A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 06

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I’m in the tub with mom and there’s a little hot water beneath us. At mom’s end, it’s only ankle deep. This is the first time I’m shaving someone other than myself and I like the feel of the foam as it covers her legs. The sensation of her stubble isn’t bad, but it needs to be removed before it gets to that point.

The blade feels awkward in my hand as I start to remove the hairs and hope I get this right. She’s been shaving me and it’s only right that I return the favor to my love. It’s difficult not to look up at her tits that are so close to my head and her damned fingers just can’t stop caressing my hair.

I carefully swipe away the stubble and manage not to draw blood. Slowly I remove more cream and stubble is replaced with the smoothness we both enjoy. Most of her legs manage to get through without injury, but there’s one part that’s bleeding. It isn’t bad, but I hate that I’m responsible for it. Mom doesn’t seem to notice and I have managed to get most of her legs without another incident.

The washcloth washes away the foam and her legs look smooth to me. There’s only that one spot and it’ll stop bleeding soon enough. It isn’t like neither of us have never been nicked before and it’s her fault. Mom’s fingers are making this too difficult and I dread where the razor will be placed next.

Mom sits on the edge of the bathtub and her legs are around my body. I insert a fresh blade and hesitate just a little. There’s a slight tremble in my fingers and I wait for my hand to steady. The first of the foam is removed and pink appears very close to the edge of the line. So far, no sign of blood.

I continue the slow work of her pubic stubble and do enjoy just how smooth her skin looks. The only time I really notice mine is missing is when water runs over the area from the shower. It still feels weird, but I’m adjusting. It’s what mom wants and I’m more than happy to give her anything she wants.

Another swipe and another incident blood free. That’s enough, mom, you can stop any time. The last of the white is removed with a washcloth and I do enjoy inspecting my work. I can’t see any sign of stubble, but there could be some there. There’s only one way to be certain and I start to caress her flesh the same way she’s caressing my hair.

My fingers move slowly down and her lips look amazing with her legs spread before me. Her pink clit is just barely visible above the folds and I decide I’ve felt enough of her smooth flesh. There’s something else I want to feel and don’t think mom will mind one bit.

I part her lips and stare at the pink that’s revealed to me. We haven’t been together like this for long and there’s still things that are very new to me. I’ve seen her pussy spread before me, but never from this angle. This may not be my favorite, since that would require her to be on top with her legs spread over my face, but it comes pretty close.

There’s no sign of her dark hole and I’m glad I don’t have that distraction. I move my head forward and try to press my tongue against her hard clit, but my angles not quite right. Mom sighs as I reach it, but just barely. My head tilts at an odd angle and my pointed tongue presses solidly against my target. The taste is not the same, since there’s no sweetness there at all. All I can taste is a hint of shaving cream and water, but I don’t care enough to stop myself.

I start to circle her clit like she taught me and mom moans out her pleasure. Her fingers tighten a little as she pulls my mouth closer and I can feel my chin pressing a little inside of her wet opening. My tongue starts to move up and down as I want to change things up and the sounds coming from mom tells me she appreciates it a great deal.

She’s starting to scream out as my tongue continues to work her hard clit and my neck is starting to get a bit stiff. Mom will definitely need to massage me later, but I know I can push through the discomfort. istanbul escort I feel her start to flow over my chin and drip down to the water beneath us.

I love the way she sounds in the bathroom, since her screams are echoing off of everything. My chin presses in a little more as my tongue works harder than it ever has. Her release feels slick against my flesh as she continues with her eruption and it makes me happy to know I’m responsible for bringing mom to this state.

Her grip is loosening and I move my mouth down. My head is at an even odder angle as I push through the discomfort and start to lick her clean. This tastes so much better than the hint of shaving cream. Mom tastes sweet as I leave nothing behind and she’s breathing deeply above. Mom’s fingers are starting to caress my hair once again as my tongue enters her pink hole.

Mom’s hands are reaching down and pushing my back a little. I want to go back, but I know that look in her green eyes very well. My lips press to hers and I can still feel the shock from her soft lips. Her tongue presses into my mouth and she’s searching out all that she can find. My eyes close as I lose myself completely to my love.

We are lovers and that’s the best way to describe how we feel for each other. Our embrace is the embrace of lovers and our being related doesn’t matter to either of us. I do like the way it sound when she refers to me as her daughter, but even without those words, I wouldn’t love her any less. If I started calling her Mona, I know nothing would change at all.

There’s no denying there’s something I find exciting that we are closely related, but how could I not be excited about doing something with mom that’s illegal in most parts of the world. If we love each other, then that should be all that matters. How can they say people of the same sex should have the right to be together as long as they love each other and not say the same about incest?

Our lips part and I’m getting out of the bathtub. There’s going to be no drying ourselves off and the covers will need to be dried again. This isn’t the first time our wet bodies have laid on our bed and it won’t be the last. However, we aren’t all that wet and might be able to forgo the need to launder anything. The longer we wait, the better everything smells and serves as a wonderful reminder that we are sleeping together.

Mom releases the drain and I can hear the water flowing down the pipes. There’s going to be a little rim left behind where the cream floated around the edges, but it isn’t a big deal. We’re the only ones that use the shower and don’t care if there’s a line that proves difficult to clean. As long as the bathtub is cleaned, which it is, then neither of us cares that it looks well used.

I’m leading the way to our bed, since it’s my turn and can feel her fingers grip my cheeks just the way I like. I slow my steps and my head moves back a little as she starts to have a little fun. It’s far better for her to lead the way, since I love the feel of her ass every bit as she loves the feel of mine.

I reach the edge of the bed and her hands move up my back. Just like leading the way to bed, it’s my turn to be on the bottom. I’m no longer embarrassed when I talk to mom about all the things I like and it’s really no difference than talking to any of my past lovers. There weren’t a lot and didn’t last long, but long enough to get comfortable with each other. With mom, this happened a little sooner and I love just how comfortable we make each other.

We both like to follow and be on the bottom for the same reasons. The view and feel of ass in our hands. It’s only fair that we take turns and I’m happy to be on the bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see mom’s green eyes looking into mine as one of us eats out the other, but seeing her ass is simply a better view. avcılar escort There’s nothing I don’t love about her ass and have every line burned into memory.

I’m laying there and waiting for mom to get into bed, but it isn’t happening. I watch her bend over with her legs spread wide as she reaches into a drawer. Her dark asshole stands out very well and I bite my lip to prevent myself from going to her. She rises with a bottle in her hand and smiles warmly.

She lets out a soft laugh as she said, “I knew I had some.”

I look at the bottle, but her hand is hiding the label. “A surprise for my daughter.”

My heart starts to beat a little harder in my chest and she returns and shows me the label. It’s anal lube and I’m wondering what she has in mind. She pours some into her hand and sets the bottle to the side, then reaches for my index finger. Mom is stroking it with a soft touch and I feel it start to warm.

She continues to softly stroke my finger as she says, “I want to make things a little easier for my daughter. When I get on top and bend over for you, I want to feel your finger go inside of my asshole. I know you’ve been wanting to and this is the best way to make that happen.”

I’m too stunned to say anything as she releases my fingers and she must not expect any verbal response at all. My wide eyes tell her everything as she pulls her body away. I can feel a slight chill on my finger and wonder what it’s going to be like. Mom’s right about what I want, but I could never bring myself to ask.

Her pale legs appear over my face and my eyes move to the base of her ass. Mom slowly lowers herself and is taking more time than she usually does. I see her crack slowly open as she gets closer and her red hair is brushing my thighs. I’ve forgotten to part them for her in all the excitement and do just that.

Mom bends over a little more as she lowers herself close to my face. I know she can feel my heavy breathing as I press my slick finger in the center of the hard ridges. My finger enters a little and it feels weird. It’s as if a hot vice is pressing against the tip, but judging by the change in her breathing, mom likes the feeling.

I slowly press more inside and find I like the grip her asshole has. Mom sighs out and her breath hits my wet pussy. My finger enters to the knuckle and it feels even better. Her tongue starts to slowly work between my lips as I start to move my finger back and forth. I’ve no idea which of us are enjoying this more, but it’s pretty close.

Mom’s tongue is starting to work my hard clit as she sighs from my touch. Her fingers are pressing my lips apart and her breath is reaching inside of my pussy. I slowly withdraw almost all the way and her tight hole follows just a little. Has mom ever had this done to her before? I’ll have to ask later. Right now, I’m losing myself to my love and press my finger all the way in. How can she feel this tight and this wonderful at the same time?

My free hand reaches for her cheek and squeezes hard as I moan out for her. It isn’t easy to hold off my orgasm as my finger looks amazing inside her asshole like this. Once it comes, my eyes will close and I’ll lose the view.

Her tongue starts to work harder and I can’t fight any more. My hands tighten and I press my finger in as far as it will go. It isn’t by my choice and hope it didn’t cause mom any pain. I scream out as my eyes close and can feel my explode beneath her tongue. Was that a moan I heard from her? Just mine, I think.

My body is taken by my orgasmic state completely and more is pushed out of my pussy. It’s my most explosive one yet and every part of my body is engulfed in the flames of passion. Mom can feel my body shaking beneath her as her tongue works harder to increase everything that I feel.

The moment passes and I once again notice the tightening around my finger. şirinevler escort My eyes open and loosen my grip on her cheek. I keep my finger buried deeply and enjoy the aftermath of the pleasure that only mom can bring. Mom’s starting to pull away and I wish I had a little more time.

My finger is left cold as it frees completely and her asshole looks as if nothing had been inside at all. There’s a little lube that has followed my finger out and it partially covers some of the ridges. This it the only part I don’t like and wonder what a second finger would have felt like inside.

Mom crawls over and is laying next to me. Her green eyes show that she enjoyed it every bit as much as me. She glances at my slick finger with a smile and her face flushes a little. I’ve never seen her pale cheeks redden before and kind of like the way the red stands out.

She struggles to find her words before finally managing to whisper. “Your finger felt amazing.”

I smile brightly as I say, “So did your asshole. Have you ever done anything like that before?”

She shakes her head and smiles. “Never. I wanted you to be the first.”

I think back to the open bottle and ask, “Then why didn’t you have to open the lube?”

She smiles as she says, “I bought it and opened it on your eighteenth birthday. I was planning on telling you everything, but just couldn’t do it.”

Is it weird that I can still feel her asshole wrapped around my finger? I wish mom would have waited a little longer. The heat was so much better than the cold I feel now.

My fingers caress her body as I ask, “Have you ever had anything put in your ass, mom?”

She sighs at my touch as her perfect lips part. “Nothing. Your finger was the first.”

I smile at the words and love that she saved a part of herself for me. “How did it really feel, mom?”

Another sigh as my fingers continue to softly glide along her body. “At first, it was like a worm was working its way inside. Once my daughter’s finger was all the way in, it felt incredible. Do you want to try it?”

I grin and say, “After the way you described it, mom, I’m dying to find out.”

Mom gets out of bed once again and I’m glad she has more energy than me. Of course, mom came much sooner than I did and that’s to be expected. My entire body is yearning to feel what she felt. It’s supposed to hurt, right? Like mom, I’ve never had anything put in my asshole and wonder how it will feel as she enters. It’s just one finger, so the pain shouldn’t be bad.

Mom is lubing up her finger and I spread my legs. I don’t have the energy to get on top and I very much want to watch her face while she does this. There’s some trepidation, but not much as I find myself far too curious about what mom’s finger will feel like inside of me.

I pull my knees up to give her the best view as she moves to the end of the bed. Her green eyes are locked on my dark hole, at least I think it’s every bit as dark as hers. Like most people, I’ve never actually seen my own asshole and never thought anything about how it looks.

I can feel her slick finger against my tight hole and her eyes are focused on what lay beneath the pink. It feels pleasant to have her caress that part of my body and I let out a little sigh. Mom’s finger presses in a little and there’s no sign of discomfort to be found. Only an odd sense of something. What’s the word mom used? That’s right. It does feel like a worm, but not in a gross sense.

Mom works her finger slowly as her eyes widen at the pressure. I guess we both enjoy the same sensation. It no longer feels like a worm as she has her entire finger inside of me. There’s no discomfort at all and I rather like the sensation of feeling her inside of me.

Her eyes remain focused as I start to sigh from the pleasure and she starts to slowly fuck me. Every movement is erotic in some odd way and I’m glad there’s no need to rush anything. Like mom, I wonder what a second finger would feel like and lick my lips at the thought.

If mom were to put another finger inside my asshole, would it hurt? Most likely, but I won’t know until I try it and wonder if she has another finger lubed up. I can only sigh out and whisper her name, since I don’t want to ruin this moment.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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