A Conversation Online with Debbie

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Hello Sarah, how are you? My name is Deborah. I am 45 and single mom of an 18 – nearly 19 – year old son. One of my friends has suggested to me that I visit and I accidentally came across your stories. I liked them very much as they seem so close to reality. I have masturbated many times reading all that stuff, and I really loved the way you describe the situations, love and feelings a sexually conflicted mom has for her son. I do have some fantasies about mother-son relationship and I would love to share it with you, and if you guide me, I will be able to go through my relation with my son. Waiting for your response on that matter.


Hello Debbie

Thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad you found my stories and am always pleased to hear that they help give pleasure in some small way. Masturbating is good for you! I always feel so relaxed and – well happy I suppose – after a really thrilling orgasm. Do tell me more about yourself and your interest in your son. You are at the age when hunger for sex becomes much more demanding! It happens to so many ladies – it happened to me of course – and I’m still pretty insatiable and I’m over 50! Sarah

Hello Sarah.

Thanks for all your comments. I do not know why I am sharing this with you, but as I have read your stories I have realized that you are the right person with whom I can share some of my fantasies. As I told you earlier, I am single, and totally agree with you that women at around 40s and above are much more hungry for sex compared to younger women. I appreciate all your efforts in bringing mothers closer to their sons. I know Oedipus complex is the desires a son has for his mom but I don’t know what they call if a mom has same desires for her own son. It is something which is not normal, and our society does not support it, and consider it as Taboo and Incest.

Honey what do you say? Is it normal to think about that? Have you ever had the same feelings for your own son/ daughter? I have not dated many men since my divorce and have a bi nature, which became more predominant. Although I have a loving lesbian partner who has tried hard to keep me satisfied, using various toys to help me out, I still miss a solid hard thing in me. I had not seen my son naked since he was 8 years old, but after I saw him naked a few months ago he has become a permanent part of my sexual arousal (masturbation) and I fantasize a lot about him now. I don’t know any one with whom I can share these feelings of mine. I don’t know how to approach this situation because I don’t want him to stop respecting me as a mother and start thinking me a harlot. Will you please help me out of this situation?


Hello Debbie

I have been thinking quite a lot about you and your problem. First of all, I am NOT an expert of incest. All I know has come from what other people – usually ladies – tell me, so don’t think I’m some sort of therapist!! And, no, I don’t know either what they call a mum who fancies her son! I haven’t felt the same way about my children, because I don’t have any! But from what other ladies tell me, it’s by no means uncommon and it’s perfectly normal, particularly if there’s no husband around to satisfy the woman’s sexual needs, or who may have lost interest. I find it rather curious that, as husband’s sex drive declines, that of the wife increases! And, with a lusty teenage son around the house, it’s not surprising that her interest focuses on him when she feels horny!

Of course, it’s probably more common for mothers and daughters to have sex together – several of my internet friends have such a relationship, with much less soul-searching! There are usually two problems facing mothers who want sex with their sons. The first is a deep feeling of guilt and remorse for even feeling that way! ‘Surely it must be wrong to lust after your own son.’ Well … don’t you believe it! The second is the worry that the son will lose respect for his mother once he realizes she wants him to have sex with her. And if ever it does come about, you have to be certain that there will be no remorse afterwards! For either of you! You have both these problems Debbie, and, unless you can convince yourself that both these obstacles are just not true, then you’ll just have to fantasize away!

So the first thing you need to do is tell yourself that there is no guilt – no sin whatsoever – in wanting to have sex with your son. (Are you religious though?) The second is to accept that teenagers are horny, get erections at the drop of a hat. From what others tell me, however, they have even more respect for their moms who allow them to have sex with them, or masturbate them. But, Debbie, everything depends on your relationship with him. Are you close? Do you confide in each other. Do you fool around? Does he know that you masturbate – have you hear him do it as well? Has he seen you naked – or in the shower? Does he have a girlfriend? What does he think about your lady lover? Does he even know that you are lovers?

If you are distant with one another it’s not going to be easy. I think bahis firmaları he has to know that you read erotic stories and that you masturbate over them. If he himself is into erotica, then you could nudge him in my direction and encourage him to give me feedback. That’s what has happened in the past with me.

Oh, so many questions. Try reading my conversation with Jinny and let me know how else I can be of help. The key, as I say, is your current relationship with your son.


Hello Sarah

I am extremely grateful to you for all your advice and support. I have thought a lot about what you have said in your mail and would like to share some of my feelings with you as you are the only person with whom I have discussed my fantasies and who also encouraged me to believe that thinking about my son in a sexual way is normal. Others would consider me a sick-minded mom if I told them anything like that. I agree with you that young people do masturbate frequently as I have seen dried cum stains on his underwear and pants.

As I have said earlier, I would like to share a few things with you and actually these are the answers of those questions you have asked me.The answer of your first question is yes I do want to have sex with him. I can’t stop myself after what I saw a few days ago. I accidentally saw him masturbating and he has the most beautiful dick have have ever seen (my own personal feelings). To be honest it was a bit longer and thicker than his father. I am not that much religious. I have not seen him naked or in shower before that incident, nor since either. We two are close as a mom and son are supposed to be, but nothing more special. I think we discuss almost all the matters of our lives but not about sex, as I do not feel comfortable with that. I hope you can understand it how difficult it is for a single mom to discuss such things with her son.

Yes he has a girlfriend, but I don’t think they have gone much further. He usually behaves like a nice gentleman while she is around and I have not seen them fooling around. I have not found any evidence about that so I still think he is virgin. He knows about my lady lover but I don’t think he knows about our secret relationship, as we do all those things at her place. I am still confused about how to tell him that I masturbate thinking about him, or that I have fantasizes about him, or I would like to make love with him. These are all those questions which have no answers. What do you think about me bringing my lady lover home for a romantic night? Will it solve my problem, as he will hear us making love and might think of me in a sexual way?


Well Debbie,

From what you tell me, your son doesn’t seem to me to be highly sexually motivated, and you say that is a subject you don’t discuss. Perhaps he shields it from you! I assume there’s no evidence of him sniffing your soiled knickers, or masturbating into them, which is a fairly common occurrence in sex-starved young men. So he seems to be very ‘straight’, which suggests to me that he may have little interest in anything out of the ordinary – like incest. But of course, I could be wrong. I would hate for you to embarrass him by taking things too far too soon. Perhaps, on the other hand, it is he who thinks his mum is ‘straight-laced’, with no interest in sex (you are a mum after all!), and is being careful not to offend you. You are probably both concerned about any loss of respect between you that might result.

So I think you may have to be patient! And I don’t think it would be a good idea to let him ‘accidentally’ find out about your sexual activities. (Though I must say, I find it a bit odd that he hasn’t heard you masturbating. Perhaps you’re careful to do it when he’s not around.) Maybe the first thing is to find a way of opening up a dialogue about sex in a casual sort of way. Low key. Yes! It might be a good idea to bring your lover home for a night. But, Debbie, you need to let him know beforehand – not just shock him by overhearing you having sex together – saying something like ‘I guess you already know that she and me are lovers. Well, a girl also needs some sex life, darling and I wouldn’t want to bring a man home!’ Find some excuse for your lover having to come to you instead of the other way round.

Another way to break the ice might be to let him accidentally see you naked coming from the bathroom, or whatever. See what his reaction is. Once you’ve overcome the embarrassment of acknowledging between you a natural sexual feeling, you can take it forward from there. Tell him what a fine young man he’s growing into. Flatter him a little. ‘Now, if I was a bit younger, I’d fancy you myself,’ sort of thing.

But slowly. Always leave room for escape if you think you’ve offended him. Don’t end up putting up more barriers! But do try to discover what level of interest he has in sex. Talk about his girlfriend perhaps. Try to encourage him to talk to you – his mum – about his relationships. You have to find a way to break the ice somehow. Then, you’ll be surprised how kaçak iddaa quickly it can develop.

Have you discussed this with your lover? What does she think? Has she got other sexual interests, like a son or daughter perhaps. What do you think?

Sarah. xx

By the way Debbie

I’ve been reading your messages again, darling, and came across the comment that you have found evidence of sperm stains on your son’s underwear. Now I find this rather curious, because young men usually take great care not to soil their underwear when masturbating. They don’t want mum to know that they do it. But perhaps these stains you mention were minor ones – more leaks than ejaculations. Have you sniffed them? Were they fresh I wonder? This leads me to the possibility that he may have deliberately splashed his sperm on the boxer shorts hoping you’d find them – a way of telling you that beneath all the shy exterior, he would like you to know that he plays with his cock whilst thinking about you, and maybe saying that he would like you to do it for him – watch him ejaculate into your palm – or, even better, over your breasts. Or ultimately, into your vagina? What do you think?


Hi Sarah.

I am extremely grateful to you for all your support in this particular matter. Although I don’t know much about you, I still feel you deep inside my heart as you are the only one with whom I am sharing my nasty fantasizes. Your words gave me much courage, and I think I am gaining confidence. You mean so much to me in a true sense. In fact it would be better to say that I am in love with a woman (you) who’s got a beautiful heart that knows the feelings of a single mother better then anyone else.

You can’t imagine what was the affect of your after-thought message had on me. I felt that I was in heaven after I read that, but then I thought that those stains might be because of some teasing from his girlfriend and were not fresh. I wished that they had been fresh so that I could have tasted them. I have taken your advice and walked naked from the bathroom to my kitchen, ignoring him being home and watching me this has worked for me as he had seen me naked. I saw his mouth remain open ’til I came back to my room to put some clothes on, but later he didn’t said anything about it, so it’s a positive sign for me. I hope it will begin to solve my problem. Can you imagine how horny I get while thinking that I would be the one taking the virginity of my own son?

I don’t think it appropriate to involve my lover in this. She might get upset and I might loose her, but I have to tell you something about her. She said once or twice, before my desires for my son surfaced, that if I was not her lover she might think of sleeping with him. I considered it as her joke at that time because of age difference. I didn’t think that could have been a possibility, so we continued our little journey of love without worries. She is single and I have n idea what her views about incest are.

I have decided to act slowly, as you have suggested, so that I might get what I want. I would definitely let him ejaculate him on all my body and in my vagina too.

Debbie XXXX

Hey Debbie,

Thank you for the lovely email. You say the nicest things!! But listen! Your fantasies are not nasty! They are quite normal for a loving mother – well, certainly not exceptional from the many emails I get from other mums on the subject. Although I have to admit that mum-daughter is more common than mum-son – at least, with the ones who contact me! There is always a special relationship between a mother and her son – and vice versa.

The other thought that crossed my mind was, when you mentioned that you had accidentally seen him masturbating, are you sure it was by accident – and not planned by your son. Maybe he wanted you to watch him. To signal his interest in you, though not wanting to admit it – yet!

Anyway, you certainly worked fast, walking by him naked. That’s good. From what you say, he was clearly astonished, but not embarrassed – otherwise he would have looked away. But no, he actually looked at you. That’s a good sign darling. What did he gaze at? Your breasts or your pubic hair. Did you hear him masturbating afterwards, or were you too excited at having exposed yourself to listen? I think you were very brave to do that!

Next time, pause in front of him, give him a twirl, and ask him if he likes what he sees? Keep it light and casual. Ask how you compare with his girl friend. Teasing. And look to see if he is getting an erection. It might be a bit early to ask if he wants to kiss your nipples, but he might … as I say, let him dictate the pace. Softly softly! If he does kiss your nipples, you can touch his cock – gently – like a kiss. Try to get him to talk to you about sex.

Next time you think he’s masturbating, see if you can watch him through the bedroom door. If he’s left it ajar, it’s an invitation.

I agree with you about involving your lover just yet. But if she’s admitted fancying your son, who knows – in the future you kaçak bahis might have a threesome – you watching his cock penetrate your friends dripping vagina! That’s a very erotic sight, watching cock thrust in and out of another woman.

However, though you and I have exchanged intimate thoughts, I have no idea how you look! Only that you’re 45. But I think you’re very beautiful and I would like to hold you in my arms and kiss you gently – nibble your lips and ears, and caress your bum and breasts. I think about you a lot darling, I must say – usually in bed, whilst coming round!

Me, I’m 51 as I mentioned before, slim, 5’7″ small breasted and small firm bum. My girlfriend, Heather, is indeed the wife of the local vicar. She’s about your age, with rather more breast than me! Dark and attractive. And much hairier – I love hairy women!! She also ejaculates when she’d really really horny! Not pee – lovely lady juices! However. We are both very well-respected, sophisticated, dignified pillars of the local community. If the parishioners knew what we were really like together, they’d never believe it!

So there. That’s me! All this has made me wet. Perhaps I should come and let you play with my pussy. And me yours!! Or maybe I’ll just have a quick orgasm!!

Love you darling! Tell me about yourself – paint me a picture – or even better, send a photo.

Sarah xxxxx

(A few days passed in silence!)

Hello Sarah.

I am extremely sorry for not responding to you earlier. First, I was busy at work and later I was at hospital so wasn’t able to give any kind of response to the mails you sent me. I was in the hospital because my son had an accident and broke his leg. So, now I don’t think I could continue what I started, since I have to take care of him as a responsible mom to protect him from further damage. I hope you agree. I am extremely grateful to you for all the support you have shown me.

As I mentioned earlier, I am the only person he’s got to help him in this situation so I have to take care of him after he comes home tomorrow. You asked me to tell you something about myself. I am 5 ‘7” tall ,blonde, blue eyes, smooth slim body, with 34C bra size. Not that big but big enough to attract a few looks. I have been single for the last six years and had almost lost interest in males, as I have a lovely lover in the shape of my girlfriend for the last four years. But after seeing my son naked, I am now lusting for a male – well, him. You may laugh, but the truth is I am behaving like a horny teenage girl lusting for sex.

I will write to you in detail after he gets home. I am totally disturbed by this situation and have to move a lot to get from here to there. I hope you understand.

Debbie XXX

Hello Debbie,

Darling! So very sorry to hear that your son has had a nasty accident. You must be most upset, and of course, you’ll be busy getting him better. That will take some time. So, any thoughts of sex will have to be deferred until he’s recovered. Meantime, I guess you’ll still be having fantasies, since you’re behaving like a horny teenager! Masturbation for you I suppose – although you have a girl friend to help you with your orgasms. Once he’s settled down back home, he’ll be in his pyjamas and I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a glimpse of his cock from time to time. That will inflame your lust!! Anyway, see how things develop when he’s home. I know you’ll look after him with love and care.

Thanks for describing yourself. You sound like a mirror image of me! Except that I’m a bit older. Here’s a photo of me. If you want more, let me know. Lots of love and kisses. I wish I could give you a big hug and caress you.

Sarah XXXX

By the way Debbie

I mentioned your dilemma to an American lady who’s been having sex with her son since his college days. And still does, even though he’s now happliy married – well, so she says. I asked what advice she’d give to someone in your position. This is what she said – My only advice would be “be absolutely certain that is what you want – there is no going back”. Take your time approaching the sexual act as you do not want to scare him off nor do you want to repulse him. If he exhibits sexual feelings towards the mother then she could encourage him in a subtle way, hugging, kissing, affectionate touching. I think if he believes the actions are of his choosing, he would be more ready to accept the situation.

Not much different from what I said really. Hope all is well – at least you’ll be able to give him some TLC in his bed!! And who knows what might develop?

Sarah xxxxx

Dear Sarah,

It’s been a busy day for me with lots of things to do, having brought my son Peter back home. I have to do laundry as well. I agree with you and the things your friend said that it is really only a matter of a few moments that can make or break my whole life, and I want you to be with me so I can go through with it. It was so difficult for me, as I have to take him to the bathroom. Seeing him in his underwear has also affected my feelings for him, so I have to control both him and my feelings at the same time. I hope that I might see him naked in the bathroom, as I have to stay and wait outside the door till he finishes so I am expecting more to come.

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