Black Football Stud

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My name is Ronald Trevor. I’m a rather adventurous young man with a story I’d like to share with you. It concerns my need to satisfy a certain craving of mine. A need for extreme sex with strangers. It’s why I go hunting at night. The evening had turned out quite well for me. I was coming home, and I wasn’t alone. Yeah, I was just another tall, good-looking African-American college football star coming back to his parents house ( they were out of town) with two lady friends. One was rail-thin and the other was quite chubby, but I didn’t care.

I brought them to my living room and we started to have some fun. The first gal was Lisa Colt. Five-foot-three, rail-thin and bone-white, with short black hair and pale blue eyes. This tomboy played soccer for the local community college. The other gal was Nikki Tyler. Five-foot-ten, chubby, with dark brown skin and a rather plain face framed by long black hair. Nikki was a member of the women’s rugby team at the same school Lisa Colt attended. Both of these female athletes were outcasts and sex freaks in their own way. Easy pickings if you ask me. That’s how I was able to convince them to come home with me so easily.

Nikki got started. She undressed, showing off her thick body. She was alright. Perky breasts and a nice ass certainly don’t hurt. While Nikki did a strip tease, Lisa was already going straight for my dick. She was stroking me through my pants and I must say that I was quite aroused. I let out my dick and Lisa began canlı bahis sucking on me. I thrust into her mouth and admired Nikki’s curvy butt as she jiggled in front of me. Yeah, this chick definitely knew how to work it. Meanwhile, Lisa continued to suck my Johnson. I was thrusting into that mouth of hers like there was no tomorrow and amazingly, she took all that I had to give. Ten inches of black man power.

With Lisa sucking my cock like it was going out of style, I came. She drank my seed. I was staring at Nikki’s spectacular brown bubble butt as she undulated in front of me. Yeah, I was hard as a rock. Lisa licked me clean. Then, she climbed on top of me. I placed my hands on her hips and thrust into her. Hard and fast, I slammed my cock into her pussy. The gal had definitely done this before. She placed her arms around my neck, hanging on for dear life as I thrust deeply into her. I loved the feel of her tight pussy around my cock. It felt so damn good! meanwhile, Nikki had joined us. I watched her insert one of her thick brown fingers up Lisa’s ass while I fucked her. This seemed to make Lisa go even crazier. The gal screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Man, it was crazy. We went at it like this for some time, then switched positions. Lisa was now on all fours and I was behind her in a kneeling position. I spread her cute little butt wide open and pressed my cock against her anal opening. With a swift thrust, I went into her. Lisa’s ass was so damn tight. I loved bahis siteleri every second I spent thrusting into it. Feeling it widen under the force of my thrusts and yield to my power felt so damn good. I held her by those slim hips of hers and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Lisa screamed, in both pleasure and pain, and told me to fuck her harder. Oh, that I did! I continued to drill into her hole until I couldn’t take it anymore and finally came, filling her ass with my seed.

I squeezed my cock out of Lisa’s ass, to see Nikki looking at me expectantly. I smiled. I hadn’t forgotten about her. The big gal spread her legs and told me to go to town. I licked her pussy and probed it with my digits. Yeah, she was quite wet down there. I had no doubt that watching me with Lisa turned her on. I ate her out until she screamed and her creamy cum came gushing out. I lapped up every single drop of it. Nikki looked at me, amazed. I grinned, and rubbed my cock against her pussy. I was ready for the main event. Time for her to experience what my famous Johnson could do. I wanted to give her an experience to write home about.

Instead of letting me squeeze my cock into her pussy, Nikki opted for something else. I smiled, not believing this. Nikki wanted to take it up the butt. I made her assume the position. All fours, please. Thank you very much. I spread her lovely butt cheeks wide open, and squeezed my cock in between. I placed the head of my shaft against her anal entrance, bahis şirketleri and pushed. With a swift thrust, I went in. My first sensation was one of both tightness and warmth. Lisa watched us, fingering herself as I took Nikki. Nikki did not make a peep as I began to thrust deeply into her. I loved that fabulous ass of hers. So soft and bubbly, what more cushion for the pushing was all about!

Nikki grunted as I went deeply into her. For a moment, I wondered whether I had gone too far but she backed up against me, driving me deeper into her. I held her by those wide hips of hers and thrust deeply into her. Deep down where the sun didn’t shine. Hard and fast I went, loving every single moment of it. There’s something to be said about anal sex, folks. It’s a lot more intimate and more enjoyable, when done right, than regular sex can ever be. Nikki’s wondrous bottom took all that I had to give. I watched it jiggle under the force of my thrusts. Damn, what a sight! It wasn’t long before I came, the vise-like pressure of her ass around my cock bringing me to sweet ecstasy.

Only when my seed rushed deep inside her did Nikki at last let out a scream. It sounded halfway between pain and pleasure to me. As for myself, I was rocking and rolling and climbing up to cloud nine. I embraced Nikki, holding onto her as the rush rocked our bodies and we practically collapsed on the floor. Lisa laughed, and we joined her. Nikki and I lay on the floor, our dark-skinned bodies covered with sweat. Lisa joined us, squeezing herself between our bodies. She kissed first me, then Nikki. I laughed, staring at the ceiling. This was the most fun I’d had in a long time. I cannot wait to share this story with my teammates!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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