A gay summer Holiday – Part 5

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 5

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Chapter 5
A walk on the wild side.

Christopher felt right at home living with Jelmer. The guys got on marvelously, shared everything and even finishing each other’s sentences. Yes, the men were clearly in love. Even after they have only been together one short week.
Chris could see himself living there in Jelmer’s little farmhouse. But was also determent to become an engineer. He could not do that on the island. So he feared that the relationship would end after this working holiday.

Jelmer clearly noticed that something was bugging Christopher enormously. “Chris, buddy, what’s wrong?”, asked Jelmer after having spent the first night with his boyfriend in his bed. Chris told him that he feared that this new relationship could not last, because of his ambition to become an engineer. Chris told him they only had 4 months before he would have to get back to school. And expected that a long distance relationship would be far from ideal for them. Jelmer had to think about that one. He did not want to lose his new love. “Fuck… Chris… I am not going to break up with you, buddy… I need you!”, said Jelmer, while hugging Chris tightly.

Chris, being ever the practical one, said; “Well, then you would have to come and live with me on the mainland. But I don’t want to take you away from our island…”. Christopher tried to gauge Jelmer’s reaction from his body language. And continued; “Or I will have to do a commute to and from the island every Friday and Sunday.”. Jelmer responded thoughtfully, “I see what you mean… honey I would follow you to the end of the world!. If only to be able to do this…”. Jelmer grabbed Chris’s cock and sucked on it. “Oh, fucking hell… Yeah… I can’t do without your ass either… but still… you see my dilemma?… Your mouth feels so good… Oh fuck, you suck such a nice cock… “, moaned Chris as he sank deep into his thoughts. Jelmer tried in vain to get Chris’s cock fully hard.

The men lay next to each other thinking. “Okay, we have to give that some more thought, buddy… Let’s take it one week at a time. We have 4 months to figure this one out.”, said Chris. “What do you want to do today? Mate.”, asked Jelmer, “We can’t lay around in bed fucking all day… “.
“Oh no? But we can try can’t we?… “, laughed Chris as he jumped on Jelmer’s back riding his half-stiff cock through his buddies butt crack. Jelmer pushed his ass in the air ready to receive Chris’s hot prick.

Chris noticed that Jelmer was getting horny again ready for another good fucking time. And that turned him on too. Christopher kept pressing his cock against Jelmer’s bum. And Jelmer teased him by rotating his ass. Chris raised himself up from his lover and spit on his cock. Pressed it raw against his buddy and Jelmer opened his sphincter. With a huge grunt, Chris launched himself forward. And Jelmer screamed in pain and pleasure of being penetrated roughly again. By now Jelmer’s ass was used to Chris’s 22 by 4 cm and he took him well. Once Christopher was fully and deeply inside his favorite ass, he pressed Jelmer into the mattress. Keeping his own cock still as he pushed Jelmer off him and then letting up on the pressure so Jelmer slid over it again. Bouncing his ass fast over his rock hard cock. Like a baseball player would dribble with a ball.

Jelmer’s breath became faster, and he moaned loudly. He begged Chris not to stop. Chris’s dick felt nice, and he gave him full control over his hole. Christopher was splitting Jelmer in two. Having never been fucked so fast before Jelmer came hard. After having dumped his first load Chris released his bubble butt and dropped on top of Jelmer. Chris licked his neck as he pounded Jelmer’s ass hard. “Oh fuck yes!”, exclaimed Jelmer. “Split me in two… O, hell… I love your big cock… God, you’re so fucking big… Fuck me…”.

Christopher put a hand on Jelmer’s throat and squeezed. Jelmer started to gurgle as Chris slammed his dick deeply in Jelmer’s lusty ass. He shot a huge morning canlı bahis siteleri load deep inside his buddy. Proclaiming Jelmer’s ass to be his, for now until eternity. It took a good 10 minutes before either of them were able to move again. Breathing heavy and panting hard as they lay on top of each other. Chris’s cock still balls deep in Jelmer’s butt. Only after having relaxed like that for a while his dick became soft enough again for him to retract it from its prison. He rolled off the back of Jelmer and they watched one another with big eyes. “Fucking shit… That… That… Oh god!… You were amazing Chris.”, panted Jelmer. Chris kissed his lover and held him close.

Chris looked at Jelmer after a while… “What?”, he asked. “You said you would not take me away from ‘our’ island… Yet last week you felt like you where import. Man you make your self right at home don’t you…”, laughed Jelmer. “Yeah, I guess your right… But your dick has made me feel really welcome”, said Chris playing with his lover’s cock. Now Chris moved down on Jelmer and gave him a blow job. He wanted to taste him once more. And Jelmer held Chris’s head as he fucked his mouth. Dumping a second load on his face.

The guys took a shower together and Jelmer asked; “So have you decided what we can do today? Besides fucking the shit out of me…”.
“Well, it’s been an amazing week. But you know I have not even been to the beach yet. So officially my holiday has not started yet! I need to see the waves on the beach before I feel I am on holiday!”, said Chris happy.
“Cool. I’d love to go with you. Let’s go eat lunch at your uncle’s hotel on the beach. Then we can walk across the beach to the next village. We can walk through the forest to the windmill to get a nice cranberry cheesecake there… How’s that for an afternoon’s work out?”, asked Jelmer. The guys agreed to that plan and got excited by the idea they would spend some quality time together as well.

After spending the rest of the morning around the house they got on a bus that stopped near the north sea hotel. It was nice weather. But the water was still too cold to take a dip. So the guys wore easy clothes and sneakers they could take off while strolling along the beach. Jelmer decided to put on the Leather jacket. “Man you do look damn cool in that jacket Jel!”, exclaimed Chris. Chris had put on the Leather jeans and a denim jacket. They both felt and looked really cool. With their sunglasses and baseball caps, the twinks headed out for the afternoon.

At the hotel, the guys ate a luxurious lunch. The chief cook, uncle Sjors, served them something new he was trying out. They both enjoyed it very much and gave the dishes an 8 out of 10. They told Sjors they were going on a long beach walk and said goodbye after paying the waiter.

The men had the greatest amount of fun together. Running and joking around in the surf. They headed east along the shore and after about 15 minutes they were greeted by the young boy, his sister, and their parents. The boy called out to Chris as he ran to him with outstretched arms. “Hey, buddy!”, called Chris to him. He caught the guy and raised him up and spun him a few times around. “Aww… now I am jealous”, Jelmer exclaimed. “I saw you on TV… Chris, you sang really nice!”, said the boy awestruck by Chris. His parents and sister agreed. They all enjoyed the performance very much. The 6 of them chatted a while and Jelmer and the boy and girl started working on a sand castle.

Chris asked the parents where they were staying and they told him they rented a beach house near the north sea hotel. “Tell the chef that you 2 are my first loves… “, said Chris to the boy and girl. “And tell Chef Sjors, that Chris told you that you 2 deserve an extra big dessert.”, told Chris to the 2 youngsters. Chris and Jelmer played with the youths some more, kicking a ball and flying a kite.

After a while, the guys said goodbye to the family and continued their way along the beach. Holding hands and rubbing shoulders. “Gosh, I felt like tipobet güvenilir mi a young boy again… Nice people!”, said Jelmer happy. Chris explained how they met and how he took extra care of them during the rough ferry crossing. “Again… I am Jealous!”, exclaimed Jelmer jokingly. “Don’t you worry love. I will take care of you too!”, laughed Chris. Stopping Jelmer dead in his tracks, Chris dropped to his knees, unzipped Jelmer’s pants and used his lips to free his cock from his jeans.

Jelmer raised Chris up and dragged him to the dunes. They went over the first dune and found a kilometer marker. Jelmer whipped his cock out off his pants again, and Chris continued where he left off. Sucking off Jel good as he rubbed Jelmer’s nipples under his leather jacket. Jelmer turned around dropped his pants to his knees and placed his hands on the marker. “Fuck me!”, screamed Jelmer. “Fuck me good!”.

Chris spat on Jel’s outstretched ass and rimmed him until he was nice and wet. Then pressed his rock hard cock against Jelmer’s yearning and throbbing sphincter. With a deep sigh, followed by some heavy breathing and dirty talking the cock disappeared up Jel’s bum again. Pumping him gently at first, but Chris started to jackhammer Jelmer’s ass. Screaming and talking dirty to his boyfriend he filled him up with a good load of sperm. And with his cock still in Jelmer’s gut, he jacked him off and milked him dry.

They kissed for a while. Cum dripping from Jelmer’s ass as he bent over to lick Chris’s prick clean. Smelling the leather jeans Jelmer got intoxicated with the scent. “God I fucking love your leathers!”, said Jelmer as he rubbed his hands over Chris’s ass. “I’d love to get some more. I have always dreamed about a wild kinky leather party… and I would like to serve your cock, dressed in a pair of kinky chaps.”, gasped Jelmer. Chris used both hands to hold on to Jelmer’s face. And he licked, kissed and tongued Jel passionate. “I’d love that very much too. Dominating such a hotty like you… in an all-night rave… in a public place… dressed in Leather…”, dreamed Chris out loud. “Oh god… Sir yes please, Sir!”, called Jelmer excited.

The guys walked back to the beach. Chris lowered his hand from Jelmer’s shoulder, over his back, to his ass as they walked. Jelmer unbuttoned the top button of his Jeans giving Chris access to his butt crack. Chris inserted a finger in his boyfriend’s wet hole, as they stopped and kissed some more. “It’s all yours, Sir…”, whispered Jelmer. “Do me as you see fit… But do me good!”, panted Jelmer breathing heavy again. “But I need to piss first.”, he said. They walked over the path to the next town across the dunes. Past the bicycle racks and parking lot, there was a public toilet building.

Christopher sat in the sun as Jel took a leek. It took ages for him to come back. So Chris walked over to the toilets to see what was going on. He discovered his boyfriend was being used roughly by 3 German bikers. The men, aged around their 40’s, were dressed in colored biker gear. They were not really hung and all had a reasonably hairy and fat physique. Chris noticed from Jelmer’s body language that this was okay for him and that he just been playing along with them. The German bikers talked dirty to him as they grabbed Christopher too. “Leave my friend alone… What are you doing to him?…”, exclaimed Chris. Chris knew exactly what they were doing to him of course. He winked at Jelmer and they let the bikers feel they were in control of Jelmer and Chris.

Jelmer got butt fucked by the 3 guys as Chris was made to watch. After the German bikers were done they quickly left and Chris and Jelmer laughed hard. “I hardly felt them inside me. Man those fat guys were small… “, joked Jelmer. Chris pushed his boy into a toilet cubical. “Let’s see if you can feel this!”, called Chris as he pumped Jelmer’s hole again. The toilet cubical had a glory hole on either side. A group of 5 senior boy scouts, around 17 or 19 years of age, came walking in. They heard tipobet giriş Chris fucking Jelmer and Chris noticed the guys watched them fuck.

Chris pointed to Jelmer that they had an audience. And Jelmer started to talk dirty again as Chris rammed his hot hole deep. Then ripping the door of the cubical open and grabbing one of the scouts behind his neck. Pulling him down to the ground behind Jelmer. “Let me give you a good look!… Lick that hole wet…”, called Chris, pressing the guy’s face against Jelmer’s ass. “Did you guys get your ass fucking badges yet?”, asked Jelmer through the glory hole of the other 4 guys.

The men all had their dicks in hand. Yet they were a bit bewildered by the question. “The man asked you boys a question. Do you have your ass fucking merit badges yet?”, repeated Chris. They answered no. “Well, would you like to earn them today?”, asked Chris sternly. Pulling the guy from Jelmer’s ass he placed the 5 guys in a row. “Take those pants off men!”, he ordered the guys. “Let’s see what we have to work with… Or leave now if you don’t feel like it! It’s your choice… “. One of the 5 wanted to leave but was held back by his scouting friends. They dropped their pants as ordered and showed their rock hard members to Jelmer and Chris.

“Nice big boys…”, said Jelmer. “Now put a wet finger in your buddies ass hole to your left…”, order Chris. The guys complied as Jelmer went to stand next to the empty ass hole on the right of the line. Jelmer inserted his wet fingers deep in his bum. And the 5 guys moaned hard. Jelmer told the guys to mimic what he was doing with the first guy. Jelmer played with the guys prostate, and down the line, they copied what they felt their neighbor was doing to them. With their free hand, they masturbated themselves. Chris ordered to masturbate the guy to their right as they continued the ass play.

The guys got all hot and bothered as Chris started to suck them off one by one. Once Chris moved to the second guy Jelmer moved up behind the first pulled a rubber over his cock and fucked him softly. He opened the virgin asses gently. The 5 senior boy scouts were enjoying the experience very much. Once Jelmer had moved down the line the boys started to fuck each other. Chris got fucked by Jelmer too. But our boys went at it very roughly. Chris got his ass beaten while Jelmer barebacked him. And the scouts mimicked that. It became a hot fucking orgy. Every guy sucking and fucking the others. The guys were ordered by Chris and Jelmer to sit in line again. But this time on their knees. They dropped their loads over the guys, as a merit badge for ass fucking. The 5 boy scouts kept on fucking and sucking some more, as Jelmer and Chris pulled up their pants and left laughing.

“That was fun… We are good teachers…”, joked Jelmer. Chris agreed as they walked to the next town via the woods. In the woods, they saw a heterosexual couple making hot love up against a tree. They stopped and looked from a distance rubbing their tender cocks over their pants. As soon as the couple saw them they were invited to join in. But the guys declined and continued on.

“Come on, I want to buy you a cranberry beer and a cranberry cheesecake… The local windmill is converted to a cranberry bar and tasting room… “, explained Jelmer. Cranberries were sort of the local foodstuff. A large group of islanders got together each year to harvest them and turned them into all kinds of foods and drinks. The guys ate and drank in the windmill and took a cab home to Jelmer’s place late in the afternoon. They spend the next evening and the entire next day lounging around the house. Doing the odd job fixing up the place. And on Wednesday they got back to their project early. To discover that the group of guys and girls had not sat still during their 2 days off.

They had stripped all 30 cabins interiors. They went about it a bit rough because they had inadvertently ripped up the lawns, and the paths to the cabins as well. That wasn’t on Chris’s plan so he reprimanded the guys and girls. They said sorry to Chris. And Christopher put them to work on 1 specific task. They were asked to clean up all lawns and placing the bricks in neat stacks on the terraces. While Chris, Jelmer, Sipke, and Jan-Thijs would go to the mainland for 2 days to buy more supplies.

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