A Walk in The Park Part 2

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A Walk in The Park Part 2
The park has many benefits not least the toilet block, I am an avid lover of glory holes, have been since my teenage years, there is something about getting sucked by an anonymous person that is so hot.
The toilet at the park is very hit and miss, not very well known and tucked out of sight which is a benefit if it was your lucky day.
I am pretty sure Doris has sucked a few cocks over the years, mine included as I often see her ‘Back in 5 Mins’ sign at the tea van.

The feeling that you get when you walk in the block and see an empty cubicle with the adjoining one taken and not knowing who is in there. The buzz you get as you glance down and see the shadow of movement under the dividing wall. The moment when you sit and your cock gets hard and you know you’re being watched but you can’t see any faces.
And then that priceless moment when a finger pokes through the hole inviting you over, you stand and slowly put your cock through the hole and feel the warmth of the mouth on the other side, pure heaven.

Sometimes it’s empty and you have to sit and wait and then the feeling you get when you hear the creaky outside door open, (it’s a good early warning system) and footsteps into the next cubicle and the door shuts, you sit in anticipation of what’s going to happen next, who is going to make the first move etc.
It’s such a shame that they are all but dead now, been trying to find a private one locally for ages without much luck but who knows what the future holds.

Another benefit of the park is the woods, it is a vast area with quite a few secluded little clearings which probably all have tales to tell. A lot of sunbathers who want a little more privacy and its always good to sneak up when you know there is a clearing as you never know what’s going to be there, I have seen a few females in just panties and males wearing even less so nothing surprises me and it’s always nice to do a bit of spying before walking through the clearing, I always apologise to the sunbather(s) as I pass by which has in the past led to other things.

The park is pretty close to a local college so you get a lot of students use the park at lunchtimes and free periods, adds to the general fun and excitement.
I’ve seen students sneak into the park for a quick blow job or more, even stood and watched them pulling at my cock at the same time, they don’t care. That’s what makes the toilet block interesting around lunchtime or mid afternoon when some of them walk through the park home.

You also get the mystery element which comes after you have shot your load down someone’s throat and they leave first so when you walk out and see a few people around you always try to analyse if your cum guzzler is one of them, I’ve looked at pretty joggers and imagined them sucking my cock through a hole but then again I have also looked at old men and thought the same, nothing bahis siteleri against old men by the way.

One of my favourite toilets was one I came across a few years ago, well many years ago actually. It didn’t have a glory hole but it did have a gap about 12” at the bottom of the dividing wall and being quite submissive I used to enjoy stripping off and limbo dancing under the wall, the guy next door had free reign to do whatever he liked and boy have I had some very attentive blow jobs and I still say to this day that a man can suck cock better than some women I have been with, guys know what guys want.

I am not too sure where this is going, it’s a mix of fact and fantasy giving you the reader an insight into me, the author.
The park played a big part of my life and I have many stories, some involving Lisa who I am sure sucked me off there the day I was meeting her in the park.
For those that haven’t read the previous stories then I will explain, Lisa is my daughter and I had arranged to meet her in the park for lunch, I got there a bit early so decided to run to the toilets.

A cubicle was empty so I stepped in and stood by the bowl and had a sense that someone was watching, this in turn made my cock go hard and I turned to face the hole with my cock in my hand.
I saw a little finger touch the hole so I put my cock through it and had one of the most wonderful blow jobs, it was very attentive and from the size of the finger and the nail polish I was sure she was female.

I left the toilet first and went and sat down on the bench to wait for Lisa and my lunch date and must have been daydreaming about what had happened as the next thing I knew Lisa grabbed my shoulder, I didn’t see what direction she came from but I did see her nail polish, we never spoke about the incident but I knew it was her, did she know it was me?

When the park is quiet I would go sit on the bench in the little clearing where I had a view of the block, taking in the fresh air rather than the inside of a toilet block although this block was not in bad nick, I am sure Doris kept it clean, more for her benefit though, dirty bitch!.

It was quiet on this occasion and I was sitting on said bench minding my own business when I heard some rustling in the bushes and looked up to see one of the students from the college appear into the clearing, she looked a bit lost.
“Hello” I said, “Are you ok?”
She looked at me nervously not expecting to see me there,
“Oh I’m sorry, I was looking for the toilets, I took the wrong path” she said nervously like she had interrupted me.
As I looked her up and down I was trying hard not to let me impending state of arousal become visible, she looked nice and I wanted to be helpful.
“That’s lucky” I said with a smile, “I need to go too so I will walk you down there”
“Really” she said, “That’s so kind of you” and she smiled and as I stood up I tipobet am sure she glanced at my somewhat visible bulge.

When we got to the block I pushed the door open and explained that there was two cubicles used by either sex, she looked confused so I showed her into one cubicle and I went into the other.
I walked in and stood at the bowl knowing that if she was sitting and looked through the hole she would certainly see my cock, well this knowledge got the blood flowing and I found that I couldn’t go pee and stood there holding my stiffening cock.

The holding very quickly turned into rubbing as my cock got harder and I soon found myself wanking in the eyeline of the young student next door, I had no way of knowing if she was watching but just the thought that she ‘might’ was enough and I soon had a stiff erection.
I heard a bit of shuffling from next door and I wasn’t sure if she was adjusting her position to get a better look or what she was doing but I decided to turn my body towards the hole, my cock was an inch from the hole so there was no way she couldn’t have seen it and I was still rubbing it gently, pulling the skin back to expose the purple swollen head.

The anticipation was immense as my cock was now adjacent to the hole and precum was starting to bubble out the end, I decided to go for glory (pardon the pun) and push right through, worst case scenario is she would scream and run out, No scream yet.
I heard another slight shuffle and then felt a soft hand envelope around the shaft gently pulling the skin back forcing more precum to leak out and then I felt her warm tongue flick around the head licking the precum from the tip.

I held on to the top of the dividing wall as I felt my cock enter her warm mouth until I heard a gagging sound as it hit the back of her throat, her tongue doing swirls around every inch of my shaft.
I felt some spit on the tip as she started to suck the head and I started to thrust into her willing mouth, I was sure at some point the wall would collapse as the intensity grew and I held on for dear life.
I felt the pressure of her sucking, it was like having a vacuum hose attached to your dick as I felt the tightness of her lips around my shaft, then my knees started to tremble as I felt my balls tighten and the dividing wall shook as I felt my cock pulsate, my ejaculate shooting into her mouth.

She didn’t soften her grip as she sucked everything out of me while I stood there holding on, my body seemed lifeless with my cock and balls still wedged into the hole.
Finally I felt her grip loosen and then her tongue licking around the head as she slowly milked every last drop.
I heard the toilet flush and the door open as the girl swiftly left the block, good job that nobody was waiting as I still had my junk through the hole, I eased back regaining my breath.

I left the block and walked around to get tipobet giriş a cold drink from Doris, there was no sign of the girl anywhere which was not unusual. Doris was in a happy mood; she does a good trade from her little kiosk there.
Now Doris is a pleasant lady, probably mid 60’s at a guess and always looks reasonable for her age, she lost her husband a couple of years ago and her little kiosk was her life, she wanted to keep active.
I had built up a good rapport with her and we always shared a joke, quite often a saucy one.

As I stood at the counter chatting I had this vision of her sucking my cock through the hole and could feel my cock coming to life under my shorts, a crazy but weird vision. Had she sucked me before? If she had, did she know it was me? If she did know it was me did she know that I knew? So many questions.
It was the quiet period now after lunch and not many people about, Doris looked at me
“Can you do me a favour Frank” she asked, I looked at her and smiled.
“Of course Doris” I said wondering what she needed.
“I need to use the loo and do a quick clean, can you keep an eye out for me?” she asked and of course I said yes, she grabbed her mop and bucket and smiled at me as she walked down to the block.

I stood there for a minute or so and then saw her ‘Back in 5 mins’ sign so decided to put this myth to bed once and for all as I knew Doris was probably the only person in the block.
I walked in as quietly as I could with the creaking door and saw the mop bucket outside a locked cubicle, I walked in the vacant one and latched the door and walked up to the bowl.
As I pulled my shorts down and my cock sprung out and I held it as if I was trying to pee, I heard the breathing getting faster from next door so knew that Doris was watching.

I don’t know why but I felt a bit nervous as I held my cock as a gentle rub and knowing I was being watched soon had it hard and as I turned my body slightly I saw Doris’s apron and knew from the angle that she was definitely looking through the hole, I stepped closer and without stopping put my cock through the hole. I heard a muffled ‘Mmm’ come from the other side as a hand took hold of my cock and another hand held my balls as I forced them through.

Doris had a technique that I had experienced before which cemented my suspicion that she had sucked me before, she gently squeezed my balls and wanked my cock while sucking on the head, no variation she just did that until I shot my load into her mouth which to be honest didn’t take long.
I made sure that I left first so that I could get back to the kiosk which I did and removed her sign, I was standing there finishing my drink when Doris returned.
“Aww, thank you so much Frank” she said with a smile as she put her bucket away, did she know?
“You’re very welcome Doris” I said smiling, “It’s good that you take pride in keeping the block clean”

I was pretty sure she knew it was me as she would have seen the colour of my shirt and shorts but nothing was ever mentioned and I know knew that old Doris still liked a bit of cock, this wasn’t the last time she would suck me either.

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