A Good Weekend For a Ride

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Mandy was an online “friend with benefits”, we met on an adult website and really never expected to meet since we lived 2000 miles apart in different countries. Life has a way of playing odd tricks on us.

When I got the e-mail from her telling me she might have a chance to be in the states for an extended weekend my mind went into overdrive. Even a few days with Mandy sounded like a very good idea. A friend of hers was headed to a neighboring state, about 150 miles away, for a reunion and had an extra ticket Mandy could use. We arranged the details and in a few weeks I was on the Harley headed to Arkansas to pick her up at the airport.

I had asked her to pack light, like one medium size duffle bag, since I planned on meeting her with the bike. It was a great weekend for a visit. Oklahoma’s biggest bike rally was starting on the day she arrived. Mandy had told me she’d never been to a rally and from what I knew about her interests and taste I knew she’d enjoy it.

When she stepped out of the walkway from the plane I was stunned, her pictures did not do her justice. A beautiful, full figured woman with a wonderful smile. True to her word she was dressed “ready to ride”. Snug t-shirt stretched across her ample chest, tight jeans, and comfortable looking boots. We greeted each other with a long embrace and a kissed like long lost lovers. We helped her friend get bags and find her rental car before we left the terminal.

As we strolled out to the bike making the usual “how was your flight” type small talk it was hard to keep my hands off her awesome body. We stopped for another kiss as we loaded her bag onto the back of the bike. My dick was rock hard as I pressed it into her stomach. The feeling must have been mutual casino oyna judging by the way her nipples stood out in the t-shirt.

“You ready, here we go.” Was all I needed to say and she hopped on back and we were off.

Stopping for gas after about 30 minutes gave us a chance for more tongue wrestling and this time my hands found her round ass to pull her against me. She reached between us, cupped my hard-on in her hand.

“When can we do something about this and my wet pussy? I don’t want to waste the time we’ve got.”

“Soon, I’ll find a spot for a little privacy, if you need me as bad as I need you!”

Mandy untangled herself from me and headed inside for a pit stop. When she returned it was obvious by the movement inside her top that her bra had taken the rest of the day off. She smiled and wriggled her shoulders to add to the motion, laughing at my smile of enjoyment.

“Now that’s a good start, you’ll be a big hit at the rally.”

“You mean bikers like big boobs like mine?”

“Oh, yeah, the bigger the better. I’m not sure if those are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen, but they’re in the top three.”

Back on the road and Mandy was pressing those impressive tits into my back causing a distraction I loved. I had a spot in mind for a stop of another kind a few miles down the road. Swinging the bike off the highway and onto the narrow blacktop drive I stopped under some large shade trees.

“Let’s see what we can do about these little problems we’re causing.”

I reached for her waist and pulled her close while placing my other hand on one of her 46 triple D breast. A soft moan escaped both our mouths, we’d chatted and swapped pictures but the real thing is always best. slot oyna Her hands were busy, one inside my shirt teasing my nipples while the other worked on freeing my stiffening cock from my jeans. I slipped my hands under her shirt and felt the weight of the tits I hadn’t expected to see in person. She slowly pulled on my erect cock and swabbed the head with my precum, it felt great. Not to be outdone, I released the buttons on her jeans and found that she had lost her panties at the pit stop as well. Sliding my middle finger past her pussy hair and into the wetness brought a long deep sigh from her lips.

“I need to have some dick, want to give me yours Wayne?”

“What silly questions Canadian girls ask, of course I want to slide into your wet cunt, Mandy!”

We shucked off our clothes and looked around for any possible spot for a little fun. I leaned back onto the seat of the Harley and pulled her against me, feeling her incredible boobs pressed into my chest. Our lips and tongues explored each other thoroughly or several minutes as our hands roamed around our bodies.

“Can I have a taste of your cock; Wayne, its getting all slippery and I want to suck that precum off it?”

“Sounds good to me, babe!”

She slipped down my chest, massaging her tits into my chest and crotch on the way, and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I moaned with pleasure, nothing like a good (DUH, aren’t they all good) blowjob from a beautiful woman. Mandy slid all of my modest 6″ into and out of her mouth with varieties of lip and tongue action that made me think I’d died and gone to biker heaven.

“Damn, that’s too good, ease up we’ve got all day if we want.”

She rose up a bit and “eased up” by sliding my cock canlı casino siteleri between her massive melons, using the saliva she’d left on me for lube. She squeezed my balls with one hand and was working her clit with the other. This wasn’t going to last much longer for either of us; but I saw a happy ending coming soon.

“You’re more hairy in person than you pictures look, it feels so hot. Squeeze my titties, please?”

I always try to comply with a request like that. With my hands on her incredible boobs I pulled her up against me gain and switched our positions sweet ass perched on the seat. I lined up my still wet dick with her moist pink pussy and slid home in one thrust. She started tweaking her clit again as I pushed into her slowly watching her hand do it’s work.

“Damn, that’s so hot babe. I love watching you play with yourself.”

“Not like it’s the first time, but its better in person, I’m not going to last long, cum in my pussy, I need it now!”

That was enough for me I felt her clamp down on my cock as her orgasm hit, and I was right behind her. With her pussy milking me I spurted my load deep into her. As we caught our breath I stayed inside waiting for it to go down and slip out. Mandy worked her muscles and held me in even after I knew I was soft enough to fall out.

“That was freaking amazing, Mandy. We’ve only been together for an hour and you’ve milked me dry. I may need some time to recover, like maybe five minutes or so?”

“It’s a good start, Wayne but I’m going to need that a lot more before I go home!”

We pulled our clothes back on and got ready to head back out. That’s when we saw the horse and rider about 50 feet away on the other side of a barbwire fence. He was wiping cum off the head of his cock before tucking it back in his jeans.

“Great show folks, better than a movie, yawl come back when you can stay longer!”

We swung back on the bike ourselves and headed down the highway laughing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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