Dress Shopping and More

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Dress Shopping and More
I decided to buy the shoes I got fucked in. We got dressed and went to pay. I asked Suzie if I could keep the panties. She shook her head “You came without any on, you’ll leave without any.” I paid for the shoes and we left the store. I asked if we could go back to your house because my thighs were sticky with my juices. “No, we’re going to find you a dress.”

After a few minutes we pulled up to what appeared to be a very nice shop; the windows had very nice European style dresses. We walked into the store. The shopkeeper approached and you introduced me: “Nyn, this is my girlfriend Ellen and we’re looking for a dress for her. Stylish, something that will let her show off her body. Maybe even something that is a bit sheer.” It was summer, so something sheer would be in style. Nyn eyed me up and down. “A very nice figure, we need something to show off Ellen’s legs, don’t you think?”

Nyn motioned to me “Take off your dress and I will come back with things for you to try.” I blushed “I don’t have anything on underneath.” Nyn winked at you “That’s okay, I was going to ask you to get completely undressed anyway.” She motioned to a tailoring platform between two racks of dresses and asked me to get up on it when I was ready.

“Nyn has been wanting to meet you for some time. I’ve talked about sex with you and she couldn’t wait to see what you looked like.” I took off my dress and mounted the platform. Nyn returned with an armful of clothes. “First, something casual.” She handed me a dress that was nothing more than a long T-shirt. “Try it on.” “I couldn’t wear something like this” I stammered. “Try it on” Nyn commanded. She got up on the platform to help. Pulling it over my shoulders she spread it against my skin. Pulling it tight across my breasts and pulling it down – it barely covered my pussy. Sarah, would this be okay for when you and Ellen are hanging out in your house. I looked in the mirror; the “dress” was essentially see through; you could see the curves of my breasts; my nipples were plainly visible, as was my tiny bush and pussy lips. “Perfect” you said. Off came the dress.

“Now, for the party; you wondered canlı bahis şirketleri about black, but I think a nice white thin linen number would allow Ellen to show off more of her body, what do you think?” Before I could say anything, you said let’s see what Nyn had in mind. “Ellen, it’s a good thing you have noting on because this looks best against just skin.” Although the dress buttoned in the front, Nyn hopped up on the platform and brought the dress down over my head. I looked in the mirror and while this was quite sheer it was better than the T-shirt dress. It had a plunging neckline but all you could see was the darkness of my nipples. Nyn cinched the belt around my waist. “What do you think, Sarah; very sexy, no?” “It’s wonderful.”

Nyn walked around to face me. “Ellen, this is what makes this even more sexy.” She undid the top two buttons. “You can be a bit flirty and let the girls have a peek at your breasts.” Another button. “And you can let the dress fall open and give them a view of your breasts. What do you think Sarah?” I bent over for you. I could see that my breasts were plainly visible. “Oh, I love that look.” Nyn approached again. “Ellen can go even further.” She undid the bottom three buttons. “Ellen, put one leg out in front of the other.” I did as asked. “Sarah, look at the view of her wonderful legs.” “Nyn, you’re getting me very aroused.” “That’s the idea behind this dress.” Nyn undid another button. “Spread your legs again Ellen.” Sarah moaned “God I can see her pussy!” Nyn hopped down to get a view. “Yes, very nice.” “Ellen, undo the belt.” I did; there was only one button holding the dress together. I knew where we would be going. “You want me to undo this button, don’t you.” Nyn nodded. My little bit of bush became visible, as did my breasts. “You know, Sarah, Ellen and I have been flirting for awhile and I have been looking forward to having some fun with her.” “I know.”

“Sarah, hop up and take Ellen’s dress off.” I watched you hop up and welcomed your kiss. “I hope your enjoying this.” I nodded meekly. Off came the dress. “There are some black panties somewhere, put then on Ellen. canlı kaçak iddaa You found the panties and began to slide then up my legs. “Nyn, look at how wet she is already.” Up went the panties; I could feel my juices – I knew what was coming and my body was responding. “There are straps for her arms on the dress racks on either side and also for her ankles; put them on Ellen.” Now, I was beginning to worry: straps. “Sarah, what’s happening?” “Shhh.”

So, now I was standing spread-eagled, with my ankles and wrists strapped to dress racks. “Sarah, put that blindfold on Ellen.” Now I couldn’t see. I could hear Nyn climb up onto the platform. I was startled by a tongue entering my ear. Hands lightly traced the insides of my armpits: oh god it was so erotic. Lightly scratching both armpits. Then hands began lightly tracing the insides of my legs, higher and higher, while my armpits were teased at the same time. The sensations were so arousing. Higher the hands went on my thighs. They teased the hems of the panties. I could feel my juices flowing. “Sarah, Ellen’s pussy is overflowing, through her panties.” Hands left my armpits and found my breasts; I jumped when my nipples were pinched. More juicing. “Her juices are running down her thighs.” I could feel breath in my ear and a tongue on the inside of my thighs. “Do you want to come?” the voice asked. “Please.”

“Not yet” from the whisper as a tongue entered my ear. My nipples were being pinched; a hand was climbing up my stomach lightly scratching my abdomen, up and down to the upper hem of my panties. Being blindfolded and not knowing where the next touch would be was intoxicatingly erotic. I could feel my body going limp. The hands left my nipples as did the tongue in my ear. I was beginning to pant with desire. The next thing I felt was a tongue between my lips; I eagerly begged for the kiss. Our lips melt and our tongues met; it was one of those kisses that demanded an orgasm. I wanted to come. “Not yet.”

The kiss ended. The next thing that startled me was the mouth now taking a nipple between its teeth, sucking it in and out while pinching it with teeth. I was canlı kaçak bahis now whimpering; it was so erotic – I was literally on fire with lust. I could feel my knees go weak; the wrist straps held me up. I could feel my pussy pulsing. “Oh Sarah, you should see how wet Ellen is; the insides of her thighs are slick.” Hearing this just made me want it more. “Please” “Not yet.”

Hands reached around to feel my cheeks, massaging them, slipping into my crack. They pulled my hips forward. I felt a mouth on my pussy through my panties. Drinking my juices and then finding my clit, sucking it between her teeth letting it sc**** against the fabric. Now I began to feel what felt like electric shocks each time my clit was pulled through her teeth. I began to tremble; an orgasm was building. Then, nothing.

For minutes, I hung limp. But I jumped when hands slipped inside the waistband of my panties and slipped them slowly down my legs, past my knees. I could feel tears of lust. “Please.” “Soon.” The mouth found my pussy, sucking on my clit as a finger slipped inside me. Deep. I could feel a hand reach around between my legs and gather juices, then it began to toy with my button. Spreading it gently and slowly so it would be ready. Dipping in a bit then out. Another finger in my pussy. Even deeper. My knees gave out and I hung from the wrist straps. “Please can I come.” “Yes.” My clit was teased faster and faster. The fingers began to fuck me, slowly then faster. The finger teasing my rim pushed its way inside. Faster, then slower. Then a pause. This started again: faster, then slower and a pause. I could feel my legs spasming. I was covered with perspiration; I could feel my hair plastered against my forehead. “Do you want to come?” I could no longer speak. A weak nod. The fingers went back to work, now without pause. I began to moan; I could feel it coming, coming, coming. Then I exploded. My whole body shook. The hands stopped and just began to soothe my body, rubbing me to ease me down. I felt the ankle straps come off. One of you held me as the wrist straps came off. Gently, I was left in a puddle on the platform. Unable to move.

I was crying. I then saw your face, “I’m sorry Ellen.” You looked so worried. “Sarah, it’s okay. God, I’ve never felt anything like this before.” You took me up into your arms, Nyn brought over my dress. I looked into your eyes “I’ve had enough shopping for today, though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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