A Replacement for Susan Ch. 13

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My mother ended up drinking most of the champers as it wasn’t to my taste. We were both in our beds when dad came in. I was up quite early the next morning for me and had breakfast with my father who seemed a lot more cheerful than he had last night when he’d told us he was moving out. He checked I could still help him out on Friday and left for work before mom came down.

Mom eventually came down for breakfast looking slightly the worse for wear but nevertheless dressed for work. I made her a bacon butty which never fails to settle my stomach when I’ve had a skinful. We had a hug and a kiss just before she left looking a lot better than when she’d come into the kitchen earlier.

Maybe everyone was suffering from mid week blues as it was close to lunch time before I had my first text. Mary wondered if I could meet her somewhere over lunch for a chat, I suggested her place unless she wanted us to be alone. It seemed to take her a long time to decide but eventually she said she’d meet me there in twenty minutes.

I didn’t let Diane know I was coming but she was very happy to see me, I felt sorry for her though as I had a feeling she was going to be fairly unhappy by the time I left. We put together a cold lunch as we waited for Mary and we’d eaten it before Mary hit Diane with the news about her dad and mine renting a place together. Diane seemed to take for ever to digest the information and obviously joined quite a few dots in her head before eventually saying it was for the best. A reaction which seemed surpris Mary as much as it did me.

‘You’re not upset about it?’ Her mom asked.

‘Why would I be upset? You and daddy haven’t been happy for, well as long as I can remember.’

Mary I saw had a tear rolling down her cheek but a smile on her lips.

‘Right.’ Diane exclaimed. ‘Mom you’ve got to be back at work soon, you can use Paul first if you like.’

I’m not sure I appreciated the word ‘Use.’ but was thick skinned enough to ignore it. I had Mary lean over the table, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees. Once I was hard I pushed myself into her and had my first screw of the day, a knee trembler. Mary and I kissed quite passionately before she went back to work. She whispered, she still wanted to have a chat and said thank you, in my ear as she left.

‘You continue to surprise me.’ I told Diane as I pulled her into my arms. After we’d kissed I let her into another secret, It was one of the reasons why I loved her.

You’d have thought I’d given her the crown jewels the effect those three words had! After we’d been in her bed long enough to have done it twice we were lying together making small talk when she asked me how I felt about Anne.

I told her she’d said she loved me and I loved her too, but in a different way to how I loved her. It’s the same with Mary and Lin to a lesser extent I added, they all mean the world to me but with her it was different, deeper and more satisfying. Thankfully she understood what I was trying to say and seemed very content to have heard me say it.

I casino siteleri left Diane looking even more chirpy than when I’d arrived proving again how wrong it’s possible to be at times.

Mom was already back when I got in, she told me dad had left a note saying he wouldn’t be back until the morning which had left her a little down. I bolted both the doors, took her by the hand and led her to her room. I stripped her off and then slipped out of my things before leading her into the shower. Where we had a little innocent but clean fun. Once we were dry I told her to get dressed up and we’d go out for the evening, to see a film then a meal and when we got back of course we’d be able to spend our first night together.

We left the house around half six. Mom had on her virtually see through blouse with her short loose skirt again. We’d hardly got into my car when Lin text saying she’d locked up her surgery… I was about to text sorry I was busy when mom said it wouldn’t hurt to see the doctor for a consultation before catching a film. She smiled and said besides she fancied an entrée. I texted Lin We’d be there in a few minutes and added I wanted to watch her strip.

Lin must have been watching for us as she held the door open as we walked up to it. That it was my mother with me didn’t seem to bother her but she’d also been present while we’d had sex yesterday morning I remembered. She led us to the consulting room, once we were there she undressed and waited. I had her lie on her examination table and arranged her legs ready for my mother to eat her appetiser which I’m sure she enjoyed as much as I did. As I watched her licking and kissing Lin’s pussy I removed my trousers and wondered if she’d enjoy eating Anne and Diane too.

When mom came away from Lin I took her place and had my second knee trembler of the day. As I laboured between Lin’s legs, I watched mom fondling Lin’s impressive rack before leaning down to suck on her nipples. It was watching her doing that which made me cum! I pulled my trousers up and we left, neither of us having said anything to Lin who was still lying on the table.

After the film I saw I’d had a text from Lin. ‘OMG that was fucking incredible. Got to get your mother registered with the health service too.’ I showed it mom and she actually blushed!

We ate in a chain type restaurant next to the cinema. As we were leaving I asked mom to go to the loo and remove all her underwear. When she came out you could plainly see her boobs which bounced beautifully as she walked back to me. In the car mom burst out laughing and said she couldn’t believe she had just walked across a crowded restaurant almost topless. I assured her, only five or six people had clocked her and the concierge of course, which made her hide her face in her hands.

Needless to say we had a great time in bed when we got in and enjoyed sleeping together as well as sex spooned together as we were waking.

Fiona texted as mom left for work the next morning and even though I was beginning to wonder if I should still be seeing her I still canlı casino went. She was nude under her dressing gown. After we’d kissed and I’d reacquainted myself with her curves I had her lie face down on her table and started to work some of her juices into her arse. Fiona objected to me pushing a finger into her rear. I slapped her bum and told her to be quiet and started to do it again. On the second go she seemed to relax, well she didn’t complain.

I used her vagina to get plenty of her juices on my dick before easing it into her arse. I took it very slow and only pushed a little more after she stopped moaning. Once I was all the way in… the great thing about anal is you never bottom out… I kept up a nice slow seesaw movement with my hips until I shot my second load of the morning into Fiona’s bowls.

Fiona didn’t get up too quickly. I had my jeans back on and was thinking of leaving by the time she was standing. She told me she’d never let anyone do that to her before. She thanked me for being so careful and actually admitted she’d started to enjoy it at the end. She gave me an extra special hug and kiss as I was leaving which set me up well and truly for whatever the day had in store.

I managed to get though the rest of the morning immersed in my books. Anne was first off the blocks and I had my lunch with her. We’d done it on her couch more or less conventionally and were still naked. As we were about to share a pizza sat on the same couch, Diane text and we invited her over. She showed up in time to eat the last slice. She took off her shorts and top while she was eating it. My dick was her dessert. When she tired of sucking it she carefully kneeled over me and lowered herself with a sigh onto me before kissing me.

As she rode me off in a world of her own Anne and I started talking about Diane and her total lack of etiquette.

‘I mean to say I might have wanted another go!’ She said as she reached up to pinch one of Diane’s nipples. ‘She never even asked!’

‘There is always the chance I may have wanted to go back and do some more college work. And that last slice of pizza did look delicious’ I added for good measure.

For all the notice Diane took we could have been discussing our wedding plans! Just as she had one of her quieter orgasms, Lin came in and stood in her lounge doorway with her hands on her hips.

‘Where does he get his energy from?’ She exclaimed.

‘I’ve got half an hour before my next appointment, what are the chances of you squeezing me in?’

I quickly bounced Diane off my lap. Lin didn’t need me to invite her to take her place. She got up, lifted her skirt and didn’t even remove her panties, she just pushed them to one side as she lowered herself onto my dick. As she began to ride me Diane carefully straddle me but facing Lin and began kissing her hard on her mouth while fondling her large breasts though her top which made her own seem childlike.

Lin came quickly even for her due no doubt to Diane’s help. As she got to her feet Anne quickly took her place and she and kaçak casino Diane kissed in the same way as she slide herself up and down my dick. Before Lin left she leaned over to me had gave me a really sensuous kiss and thanked me for a great ride. She pulled Diane’s face away from Anne long enough to give her a kiss and thanked her too. As she walked out of the door I came with a satisfied sigh.

I got dressed as I watched the girls locked together in a sixty nine on the couch. An image I will forever store in my memory. Anne told me later they’d spent the afternoon together on the couch, in the shower or chatting. Diane didn’t get dressed and leave until just before Anne’s father was due home.

My dad came home early with a van he’d hired. He told me he’d got the key to their new place early and wondered if I could help him load the spare bed and wardrobe. Mom came back while we were moving the wardrobe and sorted him out a pile of bedding towels and a lot of his clothes which she put into suit cases.

The place they were renting was a converted warehouse studio which I have to say look fantastic with good views over the town one way and the country side the other. God knows how much they were paying for it but I told myself I’d live in something similar when I was earning enough.

When the furniture was installed I told him I’d walk back as it was only a couple of miles and I needed to stretch my legs. As I walked I swapped messages with Mom Simon and Anne. Simon was moaning about Wendy again. He’d tried manning up but it had seemed to make her even more clingy! I asked him if he wanted to stop seeing her, after a pause he admitted he did. I told him to send her a sex-text and add another girls name to the end.

A tried and tested method I was sure would work. Before the end of the evening he reported back, she’d been livid and had told him she never wanted to see him again. It was all I could do to stop him coming around to kiss me feet!

Mom was a little low when I got in but once we’d had dinner I ran a bath and we lay together in it until the water grew cold then we had an early night although we didn’t get to sleep till quite late! All in all it seemed to lift her mood somewhat.

Mary came to see me the next morning a little after mom had left. I fixed her a coffee as she told me how Collin was being very awkward about everything. I asked what she meant and she said he wanted to sell their house and get somewhere smaller, actually he’d said small. I pointed out to her he couldn’t if she and Diane didn’t want to leave plus Diane still being in college altered a few things in their favour.

I could see what I’d said made sense to her and added if the worst came to the worst they could always live here. Me and your mom? I assured her my mother had changed a lot in the last few weeks and actually thought it was time the two of them got together, maybe a three some but for starters a chat over a meal.

As soon as the thought occurred to me I knew it was a good one and told Mary we’d get together that evening, Diane too. Mary wasn’t so sure so in the end I made it a command, a no underwear event too. Before Mary left we had a kiss and I groped her breasts and pussy though her clothes. For the face of it as much as anything you understand.

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