Cum to Eat! Cuckold

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Cum to Eat! Cuckold
Waking up, he walked naked (as required by her very strict rules) into the kitchen to make coffee, his wife of 15 years already gone to work. Even though she was nearing 50, she still had a hot body that men were more than willing to sample, 5′ 2″ and 125 pounds. She had fairly large tits with huge nipples that swelled up when she was hot. On the counter, he found a neatly written note, always very precise and exacting, which he read as he sipped his coffee.


I have special date for tonight, so you will be extra well prepared. You will eat nothing this morning, clean out your slutty ass until your belly is completely empty and clean, with as many enemas as necessary. Shave your body bare and shower, make sure to wash off your slut filth.

You are to stay naked, as per MY house rules, plug your ass with the 3″ wide plug, attach the tight nipple clamps and wear them until I get home.

In my bathroom, place a chair to sit and watch me get ready, so I can see your pathetic little cock. In the bedroom, place another chair so I can strap you to it, making you watch as my huge cock date pleasures me.

He busied himself with all his tasks, making sure he was very ready for her date, not wishing to disappoint her. He was her willing cuck-slut, there to watch while she fucked other men, sitting wordlessly in the corner, plugged and clamped, watching her. And, to suck, lick and casino siteleri swallow her creampie pussy until clean.

Upon her return from work, he sat in the chair in the bathroom while she showered, shaving her pussy bare. All he could do is watch her naked body while she applied makeup, curled her hair and sprayed perfume on. She made a big show of putting her “fuck me” heels and a see thru white lace nighty, which showed off her naked body under it. Her freshly shaved pussy was clearly visible, while her big nipples, swollen and hard pointed straight out.

Finally ready for her date, she moved me to the chair in the bedroom. Strapping me tightly to it, hands cuffed behind me, straps around my chest, belly and thighs. I was right at the end of the king sized bed.

As I sat there, the doorbell rang, and she went off to answer it, even dressed in next to nothing.

Bringing her new lover to the bedroom as her cuck-slut watched, she enjoyed kissing and making out with her new, well hung stud, stripping him in front of her cuck-slut.

“Look how big his cock is, slut! So much bigger than your little dick! OOOOOOOHHHHHH, he’s going fill me up nice and full!”

All he could is watch as she got on her knees to suck the thick, big cock, bobbing her head on it, making it swell even more.

“Want to watch as he slides his big meat into my sloppy cunt, slut! See my legs spread wide, held up high canlı casino as he rams my cunt, slut?”

She so enjoys describing the details to her cuck-slut, watching from his chair.

She climbs onto the bed, dragging her lover with her. Laying on her back, she spreads her legs wide, while he lifts them high in the air. His huge cock hangs just above her juicy, open cunt while he kisses her deeply. Her hand reaches down, in full view of her slut, guiding the thick cock to her cunt.

“Watch closely, slut, so you can see his cock open my cunt wide, like a real man can! Oh, look how big his cock head is, you little cocked cuck!”

He watches as the cock’s tip spreads her open.

“Oh, God! Fuck! It’s soooooo big, slut! See that!? Yea, baby, open my cunt up wide!”

He watches as the huge cock drives deep into her willing cunt while she wildly humps against him!

“Oh, YES! Ram my cunt, God that feels so good! Show him how a real man FUCKS me! See that, slut? He’s soooooooo fucking deep, deeper than your limp cock ever could get! Oh, fuck, YES! A real cock fucking me!”

He can see as the huge cock hammers her, her legs wildly swaying in his hands, her ass lifting off the bed with each thrust.

“OH, SHIT! I’m cumming!! Ram my cunt hard, you hot stud! Fill my cunt up full with your hot cum! See that, you cuck-slut? You like that? Seeing his cock ramming my cunt?”

As he sits there, they both moan and groan, kaçak casino cumming together, then lay there, resting.

“You enjoy that slut? You must have, your little cock is dripping all over your legs! Bet that plug helped, and those clamps make your nipples all sore, too! You hungry, slut? Got a hot meal for you suck out of my wide open cunt!”

As she lays there, he can see her gaping, cum dripping cunt while she cuddles him. She can barely wait to inch her way down to his semi-hard cock, sucking his cum from it, until his is hard again.

“Oh, yea, baby, I’m horny for more of your hard cock! Spread me wide again and give me more of your hot cum!”

“See that, slut!? He’s hard, big…bigger than your pathetic cock…and ready to fuck again!”

Laying back, he can see the huge cock once again spread her sloppy cunt, the cum dribbling out and down her ass. Fucking slowly this time, he toys with her clit until she cums, squirting her juices on his massive cock buried deep in her cunt. Once she has cum, his pace picked up, urgently humping her, making wet, sloppy sounds until he fills her once more.

Laying there resting, she thanks him softly for his big cock and making her cum. Her lover dresses slowly, kisses her good bye and leaves her resting on the bed.

Reaching over, she releases her cuck-slut from his straps and cuffs.

“Well, get to it, slut, suck my cunt clean of all of his hot cum!”

Rising up from his chair, he lays between her raised, spread legs, licking and sucking her cunt clean of all the hot cum still dribbling from her.

“Guess what slut? Next time will be three guys here, lots of dinner for you…HOT CUM TO EAT!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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