Badger’s New Bench

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Badger’s new bench ..

I was enjoying being with Badger again in his allotment shed.

It had become part and parcel of my life since Danny dumped me for another. But although Danny was in his early forties and Badger was coming on sixty I realised now just how better it was with an older guy – who knew how to love me both tenderly and when the mood took us, – roughly.

Badger is married, that is why we share our times in the allotment shed – he tells me he is quite happily married but the sex has gone out of it – but they are still great friends, him and Doreen.

The thing is, little does he know that my flatmate Alex is Doreen’s toy boy – and that was just by coincidence I discovered that – so it seems Doreen, despite Badgers notion, it still a sex pot? – or maybe it is just that she prefers young guys, lots of women do in their later years and why not.

But I won’t tell him, besides it could mess up our relationship.

I have been with one. An older spinster woman that is, and it was quite nice to be her ‘servant’ so to speak, she simply adored her oral visitations as she loved to call them, and my cock was well pampered and satisfied in more ways than one, but she has passed away now so that ended abruptly. But I shall always remember with sheer delight her enjoyment of me, her tiny fingers discovering me and her sweet lips and tongue teasing divine. And of course that went both ways.

But it seems all for the better now since I met dear Badger.

So you see we are both bi-sexual which makes for a great variation in our sexual encounters. But for the time being, the way Badger fucks and spoils me, I am quite happy with one – although I didn’t realise all that was about to change…

There was Badger giving me a nice one across the new bench he had just made, he called it his fucking bench,because the custom built bench with cushioned top and sides made it a far more comfy ride for me, I cant count the number of bruises I got on the front of my thighs and my rump, depending opn canlı bahis how we were fucking, but now with Badger’s well thought out new bench, with the top just the right height to afford Badger a good fucking position into my ass – it felt so very luxurious, and as Badger enjoyed me I told him so. I could just bend over for my lover, spread and relax and wait for that certain feel of his pleasure of me, the nudging, the sucking and then the gorgeous fucking, everything! I simply just loved to be all ass for him to do with what he wanted.

“Well you see me alright, lad so it goes both ways” he said panting out his words as his thrust strengthened and me feeling the wonderful sensual feel of his hot cock inside me.

He was talking about his latest fetish which he called suck -cock training. I have to tell you at this stage Badgers cock was well sized to say the least and I could rarely take it all orally anyway, it was alright down under, no trouble at all and I revelled in his deep penetrations, but it was not so easy sucking his ripe pungent tasting cock when your mouth was wedged full of it.

His idea was to tie a red ribbon around his cock, say about two inches from the base of his eight inch length, and for me to ‘train’ in reaching that ribbon when I was enjoying those rapturous cock sucks, the feel, the scent and the taste of him so very wonderful.

But I found myself gasping for air come five inches of throbbing cock inside my mouth, I said to Badger that I could hardly manage the sucking motions too because of the width flattening my tongue beneath, not enabling me to move it around his strong cock.

But he wanted for to see me take a full mouthed penetration, it was something he said he dreamed about so we took it in stages, every time we met in the shed I worked on it, gradually taking little bit more at a time, learning to ‘deep throat’ as Badger called it and then suck cock as I released it, enabling me to get my tongue around his knob end and allow me to relish the deep salty taste of his bahis siteleri p-hole which he adored also.

As another one of Badgers little fetishes – if I didn’t make up to the ribbon on a given day he would have me across his knee and spank me – but not too much because of the sound, that someone may hear, but anyway it was all very wonderful and thrilling that I actually grew to enjoy those spanking sessions, so much so that I said I would take a quick gander out of the door to see if their was anyone nearby working on the allotment and if it was all quiet on the western front (our little joke) he would give me a descent tanning but always followed by that wonderful olive oil massage he loved to give me afterwards, to ease the sting he said, although for me that sting had changed into a certain erotic numbness I cannot exactly describe, but it was heavenly and a really good prelim to Badgers always gratifying fuck.

Anyway come a few weeks I did manage to take all, his cock wedged into my throat for just a couple of minutes for me to get some air, but although difficult at first, it became a pleasure to take him deep throat and the look in his eyes said all and he thanked me by giving me a gorgeous slow jerk, the way he knew I liked it and he never ever forgot to wank me off as he fucked me either, feeling his strong hand massage my cock like that – as he fucked me beautifully too, bent over the fucking bench was heaven on earth, and afterwards to when he loved to sink on his knees between my spread legs, me still spread over the bench, and then I’d feel the sheer ecstasy of his mouth sucking me up, everything, my ass, my hole and my cock and balls, his fingers working my cock and balls to his desire as he sucked and balled, even that sort of squelching sound made it feel better – it was really lovely.

It was all so wonderful and fruitful and I was glad to be all ass for dear old Badger who gave me such gratification and delight.

But I guess it had to happen eventually, with us being so taken up in bahis şirketleri our rapturous actions, it turned out that Badger’s mate had been eavesdropping one Saturday afternoon when badger had just indulged me a sound spanking, he rather let himself go forgetting the sound of his strong palm making contact with my ass cheeks.

I heard this voice yelling,; “I know what you are doing in there Badger boy – so how’s about some sharing with your mate>”

“Sorry Pete” Badger said lifting me from his lap and helping me pull up my jeans which had been down to my knees. “Ill have to let him in because he’d probably rip the door down else!”

Well that started a whole new chapter in what was a happy twosome with Dave wanting some of the action else he’d tell Doreen, Badgers Mrs.

For Badger’s sake I had to relent and although I was apprehensive at first, the new experience proved to be thrilling and a new learning, like when I was learning to deep throat Badger’s cock. Now I was learning how to suck and take cock at the same time and do you know what? It was rather nice, the feeling and the pleasure of giving two older guys perfect gratification at once was wonderful. They both had me in slightly different ways, I mean like the positions and the fuck itself, Dave loved his scissor like position which I discovered to be a joy with Badgers cock arranged so I could take it into my mouth beautifully, and I can’t describe just how good it was to feel cock up my ass and taste cock in my mouth.

All the double time fucking, the sucking, the licking and tasting of cock and balls and feeling their fuck of me one after the other, and then sucking each of them until they spurted all over me, was a dream. A wonderful lovely dream and when all that was done, and I was driven back home by Badger, him asking if it was alright about the threesome, that we could still do the twosome too, I said it was fine and I hoped I was up to standard, feeling the numbness inside me down under, like each of their fucks was still inside me, wonderful.

Then for Dave to give me his telephone number on a visiting card, that he was single and had a luxurious bungalow in which we could possibly share a dirty weekend.

But that will need to be another story …

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