Afternoon With A Stranger

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It was a weekday afternoon and I had no appointments scheduled so I thought I’d stop in at Friday’s for lunch and a drink. I don’t normally have alcohol at lunch but it was hot out and a beer seemed like a nice way to go. I ordered a burger and beer and kind of mindlessly watched the TV that was on at the bar. I finished my beer as the burger arrived and the bartender filled me up again before I could say no. That was how the rest of my day was going to turn out but I didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t very crowded, just a few folks at the tables that I could see and a nicely dressed gentleman at the bar one seat over from me. He seemed to be in his early fifties and had a nice tan like someone that was retired or at least played golf three times a week. But he was wearing a suit so I assumed he was taking a break from work.

Since I was looking his way, he took it as an opening to talk. We chatted about the weather and this and that while I finished my lunch. At one point he moved over to the seat between us to be heard over the TV. He was just nursing a drink and he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go. I found out he wasn’t retired or a pro golfer. He told me his name was Roger and that he was an investment counselor and he had also finished his day early. I joked that I thought he was too tanned to be working in an office all day. He laughed and said that he gets that lot now that he moved into his new apartment. He said that he lives on the top floor and his balcony gets great sunlight and he has been able to sit out and tan when he gets home from work and on weekends. Looking at my pale arms, he said it was obvious that I was spending too much time indoors and I could use some sun myself. I couldn’t argue with that, I’ve been pasty white for too long. I asked him about his building and it turned out that it was the same one that my parents had expressed some interest in checking out. I took the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions about the place and Roger was very willing to provide the answers. Every now and then he punctuated something he said by touching me while he talked. I figured is was a salesman thing he did to bond to people. I was wearing shorts and at one point squeezed my thigh which I thought was weird for a stranger to do but I didn’t think much of it. Finally he said that he was going to head home and I was thinking of doing the same. Then Roger turned to me and said that he could use a ride home since he had come here from the train and he didn’t want to get his nice suit all sweaty in this heat. Besides he said I could come up and see the building so I could give my parents a full report. I joked that I should go on his balcony and get some of his color while I’m there.

“Fine with me”, he said with a smile and we were off.

His place was about a mile down the road and I parked in a guest spot. We went through the lobby, waved to the doorman and Roger pointed out a few of the buildings’ features. We went casino şirketleri up in the elevator to the fifteenth floor and into his apartment. It really was a luxurious place. It was huge and everything looked like it was expensive. He asked that I take off my sneakers and I couldn’t blame him because his carpet was almost white and I’m sure he wanted to keep it that way. “If you want to really get the feel something great take your socks off too. The carpet and padding are so plush you’ll think you’re walking on a bed.” I obliged him and I couldn’t deny that it felt great between my toes. He gave me a tour of the place and I was quite impressed. Probably too expensive for my folks to live here I thought but I might as well see how the other half lives. While he was showing me the master bedroom, he took off his suit jacket and tie to get more relaxed. But he kept going and before I knew it he pants were off and he was unbuttoning his shirt. With the heat I understood him wanting to get out of those clothes so I kind of backed out of the room into the living room. He told me to check out the balcony and he would be right out with a drink.

I found the door to the balcony and it really was a great space. He had lounge chairs, a round table and more chairs, a bbq grill and even a TV. I could see that none of the other apartments had a view of his balcony so it was totally private. Roger came out on the balcony with a tray of drinks. He was wearing shorts and no shirt. He looked great for someone who must have been in his early fifties. I’m ten years younger and I thought I had a ways to go to look that tan and fit. He saw me staring and laughed. “See what a nice tan I can get up here?”

“Sure is something”, I said “It so nice and private too.”

“It’s perfect to get that all-over tan. I have a couple of friends who are models and they love coming over to sunbathe nude. We all just hang out and well, hang out!”

I laughed my mind made a mental picture what that might be like. He handed me the drink he made “Here you go, I hope you like vodka martinis.”

I wasn’t expecting a martini when he offered a drink. I just thought it would be water or soda but he since he went to the trouble to make them I politely took it from him and had a sip. It was so cold and refreshing and it was so hot out that day that it seemed perfect. I probably should have just sipped it but it went down so easy it was gone pretty fast.

“So do you like the private resort I set up out here?”, Roger asked.

“How could you not, it’s such a nice setup, I’d be outside all the time if I lived here”

“Then at least you’d get some color. You really should get some sun once in a while, it’s good for you. Why not take your shirt off at least and make up for lost time?”

Before my mind could form an answer he came over, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. My arms went up with it and off came the shirt. casino firmalari He tossed it on a chair by the table and picked up his martini shaker and refilled our glasses. I decided to have a seat on the lounge chair and enjoy the sun. He sat in the chair near me and we sipped our drinks. He looked me over with a concerned look on his face.

“Your skin is so fair, you better oil up with something so you don’t burn.” He tossed me over a bottle he had on the table. The sun was hot and I didn’t want to burn so I opened the bottle and started spreading it on. It was pretty oily. I had it all over my hands and it was dripping down my chest and stomach towards my shorts. “Hey that stuff will stain your shorts. You better stand up.” I complied a bit unsteady on my feet from all the drinks while trying to keep my oily hands away from things. Roger got up and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them right down. Shocked I looked down to see my briefs going down with them! My shaved cock and balls were right in front of his face as pulled my shorts down. I managed to grab my briefs and pull them back up as I fell back down on the lounge chair. Roger laughed loudly, “Don’t worry like I said I lay out nude here all the time with my friends. It’s no big deal.” I laughed nervously. “Well that’s something new for me.”

He then said, “You have a nice cock from what I briefly saw. Let it get some air! Anyway turn over and I’ll get your shoulders and back covered for the sun.”

I was relieved to take the conversation off my slowly hardening dick. I flipped over onto it and then realized it would only get worse putting pressure on it. But I tried to relax as Roger began to spread the oil on my shoulders and down my back. He had a very nice touch and probably knew how to give a nice massage. The oil felt good and the situation wasn’t helping relieve the bulge in my underwear. Thankfully he skipped down to the back of my legs and continued to oil down to my feet. He took each foot individually and gave each a nice rub and he was done. I had to say I felt great and very relaxed.

“Here’s a towel. Wipe your hands off and you’ll be able to handle your drink again.” I turned over to get the towel and I noticed his eyes lingering on my still hard cock straining against my cotton briefs. “See. It still wants out. Just drop the underwear for a minute.”

“Oh I don’t think so….”

“Take off your underwear for five minutes to see if you like it.”

“I know I’ll like it but I couldn’t….”

“Otherwise you’ll get an ugly tan line. Come on. Drop ’em it I’ll give you ten bucks.”

“Ten dollars?? But I…”

“Ok twenty then.”

“Look I just…”

“All right fifty bucks to take your underwear off for just five minutes. Where can you get a deal like that?”

“Fifty bucks??” I had to admit he had me laughing, “for fifty bucks you can have them.”

He laughed at that, got up and gathered up our drinks for güvenilir casino a refill.

I closed my eyes and tried to get my raging hardon to calm down from all the attention it was getting. Roger eventually came out with more drinks and set them down on the table. I squinted at him in the bright sunlight as he approached me. I saw his hand come down as he slapped a fifty dollar bill onto my oiled up chest. Quickly he reached down with both hands and as his fingers went under the waistband of my underwear my body instinctively bucked in the lounge chair. That was all the room he need to sweep my briefs past my ass, down my legs and right off.


“A deal’s a deal.”, he said. And with that he rolled them up in his fist and threw them over the balcony rail to the ground fifteen stories below.

“What did you throw them away for?”

“You said I could have ’em for fifty dollars so they were mine and I was done with them!”

Here I am worried about that while I’m laying naked on a lounge chair my hard cock and balls waving in the sun and afternoon breeze in front of a total stranger. I don’t know if was the booze but I felt very excited by what had just happened. I’ve been in his house for less than an hour and this man slowly stripped me naked and gave me a nice oily massage. If my brain had been unaffected by alcohol, might have guessed where things were heading but Roger beat me to it again.

“I like the way you shave your cock and balls. It really looks great that way. How do you get your balls shaved so closely? I can hardly see a hair on them.”

I looked down to see my dick still standing at attention in the sun. I went ahead and moved it aside to show Roger how I flattened out my balls and pubic area to aid in shaving. He watched intently leaning in to get an eyefull. Then he reached over to feel just how smooth it was. I didn’t jump this time which kind of shocked me. I suppose the booze once again had something to do with it.

“Better not let you get burned there.” he said as grabbed the oil bottle and let some drizzle over my throbbing rod. I was about to reach down and rub it in but he beat me to it and I was happy to let him rub the warm oil all over my balls and up my cock. I decided to concentrate on making things last as long as possible. Roger’s earlier talent at massage was nothing next to his mastery of masturbating me. I’m sure I was making some noises and grunts but I was too lost in the feeling to do anything but enjoy it.

He kept switching the way he gripped and squeezed my cock and I was close to coming a few times but he would back off just enought to keep me on the edge for quite some time. With a light touch he kept me from exploding while I squirmed trying to get more. He kept teasing me to the edge that at one point I had dripped out so much pre cum I thought that I wouldn’t have anything left to shoot. But I was wrong as he finally let me go over the top to shoot a few longs streams of goo on my stomach and chest. The fifty dollar bill was now oily and full of my hot cum. My cock stayed hard for a long time after that workout and I’m not sure how long it was before I finally said the only thing I could think of, “Wow!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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