Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 5 of 5

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Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 5 of 5
Rose and Emma lay together kissing as their men fucked them from behind. The two girls mashed their large tits together as they writhed under the attention of the men. Their passion built and they started to cum shortly before creamy cum poured into them.

A nicely brought up young lady of good family and a Bermondsey whore seemed an unlikely combination for best friends. Emma knew what where her friend had come for and the previous night announced her intention to open her legs professionally. It made some sense when you found out that the manor was the most exclusive brothel in England run by a titled lady, Lady Georgina and staffed by her family and select friends. One of those was Emma’s mother in law.

Emma’s husband, Huw cupped her breasts and squeezed as his softening cock came out of her. At the same time Rose had rubbed her clit. The result was a noisy orgasm.

“Has any one told you, that you’re a noisy cow Em.” Emma responded by groping Rose knowing it would do the same for her.

“So are you, you naughty tart. Heavens I like being a bad girl. I never thought that I would enjoy four of us together.”
There had been a plan to get Emma who had been taught that nice girls don’t enjoy sex. It had worked with knobs on and a combination of guess work and outright cajoling Rose had got Emma a clear idea of the family she was married to and their debauched friends. Since in the course of it she discovered she like screwing women the solution was clear.

Out on the Welsh marches in eighteen-twenty the area was sparsely populated as they were on the edge of a forest. The two girls persuaded the men to take time off and go for a ride with them. Not being in the least demure the girls road astride in men’s breaches; Once they were out of site of others the girls removed their blouses and rode with just their corset for tops. The bouncing inevitably caused their prodigious boobs to come out after the first canter.
Their destination was a stream that formed a natural pool out in the sunlight. Summer was nearly over so it wasn’t as warm as it had been but they were hot from the ride. Even so they quickly got out and lay on the sun-drenched rock that was far more pleasant.

Huw leaned over and get Rose an affectionate kiss. “Thank you for what you have done for my sweet Emma.”

“It was a pleasure and I have got a friend and lover out of it. Plus, we all like swapping around which is fun.”

It was a day of pleasure but Rose had private thoughts that were less nice. Summer was coming to an end and during the winter she knew that she would lose her Gerald. As the heir to a noble family he was expected to marry and provide an heir. Rose was not suitable even with her new persona as the orphaned daughter of colonial civil servants. Rose had no land, no money nor anything else to offer other than love.

On the other hand, surprised though she was to fall in love she was confident that it was returned. The lust certainly was and she enjoyed it as he took her doggy style kneeling beside her friend. Rose put sad thoughts aside and kissed her friend who she has so successfully corrupted,

The next day she went with Emma both of them looking like respectable young ladies for once, to see the restoration work on the old Tudor house that was being renovated to be Emma’s new home. Even though Emma got on extremely well with her equally debauched parents in law this did not take away from the fact she wanted to be mistress of her own household. Before their marriage Huw had purchased a house, whose family had withered away until the last resident had passed on from old age. The wars with Napoleon had meant that it was difficult to sell and it had been empty for some years. A lot of work had been done to repair and restore it and it was close to finished.

As the road back in the pony and trap Emma explained her plans for the staffing of her new domain.

“It would take too long to get staff the way Georgina does by recruiting disgraced servants who have got pregnant. Do you thing we could get the staff of a London brothel to give up London but keep their legs open for me.”

“Emma, I think you are a worse tart than me. Very few actually enjoy whoring and I am an example of what you can find amongst the poor of London who sometimes have little choice. Its possible I suppose. What does Huw think?”

“Well as long as at least some are as pretty as you and he gets to be between their legs then he is in favour. Of course, screwing kaçak iddaa the staff is fine by me as I will do the same if I like them.”

“Strumpet. I cannot believe just how randy you have turned out. It can’t be all Lady Gwen’s boon. I reckon that behind those innocent blue eyes you were always a closet wanton.”

“Maybe, why don’t we pull off down that lane and found out how?” The lane was a very quiet one through the forest and the side turning even more so. Two nice looking young ladies out of site took each other in their arms and kissed. Emma took down her friend dress top and kissed each splendid breast in turn. Rose pulled down Emma dress in turn and they mashed their tits together. The rest of their clothes followed and they made love with the long grass for a bed.

The idea of denuding a brothel of is staff appealed to Huw as well. The point was that they wanted domestic servants who would not gossip about their betters as they were doing the same. Rose had an idea which one to go for. So it was that the four of them went up to London together. They made their entrance in the late morning when the girls were just about rising. But when no clients were there to witness matters. Rose knew that the brothel keeper was an ageing thug who nowadays had others to supply the muscle he no longer could. Despite being an establishment with prettier girls and wealthier clients he ruled through fear. The key was that the muscle was supplied by two brothers who only did what they had too because it kept their mother employed as the cook.

The girls waited in the doorway protected from prying eyes by the coach. Rose realised she no longer felt comfortable in Bermondsey.

“Good day ladies, sorry to disturb your breakfast but we have a proposition for you.” Said Huw holding his cane ready to withdraw the sword at a moment’s notice.

“What the fuck get out of here before we scrag you. We’re not open for business.”

“Sorry old chap you’re not included in the proposal.”

Rose sauntered in knowing that none of them were likely to recognise her dressed as a lady. Just for good measure she checked that the stiletto up her sleeves was easily available.

“Sally if you want to escape working for that bastard over there, the now’s your chance. I did and have never regretted it.” Rose reverted to the south London dialect she had spent so much time losing.

Gawd is that you Rose?”

“In the flesh darling.”

“You lot are leaving now and not in one piece, boys scrag em.” This from the evil bit of shit who owned the place. Two young men one of normal size but well-muscled but the other massive and hulking moved across the room. Huw and Gervase withdrew their swords and lifted them in a stance that showed they knew what to do with them.

“Joe at the very least you and your brother are going to get hurt and if you win, you’ll get hanged. Listen to Huw and you can get a cushy billet. Neither man felt like taking on two swordsmen when armed only with fists and they both knew that the chance of them getting away with hurting two toffs with witnesses present didn’t exist. The normal sized one called Joe stopped the man mountain.

“Hold on Bas. We don’t want to mess with them if we can help it.”

“I don’t like hurting people anytime but you tell me we must for Mum’s sake.” Bas sounded as if he was rather simple.
“What it is we want people working for us who won’t care who is in whose bedroom and what they are wearing. Its simple we fuck who we want and you get to do the same. Also, we won’t want you to get up early any more than we do. You’re clearly a bright lad Joe and Bas is pretty strong. The girls too but not that scraggy bit of meat he looks useless.”

“Scrag um boys, scrag um good those toffs only play with swords they don’t know how to use them.”
Rose strode across the room drew her dagger and held it to his throat.

“But I know what to do with this ducks and I will have impeccable witnesses to say you attacked me and this went right across your throat.” Halfway through the sentence she switched from Bermondsey to posh. The brothel keeper actually wet himself as he was under no illusion, she could do just that and get away with it.
“What about our Mum?” asked Joe.

“Their Mum’s a bloody good cook. Undercook in a big house before she got in the family way.” added Rose.
“Rose’s testimonials is enough for me. I didn’t think we would get a cook as well.” said Huw

All the working girls had gathered now wondering what was going on. They were being shepherded into casino firmalari a corner by an older woman who must be Joe and Bas’s mum. The smell of the girl’s breakfast was surprisingly pleasant adding its evidence that a good cook prepared it.

“Joe are we taking Mum away from here, are we.”

“Yes, Bas dear, we are all going to leave this evil old skinflint. You know Rosy she was always nice to you.”
“Rosy is my friend if she says it’s a good thing then it is. But if we are going can I do Mullins for hurting the girls, they are my friends as well.”

“Try not to kill him but I like the idea.” This was from Emma who had now joined them backed by the two coachmen. Mullins legged it sharpish as he would say with Bas going after him. Bas seemed content to just put a scare in him. When he came back Emma told him he was a good fellow and he beamed. Praise had been in short supply in his life at least from strangers.

The end result was that all six girls the two brothers and the family were quite willing to try out a new life even if it did entail more physical work. What had done the trick was Emma’s treatment of Bas. Any mistress who could be kind to the amiable giant had to have something going for her. Joe proved an asset straight away as he organised a couple of carts with horses that Huw paid for.

“I hope I did right sir but since you would not be bringing the horses back, I chose some that were not to old and healthy and you could get some work out of later, the same with the carts. They cost a bit more though.”

“That is good thinking Joe. I think you and I will get on very well because that is exactly right get the best value you can afford not the cheapest. Whilst not simple like his brother Joe also responded to praise.

Mullins didn’t not reappear before they left but two cart loads of people with their meagre possession set off and met up with the carriage. They used the journey to get to know each other better. Two of the girls were delighted to discover that their new mistress liked girl sex too and their relationship was fine. Another of the girls had been secretly Joe’s lover when she could. That could now be in the open. The remaining three were young and whilst worldly wise from their former profession still retained a curiosity about the world. The countryside was a new and fascinating place for them.

Back at the manor life went on as usual, Huw managed to make Rose’s idea of using the spring to provide a water supply was implemented and they had copious hot water. Something that all above and below stairs delighted in. Still at the back of Rose’s mind was the worry of Gerald being married off.

“My blasted mother keeps on dangling vacuous young women in front of me and I am just not interested. My father just keeps on as to what good matched they are how much land or wealth or something else. Aunt Georgina can’t you talk to them and make them stop,”

“I doubt it but I have an idea. Let me put it to you.” Out of Rose’s earshot she explained and Gerald’s face lit up.
“You’re my favourite aunt that will probably work.” Georgina got a hug and a kiss, then Gerald went over and did the same to Rose.

“My clever aunt has got a plan that might work my love.” Rose was confused and became more so when Georgina asked if she would be willing to be her ward. It didn’t seem to have a lot of point but if Georgie wanted it then fine and it sort of made her officially part of her family. The lawyers drew up some documentation and at least one of them was a complete forgery but it did show that Rose’s fake father had put her in Georgina’s care.

“How did you get him to prepare that, Georgina.”

“I slept with him of course well I am going to have to sleep with him quite frequently but that’s not a problem I quite like him but don’t tell him I would be willing to do it for free. Note that he was careful to confirm that you were happy with the arrangement before producing the forgery. Miles is not totally without principal. Betty will be pleased she likes him as well.” Betty was Georgina’s lady’s maid and habitual lover.

That night they had another of the parties this time for a single family, parents, daughter and son in law. This seemed weird to Rose. After the guests arrived another carriage arrived with two sisters who whilst not common didn’t seem to be upper class with and were invited into another part of the manor being kept way from the family.

Lady Georgina explained to them before they went in to dine. Father and son casino şirketleri in law were trying to get their ladies to except group sex with the aim of getting acceptance for their respective mistresses who were the two sisters. The theory was that if they could get the wives to sleep with their mistresses as well then, they would get the best of both worlds.

“So, let’s get this right we are going to introduce two respectable ladies to our shenanigans so their hubbies can screw around.”

“So delicately put dear but yes. In this case apparently both women already have an active and enjoyable sex life we are just going to broaden their horizons. Betty will play a part and so will Lily. If the ladies don’t go completely mad at the idea then we will swap about a bit.“

The meal went well enough and without being too contrived the idea of girls enjoying each other was brought up. The daughter seemed fascinated and asked wide eyed. The mother didn’t seem to object to the subject either. Those two aren’t like Emma was though Rose, they are fairly broad minded but not to the extent of being tolerant of their husbands’ mistresses.
After dinner came the hard part, Alice went and sat with Esme, the daughter and Florence with Mary the mother in law. Georgina went over to the father and Rose the son in law. Alice and Mary cuddled up to the two women.
“George this is rather strange don’t you object.” Rose noted that Mary didn’t claim that she objected. Esme looked tempted to encourage Alice.

“Neither of us mind at all experiment if you want it’s perfectly safe, I want to introduce you two to new ideas and I know that neither of you are prudes.”

“You are a very bad man George Peterson. Your own daughter too. “To be honest she didn’t sound very upset.
“Oh, come of it she’s our daughter and we both know we aren’t angels and neither is she, that why we are trying this here nobody will reveal a thing and that includes the servants. Lily who was serving coffee smiled.

“None of us want our private lives spread around so don’t do it to anyone else Maam.”

“I won’t ask what this place is or how you know George. Do you want to try dear?” This last was to her daughter.
“I rather think I do.” She was cuddling up to Alice openly now. By the standards of the Manor they were fairly restrained staying dressed but there was some serious kissing going on. Mother and daughter did not seem to object to their husbands canoodling. Then Florence and Mary went further and their dresses cam down. Lily and Betty had joined in with the women who were rapidly letting go of inhibitions.

Violet who had not taken part in the dinner discretely put her hear around the door to see how thing were going and having satisfied herself that it was working out, went out again. A few minutes later she returned with the two mistresses. Mother and daughter didn’t notice that they each had another woman joining in their little group session. They were both so far gone from the expert seduction that even when they did, they didn’t care.

Violet got rid of her dress and joined Rose in a threesome. It all proved to be a nice little orgy that provided satisfaction to all concerned. When they had calmed down and having been satiated realised who had joined in.

“What exactly have you done George.”

“Well I thought that if I had a mistress it was only fair you could have her too.” George looked so innocent at this preposterous concept but Mary and Esme thought about for a while. Mother and daughter looked at each other for a few seconds and nodded and smiled broadly.

The next morning Rose got a summons to Georgina’s bedroom. They cuddled up together eating breakfast. No explanation was given for why she was wanted at this time of day. A knock came at the door and having been bid enter Gerald walked in.

“They argued a bit but in the end, they agreed to the entire package.”

“Splendid I though that they might the carrot was too juicy and the stick of you not co-operating was a worry for them. Also, to be fair whatever I think of my idiot sister she does love you and so does her prissy husband. Rose it may be an idea if you get off the bed for a second.”

Rose was confused as to what was going on it clearly affected her.

“Rose my darling my parents really want this manor top stay in the family which since neither of Georgina’s daughters will have c***dren won’t happen. My wonderful aunt worked out a way around this and my parent whilst not liking be manipulated agreed.”

Rose was still utterly confused but when Gerald got down on his knee realised why she had to become Georgina’s ward.

“My darling, sweet Rose, will you agree to be my wife.” being hit in the face by those huge tits was not the most elegant of acceptance gestures.

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