Eating out!

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Eating out!
My daughter and I were discussing her thesis she had to produce for university.
Out of the blue, she asked me, Dad, what does it mean when a guy wants to eat you out.
Wow!! I have not heard that term for a long time. Now how do I explain this!
Where did you hear this from?
One of the girls told me, she had a date and they were getting horny, and guy wanted to eat her out when they were making out.

Showtime, dad!! Well, when you are getting it on with a guy, sexually, and both of you are getting horny and wanting sex..eating out..means he wants to go down on you, lick your pussy & area!

Like you go down on him when sucking his cock aka blowjob, except eating out is for the woman.
Do you need me to go on?
Yes, Father, she responded sheepishly.
He might remove your panties, and starts to lick the lips of your pussy & sucking on your clit, and surrounding area with his mouth and tongue. Just lay back & enjoy

Its similar to when you go down on him, with sucking his hard cock. Its up to you, whether you want to swallow his cum, or have it bathe your face or boobs, or put his swollen cock into your pussy.

OH!!, no guy has ever done that with me. Can you show me how..just this once!?
She came in closer bahis firmaları and shoved & caress & pressed her breats into my chest with her D cup breasts into me..please, daddy!
Mom wont be home till after 11pm from we have plenty of time. I don’t want to feel like a putz, if a guy asks me! So….could you show me!
You talk about sex so freely with mom, and I enjoy that. None of my friends have moms or dads who talk freely. They just talk about fucking a guy and usual girl stuff.

Besides, I need a break from this writing. OKAY?????
I put my arm around her, Her short shorts showed some nice thigh, and her boobs were….the type a guy would love to play with. Round & big, & firm. Peeking above her low, low cut top.
I pretended it was mom I was fucking, made it easier.
She pressed her girl hood boobs into me, and I was getting aroused. She may be my daughter but I am also human, I think.
We began to kiss, and fondle, I removed her top slowly, and her boobs were perky & big. Her pec muscles where making the boobs perky..not bad for a D size breasts. Reminds me of her mother.

She began to stroke my thigh softly, And I felt a hard one coming. It jutted its head out the top.
My goodness father, you are wide & long, tipobet giriş she commented. I hear mom moaning loud, when you two are having sex.
No wonder! She has a smirk on her face when she come down for breakfast next morning.

I have a knack! Of satisfying women, I take my time..I practice the art of being slow. I enjoy putting mom through agony & enjoying themselves.
Daughters butt was firm, and I pealed & removed her shorts slowly, she spread her thighs. And showed some nice area to explore, then she wiggled herself under me.

Daddy, fuck me first!

She helped me lower my shorts, She started to moan. Lifting her hands over her head, she make her boobs move up. I left part of her top on, because she looked sexier.
Wow, my daughter was built solid. Like her mom. Her mom & I enjoyed kitchen counter sex. She was the stove, I had the spatula.
Daughter lifted her butt to accommodate my dad cock. OH, DADDY!!! I want all of it.
Patience dearest daughter..we both laughed.
I went in slowly, and she was snug. I went fast at first, then slowed way down. She wrapped her legs around, and pulled me in. Oh daddy you are good…..and big. I have a buzz on, I wish more guys were like you.

She came a few times tipobet güvenilir mi with intense orgams, pushing herself hard into me, then I pulled out, before I blew my load inside.
Its show time, honey! I told her.
I moved down, and position myself between her thighs. I told her to look at me, and keep looking in my eyes.
I moved her legs around my head, and started to lick her pussy lips slowly, then occasionally rose up to lick her clit. OH MFG..her hips started to gyrate up and down..OH daddy, OH!!
She kept looking into my eyes as I asked.

DADDY..I want to cum soon.
Hold on, honey. Daddy aint finished.
I stuck my tongue into her wetness, and played around, she was dripping lots of juice. Her clit was red and was standing to attention. That is what I wanted. Her hips continued to gyrate faster. I cant hold on too much longer.
Before I get my head crushed with her thighs..I pulled away. Then fucked her hard!

She made a big mess, when she came. are good, really good!
NOW I know guys are dumb when it comes to fucking a girl sometimes..but you have to teach them unfortunately. Perhaps take charge. The guys will never know what hit them. If a guy goes slow, its making love.
We both flopped down on the floor and cuddled after we cum.
Well, she replied, at least I know..
Now you know what to do..enjoy yourself. But don’t tell them who taught you!
Your mom has a knack of how to satisfy. We play with each other.
Yes, Father..I know.
NOW back to the books!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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