Cuckold Expirience part 3

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Cuckold Expirience part 3
This is, as the title says, third and for now the final part of my personal expirience.
My wife has been fucking with this guy but he moved (to Singapore I think) and everything just went down.And our sex life too… For last couple of months we are living together in Switzerland but our relantionship is geting cold, unfortunately. I have mentioned sex with this guy couple of times but with no success, she just seemed to lost her libido. I have also made a suggestion that she could find a new lover, but she said no. Living in Europe is all about work and people are quite cold and mostly act as they are with no sex drive at all. I`m 29, my wife 33 but from this point it looks like to me that we are 60+. So, at first it was like this and I was really depressed.
But, recently my wife comes home with the story that she is always bumping up into this guy at her work. He is from other departament but they share a kitchen. He is in his mid 50`s or something, not so good looking but he is always checking her up, like devouring her with his eyes. At first it was annoying but now she is finding that funny, because he is so humorous and always making jokes where everybody laughs. So my beep goes on and I ask her does she likes him. Apperently they talked and he asked her is she in a relationship. `So, what have you told him?`. `I told him that is complicated..`. And after that he becomes more direct every time, asking her out, telling how good looking she is. And she is thinking that maybe they should go out. No sex or anything, just go out. I was not aware that she is into older men, she never told me, but I did found that arousing, in some strange and sick way ( the guy she previously fucked was 35). So, ok, I said that was fine with me, she does not really have friends here..(but why telling him that our relantionship is complicated?)
And they went out for a drink, she returned about midnight, slightly drunk. I didn`t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri get to ask her how was it, she just went down for my cock (I was laying in bed at the moment) and sucked it realy aggressively, squizing my balls. Then she sat on me and starts riding, taking off her bra. I think she was never like that. I`m holding her by her neck while her big tits are jumping arround. So I grab her little tighter and ask `Did he fucked you?`. She is all red in her face and says `No`, then after a few strong trusts she said `Not yet`. And then just went all crazy, trusting onto my cock real hard until she had an orgasm. I came soon after just pumping my seeds into her. That was…a blast! She lies over me, and we kissed for a while then she said `I want him to fuck me`. At that point my cock was still inside her and after I heard that she saying this just got hard again. I still can`t belive it. So I`m slowly moving up and down. `How much do you want that? I asked. `Realy realy bad.`I turned her on her back, her pussy is messed up and I notice that vaginal ring (contraception thing) was out. She takes it, spread her pussy a litttle and pushes it back. The cum was everywhere, just pouring like small waterfall. So I put my cock back and start to fuck her again, holding her by her thighs.Then she said `I want it in the ass`. We have tried that before couple of times but it didn`t worked so well. So this was strange request but I was horny and didn`t asked a thing. After a few attempts I failed to penetrate her asshole since I was not yet fully errected. I fucked her with my middle finger in her ass and when I saw that she loves it, I put one more finger. I got a good hard on from that scene and after a few minutes I managed to put my cock in her ass. She was like a wild a****l, just keep asking more and faster. Since she was so tight and seeing her pussy covered in cum I came after 10 minutes of perabet giriş hard fucking. I needed a couple of minutes to put my shit together and then, while my cock just slipped out of her asshole, I asked her how was her date. She told me that they had a dinner and then went for a drink. That this guy was crazy about her, and they talked about sex a lot. He loves anal sex and he would like to try that with her. And after they had a couple of drinks they kissed when they took a little strole near the lake. His hand was under her skirt and in her panties. She had a trimmed pussy but he told her that if she wants him to fuck her she must grow hair.(WTF?) He puts a finger in her pussy, she is all wet and mouning, afraid that someone will see them. Then he puts that wet finger in her ass. It was painfull but felt good, she said.Then he asks her to go to hotel but she said not now, next time.
I was confused, since I thought that she is not into older men and not into anal sex, but this thing is certainly improving our sex life, so what the hell. She asks me is this all right and I said yes, of course.
And next week she goes for a date…Unfortunately I got ill, with fever and everything and just trying to stay alive (men und fever), so I wasn`t bothering her with messages. I waited for her at our apartament.
She comes back in the morning in a good mood. I`m in bed, she comes over and she is ready to talk. I`m already naked, although half alive, she got undressed and jumps in. I am immediately after her pussy but she apparently already took a shower. So, they went for a dinner again, drank some wine and headed for hotel after that. She said that guy was not so good looking, had a stomach and was realy hairy but that turned her on actually. His hands are all over her, he is kissing her, touching her pussy and playing with her clit. He is holding her firmly, like he is in total control and wants to show that. He is slowly perabet güvenilir mi pushing her down on her knees and brings his cock to her mouth. He had a nice cock, that is what she said, not that big as the guy before, but good. He took viagra or something and told her that he will fuck her all night. It took him 10 minutes to have an erection. So he grabs her and pushs her onto the bed, spreading her legs and he starts licking her. She told me that this was the best oral sex she had in her life, just didn`t wanted to end. The bastard new that and he took his time. During that time he slowly penetrated her ass with his finger and fucked her like that. So when she came it was like a fireworks. He sucked her clit not letting it go.
She is on the bed, with her legs spread and guy is grabing her and draws her ass on the edge of the bed. He jerk his cock and plays a little arround her pussy lips. Then he enters her wet pussy and starts fucking her under some strange angle so that she came again realy fast, begging him to stop. But he did not. He was holding her firmly and just went fucking hard. He fucked her like that for half an hour or more then just turned her arround on her stomach and fucked her from behind, holding her with his strong hands. She just could not take it any more and then he pulls out her pussy, takes lubricant and goes for her ass. It was painfull, she said, but after a while was good. He is going like that for ages, and then burst into her. She just can not move, on the bed, on her knees with his cock in hers ass. So he pulls out and she feels his cum leaking down her inner thighs. He is still hard and after some time playing with her pussy lips he pushes his cock inside her pussy again and fucks her slowly for 5-10 minutes. After that lays down next to her and kiss her. She huged him tightly and they kissed for a while. He was still hard and he tried to push her head down for a blowjob but she thought that was not so good idea since he fucked her in ass. So she went over him, puting his cock in her pussy and starts riding him. She came like that but he could not, so they went for a shower and in bed. When they woke up, they just kissed and each went to their home.

to be, eventualy, continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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