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Chapter two.
Having left St Louis the previous Sunday, I had traveled slowly down the mighty Mississippi. Passing town after town along the bank I stopped from time to time for food and gas. Most of the folks were very nice and I was thoroughly enjoying my summer adventure. The third day found me waiting for gas at a marina and talking about fishing with one of the local lads. The fish, I was assured, were indeed biting. All I had to do is drop anchor in an oxbow, a branch of the river flowing on the inside of a small island. Finding such a place was easy, in an hour I had my fishing rod out, baited and was laying on a small sandy beach along an oxbow just downstream from the town. I relaxed and decided to stay the night there. I had tied up the boat earlier and had made a fire for camping. Taking a lawn chair, I leaned it back, stuck my fishing rod in the holder and waited for the bite. I fell asleep for a short time in the sun.
Waking up, I heard laughter. I looked over and saw a family playing on the beach not far away. The laughter was closer though. I looked behind me and saw a young girl, about sixteen laughing at me. “What’s so funny girl?” I asked, more amused than mad. She giggled and pointed at my shorts. I had a roaring hard on. It was poking out the front of my shorts the full eight inches in length. “You look like my brother” she said and ran off. Somewhat embarrassed i sat back as the swelling prick subsided. No doubt I had been dreaming of Peter and Barbara and my goodbye fuck and suck party we had had Saturday night. It was a great time, everyone eating cum and sucking cock and pussy till we passed out.
Suddenly my other rod, the one with the bait, started bending. I jumped up, grabbed it and set the hook. I felt the biggest pull on the other end that I had ever felt. It was a monster, as I fought to keep the fish on the hook, I imagined the huge size of the catfish I must have on. Finally I had it worn out and was pulling it to the shore. I heard clapping and looked behind me. The family, along with the f******n year old girl, kaçak bahis was watching me catch the fish. They applauded my skill in landing the giant catfish alone. The father, helping me lift it out of the water, remarked that it was the biggest he had seen all week. The mother offering up her services as a cook, took charge and the brother, about s*******n, dragged the fish off for cleaning. The father introduced himself and his family. “I’m Charlie Tyner, that’s my wife” he said, gesturing at the middle aged lady starting the cooking fire, “the boy is Bill and the girl is Mandy”. He went on to say they were on vacation and had rented a cabin just up in the woods a ways. “We come down here all the time swimming and fishing, sometimes just sunbathing. No one ever bothers us here in this oxbow.” I related to him that I was just stopping for the evening and would be on my way in the morning. “Quite an adventure you have planned. Wish I could do something like that.” “Well, someday, pack up your wife and head out on the water, you will love it.” I said. “Yeah, someday” he answered. We both knew he would never do it. He was tied into the family life and was loving it too much to drop everything for an adventure like that.
His wife, her name was Becky, had finished cooking the catfish and we all retired to the cabin to eat. It was only a short walk and it was a very nice three room cabin, with a bath and two bedrooms, the dining room was shared with the living space. After a nightcap, we relaxed as Mandy and Becky headed off to bed, the boy, Bill stayed up with us as he slept on the couch. Well Randy, Charlie said, thanks for sharing your catch with us. I hope you have a great time on the ol Mississippi.” Charlie and Bill and I shook hands and I returned to my boat for the night. It was a good day, I thought, caught a whopper of a fish, met some nice folks and have a place to sleep. Just before going to sleep, I got up, jumped from the boat and made my way in the darkness to take a leak. I pulled the pecker out and started peeing. As I finished, I shook the last drops güvenilir bahis off and felt a familiar stirring. Looking about, I thought, why not? I started jacking off right there on the river bank. Closing my eyes, I let my mind wander about, seeking the sexiest thing to help me cum fast. Jacking off is great fun, it allows your imagination to run wild.
Suddenly, a light came on and I heard giggling. Jerking my hands away from my cock, I looked up and saw a flashlight shining on my crotch. I heard Mandy say, “yup, you look just like my brother”. Walking up to me the 16 year old girl from the cabin unabashedly, told me “your cock looks like my brothers, it curves the same way, but Daddy’s is more the same size as yours.” Stunned, I shoved it back into my pants and asked her what the hell she was thinking, wandering away and scaring people like that. I was red with embarrassment and was getting angry at this young girl for taking such liberty with an adult. An adult stranger too, I might add. As I told her this, she sighed and said, “what you going to do? Scream for help? Spank me? Better be quiet or Billy or Daddy or Mommy will hear you and come running to help poor little me.” Thinking better of it, I had to agree that she was right. It would be nothing but trouble for me if I made a big deal of it. Instead, I asked her what she meant when she said I looked like her brother? She replied “Well when Billy jacks off, that’s what you boys call it isn’t it? His peter grows like yours and curves like yours. But Daddy has a much bigger one. Mom calls it her pet monster.” “And just where are you spying on your family to find out such dirty things little girl?” I asked her. ” I look at Daddy every day through a peephole in the cabin bathroom and I see Mom do things to him in there too. She likes to take it in her mouth. Billy jacks off down here at night. I thought he would be here tonight, but it was you instead.” I just stood there with my mouth open. “Would you like to finish jacking off?” she said. “I like seeing boys get all big and then shoot out the white türkçe bahis stuff”.
“I don’t think I can now, you seem to have upset me a bit.”
“Oh don’t be silly, just go ahead and do it,” Seeing me turn away, she said “I’ll help if you like.” “Oh?” Said I, “what will you do to help?”
“I’ll put it in my mouth for you to get you big then you can finish if you like.” What the hell I thought. This precocious 16 year old girl is about to get a lesson. I bet myself I could shoot cum in her mouth so fast it would make her head swim. “OK” I said, pulling my hardening cock out, here you go. She took it in her little hand and moved it up and down a bit. I could see her hesitating so I pushed it forward to her face. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock into her open face, starting to fuck her face fast. She started to gag, but I kept it up till I suddenly shot a hot huge load down her throat. She managed to swallow it all. Pulling back, she took a deep breath and started quietly crying. “You shouldn’t have done that, I was only going to help you” she said. “I only wanted to help you shoot it off.” I told her, “Well Mandy, you offered what no man could have refused, a blowjob by a young lady.” She looked at me and asked if she had done it right. “Oh yes, Mandy, you are a natural, you sucked it all in and swallowed all the cum just like you should.”
“Mommy always does that with Daddy too” she said. She stood up and said good bye and walked back to the cabin.
I sighed and started back to my boat when i heard a noise. Turning I saw Bill, her brother, standing behind me. “You fucked my little sister” he said. “No I only let her suck my cock.” I was ready for a fight, but not for what happened next. Billy dropped to his knees and told me “You came in her mouth now it’s my turn, you either let me suck you off or I tell Dad and you go to jail”. What the hell, there was a nice young man, open mouth, offering a blowjob, I couldn’t refuse. Sticking my cock in his mouth, I started pumping. Soon it was hard again and it wasn’t long before Billy was doing what his little sister had just done, swallowing my entire load of hot cum. He turned without a word and left for the cabin. “Damn screwy family” I thought, what next? The mommy want to fuck too?
I left the next morning without bothering to say goodbye to them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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