Angela, My Angel Pt. 03

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Ever since Angela’s parents had accepted that she was with a woman, she has been happier than before. And the fact that they’d met me had made the rest of Angela’s year. Granted, the day could’ve gone better than it did, but Angela said she would not have changed a single thing about it – not the time I stepped on her fathers toes, literally, when I went in for a handshake, or that I’d spilled my red wine on her mother’s favorite white table cloth.

Her brothers had become accustomed to my clumsiness, and the fact that I was used to them and was comfortable around them spared them from it. They found the whole afternoon hilarious, and my poor angel was just embarrassed on my behalf – I mean she was as nervous as I was, if not even more.

All in all, I only left trampled toes and wine stains in my path of destructive clumsiness, other than my awkwardness. It was a successful-ish evening, so much so that they invited us over again, if not only for being pleasant. Well to Angela it wasn’t a pleasantry, I mean she’s their daughter. But in my case, it may have been. Still, it was a great feat, one that made Angela all the more comfortable in being with me. A woman. She hadn’t been with a lot of women before, but I wasn’t her first.

The festive season had come around again, and with that it meant more jobs for Angela outside of her radio hours. People were having parties left, right and centre and she was one of the most-wanted hosts for a lot of the parties all over the country. She’d gotten into this line of work and was so successful at it because it fit her personality, as if the job was designed in such a way to fit her. However, I was quite the opposite of her. In a way, we brought a sort of a balance to each other.

I’d spent most of the festive break at my apartment, getting together with friends and visiting my parents. However we had planned on spending the New Year holiday together, so I’d be going to the NYE festival she’d be hosting this year. I didn’t go with her, opting to spoil my group of friends again this year. Anyway why should it change this year? So, we had all access passes again and the VIP treatment that came with it, but what made me happier was that I would be sharing it with Angela this time, as my girlfriend and not merely as someone I had an interest in.

This year she was to host at a different NYE festival at a different city as they rotated locations each year. She was scheduled to go to one of the bigger city’s in the country and that meant more – in quantity – of everything. More people, more drunkenness, more fans, and a bigger VIP. I mean I don’t have any fear about being in crowds or anything, but I could only handle so much of it at a time. Everyone partied the night away and she was just as amazing at hyping the crowd up as she had been a year ago. I preferred to be backstage than sitting around with everyone at VIP and my people understood that.

Now Angela is amazing at what she does, and what she does is interact with people who are fans, her colleagues, some of whom are celebrities, and celebrities in the entertainment industry. All these people came off as successful to the public eye, and they were all desirable to the public eye and other celebrities alike. It wasn’t any different to Angela’s case. Just because she was with someone did not exempt her from being hit-on by anyone, especially as our relationship wasn’t public general knowledge.

At first I would be jealous when I’d hear or witness others flirt with her, but one day she pointed out that she didn’t flirt back, she just shrugs it off with a joke. She was right, she’s quick and witty with her words, such a smooth talker. As it was a bigger party, bigger crowd, it also meant a bigger personnel. She was on stage alongside another big-time celebrity who is an actor, co-hosting. They danced together on that stage and brought fire to the crowds. The crowd went wild every time they did. I felt a pang of jealousy but I did not even entertain it because Angela’s love for me and commitment to our relationship was clear to me the whole night.

Besides, I knew she wasn’t really fond of the guy because he had too much of an ego, like he’d overdosed on confidence in order to detract from another aspect he was lacking in. “Well you know what they say about people who overly-compensate in one area of their life, don’t you?” I’d joked with a grin months before when she said she doesn’t like him. Yet, here we were tonight, thousands of us witnessing the magic they were making on stage. He’d flirted numerous times with her and each time she’d deflect, using her humour and wit.

She was very charming even when she wasn’t trying to be, and at that moment I thought it’s one of her attributes that I’ve grown immune to, but not other people. I mean it still worked every time when she put it to her mind to be charming, but when she wasn’t I, I was no longer taken aback by it. She walked up to me and planted a kiss on my lips while I was still in my head so I hadn’t noticed her coming to me.

“What’s bahis firmaları that little smile about?” She asked after planting the kiss on me unsuspectingly.

“Oh I’m just lost in my own world. Thinking about how amazing this past year has been. I’ve become so much better as a person. Ok, to get to the point, what I’m saying is I like that actor guy you’re on stage with even less now,” I said as I took a sip of my drink quickly in an attempt to drown out the last bit of my sentence.

She didn’t giggle, she didn’t chuckle at that, no, not at all. She belted out a laugh that infected me with a laughing spell of my own. She started fanning herself with her hand as she’d gotten hot from laughing so much. Home, I felt at home in a stadium filled with 50 000 strong people, with music blasting noisily through gigantic speakers, and everything else going on around us – I felt that serene feeling of being at home again. I kissed her on the lips and she got back on stage. Apparently she’d seen that I was in my head while she was on stage and thought to come and check up on me, she said. She understood me, she just got me, and at that moment I shot up a quick thank you to the heavens as I felt so blessed to have her in my life.

When the countdown to the new year was down to 5, she sneaked off the stage to kiss me into the new year. This girl never failed to amaze me. We’d been grown in our past relationships as well as this current one that we understood that our ways of expressing love are different, and that we’d have to learn the other’s love language. She wasn’t one to talk at length about her love for me, but she showed me through so many things she did that she loves me. I on the other hand would pour out my heart to her. I’d send her long texts she started calling them essays, or I’d talk her ear off telling her how much I love her and she’d called those speeches, jokingly, of course.

Once her slot was up for hosting the party we left for our hotel room. She had been busy for most of the day, having had woken up at 4 a.m. that morning for a busy day. When we got to the hotel she got a quick shower, followed by me. When I got out she was already sleeping and I cuddled up behind her. She had another busy day ahead at three other New Years Day parties around the city, so we were booked into the hotel for another night.

I’d had my fair share of parting and needed some time away from the crowds. As it was a coastal city I wanted nothing more than to go to the beach but knew undoubtedly that it was going to be packed so I opted out of that. I called up a friend who stays in the city and asked if he wanted to hang out. Besides, it had been a while since we got together. Stephen already had plans, unsurprisingly, but I was more than happy to join him after he’d told me what it had entailed.

Yes, it was a public holiday, but Stephen and some friends had managed to book out a racetrack for the entire day, and they’d spend it speeding some of high-class cars around it. When he said I should join them I couldn’t say no to that solicited invitation, unintentional as it was. I had a great time, and checking-in with Angela every now and then, it seemed she was also having a great day. The event organizers were picking her up from the location she’d be at, but I’d pick her up from her last function and when the time came around I was reluctant to end the thrilling day I had been having.

I bade farewell to Stephen and everyone else and set off to the love of my life. As I considered the prospect of driving on the public road I knew it would take everything in me to keep within the speed limit of the roads. 60 km/hm I was sure would feel like such a snail’s pace after reaching up to 232 km/hm. I loved the rush I got on the race track and I wanted more of it but I knew better. I checked if it was safe for me, and the coast was clear so I pulled out of the gates of the racetrack arena and onto the road.

As I did that I saw a bright light beaming from the corner of my eye as soon as I drove into the road When I turned to face that direction, a pair of headlights blinded me as there was nothing more I could do. I relaxed my body, looking up to the sky instantly as if it would understand what I was trying to say. Even I didn’t know what I was trying to communicate but I was sure nonetheless that I was communicating something.

Next thing I remember I’m hearing noises that I can’t make out, as well as voices shouting above me. I try to open my eyes but they feel heavy, but I manage to put all my will into opening them. As much as I tried they fluttered closed as quickly as I forced them open. I’m being moved along a corridor, and I try getting up but my body feels heavy like it was bound down. I tried talking but my mouth wouldn’t move as if it was closed shut using super-glue. Next thing I went into a panic as I thought: ‘Angela! What happened? Where is Angela? God! I think I was in an accident. Where am I? I need to call Angela, she’s going to be worried. Oh no, I hope she doesn’t call my parents kaçak iddaa to ask if they know where I am, they’re going to be freaked out.’ All these thoughts fought to dominate my attention, but each thought gave way to the next which spun me into a frenzy of panic. As heavy as my physical body felt, my mental body was up and about, flipping about internally.

“She’s crashing…” and I did not hear the rest of the sentence as I drowned again into an unwanted unconsciousness I couldn’t even fight off.

I don’t know how long it had been when I roused again. My eyes weren’t as heavy as they were but I was still struggling to keep them open as I tried looking around the room. My neck hurt as I turned it slowly, my arm grew tired quickly as I lifted it, trying to drag away this thing on my face that was bothering me. I heard the constant beeping in the background starting to go into a frenzy again and I identified it as the heart-rate monitor, instantly remembering what happened the last time I heard that happen.

I willed myself to relax and stay calm so that I do not panic and raise my heart rate too high. Who knows what’s going to happen if I do that anyway? Better safe than sorry. I want to last longer this time than I did last time. I remember feeling so tired that I fell back into unconsciousness again, but this time I felt it slowly overcoming me and I did not want to put my energy in fighting off the inevitable. So I just welcomed it.

Next time I came to, it was the warmth of a hand in mine that first got my attention. I sighed as I tried to open my eyes and as before, they fluttered open for a second and closed. It was Angela. She was unaware that I’d regained consciousness. She was staring straight ahead at the wall opposite her and I saw her face in profile. She looked terrible – she had dark eye bags, her eyes were freshly red so I knew she’d been crying, and they looked vacant, like I was staring at a wax model of her. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, excruciatingly, as I closed my eyes and quickly opening them so she could see that I was awake.

I saw her looking at me and she had stopped breathing, as if exhaling would be the end of me. I tried to tell her to breathe and it came out as a croak. Everything I did took so much effort and I felt so exhausted. She told me to not say anything and to relax, that she was here for me and our families had visited me. I looked into her eyes and felt a tear roll down my face, followed by a fresh flood of tears in her own eyes. She told me to go to sleep and that she’d be right here for me.

I woke up again and had no idea how long it had been, but the doctor was there talking to Angela. I heard her say that I’d made good progress and if things carried on as they were, I’d be out of the ICU soon. “Hey,” my voice croaked, my throat not as painful as before. She turned quickly, followed by the person she was with in the room.

“Hey,” she softly said, a small reassuring smile filling her face as she rushed to my side. The doctor went on the opposite side of her and checked my vitals, shining a light into my eyes as she instructed me to follow the light. She placed her index finger in my hand and asked me to squeeze and I did, but very loosely.

“Everything appears to be good here,” she said as she scribbled something down into my file. “I’ll ask the nurses to inject some pain meds into your drip cause I imagine you are in pain. Don’t try to force yourself into doing anything, just relax and let your body recover. You will get there, but don’t push yourself there.”

She walked to the bottom-end of my bed, placed the file down and took a final look at us and walked out. Angela sat down with her hands in mine. “How are you?” I croaked my way through, taking a breather through each word.

“Oh sweetheart,” she started, “I’ve been better,” she chuckled with tears in her eyes. I chuckled too but it ended up coming out as a cough.

A nurse walked in and prepared to inject the pain meds into my IV. Angela looked at me, “I’m so relieved you’re conscious, we were all so worried. I need to call everyone and tell them the good news, but that can wait. I just want to be with you right now, just here, quiet.”

“I love you,” I swallowed as I felt myself dozing off. ‘It must be the meds kicking in,’ I thought to myself.

She kissed me on the forehead and replied in the same way, “I love you too.” And I fell off into a slumber.

I was determined to regain my strength, and I guess a big part of that was thank to Angela – her determination had rubbed off on me gradually during our relationship and had become a part of me too. I was discharged from the hospital after two weeks but had to attend physio twice a week as there was still a long road ahead for my rehabilitation.

Angela wanted me to move in with her but I protested. I couldn’t bear to be her responsibility and I wanted her to focus on her work as much as she could. She was peaking steadily in her career, and after the time she took off work while I was kaçak bahis in the hospital, I couldn’t detract her any longer from it. She’d take a day off here and there during my two-week hospital stay and her listeners had missed her on the days she wasn’t on-air.

I decided to go back home with my parents and the last thing I wanted was to be a burden on them too. After every session the physiotherapist gave me activities to do til the next session and I made sure to keep up with what was demanded of me. And to be honest I pushed myself every time. I hated the position I was in and I wanted to be over with this whole experience as soon as I could.

It took a few more weeks for me to recover so much so that I’d be able to go back to work, but my business had expanded ever since. I had gotten a business partner towards the end of the previous year and he had taken over everything. He did such a good job that I couldn’t help but feel that he was brought into my business in preparation for what was to happen to me.

I started going back into the office, but I still couldn’t manage a full day of work. I hired a live-in caretaker as a precautionary measure, not that I needed to, and Angela was at my place more often than not during the week. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with her driving so much after my accident, but I knew that what happened to me was just a strike of bad luck for me.

My relationship with Angela had also taken a strain, but my family, along with hers, were by our sides when things got bad. The more I recovered we gradually got better too, and we started being sexual with each other again and things improved even more. She was patient with me and I was grateful for that, but sometimes I would push her away.

The cops had explained to me that there was a group that was racing on the strip by the racetrack. The racetrack was located at an industrialized part of the city. Since it was the New Years holidays, there were hardly any people around that area as the factories and businesses were closed. The group decided to go racing in that area, but unfortunately some of them were intoxicated. The driver that hit me was intoxicated and managed to get away with a few bruises and cuts.

They were pressing charges but I was uninterested in doing so. My parents, Angela and Angela’s family had all encouraged me to press charges but I didn’t. I explained to them that I was alive and it wasn’t like they had the intention of killing me. Yes, what they did was illegal, but the State was already pressing charges and had more than enough evidence to punish them. They didn’t need me; all I could’ve contributed to the case was a harsher punishment. They let the issue go and accepted my decision. Besides, I didn’t want anything to remind me of it, and pressing charges would’ve done exactly that.

It took me a few months to get back to normal functioning, but I was never the same again. I’d have days where I wouldn’t be able to get through the whole day. I would have to take a break, but those were very few and far between, it only happened once in a blue moon.

Angela and I decided that this was the best time to get our pets, and so we did. She chose a weekend that wasn’t busy for her and came over to my place on Friday night. On Saturday we went to the pet shop and had a look around at the pets. As we were making our way through the shop we came to the kittens first and instinctively started with Angela picking her kitten. She got into the holding area with them and interacted with them to get a feel for one she connected with most.

As I stood and watched them through the glass window I heard barking to the side. I was drawn to the barks and left Angela to make her choice without even thinking about it. As soon as I got to the holding area where the puppies were kept, my attention was instantly taken by one in particular. I learned that it was a mixed breed between Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. I asked the store-assistant to open for me so I could get in and see if we get along. The dog also seemed to take an interest in me and I fell in love that moment.

I sat down and held the puppy to me, nuzzling it under its chin. Angela had already made her choice and came to have a look at what was going on with me. I saw her looking at us with this amused look on her face and I knew she approved of my choice.

We went back home and got our pets accustomed to the new environment. I took my puppy and showed him around and his kennel. Angela did the same with the cat and showed it around the house although it was less interested than the dog. She was already in the bedroom when I was done with my puppy, and she asked, “How’s Garfield adjusting? Snoopy was ready to be on her way the moment we stepped through the door. I think she was comfortable enough to explore the house on her own.”

“Oh so we’re going with Garfield and Snoopy, I see,” I stated more than asked. She laughed and I sat on the bed next to her as I added, “Let’s give them a bit of time to get comfortable with the environment. Their already somewhat comfortable with each other as the pet shop owners expose the kitten and puppies to each other. In a few minutes we must put out food and water and milk for them.”

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