A Dream

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I was incredibly nervous that day…

More so than usual, and I didnt know why. But it was there, as I picked her up from her house, throughout our delightful dinner, while walking everywhere and nowhere across the cold frost bitten city.

In total we had literally spent hours and days and weeks together, could talk all day and deep into the night, and unleashed secrets, hidden truths, and honest proclamations with ease.

But tonight was like rewinding back to the first time I met her. A five hundredth first date if you will, happening in a completely different and new way.

It was one of those sharp winter nights that chilled your very soul with a bitter wind. Regardless of jackets and sweaters or scarves and beanies, we were no match for the dark freeze from the black harbor nearby.

A presence I was so grateful for, for though frozen to my core, this arctic atmosphere only forced her closer to me throughout our randomized journey.

Large billowing steam pillars erupted from small sewer grates in the moist cobblestone ground, fogging and diffusing the warm lights of the surrounding buildings. Blanketing us in pillowed plumes from time to time, traversing shop to shop.

We had no destination, because honestly going anywhere with each other was the destination. We were already where we needed to be, arms wrapped around each other and eyes locked onto one anothers. I sure as hell know I couldn’t have asked for more.

And for as anxious as I may have been, there was no fear, no doubt, for I was completely content with her presence, not wanting to be with anyone or anywhere else.

Just adventuring hand in hand, occasional kissing in neon lit alleyways, and those tenderly tight embraces, pulling her in as she leans closer and whispers, “I need you.”

“I need you now…”

I could just mentally see her lips mouthing the words by my left ear. Smooth and glossy, pink and playful. She gave a slight peck, a kiss to my earlobe, and an exhale as she then reared back for me to meet her gaze.

I’ve seen this look in her eyes many times before, so many times that we unfortunately couldn’t do anything about or act upon. The kind of look that screams what she just whispered.

“I need you now.” It rang though my head on repeat as we headed back to the car, echoing in my mind as the sky started opening up and light sprinkles of rain slowly filed in along our route.

Both of our paces hastened rather quickly as it almost became a race to seek shelter and not get soaked. It was a futile effort though cause the rain only intensified and we were absolutely drenched upon reaching my jeep.

We laughed about it though as we just embraced our fate, managing to sneak in a kiss in the constant down pour spilling from above.

I unlocked the doors, closed hers after she got in, then ran around the front of the car to get inside. All in a single blur of a maneuver to quickly seek sanctuary in the dry vehicle.

My door slammed, effectively muting and blotting out the outside world. Nothing but our breathing and the sound of the rain hitting the metal roof could be heard.

By instinct I inserted my key into the ignition only to tuzla escort be met with her hand that halted the turn.

“I need you now.” Chimed in my thoughts again as we said nothing, staring at each other while slowing closing the distance.

The raindroplet soundtrack soon increased while we embraced and kissed, ever so intoxicated by each others tender yet aggressively fueled passion.

She was dripping wet from the torrential weather outside, her hair weighed down, shoes soaked, and the front of her shirt clung tightly to her stomach.

I took notice of how that cling exposed her bra in a see through type fashion. Dark turquoise under a faded white top. Colors I didn’t want to see on her anymore. Clothing I had to get rid of and throw far far away.

But she had another idea.

I had recently turned the back of my jeep into a nap haven, for lunch breaks at work or random camping adventure purposes. Made extra comfy with a mattress, blankets, and window blockers to sleep in darkness, to be at peace away from the world.

I wasn’t as happy with this renovation until that night, never intending to use it as we did, but ever so thankful it was there.

She slowly crawled to the back, slinking on all fours though awkwardly stumbled over the middle console. I sorta laughed under my breath at her uncoordinated sexiness, but stopped as I saw her fingering a gesture, a slow curl of the index pointing towards herself, for me to come meet her.

I obviously teleported back there in no time flat, removing my jacket along the way as we both kicked our shoes off to the side of the car.

She leaned up and kissed me, slightly biting my lower lip before trailing back down to lay on her back. Teasing me as I followed, met her lips again, and glided my fingers through her drenched hair.

Caressing the side of her soft pale face then cradling her head in my hand, we kissed like we had never before.

Her hands quickly met my belt line as mine slid her soaked white shirt past her breasts. It was dark in the jeep but the high contrast of her white skin held captive by her bra was so prominent. Especially as she undid my belt buckle, as the act pressed together and almost heaved herself out of her restraints.

I wanted nothing but to gently suck on her nipples, to feel each one on my tongue, to kiss them like precious jewels.

My jeans had stiffened from the rain so the amount I had grown was clearly noticeable as she became antsy, fumbling with the top button for a second before successfully releasing me from my torment.

She then grabbed hold of “me.” feeling my length, and palming my head, stroking me as I shed my shirt, throwing it to the front seat.

I plopped next to her, our mouths reuniting and refusing to separate as she continued to jack me off. My right hand met her waist, feeling her hip slightly gyrate as I then slid my fingers up her backside, undoing the clasps on her bra.

Finally I was able to move the turquoise trap away enough to meet her bare chest. She smiled at my enthusiasm as I must have kissed every square inch of her breasts, cupping one at a time as we lay on our sides.

Her hand melded to every contour tuzla escort bayan of me, taking pleasure in slightly choking off my head every chance she could get. The heaviness of my jeans became too much of an annoyance though so they too had to be flung off to a corner of the car.

It was then right after peeling away my denim that I had to do the same for her. Although she had decided to wear a long flowy skirt that night, so my job was easy.

Down past her ankles and beyond it went as I slowly made my way back to her, though purposefully took a detour to kiss her thighs. And little by little, as she watched in trembled agony, I trickled my way ever northward, mouth to skin and skin to mouth, inching my way further till stopping at her lower lips.

Only a thin layer of damp white cotton separated her from my hunger, though it didn’t stop me from kissing and gliding my tongue between her.

She moaned and clamped her legs down around my head, exhaling and saying, “You’re killin’ me..”

Buried lips to lips I’m sure she felt me smile just before I reared up slowly and replying, “These have to go..”

My beauty queen bounced a little hop as I pulled off her panties, legs only closed momentarily in order to dispose of the garment. Even then in our haste it actually never left her right ankle, for later on when her leg found its way into my grip it dangled like a handcuff only connected by one link.

Her breathing intensified erratically as I continued making out between her legs, and I became lost in her heat. Reticulated relief and a teasing tongue drove her mind mad, her hands running through my hair, forcing me down harder, and becoming for vocal.

I loved it…

“If I had to die by suffocation this would be my preferred method.” I thought to myself, not wanting to leave her hot mouth or loosen the hold my lips had on her clit.

But she was triggered, aggressively rolled me onto my back as she began to return the favor, throwing her shirt and bra to unknown regions of the car.

I propped myself up, elbows dug into the blankets beneath as I watched her gently grab hold of me, placing my head in her mouth, then glide down my shaft.

With each bob of her head I felt myself getting an uncontrollable urge, as though I could burst at any moment. And god I wanted to so badly, I wanted to just unload all my cum that very instant. Feel it coat her throat…

But I couldn’t, not yet..

I watched in amazement and pure pleasure while she persisted on making me grow, I’m sure without a doubt feeling me fill her mouth with each upward suck. She was magic, so much so I had to try restraining myself from moving my instinctual pelvic thrusts.

She would come up for air only a few times, making an audible pop noise, only briefly exposing me to the elements before diving back for more. It was in those moments I’d catch site of her breast slightly swaying, which only filled me closer to the brink.

I knew if I let her go any further things would end quickly so I lifted her beautiful face upwards and said, “Now I, need you…”

She scooted up, legs to my sides, leaned in to kiss me, then gently positioned me to her escort tuzla lips, lightly gliding my head between them.

Looking into each others eyes our mouths opened slightly as she slowly lowered down around me. First my head, struggling to fit as her inner walls conformed to my thickness. Another inch or two of slowed resistance tortured and filled us with anxiousness before she slid down the rest of my length.

Finally I could really feel her… grabbing her hips, her hands on my chest, pushing up as she pushed back down, gyrating, breathing, moaning, bouncing, trembling, panting…

She arched her lower back while I brought her in closer, my hands finding her breasts, our mouths locked to each others, pounding equally back towards each other in a war we both were trying to win.

I flipped her over to the left onto her back, moving the entire car and testing its shocks as we’ve switched positions in a quickened swoop.

Reaching down with my hand I teased her some more, rattling her around and sliding my middle finger inside.

Her moans were like music to me, beautiful poetry my ears became addicted to, exhales of pleasure that my heart swelled with. And I knew she wasn’t just an ordinary girl or some meaningless fling, she meant everything to me. Hearing her song only further fueled my love for her.

I then took both her legs and spread them further apart before slipping myself back inside her, deeper than previous as I slowly began to pump in and out.

We both became fixated at looking down at me entering and exiting, her taking every inch of me, rippling her perfect breasts with each steadily increasing in speed push.

Catching one in my mouth I sucked her nipple again, tonguing it lightly as nails met my back, tearing down from my spine to my ribs, surely branding me a whipped looking scar the next day.

Plunging harder and deeper with each rhythmic thrust I heard her almost losing breath before she whispered in my ear, “Baby, cum inside me.”

Hearing her say that immediately drove me crazy, made me close in tighter to her, kissing along down her neck to her shoulders. I never held her as strongly as I did during that moment, only letting go to prop myself up again.

We watched ourselves connecting, a gliding gloss bridge disappearing and reappearing, the sound of smacking into each other, heartbeats heard and felt, the rock of the car, sweat beading off our naked skin like the rain against the windows outside.

“Cum inside me.” She says again, as I brace myself to give her everything I’ve got. My head throbbed along her hot walls, ready to burst deep inside, walls that gripped even tighter the more that my love grew anxious.

I went harder and deeper, pulling and plunging, pulsating pink, pushing and pounding, til I could take it no more. Giving one strong fuck I came for what seemed an eternity.

Feeling myself quiver within her with each pump, sliding in and out in a mellowed fashion, I leaned in to kiss her, only to be abruptly kissed first. Dragging me back to lay next to her, she wrapped her arms around me, kissing little pecks here and there on my chest and neck before saying, “I love you.”

I smiled the largest smile I ever smiled, and replied, “I love you more.”

It was then that the best part of the night began, locking arms around each other, legs intertwined, a last kiss goodnight, as we then fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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