Adventures with Kevin Ch. 03

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After my shower I dressed and went back downstairs. Kevin was sitting in the living room completely dressed, and my mom and step dad were already home. It was a fairly quiet and uneventful evening. Finally, around 11 o’clock, my mom and step dad said they were going to bed and they headed upstairs. Kevin told me that it was time for us to turn in as well. I felt a pit in my stomach because I knew Kevin would want me to do something sexual for him once we got upsatiars.

We went up to the room, and I put on the pair of shorts I usually slept in. Kevin immediately ordered me to take them off and said that from now on I was to sleep in the nude. He also said that we would switch sleeping places as well; he would get the bed, and I was to sleep on the mattress on the floor. As we prepared for bed, I noticed that music could be heard coming from my parents room (pretty usual). There would also be an occassional thump on the wall.

“Your step dad must really be fucking your mom good” Kevin said. “She’s so fucking hot, I can’t blame him. I would LOVE to bury my cock in your moms sweet little pussy sometime”. I felt VERY uneasy with Kevin saying this, but what could I do. Kevin pressed his ear up against the wall, and after a second or so he began to smile. “Yeah”, he said “he’s making her moan like a whore”. I noticed that the bulge in Kevins underwear began to grow, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was expected to be his toy.

Sure enough, Kevin motioned me to come over to the bed. Once I sat down, he removed his underwear to reveal his hard cock, ready and eager. He ordered me to sit with my back against the wall, and he stood over me and pressed his ear up to the wall. “You suck my cock while I listen to your slut of a mother get her pussy pounded” Kevin said. I did as ordered and took Kevins cock into my mouth. With my head against the wall, I could hear the noises form my parents room as well. I tried hard not to listen, and instead focused on my task at hand. I worked my mouth up and down on Kevins shaft as best I could. I figured that the faster I made him cum, the sooner this would all be over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and I could get to sleep. I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue, until I felt he was going to cum (as I had learned to read his body signals). I took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could, and I felt him thrust it in with his hips. I locked my lips around the shaft and let the cum flow down my throat and into my stomach. I sat there motionless with Kevins cock in my mouth until I felt him begin to soften.

Seemingly satisfied, Kevin ordered me back onto my mattress, and then he laid down to go to sleep. I was very tired, and it wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find that I was alone in the bedroom. I was a little happy not to see Kevin, and a little surprised. I was sure he would want me to service him first thing in the morning. I went downstairs to see what everyone was doing, but again no one was there. I found a note from my mom and step dad saying that they had decided to go spend the day together and would be home later. I had no idea where Kevin was, so I decided I should hurry up and leave the apartment before he returned.

I went upstairs, and started to change into some regular clothes so I could go out for the day. That was when I heard the front door open and then close, and my heart sank because I knew he was home.

“Hello” I heard Kevin yell out. I did not answer. Maybe he would think I was gone and leave me alone. “He’s up there, he just won’t answer me” I heard him say in a normal speaking voice. Immediately my heart began to pound furiously in my chest…..he was not alone. He had brought someone to the apartment with him. Unsure of the situation, I headed downstairs. Maybe someone else being there was a good thing. Maybe he wouldn’t bother me unless we were alone. Boy was I wrong.

I got to the bottom of the stairs to find Kevin seated on the recliner in the living room with another man sitting on the couch. The man was dressed in Army fatigues, and looked to be about 25. He was a fairly ugly looking guy, but he was young and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in shape.

“Why didn’t you answer me” Kevin demanded. I had no answer, and simply hung my head. “Answer my question slut” Kevin yelled. I knew now that this new person was not going to stop anything from happening. In fact, my fears were confirmed, I was going to have to do something sexual for this new guy as well.

“I’m sorry sir” I said, “I have no good answer”.

“Well, you’re going to have to be punished for that” Kevin said calmly. He then turned to the guy on the couch and said “OK Rick, this is the little slut I was telling you about. He’s got one hell of a mouth, and he’ll suck your dick for $10.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“How do I know he’s worth it” asked Rick.

Kevin thought about it for a minute and then said “I’ll tell you what, the first one is free. If you like it, you can pay for more, plus you can spread the word to any other guys with hard cocks that need a quck suck job. How’s that sound”.

“Sounds good to me” said Rick. Kevin asked Rick to excuse us for one second so he could prepare me. He told Rick to go ahead and take his pants off and get comfortable on the couch. Kevin then grabbed me by my arm and led me into the kitchen.

In a somewhat hushed voice Kevin angrily said “All right you little piece of shit. I told this guy I had a completely obedient little fuck slut, and the first thing you do when I come in here is refuse to answer me when called. You’re going to pay for that little fuck up…BIG TIME. If you don’t want to make it any worse for yourself, then you will give this guy the dick sucking of a lifetime, and you will make damn sure he knows that you are a 100% subservient little whore. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir” I replied. I was defeated. Keving roughly pulled off my pants and underwear and my shirt. I was now naked. Kevin then reached into his pocket and pulled out a dog leash and collar. “These are for you” he said as he turned me around and put the dog collar around my neck. He then attached the leash and gave güvenilir bahis şirketleri one fianl warning “Don’t fuck this up” he said.

Kevin led me back into the living room where Rick was already naked and lying on the couch. Rick had a somewhat small cock, but it was very hard and ready. Kevin handed Rick the leash. “Here you go buddy” he said, “enjoy”.

Rick smiled and took the leash. He immediately pulled my head down towards his cock. Without hesitation, I did what was expected of me and took Ricks cock into my mouth. Rick moaned out load, and I could feel him begin pumping his hips to help work his cock in and out. I sucked with reckless abandon. Kevin wanted me to really show this guy something special, and I was determined to do it. I slid my mouth up and down on his shaft, and used my tongue to firmly rub his cock head on each stroke. I used my free hand to rub his balls. It didn’t take long. Rick was apparently VERY horny. With a loud grunt he shoved his cock into my mouth and I felt his hot cum hitting the back of my throat and running down. My training kicked in, and I effortlessly swallowed every single drop. Rick laughed out loud and shouted “hell yeah” or something to that effect.

After I had finished I looked back at Kevin, who was smiling.

“Well” he asked Rick “how was it”.

“Fukin’ A” Rick said “that was awesome. How much would it cost to let me fuck his nice little asshole?” Kevin smiled. That’s exactly what he wanted to hear.

“He’s not ready yet. He still has a virgin ass, and I want his cherry for myself. Once I get him good and broke in, then he’ll be ready to sell.”

“Well, ” said Rick “you be sure and let me know when he’s ready, cause I definitely want me some more of this little slut.” With that, Rick leaned down and spit it right in my face. It was disgusting, but I dared not wipe it off unless Kevin told me to.

Rick got dressed, thanked Kevin for the blowjob, and as he was leaving he said to me “I’m looking forward to dumping a lot more cum in you”, and with that he was gone.

Kevin closed the door, then returned to me still lying on the floor beside the couch. He took a small hand towel and wiped the spit off of my face.

“You did good” he said, “but you still have to be punished for what you did earlier. That will come shortly. Go ahead and go get cleaned up, then come back downstairs naked. I’ll be waiting for you”

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