College Retreat: The Gardening Crew

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College Retreat: The Gardening Crew
Bernard had a very early fag alone in the lounge, in front of the fire. It was Friday.

He was up before six am. There was a heavy frost. Fuck smoking outside. He hadn’t slept well. Despite his cynicism of institutionalised anything he held deep compassion for fellow humans in need. He knew the probability was he would be called upon today for more counselling following yesterdays accident at the local mill. He went to make himself a coffee in the kitchen and organise pancakes for breakfast, a final day treat. He needed to get the girls ‘cloistered’, back at their college, by late evening. Cloistered was Sister Agatha’s term; not his.

The phone rang, he was already mentally… Jesuit prepared.

It was a curve ball. It was the Bishop’s secretary, effusive for having called so early, and then indicating it was the prelate himself on the advice of the Cardinal, who insisted it be Bernard who organised the cover up. Monsignor Bernard was requested to chair the diocese council emergency meeting at 9.00 o’clock today. Father Patrick O’Flaniggan had exposed himself late yesterday afternoon, when drunk in St Mathew’s Park behind the Cathedral, this time confronted by two shocked widowed octogenarians who were very long time committed flower arrangers for the Cathedral. The spinster pair were platonic companions, Miss Hall and Miss Smith. Bernard had to leave immediately for the close to three hour drive back to town.

Patrick, Patrick…a true local saint of the church…maybe a flasher…a heart of charity and solicitude when the drink was controlled. Bernard suspected Patrick was fully committed to the faith and celibate for life, but still a flasher. He was already shaping his friends defence as: innocently wiggling his penis to clear the last drips after an unexpected need to relieve himself, failing k**neys ladies…they would understand…incontinence. Miss Hall and Miss Smith, would be introduced to the Cardinal on the College girls Celebration Day Final Mass and were a shoe in for the highly sort after foyer floral display on the day. Shit did they really need Bernard at the meeting….yes. He would have afternoon tea with the ladies eventually, smoothing the scene away forever, while complimenting their actually disdainful pumpkin scones.

He heard the exercise bike whirring softy from the gym, Erica was up, good. The athlete’s training regime. He quickly told her he was required back in the city. He would arrange pick up for the girls late in the afternoon…he probably wouldn’t make it back. They were to help Mrs Roberts tidy up the retreat later in the afternoon when she got here. Also sign Virginity pledges, which Bernard then handed to Erica and no nonsense with signing them; seriously; and also show them to Sister Agatha tonight and take them home to their parents at the end of term.

Erica however suddenly doubled over and nearly collapsed from laughing. Bernard suspected this was going to happen. It had nothing to do with lost virginity.

“Chastity Pledge “, Erica got out between uncontrolled mirth.

Bernard beamed too, “Well that’s what they are called…though Erica don’t pledge yourself uncommitted to Chastity…okay.”

And Erica got that thinking reflective athlete’s mind to consider the full weight of that request. She might process Bernard’s thought more fully later.

“Erica, pancakes for breakfast …I’ve mixed the batter…have fun…be good… be really good today…okay” and Bernard was gone, out the front door. The hum of the Range Rover gone soon too, lost down the driveway.

Pancakes with honey and lemon for breakfast. Three formal signatures on Chastity Pledges. They all understood this game and if you make the rules, you’re not going to lose. The girls were dressed in jeans and the schools’ sport rugby top by about eight. Minimal acceptable dress for Sister Agatha later in the evening back at college.

They were about to start a clean-up when they heard vehicles crunch on the gravel area outside the maintenance shed, located back from the kitchen. They looked together out the kitchen window. Two utes and one flat tray. Five men in boots, serious heavy duty work wear and jackets, overlaid with yellow high visibility vests. Serious stuff for serious work. All the girls saw was serious manpower.

They were a genuine loud buzz of trimming, lopping, green waste removal and manicuring. Shit they were busy. They were unaware the Retreat had guests. The two other girls were already teasing Beth over her interest in a very cute butt on a young blonde guy bending over clearing fallen limbs along the bush line of the property.

“Well…let’s offer them Coffee for a start”, smirked Chastity. Who didn’t care what working they were doing, she was planning working through them with the girls

Erica carried the tray with five steaming mugs of hot refreshment out the backdoor. Bethany carried her smile. Chastity just carried female sexual heat.

It was bees to the honey pot. The guys were around the girls. The girls were around the guys. Introductions and explanations all round. The local contracted work crew here for the seasonal clean up. The girls studying at the Retreat. Their chaperone? Called away. They were being collected later. Mrs Roberts would be here later too.

Beth was already flirting with young Mr Oscar Devine, formally only identified as cute butted blonde in the distance, a local lad, just eighteen. Beth too was eighteen. Eighteen plus eighteen was going to equal hot lust after lunch.

Erica like Chastity knew how to handle more than one man at a time in conversation, what both girls hadn’t had yet was more than one man in them at a time. Post lunch sex was going to change that.

Chastity illegal bahis was chatting up the boss, ‘Bluey’, Harry Jones, did she have a thing for older men, no, probably men in authority. Bluey just saw young pussy, no strings attached; he could fill that work order.

Chastity was doubling teasing, with young Adam Nolte, nineteen and obviously overly sexually confident. Chastity would get him seeing; that real women dominated when it came to group explosive explicit sex and suspected he would need instructions when it came to her clit.

Erica had the only guy taller than herself in her sights. He had that rugged outdoor weathered look even at twenty; dark eyes and big hands. She was hoping a big dick too…one that understood her butt hole etiquette. Lance Jones, what a cute name, Lance, like a spear, a butt bayonet she hoped. Joel Norris; quieter, shy, married, with two k**s, hanging off the conversation, but taking in Erica’s small breasts. Well we all have different likes. It was to be his lucky day for making twin acquaintanceship with Erica’s fruity, peachy chest morsels.

The girls kept a furtive eye on the crew all morning. They had to break for lunch in the maintenance shed eventually. They were a fit, competent, hard driven crew. The back area was finished by one. Geez they better not start on the front, straight away. No they were in the shed for lunch.

“Oh fuck this” said Bethany. As she headed out the door.

Well that put paid to Chastity’s usual leadership.

“Come on” said Erica. And that’s how it started. Chastity for once was trailing along.

Fine, when it came to the deed, Chastity was and would be as usual; prima, stellar and sexual team diva. Though Erica would give her a run for her title today.

It was a warmish afternoon for the last day of autumn. A late change was expected. Beth was all warmth as she sidled up to Oscar. She nudged into him. She got her hand on his thigh as she sat next to him on a tool chest. His ham sandwich went somewhere, down, gravity was still operating. His cock went up, even though trapped in his pants as Bethany went the opening gambit, certain winner, French kiss.

Oscar’s practical mind was lost in pussy clout. Beth’s hand had his zip down and his happy penis released. Her other hand guided Oscar’s hand under her bra. Oscar had moved from the junior league to the major league without any training. He had only ever kissed his aunts step daughter on the cheek, if that counted. He was an all points bulletin alert virgin. He was a wanking expert and that helped because otherwise his load would have wasted here and now, outside his pants.

Lance saw Oscar’s trouser snake greet the sunshine.

“What the fuck”, he gulped out.

This wasn’t in response to the scene unfolding across the workshop; his butt package was being massaged by Erica. He turned and nearly got his tongue ripped out and his hands were guided very quickly onto butt cheeked jeans, a firm and small arse outside his memories comprehension, the local butch Watson sisters had seriously skewered his understanding of fem-arse.

Chastity shared Bluey’s fag while she massaged up his meat. Bluey was enjoying the personal sensation and the wider sex show, an old pervert at heart. Chastity got Adam over to her side, unzipped him, handed Bluey back his fag and worked Adam’s cock up…firmly up… in her mouth and all the while kept the hand job going on Bluey.

Joel was hanging back, that was only until Erica had her top off. She invited him by name to share a breast. Hell a girl had two. There were times when breasts simply demanded two men. Erica liked the dual attention. Her breasts were in new territory and were super hard and alert. Joel was fawning all over her left bud and her peachy curved girlishness. Lance’s tongue was having fun too.

Erica wriggled down her jeans, skilled girl, given their tightness. Lance had his strong rugged finger in her butt hole. Erica could pick butt men it seemed. Given that the local big girls, the Watson sisters by the river were his only reference to detailed female anatomy, Lance was close to full addiction to big love handled cuddly girls. He had enjoyed one butt hole in the dark by the river and given it was tighter than either of the Watson girl’s cunts, he had preferred it.

However, where his finger had entered one of the Ms Watson’s balloon hole easily, shit this Erica was tight, goddamn tight. Beautifully tight. Lance just kept working his finger in with a twist and she was squirming, a good combination. Finger probing meeting girly need for sensational probing.

Bethany had virginal Oscar’s pants off and her panties beautifully sling-shotted s**ttered too. It was youthful eagerness, keen basic enthusiasm for offered cock and offered pussy. Oscar was transfixed by pussy. Ask him any question at this moment; the answer would be pussy, ask him name and he would have responded pussy. Beth was straddling the lad on the tool box, being sweet to start, he was actually bigger than Bernard, her only cock reference point, and his depth inside her was soon exciting her and his girth was amazing. Happy young woman in the moment. Oscar was getting the virgin boys perfect first pussy. Shaved delight, copious wetness, clenching enveloping and two cute dumpling breasts… bouncing up and down… on her chest in rhythm with her riding.

Bluey, the old perv, finished his fag first. He took in Adam’s dilating eyes as Chastity took his throb sausage, the whole length, skilfully, deep throat. Bluey was impressed. He knew Oscar was a virgin and as he looked over he could see this young white butt spread and pussy wrapped around a big cock. Lucky fucker, thought Bluey, illegal bahis siteleri not about the sex, but the size of the Oscar’s cock.

Chastity was never disappointed in cock; she could make use of anything male. She got Bluey to remove her jeans and panties. Their threesome was on an old garden seat. Bluey, saw the fire-crotch and the billowing labial invitation and was in, trousers still on. He was a meat and potatoes man, at the table and in bed. No nonsense, no backdoor shit, men fucked pussy. He was fucking her hard, long and indecently deep. His rough hands groping her breasts under her rugby top was a strange turn on for Chastity.

She was at the same time taking Adams pecker in her gob from over her head. Shit… she wasn’t a contortionist but was doing a great impersonation. She was getting plenty of his head and was really focusing on the glans. Adam who had never had a head job of this quality was enjoying his cock, really enjoying his cock. It was strange watching his cock and his bosses cock…the boss… grunting and groaning as he pumped pussy at the other end of this girl’s body. He momentarily looked around before he lost himself in Chastity’s sweet lips wrapped around his cock and his own wood being treated like royalty. Shit Lance his mate was poking a girls brown eye. And fuck he could tell both Lance and the girl were ecstatic. He lost them as he looked at his own pleasure master, the redhead. She was wild…just as we dream a girl will be.

Lance was in Erica’s backdoor. Fuck her arse was tight. Tighter than a lid you couldn’t get off a jar. He was jamming into her and she was fucking moaning. He saw her glossy pleated labia wobble but he was held. Butt ruled for this boy. She kept a tighter grip on him than Mrs Roberts did on the Retreat accounts and boy was she tight with money. Lance saw her arse push in, and then pucker out with his cock. Pushed in, wrinkled out, contracted in and gathered out. Fuck it was beautiful to watch. Fuck it was beautiful to butt fuck the perfect arse on a truly beautiful young woman.
Erica had Joel happy in her mouth. She had two cocks at once, so did Chastity. Equal first. And Beth was sweet and had a sweet k**. Life was neat… sometimes.

Mrs Roberts, returning to make the retreat neat when everyone left today; got the eyeful of her life from the kitchen window. The shameless, slatternly hussies, whores of Babylon, the devil’s daughters…she couldn’t believe her eyes…she knew not such wickedness…she reached for the phone…Sister Agatha needed to get here now…she had nearly punched all the numbers…when a hand held hers from behind…she recognised the ring…Monsignor…he pushed her to the kitchen sink… he had her saggy breasts flopping over her bra, her dress hitched up and her granny bloomers around her knees …all before she could remember the last time she had sex…twenty…twenty five years ago…the equipment never wears out…never gets rusty…and even at her age…close to sixty…fuck…throw in the thrill of unexpected excitement…she had never been dogged ever…or had sex anyway except in the dark, under the sheets and in a bed… she was wildly receptive, surprised by herself and her cunts needs ,taking in the man meat from behind her and her wide eyes now kinkily engaged in the feral sexuality of the girls in the work shed.

Bernard thanked god for fucking lube. His anal prep package, but glossed over his penis today… managing very well inside Mrs Roberts. Her efforts to suppress growing groans of pleasure was actually pushing Bernard’s cock deeper into the community’s favourite grandmother. What we do in the moment. Bernard had to be careful here…he was nearly enjoying this. He took a look out the window too. As he took in the scene, especially Erica’s arse getting it… he pumped faster into Mrs Roberts and as Mrs Roberts took in the scene …especially …Chastity’s with two cocks at her mouth…her buttocks flexed back onto Bernard’s pubic region.

Adam came first, lost it and sprayed all over Chastity’s face. She was licking it in and milking dry poor Adam’s cock. Bluey was pumping like a true stayer, but when he took in Chastity’s stretched wet labia framing his cock, once too often, he couldn’t hold it either…the dirty bugger joined Adam at her mouth…Chastity was all wriggly with excitement…fuck… two cocks at her mouth, she tried to take both at once, squeezing Adam’s head in too… as Bluey shot directly in her mouth. Bluey’s warm, wet and willing semen, confronting Chastity’s wild, uninhibited carnality. Adam was just fucking shocked…his cock squeezed in next to his bosses. Still the girl had a great mouth; completely cum drenched.

She had a great pussy too. She directed Adam’s head down between her legs. He licked away like there was no tomorrow. Well there would be no opportunity like this tomorrow. The older bloke, Bluey, relaxed post coital, rolled his own and watched the rest of the action in the shed… like a fuck stage show, the letch… as he puffed away. Chastity would have the last drag when Adam got the spikes of pleasure out of her clit. She was pointing out the button of delight to him and filling him on what needed to happen between her flaps and under her hood. A true sex educator based on the self interest model.

Erica’s arse was having a really long love affair with Lance’s cock. Joel had lost it a while ago. He had a bean sprout tasty sperm, good protein, proving Erica’s athlete’s mind was still at work. She gave Joel her titties to fondle. Joel was very happy. Lance just kept doing it right. Her arse crack and his cock were like a recently inseparable engaged pair, Erica’s chocolate freckle and his manly tackle. It was a duo of delight canlı bahis siteleri and fulsome desire, arse and pecker, in love with each other. A match made in a shed. Erica got her fingers rubbing furiously between her glossy pleats and felt her orgasm shaping. Lance ground into her butt, still tight, so tight. Erica’s orgasm came like a stone skipping across the water. Skimming through and over her flesh; plop, plop, plop…delightful paroxysms piled on delightful spasms , she was self lanced .Lance in turn let his cum spray all over her rear cheeks, gluey, creamy cum, glistening on buttery bouncy buttocks.

Beth’s boy was the champion at his first outing. She had given Oscar the ride of his life. He would insist every girl he had in the future take a turn on top. They were so sweet; it was nearly not rude watching two young’uns embracing sex. Pleasure defined by pleasure refined. Finding the tempo of two in the moment. These two had it.

Beth’s:”Oh…Shit…OH…SHIT…Oh…Fuck…I’m cumming”, could have destroyed the virgin’s dream start to sex. Oscar was nearly overwhelmed confronting base girly intense orgasm at the start of his cock’s long career. Luckily, he thought, shit I’m okay at this and then promptly lost his load anyway, splattering in jerks inside and around her love canyon. Beth and Oscar then both watched ‘the juices of love’ dribble out intermittently and settle on her labial fairy winglets. So cute.

Bernard was humping a granny like she was a filly. Mrs Roberts was receiving like a cat on heat. Shit she was going to need this on a regular basis. Sex was sensational for self when unexpected. She had a gentle tingly pleasure hint and as she peaked she understood the three young girls participating in a tableau of unmeasured unbridled desire, still centred on themselves, descending only into pleasure for self, there was too much flesh out there in the shed, too much of a senses overload…where to look …so we go into self…into self, take for self…be self…Mrs Roberts held it all in too.

Erica held it in her clit and arse. Beth let it swirl around her wet coochie and then in her mind and then into Oscar’s eyes… Chastity savoured it in, then out…. like all the males present in the shed… took in the mayhem of orgiastic pleasures in a shed…spread out around the space as random as splattered semen …richly happy as per usual with her sexual self…but all out of self now…it was over…

Christ everyone had work to do, thought Chas, even Mrs Roberts would be here soon…time to get inside.

Bernard too shot his load, the gentlest of his life into Mrs Roberts. Aware that a potential career ruining day bouncing uncontrollably like nubile sex was salvaged by rutting granny sex. Ask Bluey, Lance, Joel, Oscar or Adam what they expected from the day, any day at the Retreat and it would have been: work… not group sex…

Bernard summed it up better…in his mind as he packed his own cock away. There is the known, the unknown, the expected, the unexpected…the garden was known, the girls all unknown, the expected was nuns in habits and priests in cassocks circulating the garden… arms folded, or touching rosaries in contemplation of the divine and its mysterious guidance… the unexpected… three nymphs in the shed…and a grandmother in the kitchen… well fuck me …and they were.

There was a flurry of work in the front garden and driveway late into the afternoon. A contract remains business. The girls changed all the linen, helped vacuum and dust when they came inside. Only Chastity caught the musky whiff in the kitchen. Surely not Bernard…and if so… why? She processed it…shit was it that close to all coming undone…Well done Bernard, she thought quietly. Chastity realised while she was the Queen of the pleasure principal, Bernard was the Emperor of sexual sneakiness.

The drive back to school was uneventful. The girls were fucked out to put it impolitely. The roadhouse toilet and the roadhouse…thank god… were empty of customers…when they had a brief pit stop…god knows what would trigger the three lasses to sexual mayhem in an instance.

Sister Agatha was shown their Chastity pledges when they got back to St Anne’s. She was close to tears for their saved purity. The girls went happily upstairs, contented to be back with all their friends, up to the dorms and slept soundly, minds meandering dreamily , savouring their smutty day.

It was very late into the evening at the Rectory. Through the window there was the first flurry of light snow. Christ it was technically the last day of autumn. Bernard thought fuck this and got up on his desk and removed the smoke alarm battery. He put his boots up on the desk, thought about the upcoming Cardinal’s visit for the college’s prize presentation day, the community mass and the college formal dinner for the leaving senior students….who knew what opportunities awaited in dark alcoves, the vestry or the belfry or perhaps behind the Cathedral Organ: as he carefully crafted his rollie.

He was enjoying a well deserved smoke inside the Rectory…shit was it a lucky decision to go back immediately after Patrick’s dick was sorted out…a misdemeanour… he had wanted a last ménage with the girls and got Mrs Roberts instead…who knew their next fuck in life and that counted married couples… and where it was going to be…the kitchen sink…the shed…

God each drag was good… then ….beeping…beeping … fucking beeping …from where…then the full detector alarm…in the hallway… Bernard had forgotten to fully close his office door.

Fuck it…he left his feet up and took another puff.

[ My regular reader there is more to follow soon: in “College Celebrations”. I am a responsible erotic writer, I have to prep sassy Chas for a double penetration by invited VIP’s in the Cathedral, get anal obsessed Erica ready for a bukkake with the whole of St Xavier’s College Senior Boys Choir and prise open that cutie pie sweetie, Beth’s arse, for the wolfish Cardinal…all before final Mass.]

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