Dreadlock Holiday – Day 12

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Anal Plug

Dreadlock Holiday – Day 12
Day 12

I awoke after another night of Sally being a black cock slut. As I slid out from under the sheets I could smell Leon on her, in the bed; his musky smell filled the room. I headed towards the shower and turned to see her laying with her legs slightly parted and his dried cum still covering her pussy and on the sheet below.

She was waking as I returned to the bedroom and gave me a smile as she rubbed sleep from her eyes. We didn’t say a word about last night although our heads must have been full of images of what we’d done.

There was a hint of sadness in the air as we changed into our beach wear as we both knew that our holiday was soon coming to an end and the “fun” we had enjoyed would soon be over. I slipped on my swim shorts and Sally found her small blue bikini and she let me tie the strings at the sides before she put the top on. I thought that it was the closest and most intimate I had been with her since we’d been here.

We hadn’t planned on doing very much this day other than our usual laying on loungers and soaking up the sun and getting tans fine-tuned. Sally sat outside and reminded me that the resort had a Jacuzzi/Hot-tub, “did I fancy doing that?”

I took the hint and called and booked the Jacuzzi for later in the morning. I joined her outside saying, “All booked for 11am.”

“Great,” she replied just as the beach bar waiter walked along the beach. I called him over ordering two beers.

Sally lay back relaxing, enjoying the sun; we both knew once we got home all this warm weather would just be a memory. I reached over and tentatively ran my fingers up and down her thigh; I was surprised when she parted her legs slightly for me.

I moved my hand a little higher wondering how far I could go before she would stop me. My heart skipped a beat when meeting no resistance my finger moved over her bikini bottoms to feel the lips of her pussy. She very slowly moved her hips and with her eyes still closed whispered, “Mmmm, Marcel, that feels so nice.”

I thought, “Fuck, you sure know how to mess with my mind.”

I noticed the waiter approaching so I withdrew my hand and sat back.

We took our drinks and I asked her, “Did you enjoying fucking Marcel?”

“Sure I did, he has the biggest cock of all the guys I have been with here,” she replied without any hint of embarrassment. She continued in the same vein and started making comparisons about the other black guys who had fucked her, saying, “Leon was next followed by Jamal the taxi driver. It’s just been so nice to have been fucked by proper cocks that didn’t go soft after a few minutes.”

I took that as a not-so-subtle reference to me and my performances.

The time moved on toward our appointment at Jacuzzi so we got ourselves sorted then headed off. We collected the key from reception and went to the small building that housed the Jacuzzi and once inside we slipped out of our swimwear before getting in the water which was really nice and warm with the bubbles blowing over our bodies.

We laid back both relaxing, feeling the jets of water caressing us and then Sally turned to me, “Can we play?” I looked at her not sure what was coming next.

“Leave me here naked on my own for a while, you go outside and leave the door unlocked. It could be fun to see what if anything happens,” she said with a glint in her eye.

I smiled and got out dried myself and put my swim shorts on. I winked to her as I walked out.

I sat at the nearby bar and ordered a beer. As I sat there slowly drinking I saw a cleaner, a young slim guy with a trimmed beard, mopping round the door to the Jacuzzi; would he go inside and find Sally in there naked on her own I thought. My heart was beating fast with excitement at the prospect and I found myself wishing, silently urging him to walk inside.

I continued watching him as he pushed the mop around as he reached the door he paused and looked at the door. In my head I was saying, “Go on, go in; look at my sexy wife in there naked.” His hand reached for the handle and he slowly he pulled it down and opened the door. He paused again and then looked inside. From where I sat it looked like he was talking as he nodded his head a couple of times. He looked around outside before entering and closing the door behind him.

I ordered a second beer and wondered what she would be saying or doing. It was an effort to just sit drinking my beer and not to get up and rush in there. I was confused as to what to do, what would she want me to do? Should I go and join them or should I leave her alone with him to do whatever they wanted.

The excitement was getting too much for me, I felt my dick twitching at the thought of Sally enjoying another black cock, a different black cock from the guys who had already fucked her; was his black cock bigger, smaller, thicker or thinner; would she climax on his black cock? The thoughts and pictures were just running wild round my head.

I looked at the clock; it was now 20 minutes since he entered. Was he eating her pussy; was she sucking his black cock; was he on top fucking her sweet pussy; was she riding his black cock; were they kissing? My head was spinning with such exciting thoughts.

It was then I decided I was going to stay here until he left. I ordered another beer, watching the door, looking at the clock, which now seemed to be moving so slowly. My mind was going round and round; was she climaxing on his black cock; was he fucking her sweet tight firm ass?

What they were doing was now down to my imagination I would have no way of knowing until he left the Jacuzzi and I was with Sally. I just know she wanted to play a game which meant her getting another black cock. She knew that my role in the game was to do what I was doing, sitting here and know that behind closed doors she was cuckolding me again.

I moved to the sofa to be more comfortable with a cock that was straining against the confines of my shorts. Sipping my beer I again looked at the clock, it was now 30 minutes and he was still inside with my naked wife. The wish surfaced once more that I was in there watching her with him but I knew that she would find this so exciting, me being outside having to guess what they were doing; how they were doing it.

My mind went back to more basic thoughts. Was he bigger than Marcel, the black guy who could always make her climax, the one guy who got her to heights I could only dream of getting her too as I fucked her; was he as good as Leon the guy she also had a real thing about and also knew just how to fuck her.

My eyes once more flicked towards the clock, 40 minutes and if on cue I saw the handle was slowly moving downwards. The door opened slowly and his head peered out to look around. The spa was very quiet today and not many people were around with the coast clear he slipped out and closed the door behind him. He retrieved his mop and as if nothing had happened he started mopping round the door once more before moving off.

I finished my beer and got up and walked towards the door wondering what I was going to tipobet find. How was she; had I done right leaving her alone with him? I opened the door and looked inside, there she was, laying across the bench with legs parted and cum dribbling down from her pussy between the cheeks of her firm sexy ass onto the bench.
I walked in closing the door behind me which made a click. She opened her eyes at the sound and jumped up and hugged me, “Oh Mark, thank you so much, I’m so pleased you left us on our own.” She kissed me and I could feel her body trembling as I held her.

“How was it?”I asked.

“Phew, let’s get our things and go back. I’ll tell you all about it’.

Once inside the cabana we went straight and lay side-by-side on the bed. I loosened my shorts and eased out my aching erection. She looked at me with a smile and then started telling me what happened. She told me how she relaxed in the Jacuzzi once I had left, she really didn’t think anyone would come in but not long after I left she heard the handle of the door. “I was about to say ‘not yet Mark’ when a young black guy looked in.

“He said, ‘sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.

“I told him ‘it’s ok, do what you have to do’. He looked at me saying, ‘I know what I would like to do’

“’Oh yeah, tell me’ I replied, and he removed his shorts, sat on the side of the Jacuzzi calling me over to him.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off his large black cock, he wasn’t as big as Marcel but bigger than Jamel. He parted his legs as he stroked his cock looking down at me saying ‘suck it’. I did as he said; can you believe it, I was in the Jacuzzi sucking his cock deeply into my mouth?

“He grabbed my hair, not nasty, but pulling my head back and forth on his cock. I did choke on it to start with but soon I deep throated him which he loved. I could feel pre-cum dribbling from his cock down my throat as, I squeezed his ball and sucked him off.

“I wanted his cock in me so much. I got out of the Jacuzzi and laid on the floor and he moved next to me. We kissed and he fingered me his fingers thrusting hard into me as I stroked his cock.

“Within no time I felt my body starting to tremble. He said ‘good girl’ as he moved me onto my back and, parting my legs, he went down on me, licking my pussy so hard. He sucked on my clit and reached up squeezing my tits; I loved that and lifted my hips up pushing my pussy into his face.

“He pushed two fingers hard into me, thrusting them hard as he licked my clitoris, again I was shaking as my body went warm, I whispered to him ‘that’s it, oh fuck yes’ as I cum for a second time.

“He pulled me up and pushed me towards the bench. Standing behind me he lifted my leg up onto it and, at last, I felt the tip of his black cock against my pussy. I pushed back as he moved forward and the tip of his cock slipped into me. He pushed a little deeper; Oh god Mark, his cock was so thick, my poor little pussy was stretching tightly round his cock.

“He held my waist telling me how tight my pussy was as he pushed another inch into me; the deeper he went in the more my pussy stretched open. He gripped my waist as he pushed it all into me, I jumped at the size of him as he eased back, then he just started thrusting hard and fast fucking me in that position.

“I pushed back onto him helping him going as deep as he could into me. I whispered something like, ‘oh god yes, fuck me, give me that black cock’. He loved me saying that and came back with, ‘I’m going to cum in your married white pussy’. He kept thrusting into me and I felt yet another climax building then I did something I have never done before.”
I asked, “What was that?”

She looked at me, “Mark, I squirted on his cock and it went everywhere I was so wet.”

I pictured the sight and my cock gave a twitch, “Wow, that’s awesome,” I said slowly stroking myself, “but go on; tell me what happened next.”

She continued, “As I looked down at the mess I was thinking, ‘Please Mark don’t come back, let me fuck this guy without you being around’ and with that he pulled back laying me across the bench. He moved between my legs and I raised them either side of his waist. Straightaway his cock was back inside me so deeply and he was fucking me so hard, really slamming into me.

“I kept saying ‘give me that black cock, fuck my married pussy’; he loved it, me talking this way and then I felt his finger moving round the hole to my ass. I jerked as I felt him push it into my ass as he fucked me.

“He told me he was close, ‘where do you want my cum?’ he asked, ‘mouth or pussy’. I looked at him saying ‘cum in me, my pussy is yours’. He smiled at me as he thrusted back and forth and I felt his large balls slapping against my ass, ‘shoot in me, give me your cum, flood my womb’ I told him.

“I felt my arms being pinned over my head as he continued thrusting so deeply into me, moments later I felt his cum shooting in me shot after shot hitting my womb, we were both shaking as breathing so deeply.

“It was then I thought, ‘Thank you Mark for not coming back,’ it made it so much more exciting this time for me, knowing you were outside as I took another black cock. He got up saying ‘wow, you are one hot fuck.’ We both smiled at that as I laid there, my legs parted and his cum dribbling from my pussy down between the cheeks of my ass onto the bench.

“Then, do you know what he did next? He took his phone out of his shorts and took a photo of my pussy leaking his cum. I thought, ‘How odd but how kinky,’ so I parted the lips of my pussy for him so he could take another one. He said ‘thank you lady’ and he just left. After the door closed I heard the handle again knowing this time it would be you; you know the rest.”

I looked at Sally, “What was his name?”

She giggled saying, “I have no idea, it was his black cock I wanted not his name.” We both laughed as I hugged her.

“So, what do you want to do tonight?” I asked. She looked at me with a sly grin that told me what she was hoping to do tonight.

As we laid there in bed, she looked at me again, laying there on my back, my stiff cock in hand, saying, “Thank you for leaving me alone today as I got fucked.”

I smiled to her saying, “Well, it sure sounded hot, and you enjoyed it, that’s the main thing.”

She replied, “Mark, you sure seem to be enjoying this new life style we are falling into.”

“Only while we are here,” I told her.

She responded to that with a giggle, “We will see about that.”

I looked at the clock, it was only 2.30, so I suggested we catch the last of the afternoon sun. I got up from the bed, tucked my stiff cock back into my swim shorts and heading outside. Sally joined not long after wearing her red bikini looking as hot as ever.

We ordered a beer as we talked, laughing together. Sally seemed to be enjoying being with me for once and I was making the most of it.

The afternoon passed quickly which was a shame, we only had two days left of our holiday after tonight. I was now hoping we could be together with no other distractions, but I was guessing that’s not going to happen tipobet güvenilir mi and would have to wait for normal life to begin once we get home.

We went inside sorting ourselves out, we both had showers and got dressed, Sally wearing a short strapless elastic top. She was bra-less under it and her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric. She completed her outfit with a short skirt with a tiny pair of white lacy panties.

We headed out towards the beach restaurant/bar where we had dinner before moving to the bar for a drink. As we went from one place to another Sally was getting plenty of looks from other guests and staff, just as she wanted and how she likes it. She has discovered a hidden passion for flashing her body on this holiday and it turns her on knowing she is being looked at and the centre of attention.

We sat at the bar and Sally crossed her legs making her short skirt rise up her thighs. I caught my breath as I looked at her tanned legs looking so good and, from where I was sitting, the glimpse of her pussy covered by the briefest white thong. We sat having a few more drinks and then the lights dimmed, the music started and Sally grabbed my hand pulling me to the dance floor.

She rubbed her firm sexy body against me and as we danced my hands moved over her body. She felt so good, I ran my hand down her back squeezing her ass gently; it was the closest I had been with her all holiday. She looked at me saying, “You naughty boy, you know the rules.”

I moved my hand away laughing, “Can’t blame me for trying.”

We continued drinking and dancing the night away, we had plenty to drink and were both feeling a bit giggly. However, I wasn’t too inebriated to notice that she kept looking towards a black guy sitting in the corner. Damn, this guy looked a real piece of work; with a small scar down the side of his face the label of ‘thug’ wasn’t inappropriate. I hadn’t seen him around the complex before and I asked a passing waiter if the guy worked here. “Yes, he’s one of the labourers. Don’t let his looks fool you, he’s harmless.”

Sally gave every indication that she was more than a little attracted towards him. Crazy, if she saw someone like that at home she would have run a mile.

It seemed to me that the relaxed way of life here in Jamaica had made her drop her guard and she was a completely different person to the one who had left home with me to fly here. Add in the heady mix of the hot weather and the strong drink and she had transformed into a complete slut. I wondered if this the real reason of her going behind my back to have sex with any black guy here. Her using my affair as an excuse for what she was doing was just another element in the fantasy world that she had created and was enjoying. Her punishment of me was just another scenario that fed her imagination along with all the other stuff such as the nudist beach encounters with ‘Daddy’ and ‘Uncle’. God, what kind of woman was I now married to?

I mulled these thoughts over in my mind as I watched as he continued looking and followed every move Sally made.
He got up and walked towards the bar and where we were sitting. His eyes didn’t stray from running up and down Sally’s body and he managed to find a gap at the bar alongside her; he smiled at her and Sally blushed slightly as she smiled back to him. He ordered himself a drink and turned to her and asked if she wanted one. I was surprised when she replied, “Yes please I’ll have a rum and coke and easy on the ice.” He didn’t ask me.

Once he had his drink he moved back to his seat in the corner drinking it slowly. All the while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Sally seemed quite relaxed which was more than I could claim for I was desperate to go and have a Pee. I made my excuses to her and went to the toilet feeling a little uneasy about leaving her there on her own with this guy looking at her.

When I returned Sally wasn’t on her barstool. I looked around and wasn’t surprised to see her sitting next to the guy. She was looking at him as he talked to her and never gave any indication that she had noticed I had returned. I sat back on my stool and watched as she shook her head, and then as she put her glass down on the table he reached out squeezing her hand. I saw her jump slightly but she didn’t pull it away.

They talked heads together for a little while longer and then the DJ put some number on that everyone had been dancing to since we’d been here. The ‘thug’ got up and taking her hand led her to the dance floor. They quickly got into the rhythm and they danced both of them laughing as he held her close looking down at her. He was a good 6 foot 6 inches tall and had legs and arms like tree trucks. I took a mouthful of drink watching them, knowing where this might be going, “No, surely it’s not going to be him,” I was thinking.

As they danced Sally suddenly stumbled, falling forward. He caught her and gathered her in his arms and they stood still looking deeply at each other as she caught her breath. He eased her closer towards him and she looked up at him as they talked. Whatever he had asked her she responded by nodding. As she pulled away, she looked round and saw me watching them. She said something to him and he led her back to the bar and her stool.

“Good job he caught you,” I said as she leaned against the stool.

She was clearly a little worst for the drink and with a slur she told me, “He was ok; not as scary as he looks.”

I helped her onto her seat thinking that she might fall down if she didn’t sit down. I called for some cold water and held her hand as she sipped and waited for her head to clear.

“Shall we go back?” I asked.

“Not yet, can we wait until he has gone? I don’t want him following us,” she replied. This told me she may have been a little scared of him or was there another reason. A few moments later he got up and headed towards the door. He looked round at Sally and gave her a wink as he left.

We gave ourselves a short time to finish our drinks and then we headed towards the door. It was a shame to leave this place as it was buzzing but I felt better once we were outside.

We walked towards our cabana me supporting her as she carefully found her feet along the uneven path. I gave a start when I felt Sally grip my hand tightly as we heard, “Sally you came.”

We turned and there was the ‘thug’ walking towards us. Sally let go of my hand and stood swaying slightly but otherwise not moving. He was soon next to us and he held out his hand. After what she had just said to me I was taken aback to see her reach her hand out letting him take it.

She moved closer to him and I heard her whisper, “Come this way,” and without waiting for him to respond she moved off the path down a very dark walkway leading to nowhere. I followed them as they walked in front of me. The short path was a dead-end and led only to a grassy bank; he stopped and sat down on the grass pulling Sally to sit next to him.

He leant down and began kissing her. She tipped her head back and I thought, tipobet giriş “What the fuck is she doing?” as he eased her down onto her back. Their mouths were still locked together as his hand moved up her leg, she helpfully parted them so he wasn’t impeded.

His hand reached her small panties and I could see him stroking her pussy against them. Sally gave a deep sigh. I thought, “God, surely not. Not here where anyone passing along the walkway could see us,” but here she was, legs parted, letting him touch her and liking it by the sounds coming from her mouth.

I sat opened mouth as his hand slipped inside her panties. Clearly he was now fingering her as she moved her hips slowly and I could hearing her juices as his finger slipped back and forth into her cunt.

She moved her hand down to stroke him between his legs. She gasped loudly, “Oh god, you’re massive,” she whispered,

He laughed, “You’re love it once it’s in your pussy.”

Sally sighed loudly as he pulled her top down releasing her breasts. As they fell free her nipples looked to harden as the cool breeze touched her.

He was now fingering her hard and she was moving her hips faster, breathing heavily, whispering, “Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhh.” He reached down and tugged at the tie around his waist opening his trousers. He took Sally’s hand and guided it inside his pants. She squealed, “Oh fuck, you’re far too big for me.”

He smiled that crooked grin and held her hand there saying, “Stroke it; make it hard.”

She made no further protest and did just that, stroking it softly at first but slowly building up speed. Neither did she complain when with one hand he started easing her panties down over her hips towards her knees. Sally kicked them free parting her legs wider for him. I could now see his fat fingers going so deeply into her making squishing noises as he finger-fucked her.

He looked over to me saying, “Think your lady wants some black cock, what do you think?”

I didn’t know what to say as I sat still opened mouthed not believing she was letting him do this to her. He looked down at her, “Tell him Sally, tell him you want my black cock don’t you?”

She looked over to me with a look that said it all. I interpreted her nod as saying, “Yes Mark, I want him and his big black cock.”

They changed positions and he lay on his back as he eased his trousers and pants down to his ankles. Sally knelt by his side facing me and as she lowered her head she stroked his massive black cock. He was huge and I thought, “He will rip her in half with that cock.” My opinion was realised when I watched as she opened wide and had the greatest difficulty getting even the tip into her mouth.

She stretched her mouth wider and managed to take in an inch; her head went lower and she took more of his cock into her mouth. “That’s it Sally, make that cock nice and hard for your pussy,” he told her as she was sucked him harder, his massive cock glistening from her saliva now covering it.

She stroked his cock hard, running her lips up and down the side of it, licking his balls, sucking on one as she wanked him even harder, he groaned, “Yes Sally, that feels so good.”

He held her head, pulling it down on his massive cock saying, “Yeah baby, take it deeper.”

She did just as he asked but she still had what looked like 4 inches to go. She was gagging as she couched and was literally choking. He ignored her distress and just said, “Take it all the way down baby.”

She tried to lower her head further but then pulled back, spluttering and coughing, saying, “I can’t take anymore.” He didn’t say anything as she released him from her mouth but just moved his hand over her ass and shoved his finger into her anus and thrust back into hard and fast.

She squealed as he roughly finger-fucked her ass but made no protest; she just lay back on the grass and parted her legs wider for him as he knelt between them still with his finger up her ass. He then leant down to suck her nipples. With his free hand he took his massive cock and aimed it against her pussy. She closed her eyes tightly knowing what was coming next and waited for his cock to enter her.

He looked at her, “Let’s see if you’re wet enough for my cock.” He pulled his finger from her ass and slipped it straight into her cunt, “Mmm, yes you are,”’ he told her.

“I’m going to make you groan like a slut,” he told her as the tip of his cock opened her pussy.

I watched in horror as inch by inch he pushed it into her pussy. “Oh fuck, you’re massive,” she cried out.

“I’m your darkest fantasy,”’ he told her, “you want my black cock, don’t you?”

Sally nodded and in a voice that I didn’t recognise said, “Give me that fucking massive black cock you mother fucker.”
He started fucking her slowly to start with and, my god, soon his black cock was pounding into her. “Oh fuck, harder you black bastard,” she told him; she had nearly all his cock inside her and her pussy looked like it was about to be ripped as his cock was so close to being fully inside her.

Sally let out a long sigh, “Oh god, I’m cumming on your monster cock.” She was shaking so hard in time with his thrusting back and forth. He was sucking her nipples and I could hear her juices flooding from her as he slammed into her, “Oh God you’re so deep …” she called out and then screamed, “…. YESSS, I’m cumming again, don’t stop, give me it all.”

He lifted her legs over her shoulders and pushed his cock down hard deeply back into her pussy. “Oh fuck, its going deeper…” she told him, “…. Oh fuck, oh god, my pussy is tingling; Oh fuck I’m cumming again.”

“Jeez, that’s three times in no time,” I thought.

He lowered her legs as he fucked her to the finish, “Oh god Sally you’re so fucking tight, I’m so close, get that pussy ready,” he told her.

He lay still as he started to cum inside her pussy. “Oh fuck Mark, his flooding me, there’s so much of it,” she told me as she breathed deeply.

They laid there with his cock still buried inside her. God knows how much cum he had pumped into her. She looked at me bleary-eyed , “I’m so full of his black spunk,” she said with a smile.

They clumsily disengaged and his cock flopped from her cum filled pussy. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “Did you enjoy that, cuckold?”

I nodded weakly. I wasn’t sure if he realised just how turned on I was that I had just watched her once again being fucked by a black guy.

He helped her up and her legs wobbled under her as he held her. He kissed her on the cheek and said, “You’re a good fuck, just as Marcel said you was.”

Sally looked at him in horror. “Oh yes, he has told us all about you,” he said with a laugh. She went very quiet and her shoulders seemed to slump as she absorbed what he had just said.

Without any further words they sorted themselves out. The ‘thug’ disappeared without a backward glance and we headed back towards our cabana; once there we went inside.

Sally slipped out of her clothes and headed to the shower; I undressed and got into bed to wait for her. Some 10 minutes later she came out and got into bed alongside me. I expected her to make some comment about what the ‘thug’ had said but, no, she just said, “Oh god Mark, my pussy is still tingling from his fuck, it was so good.”
I turned the light off thinking that’s another two loads she has taken today.


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