A Daring Train Ride

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Bound to please

The evening has been fun. We have chatted and joked all the time; you are looking hot in stockings, suspenders and your thigh high boots. My cock is straining and begs to cum, yet no one makes a move.

I want you, but cant think of a way to start. Then I spy the blindfold, it’s a chance for me to live out a fantasy I have.

When you leave the room I spread the quilt, and as you enter the room again, I hand you the blindfold and a scarf.

“What’s this for?” you ask.

I just smile and you take the lead. I was hoping you would hand the blindfold back to me, and turn around. Instead you place it around my eyes and secure it.

Next you take my arms and tell me to stand, I’m aware of my boxers being pushed outward from my erection as I stand.

You take my hands and place them behind my back, tying them tightly, and I’m helpless. I can’t see, or move my hands. I feel your hands as you rake your fingers over my chest, pinching my nipples and causing a wave of pleasure to sweep over me.

“Mmmmmmm” you say, at my responses.

You slowly move your hands down my body and caress my stomach. I can’t help the moan that escapes, as you take the waistband of my boxers down releasing my turgid cock.

I hear movement and know Steven is undressing. As you take my cock in your hand, stroking from tip to balls, grazing your nails as you go, my cock swells harder.

I thrust my self forward, as you slide your hand over and around, the feelings are incredible as you slowly wank me off. Your hand stops, and I hear you groan, as your panties being slipped from you.

Then you half push, half lead me down, so I am kneeling at your feet. I am rewarded as you push your pussy into my face; no words are needed as I gorge on you, my tongue flicking and teasing your clit I slurp my tongue around your lips I feel you open, I hear a groan of pleasure from you.

I can’t see what is happening, but I am aware of Steven’s hands as they flutter around your tummy, he must be behind you casino oyna as you push forward and half straddle my face.

I can picture you in my minds eye, leaning backwards as his hands caress you and I eat your excited pussy. The obvious sounds of a kiss reach me as I am forced further back, I need to rest on my tied hands but cant stop myself falling backwards. I lie sprawled on the floor, I groan, I want to eat you, you move over me and I feel your pussy lower again on to my face, my tongue darts out and slides between your lips as I suck at the juices that weep from you.

As I am sucking you, I feel Steven’s hands move to your pussy, you move forward, I know you are on all fours now and he can see your pussy, wet and glistening. I suck harder, my cock twitching as I feel his cock offered to your pussy. I move my tounge to allow him access and hear you moan sweetly as he enters you, I can feel you move with the rhythm of the fuck and taste the cum as it escapes your pussy, I hear you groan and know you are cumming, I place my tongue on your clit and suck hard.

Steven moves his cock out of you and I feel your orgasm as you squirt it out, it splashes my face and pours down my throat. You move then turning your self on my face and lower your pussy onto my cock. I groan I want to cum, but you hold my cock in you with no movement, just your pussy clenching me.

I stretch my face upward I want to kiss you. As I kiss your breasts and neck moving slowly to your sweet mouth I lick and nibble your throat, I feel you readjust your position, pushing down harder on my cock and I seek your mouth with mine.

You kiss me: our tongues roll around each other as I taste you, I know you are wanking him. I can feel the movement of your hand, and his cock, rub against my face on occasion as I tongue your mouth, just as I had to your pussy. We kiss for what seems like an age before you remove your mouth, and I know you are sucking his cock from the sounds that I can hear.

Your neck is resting on my face.

I can canlı casino feel as you suck him, and the motions of your arm as you manipulate him in your mouth. I lick your neck and nibble as I feel you taking his cock to the verge of orgasm, you kiss me again I can taste his cock and your juice combined.

I swallow as much of your tongue as possible, you raise your hips as Steven fondles your pussy from the rear, and you retrieve your tongue and pull his cock into your mouth.

I can kiss your cheeks as they bulge around him; I tongue your face and nibble around your mouth as you suck his cock in deep.

I groan I’m going to cum and you slam your pussy down and clamp my cock with your internal muscles.

I feel it swell inside of you, my balls are grinding and tight I thrust upwards as best I can, but you pin me down with your hips, I hear Steven grunt and feel you swallow; he’s cumming in your mouth and you kiss me as he spurts his cum on your face and mine.

Tonguing your mouth, I feel his cum as it sprays you and me then he’s in my mouth, you are feeding him into me as he shoots the last of his cum into my willing open mouth, then you kiss me again and we exchange spit and cum as our tongues entwine.

“Fuck me” you gasp, as I thrust up and cum deep inside you.

I feel you remove your mouth from me, then you move; I’m still laid down, I couldn’t move if I wanted to, I feel your mouth on my cock as you lick the combined juices of our sex from me. I groan and try to move away.

“Oh no” you say, and lower your wet, cum sodden, pussy onto my mouth.

I can feel my cum slide from you as you push your cunt onto my face, swallowing my cock deep. I groan that my cock is so sensitive, but you don’t stop. I feel movement behind me, and then Steven presents his cock at your pussy as I lick you clean of my cum.

You moan a ‘yes’ and he slips inside you. I lie back resting my strained neck and listen to the frantic fucking going on over my prone, excited, body.

You grasp my balls and kaçak casino graze your fingers around them; I’m helpless and in heaven as you tease my balls, stroking my cock with light delicate movements, before grasping me hard and pumping me back to hardness.

I hear you groan, then the unmistakable sound of you cumming as Steven removes his cock again and lets your cum spray my face.

I lick as much as I can and move to swallow your pussy; only it’s his cock that I take in my mouth. I suck deep, tasting the combined cum of us all, and my cock swells under your manipulation.

Steven’s cock swells in my mouth and then he pushes himself inside you before he grunts again, and fills you with fresh hot cum. You moan and cum as he fills you, I can’t hold back I spray my stomach as you lower your head and swallow the rest of my offering.

I lie back in a daze and feel you moving around me again, you kiss my face teasing my mouth with your lips but not kissing me.

“You enjoyed that,” You whisper in my ear,

“Yes “ I groan back.

You move away, I feel you lift me by my shoulders; I am raised to the kneeling position.

“Good,” You say, “now suck him, get him hard so I can feel you both fuck me simultaneously.”

I open my mouth and feel him push his cock into me, you whisper in my ears words of encouragement; I’m sucking him for you and loving it. You move behind me and…

I place my hand beneath you and cup your balls in my hand; I smile as I feel you swell to full erection within my touch and I finger myself as you start to twitch beneath my grasp.

I pull your head away from its labours and move you backwards on your knees so that I can take up your position so that your fully erect penis is pushing at my cum dripping pussy.

Your hands are still tied, so you struggle to thrust, but I push back impaling myself all the way on to you.

I take Steven’s cock in my mouth and suck him deep, whilst moving back and forwards onto your cock. I let Steven take the lead on the rhythm and move my body to each thrust as we build to an orgasmic crescendo, each of us Cumming simultaneously.

I take off your bonds and blindfold and we lie, semi-entwined and bask in the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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