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My name is Tommy and I am on summer break from college. I wanted to just take it easy this summer but my parents insisted I make some money. I am now mowing lawns and doing work around the neighborhood. Mostly I am helping out my pregnant neighbor, Katie. I have been mowing and doing general chores for her the past couple of weeks. Her husband is some lawyer who is never around. Katie has been relying on me to help her out. I was over at Katie’s yesterday, moving some furniture around. After I finished, Katie walked over to me.

“Thanks Tommy, I don’t know what I would do without you,” she said.

She leaned over and was about to kiss my cheek. I turned my face to her at the last second. We kissed on the lips. I placed my hand on her belly as we did so. That kiss turned into a hot tongue kiss. I could tell Katie was pretty horny. I lowered my hand from her belly to the outside of her short. I was now running my fingers across the material where her slit was. Katie was getting pretty worked up by this time.

“I want you Tommy,” she told me.

We canlı bahis walked back to the bedroom. I helped Katie take off her shorts and shirt. Once I got her bra off, her tits came tumbling out. They were huge, with light brown nipples to top them off. I then stripped off my clothes and we moved closer to the bed. Katie grabbed a pillow and got on all fours. Her belly was resting on the pillow as I got in behind her. Katie moved her legs wide and I stood there in between them. I guided my stiff cock to her wet hole and I entered her. Katie immediately began to scream.

“God, fuck me Tommy, I need your cock!”

I had never heard anyone react this way before. I had my hands on Katie’s waist as I was thrusting my prick into her sopping wet hole.

We were getting into a rhythm. Katie pushed back on my cock and I was slamming into her senselessly. I was shocked that Katie’s pussy was this tight. She was really milking me for all it was worth. I got the impression Katie wasn’t getting much sex from her hubby. She later told me he was barely touching bahis siteleri her. He had lost interest as she was pregnant. I was going to fuck her as much as I could, if she would let me.

Eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer. Katie had a grip on my dick. I slammed into her a few more times and then spilled my seed into her pussy. Hot jets of cum shot into Katie’s belly. She squealed and tossed around on the bed. I held my cock in her until she finally calmed down a little.

Katie said that was the first sex she had had in months. She was all stored up with passion. Katie and I fucked the rest of that afternoon. I had her lie on her side, and she also mounted me and rode my cock that way. Katie was bouncing up and down on my cock as I held her asscheeks and pulled them apart as we screwed on her bed. I lost count how many loads of cream I filled Katie with that day. Katie said she loved the feeling of a man cumming inside her. She also didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant from me!

After that day, I was over at Katie’s house all the time. bahis şirketleri Her husband was at work and so were my parents. We always finished up early in the afternoon. It got to the point where Katie and I were fucking so much my cock was getting raw. I would fuck Katie on her bed and give her all my seed. I think Katie was starting to fall in love with me. I loved screwing her, but she was wanting me not to leave for school. She also told me that she wished I had made her pregnant instead of her husband.

It was starting to get a little too intense. I was glad to be going off to school in a few days. My last day home, I entered Katie every way possible. She was shaking all over when I finally finished fucking her that day. My last time, I ended shooting my cum all over her belly and breasts. That drove Katie insane with lust. She then made me climb up on top of her and she sucked our love juices from my spent cock.

Katie says she will wait for me to get home on breaks and holidays. I am not holding my breath for that. I think Katie needs sex all the time now. She will find another guy to service her while I am at school. She will be having her baby soon and all bets will be off then. I know I can still have my now pregnant lover on holidays. That seems a pretty good deal!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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