A Family New Years Eve Ch. 04

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Please read “A Family New Year’s Eve – Chapters I and II and III” – before you read this (if you haven’t already.) This will make more sense if you do.

I don’t know what I found more shocking – the sharp pain from where Lisa, my beautifully wicked twenty year old daughter, pinched the skin under the crown of my cock, or the image she had just put in to my head.

We were laying in my bed, now very early in the morning on this New Year’s Day. I looked at my baby girl, laying with her long, dark curls in the crook of my arm. Her trim body tanned and fit, her curves as sexy as the young Thai bar girls in Patpong. I reached around to the headboard, bringing an ashtray and a joint back. I lit the joint and took a long hit, then handed it to Lisa. As I held in the smoke, my gaze dropped to her smooth, naked cunt. God, it was beautiful! Her skin was still hot and moist from my eating her juicy pussy until she came over and over just a few minutes earlier.

We had gotten much closer over the last few hours since midnight brought the New Year. Together, my daughter and I had watched (through an old-fashion key hole) my wife first seduce, then become the willing slut of our eighteen year old son, Matt. It was the hottest performance I had ever witnessed, and it affected Lisa the same way. Outside of Matt’s bedroom, one of us watched the inspired sex and described it to the other, taking turns, getting so hot along with Laurie and Matt. Finally, relieving all of the pent-up passions for each other…Lisa taking my hard cock in her mouth and sucking the cum out of my balls and down her heavenly throat. I returned the favor gladly, using my fingers and tongue to bring my beautiful little girl to a shrieking climax.

My daughter rested next to me on our bed, her body slowly returning to normal after the shrieking orgasm had finished with her. She and her brother were both too smart by half. It had taken them no time to figure out the basics of Laurie’s and my sexual arrangement. And knowing our children, I figured it would be no time at all before they started to enjoy the power their new-found knowledge gave them on an even wider scale. Matt certainly had his mother under his control, and Lisa was already starting to push all the right buttons with me.

“You can fuck me, Daddy…right after you suck Matt’s cum from my little pussy!” Her voice was so low I could hardly hear her.

“What did you say, baby?” I thought I might have misunderstood – the pounding in my chest blocking her sexy, low whisper.

Lisa rolled on to her side, facing me; her small, hot fingers still wrapped around my prick. She bent slightly and licked my dry lips with her little cat-like tongue. Her eyes were half-closed. We had been smoking and drinking and letting our passions and emotions control us for hours. Believe me, it was exhausting. But there was a certain gleam in her dark eyes, lighting her up from behind her eyelids. “Our deal still holds, right, Daddy?” Her fingertips were making gentle circles on my sensitive scrotum. “The whole truth?”

I rolled on my side to face her. My eyes were drawn again to the junction between her thighs. Almost hairless, her naked cunt lips swollen open, her precious little clit just popping up enough to be seen. My hand moved on its own, sliding over her firm, young breast, my thumb grazing her erect little nipple, and down her side. As I curved around her perfectly firm twenty year-old ass, my fingers found the warmth in the crack between her sweet cheeks.

“Of course, baby…from now on, you don’t need to ask again.” Lisa smiled at me. “But remember,” I continued, “it goes both ways, baby.” My fingertips were playing lightly over her little puckered hole. As she moved her hips around on my fingers, the tip of my little finger slid into my daughter’s ass.

“Oh God, Daddy,” Lisa murmured into my ear, “that feels so good. Do you like my cute little ass, Daddy?” I could only groan as her hand got busy again, stroking my shaft and tickling my swollen balls. “Ever think about sticking this,” she closed her hand hard around me, “into your little girl’s behind, Daddy? Wanna dump a load in your little girl’s tight, dirty asshole, Daddy?”

My eyes rolled back in my head; again, I could only groan in response. Lisa trailed her hand up over my stomach and chest, then held my jaw as she kissed me on my lips. She tasted so sweet. She kissed my neck and then, with her mouth over my ear again, she whispered to me, “I want you to, Daddy…” I felt her hand move to cover mine, pushing down, driving my finger deeper into her hot back passage. “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass, Daddy…” She pushed harder still, my finger now into her up to the second knuckle – I could feel her sphincter clench around me. “Right after…you know, Daddy… right after you lick Matt’s cum out of my sweet, little asshole.”

My cock had grown hard again as my daughter whispered her lewd fantasies into my ear. The pictures she was painting were too hot – the images burning into my head.

I started to istanbul escort withdraw my finger from her back passage, only to feel her squeeze hard enough to keep me trapped inside her. “No. Daddy…leave it in me, okay? It feels so good…just fuck me little with your finger while we talk, okay?”

I did as she asked, reaming her hot little hole as gently as I could. Finally, I was able to speak. “So what do you want to know, sweetie?”

Lisa reached up to the headboard where she grabbed the ashtray and a lighter. She lit a joint, took a deep drag and then put the tip in my mouth. I sucked in the sweet smoke, holding it in, enjoying the feeling, the tightness of her butt, the warmth surrounding my finger. Lisa exhaled and looked at me, straight in the eyes.

“How many guys has Mom fucked, Daddy?”

“Oh, man,” I thought, “she really gets right to it!”

“Well, baby, it depends on…”

“C’mon, Daddy…we have a deal, remember?”

“No, really, sweetie…I will answer you…but what do you really want to know? How many guys she’s fooled around with? Or actually fucked?”

Lisa looked at me with a little gleam in her eye as she exhaled more smoke and put the joint to my lips again. “Okay, Professor,” she giggled, “how many guys has my mother done?”

I let the smoke go, feeling the lightheadedness it always brings. “Baby, I never kept count, but…if you count the guys around her when something was going on…I’d say maybe one hundred.”

I felt Lisa’s ass clench around my finger as her breathing became shallower. Her voice had changed from a sweet whisper to a fevered hiss. “Of the hundred, Daddy…how many times did you watch her…really see her get fucked?”

My cock, untouched, started twitching as it grew across my thigh, drawing my daughter’s gaze. “You really like watching her, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby…you know I like to watch. I probably was witness to her adventures…I don’t know, baby…maybe twenty times…so maybe I saw her with thirty guys.”

Lisa’s ass was drawing my finger inside even further as her excitement grew. Her hand slid over her hard nipples and covered her moist mound. I took another drag, watching my daughter’s fingers dancing over her clit. She leaned her head over me, her eyes not more than a few inches from mine.

“Ever see her get fucked better than Matt fucked her tonight, Daddy?”

Barely able to whisper, I told my daughter never.

“Of the thirty guys you saw with Mom…” Her fingers started slipping into the wet crevice between her firm thighs. “How many did you…you know…get really close to, Daddy?” I saw her fingers plunging in and out of her slick, young cunt. I could feel them with my little finger through the membranes separating her cunt and her rectum. God, it felt wonderful! “How many did you wrap your fist around? How many…did you… suck into your mouth for her?”

I had to repeat myself, my mouth was too dry the first time I tried to speak. “Maybe twenty all together, baby…I think I sucked ten or fifteen.”

“Tell me, Daddy,” Lisa’s fingers were moving frantically, alternating between her cunt and her clit, stoking the fire raging inside her. “Did you ever see one as big and beautiful as Matt’s?”

Again, “Never.”

“Do you understand why I need him to fuck me, Daddy? I’ve never seen anything like his cock before. It’s so big, Daddy…” My baby girl was rapidly approaching another orgasm. I fucked my finger in and out of her tight asshole in time with her fingers plunging in and out of her frothing, creamy pussy. My cock was twitching on its own like a puppet on strings. “I need my brother to fuck me, Daddy…I need his big, thick meat shoved all the way up my cunt…and then deep in my ass…you understand, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby, I know…I understand.”

Lisa’s fingers were a blur as she felt the incredible heat starting to spread outwards from the core of her excited cunt. “You’ll do it for me, won’t you, Daddy?” The words seemed to fall out of her mouth. Her eyes were slits, primal lust glaring out of them. “Tell me you will do it for your little baby girl, okay?”

My heart was pounding so hard, my breathing was totally ragged. “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

“Just like you do for Mom…I want you…I need you to suck him for me, Daddy.” I thought my heart would explode in my chest. “I need you to make him hard and wet so he can fuck me, Daddy. Will you? Please?”

My finger plunged in and out of my little girl’s hot bottom in time with her own fingers fucking her wet, slippery cunt furiously. Her body was bathed in a sheen of sweat, sex and desire. I moved her so I could lick the precious drops of dew off her budding breasts, sucking on her hard pointy nipples. As her breathing quickened, she pulled me up to her face, kissing me so hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Then, suddenly, Lisa broke the kiss, holding my face back from hers. Her voice was thick avcılar escort with the lust that had been building over the last few hours, seemingly unslaked by her last orgasm. “Say yes, Daddy. I need you to do this for me…please?”

My cock was as hard as it had been all night. Lisa’s eyes had once again mimicked Laurie’s as they became slits, lit by her passion. I could deny my precious daughter nothing. “Yes, baby girl,” I groaned deeply as I pictured my son’s magnificent meat in my hands, then sucking the head past my lips. I felt my cock start to twitch, the cum starting to rise as my daughter caressed my balls. “You know I’ll do anything for you, sweetie.” Then I couldn’t speak as I felt Lisa’s lips slide over my hardened shaft, taking me deep in her mouth as I shot my load down her throat. And once again, I felt the magic of her mother as she milked every last drop from me by ‘swallowing’ my thick shaft as it lay lodged in her eager throat, pulsating with the last of my juice.

When I could function again, I rolled Lisa over onto her back, took a drink of water, and lit a joint from the ashtray. I handed it to my little girl as I exhaled and let the smoke follow my gaze as I looked over her sublime form. “You are so beautiful, Lisa. Everything about your body is perfect…I have to tell you, sweetie…I’ve wondered for years what you looked like…naked…what you…tasted like.” Lisa giggled, another of her mother’s mannerisms usurped. “I’ve always been a little jealous of the boys you dated, you know?”

Lisa blew the smoke she was holding out and handed me back the joint. She giggled again, “No reason to be jealous of those guys, Daddy…” She was being too obviously evasive. I exhaled and handed it back.

“Okay, baby girl,” I tried to sound serious, but I think she saw right through that. “Now it’s tit-for-tat time.” I held her under her arms, and moved her back so she was laying on her back, propped up against a small mound of pillows. She was luxuriating in the smoke as I gently spread her firm, young legs, kneeling now between them. She looked up at me with glazed eyes.

“Sure, Pops…what do you want to know?” She put her hands over mine, drawing them down her hot, slick thighs towards her magic mound.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the vision before me. Her golden tanned flesh seemed to flow from face to feet, interrupted only by the paler flesh of her perfect breasts and the hairless mound between her legs where she was covered in the sun by a very tiny bikini. Her nether lips, pink and swollen, had tiny drops of her precious dew collecting in the sweet folds.

“Several times tonight, Lisa, you called your mom a slut…just like you. What was that all about, baby? What do you mean I don’t have to be jealous of the guys you’ve dated?” Lisa was pulling my hands lower; with my thumbs, I pulled her cheeks apart. With my forefingers, I spread her lips apart, exposing her hard little clit. I bent down, blowing softly on her smoldering sex.

She took a final drag of the joint and put it back in the ashtray. When she exhaled, her whole body shook itself into a state of total relaxation. With her eyes closed, she started to speak. “I never really did much with the guys I dated in college, Daddy. Ohhh…” I blew another cool stream of air across her clit. “Daddy, can you lick my pussy while I tell you this? Please, Daddy?” I stretched my legs out behind me as I grabbed a spare pillow and put it under Lisa’s butt and started licking her from her puckered whole to the top of her little love button. “Easy, Daddy…I love the way you make me feel…you have the all-time best tongue…but I don’t want to cum again now…I just want you to make me feel good as I tell you what you want to know.” I eased way back on the pressure and intensity and let her continue.

“I know you think I look beautiful now, Daddy. But remember, I didn’t always look like this.”

I looked up at my baby girl, a pure vision of feminine beauty. “Lisa, since the day you were born, I’ve never thought anything else. You’ve always been beautiful, baby.”

Lisa giggled, the last joint still rolling her. “I don’t think I heard anybody tell you to stop, Daddy.” And again, I was thrilled by her strong resemblance to her mother in so many ways. She spoke again as I dipped my tongue into the slick folds of her sweet little pussy.

“Maybe I was pretty, Daddy…mmmm, that feels so good…but then I changed, didn’t I? I lost so much weight and my body really changed. It was like, one day I looked in the mirror, and Ohmygod, Daddy…I was really hot!

“But you know, all the creeps who never talked to me before…all of a sudden, they were paying attention to me and asking me out…and, Daddy, it was so strange because I really didn’t care that I didn’t like them. They were very good looking boys, you know. They were always dating the cutest girls. I pretended I didn’t care…but all of a sudden, they wanted me, Daddy. And I wanted what the other hot girls had, too!

“You remember the group I şirinevler escort used to play cards with? You and Mom used to laugh about how it was ‘Lisa and the guys’ night after night during the summers. It was four of the cutest seniors and me…night after night in Ritchie’s basement. At first, we really did play cards. Then one night, Barry ran out of money early and I was nearly busted as well. Alan and Ritchie said we should take a break and all of a sudden, one of them gave me a joint. God, Daddy, I finally realized why you smoke this stuff. I felt great!

“When we finished, Alan…he was the one I really had a crush on…he looked straight at me as he said the only way for Barry to stay in the game was to give everyone the option of betting cash or clothes.” As I continued to massage her plump, pink cunt lips with my tongue, I could taste more and more of her excitement as she recalled that night. Lisa was squirming around the bed as she continued her tale.

“I knew,” she continued, her voice getting deeper with her remembered lust, “exactly what they wanted, Daddy. It was just like what I’ve read in your Penthouse Letters.” My little girl’s voice dropped again. “Please don’t be mad at me, Daddy…but…I wanted it, too. They thought they were, you know, like in control.” Lisa’s breathing got shallower, more rapid as her skin grew warm and the firm bare mound under my tongue started to plump up, her nether lips swelling with blood and arousal. “But, really, I knew it was me. I was the one to direct the action…I knew I could get them to do whatever I wanted…I was in control, Daddy…not them.”

I listened to Lisa’s recollections, my cock growing hard, my hips pushing into the mattress as I lay between her firm young thighs, my hands holding her legs up and apart as I sucked the heavenly nectar – all the sweeter as it came from my daughter’s luscious little cunt.

“After we finished the joint, they were all looking at me, waiting for me to respond to Alan’s suggestion. It was really kind of funny…they were almost desperate, you know? I could see their bulges, Daddy!” That brought a fit of giggles from my little girl. “I told them that it was okay with me, playing like it was no big deal. All of a sudden, we were back at the table and Alan shuffled and dealt. A couple hands and a couple of beers…and, oh yeah, one more joint later, Barry was sitting next to me, completely naked. I had lost my money and was sitting there in my bra and panties.”

I slipped my tongue through her sticky furrow and then penetrated her little crinkled hole with just the tip. I reamed my baby girl’s ass, loving the tart taste of her. Then I looked up at her. “Tell me what they looked like, baby. What did your underwear show your friends?”

“Lick my asshole, Daddy…more…please…I’ll tell you everything…Oh God…that’s sooo good! Fuck me with your tongue, Daddy! Ohhh Goddddd!!!! No…stop…please, Daddy…just lick me…that’s so good.

“I don’t know why…I guess I just ran out of ‘regular’ underwear…I had on a really sheer, sexy black bra and matching bikini panties. I know they could all see my nipples, cuz…well, by the time I was down to my underwear, Barry kept, you know, looking at me and his cock got really big. I kept looking at him and it made my nips all hard and pointy. They were almost pushing out the front of my sheer bra.

“I had to get away from Barry for a minute, so I got up to go get a beer. Their eyes were all over me, Daddy…staring at my chest, then moving down to my panties. I couldn’t tell if they could see my pussy. But I knew I wanted them to, Daddy! When I was in the kitchen getting the beer, I made my panties into kind of a thong; I pulled the back up into my butt and stretched the little front panel tight against my pussy. Daddy, I was shaking so much I could hardly walk back down to the basement.

“When I got down the stairs, I felt all of them staring at me, Daddy. It made me so wet that the front of my panties were molded against my lips. I knew they could see it, too. It made me so hot, my nipples got even harder and darker. I knew they could see them as clear as day. It was crazy, Daddy…it was like they were all breathing at the same time, watching me walk back to the table. Nobody said a word as I walked around them towards my chair.

“I walked back, staring at Alan the whole time. Then I turned so he was the first one to see me from the back. I heard him suck in a deep breath as he saw your baby’s sweet little ass for the first time.” I groaned as I started to leak from the tip of my engorged prick. “Oh, I know, Daddy…I thought I was gonna cum when I heard him. Then, when I got to my chair…God, I was so bad, Daddy…I turned around so that my ass was in Barry’s face as I got into my seat. I looked down at him and his dick was sticking straight up out of his lap. It was at that exact moment, Daddy…that I knew what I was, what I really wanted to be.

“I sat down and stared at Alan as I took a long swig of my beer. It felt so good and cold sliding down my throat. I put the bottle down and turned to Barry. The others could all see me look right down at his big dick. They could see my hand move towards him and down to his lap. And I know they all saw Barry’s face change as I curled my fingers around his thick shaft. God, Daddy…it was so powerful…so hard…I knew that I was made for…meant for this. Alan was still looking at me so hard, so intense. He was mine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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