Cindy goes to the movies

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Cindy goes to the movies
Cindy Goes To The Movies
By Anon (address withheld)


A married couple go to a porn theater and act out,
first together and then with strangers. Lots of fun.
(MMF, wife-exh, husband-voy, mast, oral)


Cindy and I have been married for over 8 years and
during those years our sex life has been good. Recently
though, it has improved to very good, due to an unusual
night we just experienced. That night was a Saturday
about 3 months ago.

I asked my wife if she would like to go out for an
early dinner and then we might catch an early show.
Cindy thought the idea was great and she went to take a
shower and dress. When she returned, she looked
fantastic. My wife is 5 ft. 7in. and 130 lbs. She has
very long legs, with a shapely butt and although her
breasts aren’t huge, they are 34B’s that are perfectly
shaped and firm.

Tonight she had on heels and a skirt and blouse that
made her look like the perfect model. We had
reservations at our favourite restaurant and as usual
the food was good. Cindy and I had a few drinks with
dinner and I suggested we have another before we left
for the show. Another drink became another few and
Cindy was getting a little lightheaded by the time we

We had not decided on the show that we would see so I
suggested we drive to the Multi-Cinema that had 4
theaters, but none of them sounded appealing. Cindy
brought up going to an adult theater, as she had never
been before. We located one in the phone book and drove
to it.

The theater was an older, rather regal looking place
that had not been kept up well. As we entered the
theater I was surprised to see how large it was, yet
there were only about 2 dozen people there. We chose a
pair of seats near the back and we settled in for what
turned out to be quite an evening.

The movie had just started and they didn’t waste any
time in getting into some very hot sex scenes. Cindy
leaned over to me and said, “They certainly don’t leave
anything out.” The screen had a close-up of a woman’s
pussy with a hard dick sliding in and out, on it for
about 5 minutes.

I asked her if this was bothering her and she quickly
replied, “No, it’s making me horny though.”

We watched for about another 15 minutes, until there
was a scene where this woman was lying on a bed and
three men were fondling her and jacking themselves off,
cumming all over her chest. Cindy moaned softly, “I
can’t take this much more of this.”

I have to admit, I had an super erection and was
getting damn horny myself. I told Cindy that I was
going to go get us some soft drinks and I left for the
snack bar.

When I came back I noticed that she was concentrating
on the screen. The woman had a man on each end of her
screwing away. Cindy was rubbing her crotch with one
hand and she had her other arm clamped across her chest
rubbing her breasts. As I sat, I noticed that a man had
sat down behind my wife and was busy watching the show.

I set the food down and put my hand on Cindy’s leg. She
looked at me with this sultry look that told me she was
hot. I started to massage her thigh and work my way up
to her crotch. As I reached higher she lifted up and
pulled her skirt up and spread her legs, so that I
could reach her panty covered crotch. I touched her
panties and they were soaked, she had gotten herself
off while I was at the snack bar, she said.

I continued to rub her swollen pubis my wife started
breathing heavy and she started a slight movement in
her hips. With my free hand I tried to reach around and
unbutton her blouse and as I did I could see out of the
corner of my eye the man behind us was now watching us
not the movie.

Cindy couldn’t wait for my fumbling and she unbuttoned
her blouse enough so that I could reach in her bra and
feel her tits. I rubbed and massaged her pretty tits
until her nipples were rock hard. Cindy started
squeezing my cock which drove me nuts, so I dropped my
hand to her pussy and started rubbing again. She leaned
over against me and we kissed, slowly and deeply, and
while we were kissing I could see the guy behind us had
slid forward in his seat so he could see my wife’s bare
legs and her panties.

As I slid my hand up to the top of her panties I turned
enough to watch him and I slowly pulled her panties
down exposing her bush. I saw his eyes widen and I
heard him gasp, so I figured I’d have a little fun and
I slid my finger into my wife’s dripping pussy. She
immediately illegal bahis started a quiet moaning and lay back in her
seat, spreading her legs, not realizing that she was
giving him a better view of her bush.

My finger was really working on her tight little hole
when I heard the guy behind us breathing hard. He was
almost leaning over Cindy’s other shoulder and he had
his dick out in his hand. As my wife was nearing her
climax I kept on fingering her until she stiffened up
and groaned, cumming all over my fingers. Just as she
shook I heard him grunt as he shot his cum on the back
of Cindy’s seat. My wife sagged against me and said,
“That was fun, whew! It’s kind of sexy doing it in

When I told her about the guy behind us she couldn’t
believe she’d missed it. I told her that she shouldn’t
tease guys like that and we both laughed. Then had an
idea, and said, “You know, you should have helped him

“Yah, right,” she said and gave me her look.

“What harm could come of it?” I asked. “At least he
would remember that this hot woman made his day.”

Cindy looked behind us and said, “Oh well, it’s to late
now, looks like he’s gone.” We both knew that she
hadn’t really considered the possibility doing the guy.

We sat there watching two more men screwing this same
woman, when Cindy pulled my cock out of my pants and
bent over taking it into her mouth. That was nice.
Watching my wife and that guy jack off had made me
hornier than I’ve been in a while, so she sucked on me
for only a few more seconds before I started cumming
right in her mouth.

Afterwards, Cindy sat back up licking her lips, saying
how good I tasted. “There’s gotta be two dozen guys in
here jacking off to the movie and I have a beautiful
woman giving me a blowjob, I’m one lucky man.” I asked
Cindy to go to the bathroom and take her panties and
bra off so I could have easier access to her.

Cindy almost jumped out of her seat trying to get to
the bathroom to strip down. When she returned I slid
her dress up revealing her perfectly cropped pussy that
sparkled from all the dampness. I entered her with my
finger as my other hand massaged and squeezed her tits.
She was hot.

“I want you again!” she said.

Well, twice in 10 minutes is a bit more than I can
handle, so to stall for time I said I’d be right back
and headed to the restroom.

I was standing at the urinal when another man walked in
and walked up to the urinal next to me. He lugged out
his dick, which was pretty big and was also hard.
“Anytime now,” he said to his hard shaft, waiting for
it to relax enough to pee.

“Too bad you weren’t sitting over by the woman on the
left side of the theater,” I said. “She just gave me a
hand job,” I continued, figuring he might come over and
we’d have another audience.

“Your k**ding!” he scoffed.

“No, she let me feel her up and then she jacked me
off,” I replied. I figured that I had his curiosity
peaked so I left and went back to the show.

When I sat back down I told Cindy that I had invited a
guy over to sit with her. She thought I was joking. I
said, “No, I’m serious, you ought to try it. You could
give him the hottest memory he’ll ever have, most men
have always dreamed of this happening, not to mention I
really liked the idea of watching. Besides,” I said.
“No one will even know who you are and with me near
by,” I had told her, “Nothing that we don’t want to
happen will happen.”

Cindy admitted it sounded exciting, knowing that she
would have complete control over a strange man’s dick.
We talked some more and I told Cindy that she should
let him play with her first and that she should get hot
and get into what was happening, and then she should
play with his dick and balls till he came in her hand.

Considering how hot Cindy can get I figured he would
get his rocks off in just a few seconds. We talked for
a few more minutes trading dirty thoughts, even
planning where I would sit. I told her to just be calm
and let him start the action. And if he did anything
she didn’t like to just let me know and I’d step in,
otherwise I wanted her not to worry about me. When I
asked if she was ready she said yes, it took a minute
to relax then I got up and moved a few seats away.

I took a seat a row below and a few seats left of my
wife. The view when I partially turned my head was
magnificent, I could almost see under my wife’s dress.
It was another few minutes before her guest illegal bahis siteleri arrived. I
heard him ask if the seat next to her was occupied and
she replied no. Out of the corner of my eye I could see
that Cindy was watching the screen and he was watching

A few more minutes passed and then I saw him put his
hand on Cindy’s knee, she didn’t make any attempt to
remove it, so after another minute he started to
massage her knee. He began to move his hand up her leg
a little and I heard her breath quicken. As he moved
his hand up, he slid her dress up, giving him a nice
look at her slender bare legs. His caressing of her leg
excited my wife, she parted her thighs a little, so he
could reach between her legs. When he did, I heard her
gasp and I looked around. He had his hand on her bare
glistening mound and was starting to work his finger
into her slit. Cindy’s skirt was clear up to her waste,
giving me a complete view of her pussy and his big busy

I could tell that Cindy was getting hot. She was
leaning against him while he massaged her pussy and you
could hear her panting. As she turned to unzip his
pants she spread her legs wide open, showing all of her
pink pussy with this man’s finger working in and out of
her opening. Cindy got his cock out and in the dim
light I could see that he had a big fat hard on, which
she started to stroke. Cindy’s new friend was fingering
her and I could hear him say, “God, your pussy feels so

Cindy was really getting into the part, she didn’t even
look over at me anymore, I heard her answer him, “I
love your big hard cock. Mmmm, and it’s so stiff and
fat.” Her hips were moving with a steady motion as she
let him finger-fuck her. I heard him catch his breath
and then groan as he shot his load on the seatback
ahead him. “Oh god, your beautiful woman,” he moaned as
his dick jerked a few more times.

My wife slowly worked his shaft up and down as it
shrank and became flaccid. As he started to put his
meat back in his pants I heard Cindy say, “Thanks for
the nice big one.” He quickly mumbled, “No, thank you,
I’ll never forget this.” He rose out of his seat with a
grunt and left.

I gave Cindy a minute to compose herself and then I
whispered, “How was it baby?”

She whispered back, “That was the HOTTEST thing I’ve
ever done in my life, and it was great. I want to try
that with some more guys.”

I agreed with her that it was the hottest thing I’d
ever seen too and I sat back in my seat and waited to
see what she would do.

It wasn’t long before another man came by and asked if
the seat was taken. What the hell, I thought, did that
guy tell someone else? This was getting so hot I felt
myself leaking in my under shorts.

I heard Cindy reply to the man, “No, this seat is
empty, please sit down.” This time Cindy had lifted her
dress up quite high on her legs, so her new friend
didn’t have waste time before he started touching her.
Soon I could see that he had slid his hand under her
blouse too and was enjoying the feel of her tits. Cindy
was pressing his hand tightly against her chest.

Then the stranger dropped his hand to her thigh and
started massaging his way up her leg under her dress.
“Oh god, you’re nude!” he gasped in delight as his hand
found her bare pussy waiting for his fingers. He slid
his finger in and out of her, as he played with her
love button.

Cindy leaned into him and gave him a slow long kiss as
she worked to get his shaft out of his pants. Then all
of a sudden out sprang the biggest dick I’d ever seen,
it was at least 9-inches long and looked huge in the
dim light of the theater.

I watched as Cindy whispered her delight and slowly
started to run her hand up and down his long thick
shaft. She stroked his growing cock, while his fingers
kept time going in and out of her pretty slippery slit.
They continued like that for a few minutes, feeling
each other, then my wife leaned over to him and rubbed
his cock against her leg. That was enough to send both
of them over the edge and I heard them groan in unison
as they both climaxed together.

Slowly his massive shaft began to soften and then they
kissed for the last time and my wife pulled her dress
back down and the stranger straightened himself up and
they said goodbye as he stood to leave.

After Mr. Huge Cock left, I slid over to my glowing
wife and whispered, “That sure didn’t take you long.”
To which she replied, canlı bahis siteleri “Did you see the size of his
cock? I loved playing with that thing. I would have
given anything to suck it for a minute or two. I wonder
if I could handle it all?”

Cindy was slowly regaining her breath and composure. I
told her that if the chance came along and if she
really wanted to give her partner lick or two that it
would be okay with me.

“I want to do this one more time, then let’s go. I want
you to fuck me really good,” Cindy said huskily. She
looked so sexy now that her passion was so high. “I
just had a nasty thought!” she uttered. “I wish I had a
guy in each hand! What do you think?”

I thought for a minute, “I don’t know if we can arrange
that… but I’ll try,” I said, getting up. “I’m going
to the restroom, I’ll be right back.”

I was in luck, or should I say Cindy was in luck. As I
walked into the restroom there were two young guys
walking in ahead of me. I waited as they stood at the
urinal peeing. Then I said, “Have you guys seen that
gorgeous woman over in the back row, she gave me a
handjob and she did another guy too. It was fucking

Well, let me tell you, these two young studs were
ready. I don’t think Cindy expected me to bring tow
guys back with me, I think she’d meant for my and
another guy to come to her, but I thought this would be
hotter, and after all, I’d get her to myself once we
got home.

To sweeten them up I said, “I heard her tell the other
guy to come back with a friend, maybe you guys can beat
him over there.”

“Wow, let’s go see her, is she a dog?” he asked.

I replied, “Fuck no, she’s beautiful.”

He looked at his buddy and they said, “Okay, see yah
later man,” and left. I went ahead and peed then
returned to my seat with a view.

As I neared Cindy’s seat I could see that she was
already with her two young studs, one on either side. I
took my seat and I saw Cindy slid her hand across the
crotch of the guy on her left and then she leaned over
and whispered something into his ear.

Both young men started to touch and caress her body as
she lay back in her seat reeling in obvious delight. As
her passion increased she unzipped both of their pants
and managed to get both of their stiff dicks in her
hands. I almost came in my pants watching my lustful
wife with both of their hands on her and she’s on their
stiff cocks, one in each hand. She continued to stroke
both guys at the same time. Being young and healthy,
they were ready to cum in only a few seconds, and cum
they did. It was like watching two miniature fountains
spurting into the air. Both of guys came fast than they
got nervous and quickly zipped themselves up and said
they had to leave. Cindy smiled and said, “Okay, thanks
for the fun guys.” Both guys rose to leave.

As I leaned over toward my wife I could hear her
labored breathing, “I came three times!” she sighed.
“That was more fun than I could ever have imagined, and
those two were so hot I though they would shoot clear
over my head.”

I told Cindy to straighten herself up and that it was
time to leave. That I was so horny that all I could
think about was my turn to play with her. The way she
glowed was more beautiful than I have ever seen her
before. We left the theatre arm in arm.

When we got in our car and I immediately started to
kiss and fondle my beautiful wife.

“I want to fuck you right here, right now,” she said

Who was I to argue, I pulled her dress up and slid my
pants down right there in the parking lot. Cindy and I
fucked with complete abandon and we climaxed together
in perfect harmony, what was the most spectacular
orgasm either of us have ever had in our 8 years

When we finally caught our breath, I started the car we
drove home. Both of us were still quivering with
passion. When we arrived home I smiled at her and told
her that she had just given me the most wonderful time
of my life. Cindy responded that she had never believed
she would enjoy it that much. Or for that matter that
she would have ever done anything so daring.

I kissed her slow and long and we slid to the floor and
began to make love all over again. This time we were
slow and it lasted for what seemed like hours.


As I write this letter, Cindy and I are planning our
next trip to the movies. She hopes to find the man with
the giant dick again. Cindy told me to say all you
women readers out there. “You owe it to yourselves to
try to get your husbands to take you to a good sexy
movie. Every women needs to feel a hard dick in each
hand once in her life, you just can’t imagine the
feeling, and to be completely safe with your husband
watching is the best part of all.”


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