A Massage to Remember

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It was my last client of the day and I was dreading it, I could see the snow beginning to fall against the window and I knew that if I wasn’t carefully, I could end up being snowed in at work and I couldn’t think of anything worse. I did decide however to make an effort as I lit the candles and let the aroma of vanilla drift through the air and fill the room. The room was nice and warm and I was ready as I stood there in my plain white uniform.

I heard the bell ring which indicated the door had been opened and stepped out expecting to be rubbing the muscle of yet another strapping young lad who’d pulled something whilst playing some sort of exercise but I couldn’t have been more wrong! The young woman who approached me was awe-inspiringly gorgeous with her pale skin and she had an oriental look about her as I followed her into the room and handed her a towel and pointed at an extendible wall to remove her clothes behind, she did so quickly dropping her clothes and delicately wearing the towel, she approached me once more, giving me a smile and then laying down on the bench. For the first time, I properly checked her out and although it was unprofessional, I could feel the twinge of an erection begin as I cheekily peeked under the towel at her well rounded and curvaceous body. I moisturised my hands and began to rub between the shoulder blades, there are many different techniques of the masseuse but I just went with bahis firmaları my gut instinct. I used the palms of my hands and felt for tension and I could immediately feel a knot which I pressed my knuckles into and rubbed them again, I heard her mutter something along the lines of ‘it feels so good’ before she sighed once more and I moved further down to the bottom of her back, I used the base of my hands and pushed up towards her should blades before alternating and pushing down towards her bum. I walked back up to the top of her body and worked systematically, working from left to right, attempting to find any more tension which I could relieve but then I stopped in my tracks. I felt something on the back of my leg and I quickly realised it was her, I tried to ignore it as I began to massage her back with more aggressive techniques such as almost karate chopping her back in certain places, that was returned with “OH YES” but I didn’t respond, I never did as it was at the height of unprofessionally.

She ran her fingers, one by one, up the back of my leg and squeezed my bum. I was almost frozen, I wanted to break it off so I could continue to massage her but I didn’t want it to stop. I quickly distracted myself and broke off the contact by asking her if she’d like some music on for the last half an hour, she nodded and I obliged as I knelt down and found the CD in the cabinet. I put it on but as I turned around kaçak iddaa she was on top of the covers and the towel was hanging off the top of the bookshelf with all my massaging books on.

I was in complete shock, I didn’t know where to look but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I was fixated and now I could see her curves in full light, it was almost too enticing, I wanted to grab her then and there but I did the sensible thing and locked the door and pulled the blinds down, luckily the music would drown out any noises we now made and I rushed towards her and just grabbed her, now I finally had her in my hands and where I wanted her as I pushed her back and she lied there, not knowing what would happen next but the mischievous smirk on here face meant that whatever it was, she was going to enjoy it. I know despised the tight white trousers which felt like they were restraining me and I tore them off, she was impressed by the strength and before she knew it, the boxer shorts were on the floor and I’d widened her lips and pushed my way inside her. I was instantly hit by the warm, moist feeling as the pink flesh surrounded and clung on to my fully erect penis now. She gasped when I originally pushed my way in and now she felt me find my rhythm and began to moan loudly each time I thrusted my hips as I kept in time with the bassline of the music.

The warmth of the room had caused me and her to both began to kaçak bahis sweat excessively, she flung her head back and let out an ear-piercing scream, I smirked and enjoyed each and every thrust as she moaned more and more. Her fingernails dug into my back and ran down and I could feel my back throbbing from the scratches but it was pleasurable pain and I retaliated as I reached deeper and deeper inside her as I could feel her tight pussy getting more and more moist and I began to slowly rub her clit with my fingers and she began to bite her lip as she stared directly into my eyes and enticed me forward. My lips latched on to her breasts as I sucked on it whilst penetrating. I was constantly doing something which didn’t give her time to recover as I knew that she would be struggling to walk afterwards. After all I could always offer her a free massage to help her out when it was over.

She knelt up and the beads of sweat shined off her olive-like skin, before turning around and laying on all fours enticing me to enter her from behind and I obliged with enthusiasm. She moaned and looked back at me, pleased with me so far. Her anus was even tighter than her pussy and my cock burnt from the friction but I enjoyed it and carried on, using her hips to keep the momentum going but I began to tire due to the heat of the room and also the adrenaline was departing from my body so I made the most of the energy I had left as I gave one last flurry of thrusts which resulted in a burning sensation which was gone as soon as it had came as I emptied it all inside her anus and she laid on the massage bed as I pulled it out like nothing had even happened!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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