Conditional Confidence -part 2 “Seed Planting

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Conditional Confidence -part 2 “Seed Planting
Barb showed up just after 11pm at my door. I was just about to call it a day when she knocked softly. I opened the door just wearing a pair of shorts. There she stood wearing a pair of loose fitting cutoff sweat pants shorts and a very tight fitting,low neck, hot pink t-shirt. With Barb’s tan, she looked hot. She had put on a heavy amount of makeup and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her makeup, in my opinion, was very overdone and a slight turn off but her chest…it almost bursting out of her top, the amount of cleavage that showed was impossible to ignore. I immediately felt mysef getting erect. She smiled and I let her walk in. I shut the door behind her and we began kissing. I moved my hand up under left breast. Barb grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed. Then abruptly, she stopped and pulled away. “We need to talk….” Damn, I really didn’t feel like it.

I struggled to control my sexual desire to rip her clothes off as Barb sat on the couch next to me. “I like you,” she started of in a shaky voice, ” and the sex was wonderful but I have to know if this is just sex or something else. What do you want?” Barb looked at me with glossy eyes. I thought about lying, just to get it over quickly but her sincere look made me choose to tell the truth knowing it might lead to no sex. I stood up and took my shorts off before saying anything. I got on my knees in front of her. I gave a playful smile and began slowly pulling off her shorts. Barb resisted very weakly as I removed them. I said “let me show you what I want.”

I kissed her inner thigh and moved in. Barb was trembling as I looked up at her. She gave a feeble smile and wanted to say something but instead she remained silent as I moved my mouth illegal bahis into her warm snatch. She moved her legs apart and let me move my tongue and fingers up inside and around her. Barb moaned as she rubbed her fingers through my hair. She got moist quickly and I kept going. I decided that she needed to be pleasured first to get out of our talk. I hoped my actions would make her forget. Barb sank into the couch. I reached up with both hands and squeezed her tits as I buried my mouth hard into her. I stretched my tongue as far as I could and moved it around. Barb moved her hands on top of mine and helped moved them. This aroused me. I enjoyed seeing the pleasure in her face. She begged in a faint voice to not stop and I didn’t. After several minutes, I was able to help Barb reach her climax. She jumped and jerked a few times, the she weakened. Sweat was running down her face and the makeup was already ruined by the humidity in my hot apartment. I slid up her sweaty body and kissed her. Her kissing was not as passionate this time. I saw a different look in her eyes but she didn’t say anything as I pulled her onto the floor.

She let me position her onto all fours and I moved behind her. I rubbed my tip up against her until I found her wet target. I slipped inside and buried myself deep inside her. Barb gasped hard. I reached around her body and grabbed two handfuls of her dropped chest. I pumped slowly as I played with her fleshy chest. Barb went down to her elbows, unable to support me on top of her with her skinny arms out. I moved my grip onto her thick hips and began to increase my drilling. The sound of our flesh slapping echoed in my apartment. Barb moaned with every thrust into her. My breathing was heavy as sweat broke out all over illegal bahis siteleri our bodies. I looked down at the crack of her ass. I watched how her ass hole would open a little each time I pulled back. It was hypnotic, as if was speaking to me. Then I wondered, “would she be into it???”

I kept pumping into Barb with my thick stick. I slowed down, to hold out a little longer as the urge to inseminate built up. I told Barb I was close. She just nodded her head ok as her breathing became erratic. I moved my right hand up onto her ass cheek as my first deposit of my cum launched out of my cock into Barb. I moved my thumb over her hole as my second injection of fluid was exchanged. Then as my third fluid transfusion took place, I pushed my thumb down and into her hole. Barb collapsed flat onto the floor. She grunted hard as if all the air was taken out of her lungs. I couldn’t believe how easily my thumb entered her ass. Barb didn’t seem offended by the move! Then it dawned on me, Barb got around more than it initially seemed…

The tide had turned as thoughts of not having sex with Barb poisoned my mind. As I rolled off her and pulled my stinky thumb out of her butt hole, I avoided Barb’s eye contact and instead transfixed my gaze to the ceiling. Barb rolled onto her side and pressed her body against mine. She kissed my chest and I instinctively kissed her sweaty forehead. We lay in silence for several minutes until our heartrates returned to normal. All that time, I began to wonder why I was being so paranoid. Thankfully, Barb broke the silence. “I’m not upset that you don’t want me for anything else but sex.” Which only made me feel worse, I mean what could I say to her that wasn’t a lie?

My only response, “I’m sorry.” I looked canlı bahis siteleri at Barb, I could see hurt in her eyes. Man, I wanted to lie but something came over me and I spewed out the truth. “Barb, I am very physically attracted to you. You have an amazing body. I really like having sex with you and I’d like to continue having sex with you.” Unexpectedly, Barb seemed to enjoy my awkward honestly.

“You’re very sweet and I appreciate you being honest.” Barb said in a sweet tone as she kissed me softly on the lips. “I was hoping you wanted more…….” I could hear the sadness as her voice got shaky as if she was about to cry. “I am very attracted to you too and I want to be with you as long as you will have me.” Tears began to run down her face, she pressed herself against me and I felt her tears on my chest. Barb was sobbing and I reflected that just moments ago we were engaged in sweaty lustful sex and now this??

I just held her until the sobbing past. I could feel the warm fluids I had implanted inside Barb running out of her as she had one leg d****d over me. I suggested we get cleaned up. A few minutes later we were in my shower running cool water over us. We held each other and kissed softly. I asked if she’d stay the night. Barb accepted.

We dried off, got something to drink and got into bed. I was horny and took Barb in missionary position all the way. We kissed as I took it slow. We were very passionate. Just as I was unloading my seeds into her dock, Barb gave me a slight warning, her hand on my face, “don’t say anything right now” as my body jerked with another ounce was given “I love you.” She smiled, her eyes twinkled as she looked at me. I felt compelled to respond but she kept shushing me until I was emptied. I stayed inside her as long as I could. Barb squeezed me. I eventually rolled off and held her close. We talked about lots of other little things for a while. Just as sleep was about to come over us. Barb nonchalantly says ” Allie thinks your hot.” Oh boy, guess what I began thinking??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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