BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten: Back in Baby’s Hand

The foot long stem buried in my butt kept me on my toes.

I found myself alone with Ms. Handlesmen, in her office. I was standing to her left, at the corner of her desk, looking at the wall in front of me. I blended in with one of her pictures, as she pored over business reports and signed documents, acting as though I wasn’t there. I was collared, still in my harness, and gagged. I was yet trembling and sniffling softly from the waxing. My body stung and the harness had developed into a troublesome intrusion, to say the least. But, I stood before my lady with pride, proud to know I was ‘her man’, awaiting my reward.

While my lover finished her work, I calmed down enough to bring my tears under control. My slurps, snivels, and moans became hisses and quiet fizzes, from the corners of my ball-gag. I heard her pushing her chair back and would have squealed when I felt her pinch my left testicle between a thumb and finger. She pinched me hard and I went up on my toes higher, tiptoeing close as she pulled. My toes were getting stronger and more agile. When she released me, it was to pull a trashcan near and remove my fan collar. She laughed when she saw how wet I’d gotten it after drooling and crying on it all day.

“My you’re quite the drooler too, aren’t you? Ahh, yes indeed. You’re just one big juicy fruit… Aren’t you? And I just know you taste as good as you look,” she said, speaking in a low, sexy voice. Her voice and warm smile made me stamp my feet in excitement. She held the fan over the can and let the fluids drip from it, then she folded it and placed it aside. Her description of me had my imagination conjuring up melons, pears and plums.

I looked down at my hairless body and at my penis that bulged from the confines of its strange prison. Gripped in an untamed rage, it boldly jutted out in front of me, aroused, ready and spirited. It was wrapped in its straight jacket; a loony bin’s girdle, a Saxon’s iron maiden, and yet… And yet, my organ actually wore the leather as if it were the armor and weapons of Zeus, with pride and a regal conceit that made my intellect sick. But then Ms. Handlesmen looked me over with an air of complete satisfaction and stoked fires already swollen with anticipation. As usual, reason was consumed by infatuation and I was left wondering why contrary notions ever arose at all.

“You’re perfect Joey…” Ms. Handlesmen stated, pulling me into reality. Her every utterance kept me alive and beaming with the self-confidence I required, so I stayed impetuously receptive to each and every one of her quiet breaths. I oozed with tenacity for all the self-desecration my lover demanded, that sprang from learning I had succeeded at love at last; at least I thought so. Yes, love, and a very pretty lady coveted me in return, which was more than I had hoped for. “…And though you’ve come a long way Joey, I’m going to bring you a lot further. I realize now that you’re a quick learner, and I appreciate that in a male, I really do, and I think you can tell.” Her eyes had a dreamy look to them and I stared at her dumbfounded, shaking my head ‘yes… Of course I understood’.

She reached for a cigar, bit and chewed its end, then spit the dark brown wad at me. The wet bolus hit me high up on the belly and stuck, bringing a chuckle from her. It was a thick Cuban Romeo Y Julieta and she took the end in her mouth. I immediately reached for the lighter sitting on the desk and sparked it, then moved quickly to hold the flame under the cigar’s tip, in a respectful manner. I could see in her eyes she was pleased by my service and I had succeeded again. I struggled to keep my hands steady as she rolled the cigar’s tip in the flame. I know she appreciated the way I kept my soiled body away from her clean clothes.

I watched fascinated by the sensuous movements of her lips and cheeks, as she drew the flame to the tobacco. She rolled the cigar in her fingers and I impertinently replaced it with an image of my boner. Immediately I caught and chastised myself for such indecent thoughts and then went on. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Isn’t that exactly why I’m here, to develop a relationship with someone of the opposite sex? Yes!

The room filled with the wonderful aromas of coffee, chocolate and spice. They were smells that tickled and pleased the palette and easily stimulated my penis, which pulsated to just about every damn thing. With the cigar lit, I placed the lighter aside and once again came to attention before her. I hoped she would free my organ, prayed she could see how uncomfortable the restraints continued becoming. But she just smiled and seemed pleased, so I edged closer to her. I wished she would at least reach out and touch me, even if simply to swat, as that would be kinder than no touching at all. The wad of tobacco had surrendered a thin stream of juice that reached my navel. The brown runlet of muck had dripped into and around the shallow crater, accumulating and then traveling lower.

With a finger’s movement she bade me bend over, placed her cigar aside and reached behind casino oyna my head for the straps to the gag. I let out a grateful moan after she’d succeeded in working the ball from my mouth and had tossed it into the waste pail. I worked my jaw in circular motions, clenched my teeth and sucked on my own tongue, attempting to get some feeling back. She caught me under the chin with the tip of a forefinger and brought my head before hers. I became dizzier and almost fainted while penetrating her aura. I was entranced, immersed in her warm breaths and warmer scents. I didn’t allow my eyes to close, nor even blink, as I wanted to see her up close and not miss a thing. I needed to examine every square micro-millimeter of her body as she continued getting closer. Suddenly I could feel it in my gut; it began deep and welled to the surface quickly, and in one swift surge it overflowed. For some reason, even I’d been able to tell it was going to happen, I actually felt it coming… And it did… Our lips touched. My first real kiss.

It was but a peck that almost didn’t exist, but it produced a spark capable of generating life. It was a lightening bolt that shot through me and electrified the stem buried in my behind. I jumped to the sudden shock, to the explosive tingle that heralded another realized dream. Oh how I fought with my well-bridled desires, my underdeveloped male instincts, to attack and gobble Ms. Handlesmen up. I wanted to bite her, to lick her entire body and make her scream if I could. I wanted to act out a chapter from some naughty book. My heart was pounding its way out of my chest trying harder then ever to escape, and I found my breath more labored and deeper then ever. When her lips bounced away, it was the removal of life support, the end of a universe. I had lived from alpha to omega in but a moment, and found myself standing tall before her once more. My mind stayed knotted around that first kiss, taped into the reverberating sensations and establishing roots for the first time.

“It’s been a terribly frustrating day for me, Joey,” Ms. Handlesmen said with an exasperated huff, once again reaching for her cigar. I noticed that she put her cigars down often yet they never extinguished. I stood quivering in the aftermath of the kiss and under the weight of today’s degradation, as she lay back in the comfort of her chair exhaling a thick cloud of rich smoke in my direction. I inhaled, catching her exhaust as she went on. “Joey, I hired you because I’m a bit selfish, actually I’m spoiled, a spoiled brat and a queen bitch…” She saw my surprised look while continuing. “…It’s true Joey, it’s in my blood, in my genes, and it’s the way I was raised, as unbelievable to you as that may seem.” Everything seemed relevant to me and everything my lover did unblemished, free of stain. I adored her, and stood there digesting each of her words as if commandments from God. “Now, because I’m spoiled, I always get what I want. Always have and always will, one way or another. In this case Joey, I need an outlet for my frustrations…” Ms. Handlesmen’s voice suddenly became somewhat girlish, and its tone tickled me in a warm way, as did so many things about her. “…After all, I’m just a human being.” Her words were followed by a profound silence, a quick puff on her cigar and my quizzical daze. It was as if we’d unearthed the greatest of discoveries, but she went on immediately. “I need something to work my rage out upon, something through which I can expel the accumulation of the day’s malice and spite. Daily, I am left filled with wrath demanding release, hatred brought on by the tensions and stupidity of those lice-bitten…” She suddenly stopped again to puff and exhale thoughtfully. I realized it was all irrelevant to me even as she went on. “…Be that as it may… I need a set of worry beads Joey, a punching bag if you will… You understand dear, I know you do. I need something like you.” We looked at each other. “Understand Joey, frustration and satisfaction is what big business, marriage, and all life is about. Frustration and release, not love and hate, is the engine of all human relationships. It is the foundation and guiding principle for all religions, political parties, marriages, and all sexual affairs, as you are about to learn. You best forget any of that equality crap you’ve heard of in newspapers and television. Believe me, no two females are ever equal.” She began uttering many of her words with sharp, stirring pronunciations, and I was trying to stand straight and not shift my weight from foot to foot. She took another couple drags, a critical look at my penis and looked to my eyes. “There is always someone bigger, stronger, smarter and even dumber, be that the case. In your case Joey, and for those as fortunate as you, God made women in her own image and for you, one woman like me.” She continued staring at me and I was unable, unwilling to turn my eyes away. “There is a universal wind sweeping across the landscape and with it comes change, retribution and rectification. The era of the woman is at hand Joey, and men will cede authority.”

I would never argue canlı casino with Ms. Handlesmen, I believed everything she said, I just wanted to take her home, for her to take me home, but she kept talking. “The responsibility, though a great burden foisted on the backs of every determined woman, brings our species its only chance for survival. We at Biprods Inc. are a beacon from the future… But I do carry on so,” she suddenly conceded looking up to me thoughtfully, with a little smirk; yet she needed to fit in a few extra words. “Joey, every great leader needs something she can use as an escape, so to speak. Something available, capable of inducing calm and accepting the release of pressures that would otherwise destroy.” She took another drag on her cigar and looked at me with eyes so achromatic and clear, I could have dove into them, and in away I actually had.

I swam in her warm blue lakes as another plume of rich blue smoke, a pennant of sheer blue fabric, rose through the air between us heading to the ceiling. But the stem’s point again called to me from deep inside, with an ache that had me pleading with my eyes. I prayed and screamed internally for the removal of the butt plug. I couldn’t take the bung’s constant pressure any longer, it was an object of such painful dimensions it drove me to the point of demanding its removal… That damn stem! Sure it was thin, but it reached so damn deep it still caused me to retch. Her words snapped me back.

“Joey, I want you to be my safety valve. I want you, Joey. You’re the first male to have come this far and I find myself drawn to you as to no other. I hope I never frighten you away Joey, I do that sometimes,” my lover continued speaking as I began crying again. She turned on her chair a little and moved forward.

She must have heard my mental pleas finally, because she placed her cigar aside and reached for my restraints. She peeled open the straps running across my penis one at a time and each eighth-inch of freedom brought a rush of fresh blood to my throbbing hard-on. Another simple liberty I had taken for granted, I now prayed to never lose again. Of course my prayer was for naught, because all circumstances were out of my control. My hard-on sprang free and came to attention before his mistress, pulsating blue veins bigger, thicker, and pumping more blood then ever.

While looking up at me, Ms. Handlesmen’s cool sophistication suddenly vanished. She now looked upon me with a warmth I felt could protect me through an arctic night and it reinforced what I had known all along… I was in love. I watched her use a large towel to cover her lap and needed no more than a glance from her. I draped myself over her thighs and adjusted, well aware of what she expected and even without seeing her expression I could tell she was pleased.

Not wishing to get her hands dirty, my mistress took her time working my balls out through the rubber ‘O’ ring. She was pleased by my quiet acceptance of the pain she caused. She was quite rough with my gems, using the tips of her fingers and nails only. She took more time when it came to the plug. She seemed fascinated by the way my sphincter gripped its neck and several times worked it to the brink of popping free, the point at which I was opened the furthest. Then, when my eyes were bulging in anticipation of the plug’s removal, when my breath had been held beyond its limit, she’d let go. My rectum would snap shut and swallow the plug in a gulp, filling my rear portal with pain. The far end of the stem poked at a new spot somewhere just outside my stomach, from inside my bowels.

“Oooohhhhh…” I exhaled in a long sigh when Ms. Handlesmen finally pulled the plug free and allowed my sphincter to close. Being Ms. Handlesmen, she kept the stem lingering in my behind. I heard her chuckle as she began riding it in and out of my rectum. She moved it in long deep strokes that drove me out of my mind. It scraped at my insides with each full plunge, of which there were plenty. When she did remove the stem, she placed it on the floor for me to see and I couldn’t believe I had spent the entire day with all that inside me. My lover then began relieving her tensions.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Ms. Handlesmen began slowly, and gently. It was the beginning of another long sweet tune and I accompanied her with choruses of ‘oooohs and ahhhhhs’.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! My cheeks got into the rhythm immediately, bouncing and quivering to the rapidly developing beat. My penis chaffed against the terry cloth towel, drooling and secreting gobs of lubrication. Together, Ms. Handlesmen and I played to one another. Like lovers, our erotic symphony filled the otherwise quiet room; my distress counter-balancing her satisfaction. She stopped occasionally to draw from her cigar and contemplate her next notes, then she’d continue.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! My lover soon had me crying and I cried and cried for her to spare me, to stop but a moment. But my pleas were water to the magma that dwelt within, oxygen that turned her flames into a raging firestorm. Everything kaçak casino I produced stoked her passions, stroked it and kept it explosive. She occasionally stopped simply to allow her hands a moment to roam and explore. She seemed to be searching for some new spot of my body, an unexplored pore, and to me her every touch was a new touch. She was certainly excited by my hairless body and after all, it was her idea.

“Mine all mine,” I heard her murmur as her spankings increased in severity. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Her hand descended like a barrage of meteorites and I squirmed in her lap under the torrent, begging for forgiveness, atoning for things I hadn’t done; but she continued ever harder.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! My poor ass was afire, how much more could it take, could I take, and how much more could my mistress’ hand take.

“M…M…Ms…Han…dle…esm…en… ple…ase,” I sobbed into the air. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, …ple…ease… let… me… res… st…t…t…t…” I blubbered, suddenly becoming dizzy and weak. When I came around, I was still over Ms. Handlesmen’s lap. She was finishing her cigar and humming a happy tune to herself. The first thing I felt was my ass, which burned terribly. “Come along now Joey, on your knees,” she was saying. She was waiting for me to awaken and slip from my perch. I awoke as excited as ever and dropped before her still blubbering like a baby. “Take this Joey,” she said handing me a small black saucer. I took it in my left hand. “Now Joey, kneel up straight, place your right hand behind your head and hold that saucer under your little pee pee… That’s a good boy,” she said as I conformed. I was still shaking and crying from the pain of the spanking, but knelt before her as if awaiting the Medal of Honor. I caught my breath and tears when she bent forward enough for her hand to reach my penis. I almost came on the spot, but Ms. Handlesmen was in control and held me at bay with a little pressure from a few fingers. My lover could control an active volcano.

“Now Joey,” she said in a jovial way. She was looking my penis over and adjusting to her own comfort. She looked up. “Let’s see how well I do today, shall we. Today I plan providing my little toy a full ejaculation, which should prove very enlightening for both of us,” she sparkled, while her fingers teased me and prodded the pressures building up deep inside. I now knelt sweating, shaking and tensing to the imminent explosion awaiting Ms. Handlesmen’s go-ahead. Just like that, the tears vanished and I no longer considered my burning behind or discomfort, debasement or humiliation. “You be sure to hold that saucer still, Joey. Keep it just like you have it now, so I can empty the entire load onto it. If any of your filth lands on my carpet, I will consider it your fault and I will be very, very upset with you, understand?” I shook my head yes, as Ms. Handlesmen helped me position the saucer to her liking.

“Remember what I told you Joey,” she warned again. I continued nodding yes, while panting. I looked down at our meeting place. She was stroking my boner between the thumb and index finger of her left hand, its palm faced up. She moved in slow, gentle back and forth motions. I struggled to hold the saucer still, as she drew my eruption near and my knees fell into sink holes. “Hold the saucer still, Joey. Hold it steady damn it. Now watch Joey dear, I’m about to drain those balls onto it. Remember, this is your offering to me.” I heard her words as a blur, but with those words she pumped me onto the plate. I could see nothing but flashes of lightening and felt the surge of a bursting dam.

I looked into space, lights sparkling across my mind, explosions rampart. I did all I could to keep from falling over, as the feeling of her soft fingers wringing the seeds from my organ wracked through my body. She stroked me in a controlled fashion, allowing her to empty me like a tube of toothpaste. My eyes fluttered, closed and I struggled to hold the plate in its position, while cuming in great gushes that Ms. Handlesmen controlled with two digits of her left hand.

When I calmed down enough to see, I was still in Ms. Handlesmen’s hand, in her palm and I had successfully kept a grip on the saucer. The small black china paten was coated with gobs of warm accumulations. She let me go, slid back in her chair, picked up her cigar and looked at me quizzically.

“Well,” she asked as if surprised by my hesitation. I knew what was expected of me and held my offering up to my lover.

“I really did a good job this time Joey and that’s just the beginning,” she said, acknowledging my gift with a special nod. I brought the saucer down to my view. Again the strong indescribable odor attacked me when it reached my face. It still made me gag, but I was getting accustomed to it. I sent my gaze up to Ms. Handlesmen and she made me aware of her impatience. I brought the saucer to my mouth and did her bidding. In a few deep slurps I cleaned the plate and opened my mouth to show her. “Good boy. Now chew your food, swallow it and clean your plate,” she said. It took awhile to chew the required one hundred times and a few big swallows, but then I licked the plate clean. My lover finished her cigar and used the toe of her shoe to bring me back to life, as if her look was not enough.

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