Doing Her Yardwork

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Tommy walks out of the glass door, with a big smile on his face. School had just let out for the summer, and now it was time for nothing partying, partying, and maybe a little more partying. Tommy, who was going to be a senior the following fall, was a popular kid. He was the QB for the varsity football team and a promising second baseman for the baseball team. He had scouts at almost every game he played that year, and next season shouldn’t be any different. But today wasn’t the time to be worried about it, he thought as he walked over to his new truck.

He had gotten a loan from his grandpa to buy the truck so he wouldn’t have to get one from the bank and pay the high interest rates. To make his payments, Tommy worked several jobs, one at the grocery store, another mowing grass, and helping friends haul hay( a job he despised, but it was pay). Being how it was nice, sunny day, Tommy decided to work on his tan by mowing Ms. Johnson’s yard. It was right on the Main Drag and Tommy liked to show off his muscular frame for the chicks who cruised by. What he didn’t realize was that someone else liked to see him in that state.

Mrs. Johnson was a women in her early forties, striking good looks if you really looked at her. She was about 5’6,” nice tan, she weighed around 140 lbs., and some of the biggest breasts in town. She had gotten a divorce from her husband of fifteen years almost two years ago. She had kind of given up on men although there plenty of guys in this small town that wanted canlı bahis to show her their lust or love as they would say in public. She just didn’t find them interesting enough to even date them.

Tommy drove home, loaded the pushmower in the back, and took off for Mrs. Johnson’s. When he got there, he got the mower off, and noticed that all the kids from school were out riding around. So he took off his shirt to let the sun do it’s magic, and another big smile appeared on his face as he realized the girls were honking and waving at him.

“Anyone of them could be mine,” Tommy thought as they drove by.

He started the mower and began pushing. An hour later, covered in sweat, Tommy was finished. He figured that Mrs. Johnson was still at work, since it was two in the afternoon, so he started packing everything up and climbed into the cab of the pickup when he heard her voice.

“Tommy, where are you going? Don’t you want your money?”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that you were even home, Mrs. Johnson.”

“Kathy, you can call me Kathy, Tommy. You are already 18, and you have been mowing for me for two years. I think it would be alright for you to call me by my first name.”

Tommy knew something didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t put his picture on it. Anyway he followed her inside to get the money. He had never heard anyone his age call her by her first name before, why was he so special.

“Want a beer, Tommy?” Kathy asked as she entered the kitchen to get her bahis siteleri purse.

“Yeah, I could use one, as it is so hot outside, but maybe I should just stick with water, I did sweat alot out there,” Tommy replied. ‘Was that a smile I just saw’ Tommy wondered.

He had never thought about it before, nevermind that, he thought about it all the time. Kathy was extremely hot, but there was no way he had a chance to get her in bed. He was only 18 and she was 42. He used to jack off with images of her big, beautiful tits bouncing up and down as she rode him.

“Well, I think you deserve a beer,” exclaimed Kathy, seductlively twisting the cap off the bottle.

“Thanks,” was all Tommy could get out of his mouth.

“Why don’t we sit down in the living room, it is a little more comfortable in there”

Tommy sat across from Kathy, checking out the tank top she was wearing, the black bra strap that stuck out from the side, her short cut-offs, and those tanned legs. He was almost getting a boner right there, and nothing was even happening. Kathy was checking him out too, but being a little more conspicous about it. She knew what he was doing, so she started rubbing her legs across each other.

“God, I wish he would have left that shirt in the truck!”

“So Tommy, are you excited about the upcoming season, I heard that you guys have a good shot at making state.”

“Oh yeah, I think we have a great shot at it, but I will be a little nervous with all those scouts bahis şirketleri hanging around. My whole body gets tense when I know they are there, and I almost need a masseuse in the locker room to loosen me up.”

Kathy didn’t know if she should follow up on it, but she had an idea of giving him one right here and right now. “I could give you one if you wanted me too.”

“A massage?,” Tommy replied a little stunned.

“Yes, sure, why not.”

“Well I will have to remember that,” Tommy said after he finished his beer.

“Want another?”

“Sure, but after that I need to get going.”

Kathy came back with a fresh beer and handed it to Tommy. “Actually what I had in mind was to give you one right now.”

“Oh, uhh… ok.”

“Why don’t you sit in front of me over here.”

Tommy got up and made his way over to where she was sitting and got down on the floor. Her hands were soft and warm, Tommy hoped she didn’t peek over his shoulder and see the effect she was having on him. “If only his friends could see me” Tommy thought as he sucked on his beer.

“What a body, so strong, and tight, nothing like my ex” Kathy thought.”I just wish he didn’t have that shirt on.”

After about ten minutes, long agonizing ten minutes for the both, Kathy complained that her fingers were aching. Tommy got up, trying to shield his excitement, and he half turned to thank her for the shoulder rub and the beer.

“Thanks for everything and the money,” Tommy said with a smile on his face.

“It was all my pleasure, Tommy,” Kathy said honestly.

She waved at him as he drove, then headed for her bedroom, something besides her fingers were aching as well…

To Be Continued…

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