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It has been quite the rainy winter and more wet stuff is projected for April. This week however, the sun has finally broken through and the next several days will be in the low to mid-70s, Spring can’t get here soon enough. I’m Rob, a retired IT manager living in Pismo Beach, California. I should drop the IT bit and just say I’m retired. I’m beginning my fourth year now, and each year seems to be shorter than the last. Time marches on.

I own a 25-foot travel trailer and explore the beautiful regions around the West Coast. I’ve taken it up to Oregon and over to Arizona, as well as many parks around California. It’s been locked in storage during these rainy winter months and now I want to prepare for a full season of camping. I plan to use the next several days of warm weather to check anything that needs to be repaired.

My first RV adventure of the season is always close to home in case there are any major issues after sitting idle for three months. Last year I went to Morro Bay for the first getaway and that turned out to be quite the adventure. I am going to return to the Morro Dunes RV Park this year, although I don’t expect these few days to be as memorable as last year.

Last year I drove up Highway 1 to Morro Bay, home of the Morro Rock, often called the “Gibraltar of the Pacific”. It’s a 581-foot lava dome and is easily the most distinguishing landmark along the central coast. But that is not what made last year’s expedition memorable.

I snagged an RV spot next to the dunes, within walking distance of Morro Creek. On the first day after a hearty breakfast, I set out for an extended bike tour around Morro Bay, down to the Maritime Museum along the Embarcadero and back. After lunch, I changed into cargo shorts and flip-flops for walk around the RV park. Around the bend from my trailer, I met two ladies lounging in front of a huge fifth-wheeler.

The ladies were Helen and Harriet. We exchanged a brief comment about the nice weather and then I was invited to join them for a cup of coffee, which I gladly accepted. The lovely middle-aged women wore big floppy hats and sun glasses. I gave each lady the once over as they were looking mighty fine in white shorts, halter tops and sandals. Obviously, they were dressed for the warm spring weather. I asked if they were sisters. They told me they were just good friends and traveling buddies. Their husbands have known each other since childhood.

When I inquired about their hubbies, they both gave me a sour look. It turns out the men are big time fishermen who drink beer and smoke cigars all day out on the ocean. Harriet told me once they get settled into an RV Park, the men are off together, and rarely seen at all during the stay. She said Helen and she have fun together and don’t mind at all. To quote her, “When the cats are away.” I should have suspected something when she made that comment.

Helen said they also love camping in Pismo and will spend days sunning and walking along Avila Beach, especially along the big rocks at the far end of Avila. That caused a rise in my cargo shorts as the far end of Avila Beach is clothing-optional. I immediately formed images of these two ladies walking naked along the shore with their big tits swaying back and forth. Harriet shocked me by stating they love watching all those naked men. That made us all laugh.

After a nice visit Harriet excused herself to attend to her trailer and Helen asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping her fix a problem with her leaking shower. As she led me into her rig, I realized she was a short little thing, maybe five-foot four with slender legs and a healthy bust.

The shower leak was an easy fix, but my cargo shorts got soaked and before I knew what was happening, Helen had my shorts down around my ankles and her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed an incredible blowjob while I played with her huge mature tits with pink nipples begging for my lips.

After several minutes of oral pleasure, I decided to return the favor and buried my face between her thighs. I dipped my tongue into her hairy cunt in search of her clit. Just as I was beginning my feast, Harriet arrived to join us. We spent the afternoon in a three-way love fest with plenty of orgasms to go around. My cock remained rock hard as I fucked both ladies and got them off with a little pussy munching. My reward was a double-fisted hand job that created several massive streams of cum for the ladies to enjoy.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Harriet announced that I was to bring my hard cock to her trailer the following morning because she and Helen were going to enjoy me all week long. And they did. That was quite the Morro Bay Caper.

I doubt the next couple of days will match that week, but I do enjoy this RV park. My bike is stowed, and the trailer hitched as I travel up Highway 101. Upon arriving in Morro Bay, I am fortunate to get another spot along the dunes and close to Morro Creek. I canlı bahis spend the first couple of hours going over my rig and checking the electric and water systems. It appears that the trailer has weathered the winter just fine. Aside from a bit of cleaning and tightening a few bolts, I declare my home away from home ready for the new season.

After lunch and a bike ride around the park, I settle into my camp chair to soak up some sun. I have my iPad and call up Literotica to check out the latest stories. I spend several hours drifting in and out of consciousness while reading about erotic couplings, loving wives and the newest incest/taboo offerings. I keep hydrated with water while my cock remains semi-erect reading fantasy after fantasy.

A quick check of my watch shows it getting close to four o’clock. I put my iPad aside and close my eyes to enjoy the warm sun. A few minutes later, I feel a soft furry sensation on my leg. I open my eyes and see a cute King Charles spaniel rubbing against my calf. This precious little face with the traditional white and brown marking is looking up at me. I reach down to pet the soft fur. I notice a jeweled collar connected to a leather leash. My eyes follow along the very long leash just as the dog’s owner walks around to the side of my coach.

“Dixie, come here. Don’t bother the gentleman. Come along.”

I squint into the afternoon sun to see a lovely lady at the other end of the leash. She is dressed in blue hospital scrubs and pulls the tiny pooch in her direction.

“Oh no worries, she’s not bothering me at all. She’s darling. I love little spaniels; their faces are so friendly and fur so soft.”

“I’m sorry for bothering you, I know I shouldn’t use such a long leash. Dixie tends to run ahead exploring everything in her tracks, leaving me behind.”

Dixie snuggles up to me again and I glide my hand along her neck and back with a soothing touch. The lady doctor walks toward me as she gathers the leash in her hand. I look at her and smile.

“Hi, I’m Rob. Like I said, you are not intruding at all. I’ve just been relaxing and soaking up the sun this afternoon. It’s such a welcome relief from all of the rain we’ve been having.”

“Dixie behave. Hello, I’m Sally. And this is Dixie, whom you’ve already met. Yes, it is nice to see the sun again. We really didn’t mean to disturb you. We’re just out for a quick walk before I get settled into our space. My trailer is over on the north end of the park.”

“You are not disturbing me at all. In fact, I was just about to get up and do some work on my trailer. This is my first outing of the year. I’m making sure everything is ready for the season.”

Sally gives me a big smile, just as Dixie jumps up into my lap.

“Dixie, you know better than that!”

“Oh no worries. She’s just so cute. Come, sit down for a few minutes and rest. I don’t think Dixie is going anywhere soon. Are you just coming from work? Are you a doctor? Surgeon, I bet?”

Sally laughs at my comments as she sits down in the beach chair, still holding tight to the leash.

“Yes, I just got off work a few hours ago after pulling a ten-hour shift and we immediately drove up here to spend the next three days to relax and enjoy the ocean. And no, I’m not a surgeon, and not a doctor. I’m a nurse at Marian Regional Medical Center down in Santa Maria. I do family medicine in the back and spine section.”

“How wonderful. I just had to ask because of the scrubs you’re wearing.” How long have you been a nurse?”

“Going on thirty-one years now. I’m hoping to retire in a few more years. I’ve been setting aside a good deal of money and I’ll have my hospital pension, so I’m hoping it will be sooner rather than later.”

” Well, let me tell you, retirement is wonderful and if you can do it sooner, I highly recommend it. I’ve been retired just over three years now and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

“I guess we should let you get to those chores. It was nice meeting you and maybe we’ll see each other walking around the park the next couple of days. Come on Dixie.”

Dixie jumps down from lap and we both stand. I reach out to shake her hand.

“Sally, would you consider having dinner with me? I’ve been marinating a tri-tip for several hours and intend to barbecue tonight. There’s plenty to go around and I’m sure Dixie would like a little treat as well.

“You’re so kind. Thank you for the offer, that sounds good.”

“Besides, I bet you’ve been on your feet for the past fifteen hours or so and could use a break. Is there anything I can help you with to get settled in your trailer?”

“No, nothing at all. I just must hook up my water and electric and I’ll be finished. Then Dixie and I can take a short nap to rejuvenate.”

“Let’s trade cell numbers and then I can text you when I’m ready to fire up the barbecue.”

“That sounds like a great plan. Thank you so much, I can use a day off from cooking.”

“Well, I’ll see you bahis siteleri and Dixie later then. She is too cute and by the way, you look very sexy in blue scrubs, I wouldn’t mind being a patient.”

“If you hurt yourself working on your trailer, just ring me.”

Sally laughs out loud as she and Dixie head back to her trailer. I get busy with small projects around the trailer, check the tri-tip and put a salad together. Around 5:00, I set up the barbecue and get the briquettes started. I give them fifteen minutes to catch fire and then start cooking. I have forty-five minutes to shower and shave before texting Sally to join me.

At 6:00 PM, I text Sally to join me for dinner. She responds with a thumbs up emoji. Five minutes later Sally and Dixie approach. Sally carries a small ice chest in one hand and has Dixie’s leash in the other. She is looking incredibly beautiful in denim shorts, a floral bikini top and baseball cap. She draws my attention.

“Hi Rob, this is so nice of you. I have some wine coolers for us. The tri-tip smells delicious.”

I barely hear her words as I focus on her breasts, her very round breasts, her very round large breasts, her very round large tan breasts overflowing her floral bikini top. Sally’s choice of attire has my cock stirring.


I snap out of my trance and greet Sally with a hug, thankful that the springtime air is still warm. I tell her to make herself at home in the trailer and that she can find a bottle opener in the top drawer by the stove. I take hold of Dixie’s leash while Sally grabs the opener and some glasses with ice. She returns, holding two large glasses of liquid refreshment.

“I love your trailer, it’s so big and roomy. The floor plan is really nice, and you have a queen size bed. That has to be comfortable?”

I grab a wine cooler and tell Sally it is only a 25-footer, but it is very comfortable for two and sometimes three people. She raises one eyebrow and smiles. Her smile is infectious. We clink glasses and toast the wonderful evening.

“I have a little sixteen-foot Coachman. Since it’s only Dixie and me, it’s a perfect size for us and it’s easy to tow. I keep it on the side of my house.”

“So, you live in Santa Maria I assume, since you work there?”

“Yes, I do. I have a very short commute, which is good because I generally draw ten-hour shifts. Sometimes I work graveyard, but most of the time I have regular hours. I can go home for lunch and take care of Dixie.”

I hand Dixie’s leash to Sally and check on the tri-tip. Smoke billows out when I lift the barbecue lid.

Sally inhales, “Smells yummy.”

“It looks like it’s ready. I hope you brought your appetite. Would you like to eat outside or in the trailer?”

“Outside, I think. Besides, I have Dixie out here.”

“Well Dixie is welcome in my trailer any time.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. Can I help with anything else?”

“No, no, no, just sit down and relax. I’ll slice the tri-tip and we also have salad and biscuits tonight. By the way, thank you for the wine coolers.”

“It’s the least I could do. I think we’re ready for a couple more.”

I carve several slices of meat and bring everything to the picnic table. Sally and I engage in lively conversation as we eat. I let her know I’m from Pismo Beach and relate some of my camping adventures. She tells me about her job and some of her daily duties. When she laughs, her boobs shake and wiggle within her bikini top.

Midway through dinner, the sun begins to drop and so does the temperature. I detect Sally’s nipples pushing against her top. It’s clear to me that they are hard little bullets. I fantasize having my lips wrapped around each delicious berry.

“Rob do you have a jacket I may borrow? It’s getting a little chilly out here, I knew I should have brought my sweater.”

“No problem, I have a zip-up hoodie in the closet. Let me get it for you.”

I grab the sweatshirt from inside and hand it to Sally. She puts it on and zips up, ending my boob watching for the night. When I tell Sally that I live in Pismo she immediately asks if I like to go to the beach. She said she drives up from Santa Maria and goes to Avila Beach. She loves it there and in her own words ‘can work on her overall tan’. That comment reenergizes my cock. Now I understand why she has such lovely tan breasts. I tell her I enjoy Avila as well and wonder if we had ever been there on the same day.

I mention today’s bike ride. Sally tells me she has her bike and suggests we go on a ride tomorrow. We agree that will be a fun thing activity. She always has Dixie run next to her while she pedals slowly.

The evening of good food and conversation ends. Sadly, it’s time to call it a night. Sally helps with the dishes while Dixie lays quietly on my bed. Standing next to me, I gauge Sally’s height to be around five-foot-five. Her tits fill out my hoodie rather nicely. I get a close look of her generous bahis şirketleri ass in the denim shorts and immediately start daydreaming about running my hands all over her backside. My cock stirs as I think of the possibilities over the next few days.

The dishes are clean and the left-overs are put away. Sally grabs Dixie and I hand her the empty cooler. We managed to drink three bottles each and are feeling no pain. I walk Sally out to the road, and we hug good-night. I feel her firm tits press into my chest and I’m sure she can feel my inflated shaft press against her pussy. I would love to spend this first night together making love in my trailer. I guess we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

“I’ll return your sweatshirt tomorrow. Thank you for letting me borrow it.”

We thank each other for a wonderful evening, and I watch my two new friends walk back to Sally’s trailer. My cock stirs and I think a night with my Fleshlight is in order. I check my watch and it is just after 8:00 PM. I relax in my recliner and turn on the TV. I flip through a few channels and get drawn into a PBS special on the planets, forgetting about my Fleshlight. I guess the three wine coolers have relaxed me more than I thought.

As I’m watching TV and drifting in and out of consciousness, I hear my cell phone chirp and check the time. It’s just after 9:30 PM. I wonder who would be texting me at this hour. I check my phone and see a text from Sally.

(Sally): Hi Rob. Sorry to bother you this late in the evening, but I was wondering if you have a couple of AA batteries? I’m in desperate need.

I keep a supply of all sizes of batteries in the trailer. They are just one more item on my list of RV essentials. I wonder why she is in desperate need, so I text back.

(Rob): I do, I always keep a supply of all sizes in the rig. Do you need them now, or can it wait until the morning?

(Sally): Oh good. Actually, I could use them right now, if you don’t mind.

(Rob): No, I don’t mind. I can bring them down to you. What space number are you in?

(Sally): Thank you so much. I’m in

I switch off the TV and grab a couple of AA batteries from my utility drawer. The cool night air feels great and is a welcome relief. The walk does me good. It sobers me up from my wine cooler/television induced coma. Space 79 is at the north end, two aisles over from my trailer. When I reach Sally’s Coachman the outside light is on. I’m about to knock when I see a note. ‘Hey Rob, just come on in. Thanks.’

I step up and open the door. The interior is dimly lit with several electric candles scattered about. I see Dixie asleep in her little bed on the floor. As I adjust my eyes to the surroundings, I look over to the bed on the far side of the trailer. Sally is laying on the bed. She is on her side with her head propped up with her hand and grinning. Sally is naked except for a small red thong covering her pussy. Her beautiful round tan tits are on display along with two lovely ruby red nipples. My cock immediately hardens.

“Hey Rob, thanks for coming over. Like I said, I’m in desperate need.”

Sally raises her hand and beckons me over to the bed. She holds up an eight-inch vibrator and waves it around.

“I just bought this today, but unfortunately it didn’t come with batteries. I was so looking forward to pleasuring myself. The way you were ogling my boobs all through dinner got me all wet. I’m so horny.”

Wow, so this picture is right out of a wet dream for sure. Sally’s tits are gorgeous, so round and firm with dark nipples poking out. They are screaming for attention. I make my way over to her bed with my cargo shorts displaying a definite bulge. Sally sits upright and spreads her legs. I move in close and she hands me her new silver bullet vibrator. She unbuckles my belt and unzips my shorts, pushing them to my ankles. My thick shaft springs up with a bit of pre-cum already forming on the tip. Sally grabs my cock with both hands.

“I had a feeling you had a nice thick cock. I felt you press against me when we hugged. I knew I had to see for myself.”

Sally slides her hands up and down my shaft. My hands shake as I remove the cap on her vibrator and insert the batteries. I twist the dial and it comes to life with a gentle buzz. I press the tip against Sally’s nipples as she continues to stroke me.

“Mmm, that feels good, my nipples are so sensitive.”

Sally squeezes my shaft with one hand and pulls me to her mouth. She opens wide and takes several inches with her first gulp. I feel the intense suction from her wet mouth. Sally slides back and then pushes further taking another inch of cock into her mouth. She is an experienced cock sucker.

I reach down with my free hand and grab her left breast. Her flesh is firm and taught. I run my fingers back and forth over her erect nipple. The hard bud responds to my touch.

“I love your boobs Sally. So firm and round.”

“I figured you were a boob man from the way you were gawking over them at dinner.”

“Sorry about that. Yes, I love big tits and yours are so beautiful. You are so beautiful, so sexy and beautiful.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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