Cybersex Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This story was cowritten with Literotica author SeanSteyvens. Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the culpable.


Friday, March 5 at 1:06 AM

Subject: Literotica: Feedback for married_but_curious

I love your stories. I’ve had similar fantasies for many years, being a middle aged married but curious guy myself. I’ve had some real life experiences I might want to share with you, some of which happened when I was a lot younger than I am now.

If you think you might want to start corresponding, hit me back!



Mon, Mar 8 at 6:56 AM

Hi, thanks for writing back!

Sure, I’d like to hear about the most vivid or memorable things you did when younger. You’ve already got a massive trove of my experiences, albeit edited using artistic license.

Married But Curious


Mon, Mar 8 at 12:29 PM

Thanks for getting back to me! It gives me excited feelings even writing to you about this stuff. So hot!

I guess I could start by telling you a few stories about my experiences… which do you think would be more fun to hear about: some things that happened when I was eighteen, with an older guy in his forties or so; or, some of the fantasies I’ve roleplayed online over the years? If I’m being honest, a lot of the latter includes me pretending to be a girl, which makes me blush to even admit…

So cool that you answered!!


Mon, Mar 8 at 12:31 PM

PS – I probably should’ve described myself a little. I’m in my mid-40s, 6’2, lean and smooth skinned. Shortish dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, tattoos on the arms…



Mon, Mar 8 at 1:52 PM

We have similar stats, ‘cept I don’t have any ink – we could almost be brothers. “We few, we happy few, we band of perverts.”


Mon, Mar 8 at 12:56 PM


I was 19, and was loving life. I had a new (used) car, and was enjoying all the freedoms it afforded me, not the least of which included fucking my hot blonde girlfriend whenever I wanted to. I kept my hair cut crew cut short, and was a skater and soccer player, so I’ve always been in pretty good shape. When I was in my teens I was always a little self conscious about being thin, and used to work out a lot to gain muscle but my metabolism was so high that it never worked.

Anyway, during that time in my life I was partying with my friends, drinking and smoking pot a lot. I’d always had pretty good luck with girls, and lost my virginity to a cute art student with vastly more experience bursa escort than me. My current girlfriend was a hot little petite blonde, who sucked my cock the first night I met her, and let me fuck her the first time I got her alone in a room. It was awesome and I still think about her a lot. We’re friends on Facebook now. Even though I was getting very high quality regular pussy, I was still curious about other things, and kept finding myself fixated on my girlfriend sucking my cock…the way she licked it and played with it…the way she drooled when she tried to take all of it…. watching her suck me was almost better than fucking her, and I kept finding myself imaging what it would be like to suck a cock like that…

As we were under 21, we were always looking for ways to get alcohol. One of my buddies knew a super cool older dude named Theo, who lived alone just outside of town, and who would sometimes have some pot for sale. He would also go to the liquor store to buy booze for us if we paid him to, and sometimes he’d encourage us to hang out. He had a huge TV for the time, and a big collection of movies, and over the course of a couple weekends I ended up hanging out there late at night. He was always really cool to me and had no problems hooking me up, letting me drink a lot of his booze and smoke his weed. About the third time I went over to party at his place, no one else was there but us. Instead of the light beer he usually shared with us, he had a big bottle of Jack Daniels and several two liters of Coke…


Mon, Mar 8 at 1:58 PM


Glanced at your most recent email, which looks like it’s about you when you were 19 and with a 40ish guy.

Perhaps we could roleplay / cyber about the stuff that makes you blush, being a girl / gurl (unclear from the context which option turns you on the most)? I don’t feel shame about my sexuality – why pretend to have someone else’s desires instead of what you actually want?

Gonna read your Beginnings email now, see what it’s about.


Mon, Mar 8 at 1:52 PM

Back then, when I drank with my friends, we would all pretty much keep going till the booze ran out, or until we all passed out. I’d developed a taste for Jack and Coke, and liked how quickly I got fucked up when I drank a lot of it. My inhibitions went out the window, and I had fun getting hammered and then fooling around with my girlfriend. The things little blonde 18 y/o Ava encouraged me do to her probably deserve their own set of stories, as she was a dirty girl, and because of her I had bursa escort bayan some experience with drunken naughty sex. She liked making me cum and the first time I fucked her, she stopped me before I got close and told me she liked the way cum felt on her skin. This pushed me over the edge and I erupted all over her smooth flawless young skin, as she moaned and writhed around, eagerly jacking me off and then rubbing my hot jism into her skin like it was lotion.

I’d brought Ava to Theo’s a couple times, and he was cool to her but a little aloof, I think trying not to make me feel jealous or anything. Looking back I’m pretty sure his dirty mind must’ve been racing, imagining the teenaged sex we were obviously having, but at the time it seemed like he was playing it very cool. This time, when it was just the two of us, he mentioned her a few times, telling me how luck I was to have a little hottie like that. I liked the way it made me feel when he talked about her like that, and I’m sure he noticed.

“So…you wanna watch a movie?” Theo asked me, handing me a big pint sized glass of Jack and Coke and ice.

I grinned as I took a big slug of it, icy cold and sweet but burning as it hit my belly. “Yeah… let’s watch something with some tits!” I felt buzzed from the first few sips of my drink … butterflies twirling excitedly in my tummy.

Theo looked at me quizzically, then slowly grinned, not so subtly glancing down at the way my jeans fit me. “What’s the matter, no Ava tonight?” he asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

“Naw, not tonight. I’m not pussy whipped or anything.” I grinned, feeling macho talking about her like that, liking the way it felt … downing more of my drink.

“Well, if you wanna see some tits… I’ve got plenty of that,” he said, “but I gotta tell you, I’m not shy.” He had this knowing smirk when he said that.

My tummy did somersaults then and it still does now, thinking about those words.

Theo dug out a movie, one of those juvenile 80’s T)


Mon, Mar 8 at 4:53 PM

“Fuck yeah” Theo growled, staring down at me.

My cock throbbed excitedly, the tip swollen and big as I let it peek out, loving the way he reacted.

“If you get naked, I’ll suck that thing dry” he said dirtily, eagerly peeling off his sweatpants, making his cock bob around almost menacingly. He was old enough to be my father, and his body was much more hairy than mine, coarse dark hairs over his chest, running down to his crotch, such a contrast to my mostly hairless skin. In soccer in high school escort bursa other kids made fun of me in the showers sometimes, because I had hardly any hair on my body. He had this gleam in his eyes which kind of sent alarm signals to me, but I was very drunk and high by then, and extremely turned on and horny.

As Theo stood there watching me, he started masturbating, his strong hand sliding up and down his long stiff shaft while he leered at me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt really drunk and fucked up, but it was just so damn hot … I was almost convincing myself it was a dream already …

I took a breath and stood up, kicking my sneakers off, and peeled down my tight fitting jeans. I wore old school cotton boxers back then, and I can even remember that it was a red plaid pair, something that might’ve come from LL Bean one Christmas. I glanced at the TV and had to stifle a moan. There was a hot, slutty looking chick naked on her knees, passionately sucking off a well built, studly guy as he stood in front of her, her big tits bouncing, her spit all over him. My cock was throbbing and I felt dizzy as I tugged my boxers down, until I was standing there in front of Theo in just a T shirt, nude in front of a man for the first time in a context that wasn’t a gym or locker room kind of thing.

Theo grunted and moved closer to me, making me feel dizzy and nervous, in a way I can still remember clearly. It was hot and exciting and a little scary, and I loved it. He reached down and made me gasp by cupping my bare balls. I wasn’t expecting it and as he squeezed a little my knees buckled and I couldn’t help moaning out loud as he started to fondle me, exploring my young teen body. His hand moved to my young stiff cock and I remember gasping out loud, completely involuntarily, the first time I’d ever had such a strong reaction.

I’m about 7 inches long and cut, and pretty thick around. Every person I’ve been with has commented on my cock being “nice” or “big,” or something cool and flattering like that, and I’ve always been a little proud of it. I think when it’s hard it’s a pretty damn nice cock.

Theo must’ve thought so too, because he put his other hand on it and started jerking me off, his other hand still fondling my parks smooth balls. It almost felt like he was molesting me … and I liked it …

“You like that, don’t you, boy” he said gruffly, and my knees felt weak. I was drunk and it felt like maybe I wasn’t completely in control of what was going to happen next. I reached out for his cock, wanting to see what it felt like, and not wanting to wait anymore. He grinned as he felt me tentatively put my hand around him. It felt so strange in my hand, not like my own at all. I squeezed it experimentally and he grunted with approval.

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