A Theory

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A Theory
Authors Note: The original post was written by dingomandingo. This account no longer exists. I have taken the original, reformatted it, modified it and added a few extra thoughts to it, but the basic wording and premise is his.

A Social Theory – BBC

White Pussy is and Should be Exclusively for Black Cock!

White boys are becoming cuckolds at record rates because of deep seeded interracial porn addiction developed during the digital age. Their entire basis of sexuality is continuously watching African men fuck young and fertile white women, and rarely if ever actively participating. Because of this repetitive portrayal driven by every form of media, the cuckold phenomenon will become even more pervasive for the generation that has come of age and become sexually aware growing up with unprecedented access to the newer and more sophisticated mobile phones in addition to tablets and so many other other devices.

This is the new normal for white boys who masturbate to a lot of interracial porn while all of the pretty young white girls are sucking and fucking big black cocks, and most of the girls being promoted the most are often the prettiest blonds that match their ideal fantasy image.
So whenever they see a random blond girl on the street, at school or even where they work, or some casual friend and maybe even their own mothers or sisters, it makes sense in their mind and the white boys would be reminded that white girls are fucking black men.
White boys are continually stroking and then having powerful orgasms with those young pretty blond girls that are getting blacked every hour of the day.

That’s a Lot of Black Cock and a Lot of Interracial Sex.

To be fair, it’s was not exactly a choice, the media, with the help of white women has really worked hard to push interracial sex into the mainstream of society. Big Black Cock porn has a way of mind fucking white boys into a strange form of complete mental submission whether they like it or not. The effect of Big Black Cock on white girls canlı bahis siteleri seems to override any jealousy and possessiveness they normally have in relationships with white boys because they know that white boys have no real choice anymore. White girls have made it their mission to welcome an endless river of “refugees” with open legs, fertile wombs, and continual praise of nigger dick. Instead of white wives honoring their marital vows, most white women gladly share in that sexual submission, and are often eagerly looking for any opportunity to evangelize, corrupt and convert any white girls they can to cheat on their husbands and white boyfriends with Black men. An entire subculture has developed on twitter and even here on this site to drive white women into the harem of a Black Bull where she will get Blacked. Once the African DNA hits her womb she will no longer have the ability to resist and will continue to willingly spread her legs for Black men and eventually she will chose to be bred by them.

BBC is Fucking Her Pussy and It’s Fucking YOUR Mind.

For a white male, masturbating to interracial pornography is an act of submission on it’s own, and it’s also the bridge to open cuckoldry or even further, becoming a sissy. You may as well be the white girl getting pounded and taking big black cock on the screen. When white girls discover the taboo pleasure that can only be delivered by BBC, and white boys begin to understand the sexual bliss that lies in their mental submission to BBC, exclusively jerking off to interracial porn or either in sexually servicing the Black Bull as a sissy, or finding a way to offer his wife or girlfriend as a cuckold so she can be converted it feels to good to resist! Big Black Cock turns white boys into perennial cuckolds. Even if white boys had a girlfriend all the white girls already know that he will try to get her fucked by a Big Black Cock.

Interracial Porn Becomes the Gateway to YOUR Perversion and Submission.

You started watching porn tipobet to have something to do and to help you masturbate and to feel good. Soon you came across interracial porn and it excited you to see the contrast in bodies and it made you feel different than all the other porn did. Now it’s all you watch. Like so many other white boys, you’ve been brainwashed into only watching interracial porn, and you can’t continue to lie to yourself about it anymore, it’s no longer about the sexy, busty cute white girl, but about the Big Black Cock. White boys have been brainwashed by Interracial porn to crave Big Black Cock. While the white boys may still really like girls, they would not know what to do with one if they ever got her alone, and the media has convinced her that he would be useless anyway. Both have become totally programed to see sex as a white girl getting fucked by Big Black Cock.

White Boys No Longer Fulfill The Sexual Role Girls and Women Expect.

Millions of African refugees arrive on the shores of Europe and America every year changing those 2 white continents forever! The white birthrates have been in decline for so long that the governments of the countries they arrive in are gladly giving them shelter because they know this will increase the birthrates and population! White women are ecstatic about this migration because they can now have even more sexual experiences with more big BLACK horse cocks! The white decline is the fault of all the white boys with small limp dicks who were never able to sexually dominate and physically satisfy and please their women!

BLACK Men Arriving In Europe and America Are a Gift to White Women!

Western girls invite the groping, they want to be looked at and desired. They secretly love the inappropriate cat calls no matter what they say and they prove this by dressing up like whores because they crave dominant male attention above all else. Fifty Shades Of Grey became a female best selling book for a reason, and white boys have no clue tipobet güvenilir mi why. Women will actively defend any demeaning or abusive man as long as he is not a white boy, because white boys are there to provide resources not offspring. White boys are finally understanding they are not real men in white women eyes. Slowly they are learning the key to a happy life is to accept their inferiority, embrace chastity, and accept that their wife or girlfriend is never going to be faithful sexually and will eventually seek out a black man to breed with. They know deep down that they can NEVER please her or sexually satisfy their white women, but with a lot of work, if they become beautiful sissy gurls, they can often please BLACK men whenever they are not fucking their women.

Masturbation Is and Will Be YOUR Mental and Physical Crutch

Masturbation to interracial porn is your ultimate admission of failure. Let the real men get on with the real job while you play with yourself. White boys are quickly becoming a spectator when it comes to sex unless they turn to masturbation and homosexuality. Interracial porn is made precisely for white beta males to watch and jerk off to and to reinforce their feelings of physical and sexual inferiority to the Black man. The continual sexual objectification of Black men and Big Black Cocks is fueled by an industry and a government that is promoting images of white girls impaled on Big Black Cocks to continue to insure the white boys total submission.

Black Cock Has Thoroughly Mind Fucked White Beta Males Into Submission.

Most white boys just don’t know it yet, but they demonstrate it by being pussy free, voluntarily locking their smaller dicks into chastity and exclusively jerking off to interracial porn on a daily basis. White boys can’t help themselves, they have been psychologically conditioned for decades and can’t resist seeing white women be fucked by Big Black Cock; regardless of whether any of us like it or not. It was difficult at first, but I have fully accepted my place as a submissive white boi, and now actively promote white genocide, and interracial breeding. Besides, before it’s all over, every other white girl will also be converted and no longer care, and will be eager to be bred Black.

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