that sent goose bumps across her skin. I could feel them as I slid my hand up between her thighs and parted her lips again for my finger to probe.

I pushed and felt resistance as well as her pulling back. I took pulled back. I moved again probing. She was wet, dripping wet so wet that it was sopping the sheets and inside her thighs.

I moved up from the valley of her engorge clit sensitive to any touch up through the forest and back up on her. I kissed her and let her taste herself. She devoured my kisses and as she did I guided my head between her soft hot folds.

She stared at me with deep brown eyes shimmering. There was anticipation in her gaze as I pushed. I could be rough or be gentle. I pushed slowly. She winced her face twisting in pain. She held the sheets one in each hand and bit down on her lower lip that was quivering.

I pushed and felt the tight flesh peel back yielding to my head as it popped in.

“Ahhh. Aieeeee. Uhhhhmmmmmmm….!” She pressed her eyes closed when she reopened them I could see they were filled with tears. I considered stopping but I was in and I wanted her.

I slide the remainder of my shaft home and slowly began to stroke her, holding her head as I did kissing her with each tender stroke deep into the hot wet vice like grip that was her virgin pussy or rather what was.

Her tears soon subsided and her eyes rolled. I was hitting spots in her that she didn’t know she had not to mention with each stroke I pressed my pelvis down on her hoping to stimulate her clit between her sweet soft folds.

She began to moan and slowly started rising to meat each stroke. It was my invitation to go faster putting my hands on either side of her for leverage. I stroked faster and thrust deeper making her wince occasionally but the moment was gone and the pain was replaced by pleasure.

I slipped my hand under her ass and my finger between her crack and teased her asshole as I pounded her.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. We were both sweating and panting like a****ls. The bed began to protests against our onslaught but the moment was ours, wrapped together locked in passion our bodies exploded. My cum shot into hot as it rushed the length of my shaft.

Linda kept pushing up against me until finally her eyes fluttered and her mouth agape she cried out a cry that faded to a whimper and then she began to cry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked catching my breath.

She was also catching her but managed to say. “That was so awesome.”

I smiled kissing her. We curled up next to each other and as she fell asleep and I knew then that our relationship had to a place where there was no turning back but then again who would want to turn back from this.

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