About me and General Info

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About me and General Info
33+ and Filthy – F.A.Q.

Hi My beautiful people!!!

Below is a list of some of the questions I always get asked or that people usually want to know. So to save you time and risk asking questions that you won’t necessarily get an answer to or might even get you blocked, have a little read below:

1) Where do you live?
A: Planet Earth – Yorkshire, UK to be more specific. No I’m not telling you exactly where so don’t ask.

2) Are you you married or taken?
A: Yes! Me and my man have been together over 15 years. Yes he does know about my profile and he has access to it as I have nothing to hide from him. He encourages me to share my sexiness with the world.

3) So you got any k**s?
A: Yes, Two boys. Hence me being able to call myself a ‘MILF’.

4) What is your age?
A: You should never as a girl her age its rude. My profile says 33+ so take that as a hint and you might be in the right age range…

5) Where are you from, what do you do?
A: Feel free to guess where I was born, they closest you’ll get to an answer is Yorkshire, bahis siteleri UK. I work an admin role within the emergency services.

6)Oh emergency services! What exactly do you do, can I see you in your uniform?
A: I work admin so I don’t have to wear a ‘sexy’ uniform. That being said, my job is still high risk and should anyone find out about my page I’d risk loosing it so no pictures of my face or of me in any uniform. I have a family to think about and no job means no bills paid.

7) Do you do sexting or chat?
A: No sorry as it says in my profile the inbox on here will not get checked. I’m not here looking for hook ups etc and whilst I have engaged in ‘sexy chats’ before it wont be happening again anytime soon. Too many demanding types expecting special treatment, hassling for special photos and videos, people getting ‘face on’ because I haven’t replied within minutes of being sent a chat/message and people being just plain rude have spoiled the whole experience for me and the Mr so again sorry but no.

8) Can I see some pictures of you… perabet güvenilir mi you know other pictures?
A: You want special pictures, just for you? Well as you can see from the above sadly the opportunity to receive chats from me is no longer an option until further notice, this also goes for pictures too.

9) Do you have Snapchat? Kik? Instagram? Skype? Whatsapp?
A: Nope…

10) Do you do web chats/voice chats or cam sites?
A: Nope and I don’t intend to so don’t ask for and private shows or chats. Persistence in asking may get you blocked so be warned.

11) Do you swing, swap, do group sex, or meet ups?
A: No. I’m not interested is meeting up, swapping or engaging in any group sex activates. Me and the Mr love each other and enjoy each other enough to not want to share. Neither of us share well anyway, the only meet ups are gonna be in your imagination, which your welcome to enjoy… I may be a ‘Hotwife’ but I’m not that kind of ‘Hotwife’

12) Do you want to see my dick? Mine is really BIG!
A: I’m sure you dick tipobet is very big and I’m sure your very proud of it. That doesn’t mean is want to see it, I’m very happy with the one I have that is attached to my Mr. Push the subject, try any body shaming crap with regards to me or the Mr or send me unwanted dick picks in chat and you risk getting blocked, I am also so afraid to berate you mercilessly for it so be warned.

13) You sell your used panties?
A: No sorry, only the Mr get to sniff them.

14) Would you do a video pissing, shitting or anything dirty like that?
A: NO… Just no… That may be your kink but its not mine.

15) Why didn’t you answer my message!?
A: Because as I have already explained, I use this site purely to share photos and videos. The inbox is not checked or manned.

16) So the Mr is your ‘Daddy’? Can I be your Daddy too?
A: No you can’t, I sub to one man alone and that is my Mr, he is my only Daddy and he is the only one allowed to call me baby girl.

17) Are you interested in women?
A: Yes, I am actually pan-sexual and have no preference to gender or orientation. I have been with women in the past and would go with a woman again. I am however very happy with my man currently and as above ave no desire to add a third etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this info.

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