A Crazy Night Ch. 02

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“Come on! We’re going to be late as it is!”

“Whose party is it again?”, I asked.

“One of the interns – Amanda, I think”, Gina answered.

I left my papers where they were and grabbed my bag. “Did you get directions?”

“We have to pass my apartment on the way, so meet me there in 15 minutes.”

I remembered the last time I was with Gina and James. The flash-backs made me wince. “We’ll take my car.”

I arrived at Gina’s place 5 minutes late. I knocked on the door. She opened it quickly.

“Hey! You ready?”, she asked.

“Yep, let’s go.”

We headed to my car. “Where’s James?”

“He’s visiting his parents”, she said.

“He’s not coming with you?.”

“Not this time.”

Reluctantly, I unlocked the doors, and we got it.

I asked, “Is Michelle coming?”

“Yeah, we have to pick her up at her place. Do you remember where it is?”

I took a deep breath, “Yeah, let’s get going…we’re already going to be out late tonight.”

As we headed off, I asked, “How do you know Michelle?”

“She use to live in my building.”

“Has she always been this insane?”

“Yeah…we have a love/hate relationship. She’s fun to be around, but she can get crazy sometimes.”

I looked at her with a comical expression, “Just like you.”

She laughed and put in a Kittie CD. Gina liked hard rock.

Arriving at Michelle’s apartment, I began to get a little nervous. Gina turned down the music, and called her cell phone to let her know we were waiting for her outside. Soon, she was walking through the entrance to her building.

Goddammit, she was hot. Tonight, she was wearing a beige skirt, those wrap-up-your calf canvas heels and a very low-cut top. She must have been around 5’8″…maybe 145 lbs. Very cute, very sexy…but with curves. She definitely jiggled a little when she walked, and it turned me on immediately.

Gina on the other hand, seemed to be only kneecaps and elbows. But she was just as sexy to me.

It had been only a few weeks since our first encounter, the night we found Michelle fucking some stranger in the parking lot, and I was still not over it. Michelle opened the back door, and got in. Gina opened her passenger door and got out. She opened the other back door and slid inside.

“Hey, you gonna leave me up here all alone?”, I asked.

“We have some things to discuss”, Gina said smiling.

Michelle leaned forward, reached around the seat and pinched my right nipple, “How you been?”

I flinched, grabbed her hand and pushed it away, “Just fine, and you?”

She ignored my question and laughed. We headed for the interstate.

As soon as we were on our way, the girls began to talk in hushed tones. I could only make out every other word.


I gave up trying to listen and focused on the road.

We arrived at the intern’s apartment complex after a 45 minute drive. Gina pointed to one of the ground floor units, “That’s it”.

I stopped the car in front of two guys, one short and chunky, one tall and normal looking. He was not as tall as me, but had a little more girth.

I was 6’3″, 225lbs. I had played football in high school, and had never quite recovered from the high-carb diet and workouts. I was kind of in the middle, between peak physical condition and the post college weight gain.

We all three got out of the car. I started walking toward the opened apartment door. I nodded to the guys who were smoking cigarettes, both with a bottle of beer in their hands. Expressionless, they nodded back.

I made my way inside Amanda’s apartment with Gina and Michelle in tow.

Once inside, Amanda ran up to me excitedly, “You’re here!”

She seemed surprised that I’d come. “Yep, sorry we’re late, but you live too far from civilization.”

“My parents live near by, and they insisted I live near them while in college”, she said.

We continued talking for a bit about work, and how she enjoyed her internship. She couldn’t wait to graduate…blah blah, woof woof.

She continued talking, but I began to glance around the small apartment. There were two girls sitting together at a small table, smoking weed and drinking what looked like bottles of Alize – a mixture of cognac and fruit juice.

The redhead was pretty attractive. She wore tight white shorts that let you see her underwear when she crossed her legs, a pink top and flip-flops. Her hair was plain and straight, but a very dark read.

The other girl wore too much make-up and similar-looking brown shorts with a tight, white tank-top. She had short, wavy brown hair. She was tan. She reminded me very much of the porn star Bree Olson, but with too much make-up if you can believe it.

Amanda grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the table. Amanda was a little chubby. She seemed very interested in me, and she was a sweet girt. But she was not attractive at all.

“This is Allison”, she said, pointing to the redhead. “And this is Sarah”.

We casino oyna exchanged greetings.

Amanda introduced me, “This is one of our managing editors.”

Sarah asked, “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure, what do you have?”

“A little bit of everything”, she said. She pointed to Amanda’s refrigerator. I walked over, opened the door and reviewed the inventory. Alize, Corona, nasty domestic beers, vodka, and plenty of Jack Daniels. I grabbed a Corona.

I turned around to see the other guys walking inside. They seemed to be eying me nervously. Amanda pulled me over to them. “This is Brian”, pointing to the short, squatty fellow. “He lives in my apartment complex.”

Pointing to the tall chap, “And this is Allison’s boyfriend Mark”.

She introduced me. I nodded again, reciprocating their cold greeting. Neither guy was especially good-looking. I felt lucky to be the hottest guy in a house full of girls.

Gina and Michelle were sitting on the couch, talking loudly over the music. There was room for one more, so I walked over and sat down. Noticing my approach, they stopped talking and watched me cautiously as I sat next to Gina.

“By all means, pretend I’m not here”, I said.

They both giggled and turned toward me. By this time, they both were sharing a joint and a larger, family-sized bottle of Alize.

“Want some?”, Michelle asked, reaching over Gina to hand me the bottle of Alize.

I accepted the bottle, “Why not?”

Taking a small sip, my mouth perked as I swallowed the sweet, bitter mix. Though I’d never sampled it before, I knew Alize was a very effective tool for getting girls drunk. Much more effective than watered down wine-coolers.

I handed the bottle back to Gina. At the same time, she passed a joint to me. I accepted and took a long draw.

I took stock of the room again. Sarah and Allison were still sitting at the table, nursing their smaller bottles of Alize. The other guys were standing next to them, with Amanda in the middle chatting away.

Michelle was talking to me, but I wasn’t listening. I glanced at the TV…a Real World Seattle rerun was on.

My Corona was barely empty when Amanda brought over a shot of Jack Daniels. I soon noticed everyone had their own small shot glass full of the brown liquid. At her urging, everyone quickly swallowed their measure. I followed.

Gina passed me the joint again. Amanda made the rounds, filling everyone’s shot glass.

She did this several more times, and I could feel my first hint of a buzz. I pretended to be engaged in Gina and Michelle’s conversation, nodding in approval every once in a while. But honestly, I was bored out of my mind.

After several more shots, jello-shooters and half of another joint. I really began to loosen up.

Soon, I was half drunk, and the weed was starting to do its thing. So much so that I hadn’t notice when Amanda left the room.

Later, she emerged from her bedroom with a hand-full of salmon-colored pills. She passed them around. I examined mine. It was X. Everyone knocked one back, with beer and Alize chasers.

I declined, “Amanda, you can have this.”

Before Amanda could take it from me, Michelle grabbed it and swallowed it immediately. “Yummy!”

Before I knew it, I was extremely tired. I could hear the muffled tones of everyone in the room. I had given in to regular swallows of Alize, half a dozen more Corona’s and 2 or 3 more shots of Jack. It was only 9:45pm, and I was very drunk, and very high.

Through fuzzy eyes, I watched Michelle get up and head toward the bedroom. Gina turned around and looked at me, “Are you OK?”.

Slurring badly, I answered, “I’m fline”. I felt my consciousness slipping away.

I awoke suddenly to silence and an empty room. I was lying on the couch – the TV was playing another Real World rerun, but in another city. The room was spinning.

I glanced at the clock – it was 11pm. My bladder was about to burst, and I needed to hurl. I stood up, gathered my bearings and headed for the bedroom.

The door was closed. I knocked on it excitedly. The nob turned slowly, and the door was pulled open.

I rushed through the bedroom. My only goal was to reach the bathroom and purge myself. On my way through the bedroom, I notice out of the corner of my eye, the most blessed sight I have ever seen.

Gina, Michelle, Sarah and Allison were all naked. Each had their faces buried in the crotches of another girl. I grinned in ecstasy at the sight of flesh and the sounds of moaning.

Gina, noticing my presence, looked up and began to say something, but my first concern was the bathroom. I made it to the toilet, and slammed the door.

I hurled violently for several seconds. As quickly as it started, it ended. I stood up, and relived myself. I grabbed a bottle of Scope, washed out my mouth, and reentered the scene.

Back inside the bedroom, I noticed other sights that had alluded me earlier. Amanda was giving the squatty fellow a BJ, and the tall guy was working a blue dildo in and out of his canlı casino girlfriend, Allison.

Michelle was busy with her face buried in Gina’s snatch. And Sarah, the short-haired brunette with a hot tan, was now finger-fucking Michelle. The were all moaning softly.

Drunk, but with no more nausea, I stood and stared. I felt my cock coming back to life.

Gina raised her head out from the mass of bodies and said happily, “Welcome back sleepy head!”

I walked toward the bed, my slumber starting to lift. It was a dream come true.

As I drew closer, the tall guy spoke loudly, “Hey dick, no one wants you in here. I think you need to leave!”

Realizing I was the last to arrive at the scene, I looked at the girls for support.

Gina and Michelle spoke up simultaneously. “No…you stay in here.”

Sarah followed, glaring at the tall guy. “He has every right to be here”.

Feeling accepted, I sat down next to the bed, and watched with pleasure as the girls resumed their activities.

It was awesome…pussy everywhere. Gina’s tight little body…her tiny tits with dotted by small freckles. Michelle’s creamy white skin gyrated as she sucked and finger-fucked at the same time. It was hard to keep track of who was eating who. The tall guy reluctantly went back to dildo-fucking his girlfriend Allison.

A few moments later, Allison took the dildo from her guy, and laid it to Sarah…soft at first, but soon I could hear the sound of sliding in and out.

Next, the girls split into pairs…Gina with Michelle and Sarah with Allison. The guys, including me, sat back and watched.

After about 15 minutes, Michelle raised her head and motioned for me to join her. I obliged. I laid down between she and Gina.

With this, the tall guy became agitated. I was less than a foot away from his girlfriend Allison. I guess I would have been pissed too. But I was too drunk to care.

As Michelle took off my trousers, the tall one stood up quickly and yelled, “You need to get the fuck out of here.”

Allison yelled back at him, “Shut the fuck up Mark! Just sit down and shut up!”

Marked turned to Allison, “Fuck you, slut!”

I started to get up, my trousers hanging loosely. “Look, I don’t want to start any trouble, I can leave.”

In unison, the girls said, “No! You stay where you are”.

But Mark was having none of it. He grabbed Allison’s leg and started pulling her roughly off the bed. Sarah knocked Mark’s hand away.

He reached back and smacked her hard on the thigh. “Stay out of this bitch!”

I’d had enough. “Look guy, the girls are having fun, don’t ruin this.”

He looked at me, anger swelling up in his eyes. “Would you like to go outside?”

I immediately got up. Michelle grabbed my arm. “Just stay here”, she said nervously.

I pulled away from her grasp. I dressed and lead the way. Before closing the door behind me, I told everyone, “Fucking stay where you are! I’ll be right back.”

By this time, Amanda had stopped her BJ and everyone, including the squatty guy, was in shock at the whole situation.

Gina tried to reassure everyone. “Everything is fine. I’ll be back in a minute.”

She got up to dress, but Michelle grabbed her thigh. “Please, just stay in here. What can you do?”

Both of us made it outside. “What’s your malfunction numb-nuts?”, I asked.

“I don’t want anyone touching Allison”, he screamed.

I screamed back. “No one is doing anything they don’t want to!”

At that, he took a swing at me. I ducked easily and crushed his rib cage with my right fist. He heaved and fell to the ground. I straddled him and started pounding his face and throat with my closed fist. At the sight of blood, I stopped.

After about 30 seconds, I got up. He laid there moaning in pain.

I asked, “Have you had enough?” No answer. I turned around, entered the apartment, and closed the door – locking it behind me.

I went back to the bedroom. Everyone had ignored the noise outside. Michelle smiled at the sight of me. She motioned for me to join them again. Eagerly, I made my way over. But half-way there, I grimaced at the sight of the squatty guy fucking Amanda on the floor.

Refocusing my attention, I laid down next to Michelle and Gina.

Gina had now moved to Sarah, cupping her breasts, while she ate her pussy. Sarah was moaning loudly. Allison was using the blue dildo to fuck Gina’s pussy.

Michelle, undressed me, and started sucking and licking on my stomach. This went on for a while, until Gina raised and crawled over to me.

She lifted her leg over my head and positioned her crotch over my face. I pulled down on her ass, positioning her pussy on my mouth. I ate that tiny snatch, tonguing her vigorously…sucking on her clit.

I had dreamed of this since the first day she started work. I ate Gina until she began to tremble. I pushed my tongue further inside her until I was fucking her with it. She began to tense. I covered her entire opening with my mouth, flicking my tongue back and fourth kaçak casino across her clit.

Desperately rocking back and forth on my face, she came hard. I kept flicking my tongue back and forth, trying to make her orgasm last as long as possible, while Michelle sucked me hard.

Hearing Gina’s groans, Michelle took my cock out of her mouth. She rose to her knees and straddled me. She grabbed my cock and shoved it in her snatch.

Gina turned around and started kissing Michelle as she bobbed up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her moist pussy.

I looked to my left and noticed Sarah and Allison were now holding each other tight. Sarah was on top kissing Allison and caressing her breasts. Allison watched me as I instinctively slid my hand into the tight space between them. She never flinched. I moved it further down and started to rub her opening. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as my fingers found her clit.

I fondled Allison for a few minutes before raising my right hand again, and sliding it under Sarah’s breasts. I cupped them, squeezed her gently and started fondling her.

I was startled back to Michelle, as she announced her fast approaching climax. She was bobbing up and down as fast as she could, shaking the entire bed…her thighs slapping against my legs.

Gina was straddling my chest, her ass inches from my face. She sucked and licked Michelle’s nipples, running her finger back and forth across her clit.

I grabbed Gina by her thighs and pulled her ass onto my face. Though I had never eaten a girl’s ass before, it just felt right. I pulled her opening onto my mouth and started licking lightly.

She ignored Michelle for a moment and turned her head around to look at me. She gave me this embarrassed, surprised look. She watched as I ate her ass and fingered her pussy.

She was distracted again as Michelle began to come on my cock. Michelle, her orgasm peaking, grabbed Gina and pulled her breasts toward her own. She arched her back, as Gina grabbed her waist, helping her rock up and down.

I heard Michelle say, “Choke me.”

Gina lifted one of hands and grabbed Michelle’s throat. She squeezed tightly as Michelle’s orgasm lingered. I felt her thrusts get harder and faster as she came. Her loud moans became intermittent growls as she struggled for breath.

Finally, she began to slow. Each thrust became shorter as she whimpered, her eyes closed shut. Gina relaxed her grip.

Michelle pulled me out, turned around and collapsed on the bed next to us.

I turned Gina around and pushed her down near my crotch. She hesitated a moment, looking at me as if to ask if this would make things weird at work the next day. I gave her a reassuring look. She smiled and raised her crotch over my cock. She grabbed it and guided me to her opening.

Carefully, she tried to work me inside her. It wasn’t happening. She licked her hand, then reached down to lubricate her pussy. Then she did the same for my cock. Once again, she tried to insert it. This time, we made a little more progress. A few inches disappeared, as she closed her eyes, a grimace of pain running across her face.

I whispered, “Gina, we don’t have to.”

She opened her eyes and said, “I want it. I’ve wanted it for a while now.”

She slowly worked half of my cock deep inside her tiny pussy. She whimpered loudly as I slid myself in and out of her, slowly. I grabbed her small nipples, teasing them between my fingers, still wet from her pussy.

Her whimpering changed to short, intermittent yelps as her vagina slowly stretched around my cock. I looked down to see my cock filling her completely. It barely fit between her narrow space. I continued to fuck her gently.

Moments later, I felt warm moisture seeping from her pussy, coating my cock. This was the breakthrough I’d hoped for. She joined my efforts, grinding back and forth.

Michelle, still passed out on the bed, appeared lifeless.

Sarah and Allison, startled by the struggle happening next to them, abandoned each other and took places on each side of Gina. Sarah slid her hand up Gina’s middle until she reached her left breast. Her fingers slid across across Gina’s chest, pushing my hand away, and gripping her nipple between her fingers in a scissor. She slowly scissored her nipple.

Allison did the same on the other side, kissing and sucking on Gina’s ears and neck.

A moment later, the realization of this situation hit me – a girl I’d dreamed of fucking since the moment I met her was fucking me, while two girls I’d met only that night were urging her closer to cumming.

Sarah slid her hand down to Gina’s clit and began to flick and rub it softly. Gina pulsed and trembled on my cock, her pace quickening.

Allison kept her left hand on Gina’s nipples. She fingered her own pussy, gathering juices on her finger tips. She returned to Gina’s anus and penetrated it. Gina flexed and shuttered.

She started mouthing something incoherent, breathing heavily as I fucked her. Allison fingered Gina’s asshole, careful to avoid scratching her tender insides with her nails. On the other side, Sarah was holding Gina steady with her left hand, and flicking her clit with the other. Gina was in ecstasy.

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