Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Six

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Six
Turning to the guy who was running the show, she asked. “”How many guys are going to fuck my ass tonight! I hope you’re making a goodly amount of money off this! I’ll suck you off for the rest of the night if you make this the last guy! I’ll eat out your girlfriend too while you recuperate. Just make this the end of my ass reaming!” Emma said.

“Ok everyone! This is the end of the show for the night! As soon as this guy comes, you’ll have to come back another night! Sorry! We’ll have a different girl tomorrow night!

He smiled at Emma as she took the last of her strokes into her well packed ass! “I hope you’ll be worth it tonight!”

The MC’s name was Howard. It was only 11:00 PM and Howard had two girl friends who had each heard what Emma said. They were Elsie and Janine, and they were good friends. So all three of them smiled down at Emma. Reaching down they helped Emma to her feet.

“Let’s go back to your suite Emma! I’m sure you have some nice lingerie to wear that will inspire us tonight!” said Elsie.

Quickly they moved to Emma’s suite. They opened a couple bottles of Chardonnay and got out four glasses. Emma was the only one nude, so Howard said, “Go ahead Emma! Put on your sexiest black lingerie. You’ll be wearing it all night as you go down on the three of us! I will enjoy watching your head bobbing down and up on my cock! Hurry!”

“Wow! This is gonna be fun! Two pussies and one cock all to myself tonight! And I’ll be giving them all head, all night!” Emma thought to herself. “I’ve got to inspire at least one of them to make me cum!”

Five minutes later, Emma was dressed in her beautiful black lingerie. “If this doesn’t get them horny for me, nothing will!” she thought. Emma walked to the patio area where there were several tropical plants.

“Oh Howard! Elsie! Janine! I’m ready!” she called out.

Her three sex partners for the night soon found her. “Holy shit! You’re gorgeous! Let’s go into the living room where your knees won’t get bloody.” said Howard. The two ladies were dumb struck, their mouths wide open.

The four of them walked into the other room.

Howard dropped his pants releasing his cock. “Yes!” thought Emma. “I’ll have something good to work with here!”

Emma stood directly in front of him. He placed both hands on her shoulders and pressed down. Emma slowly dropped to her knees until his cock was touching her lips! Emma tilted her head back and made eye contact with him. She reached up and grabbed his cock. She opened her mouth and bobbed her head forward until four inches of his cock entered her mouth, resting on her tongue.

So began the rest of her night of sucking cock and eating pussy! She pushed her tongue up against the underside of his cock and began her cock sucking! At first she was slowly pushing her tongue against him, but she warmed up to a more energetic sucking. Emma sucked him for a solid fifteen minutes, using mostly her tongue. Soon she was getting more and more turned on herself and started laving the sides of his very nice tool.

“Do you like the way I’m working on your cock? Have you ever thought You could have your big cock in my mouth?” Emma asked?

“Play with my balls too! And, no, I never thought I would see my cock in your mouth! Shutup slut and keep sucking!” said Howard.

The two other girls were taking movies of his cock going in and out of Emma’s mouth. One was doing closeups and the other was dedicated to more long range shots. This blowjob bahis siteleri would be well documented, and Emma wanted a copy of all the original footage.

Emma redoubled her efforts on his cock! The next time his cock hit the back of her mouth, she began trying to swallow it! It worked like a charm and soon her lips were touching his balls! She bobbed her head back and forth! Emma was deep throating his dick! She timed her breathing so that air came in her nose on the out stroke, and his cock cut off her breath on the in stroke!

“Shit you whore! That’s the way to do it! Deep throat my cock! Take it all the way down!” said Howard.

“Gluck!” “Gluck!” “Gluck!” “Gluck!” went Emma on his cock. “Mmmmmph!”

Howard was getting hornier and hornier watching Emma’s beautiful face being fucked by his cock! Her perfect white skin slowly turned pink as she sucked him off!

“Oooohhh shit your mouth feels wonderful on my cock. Now, slurp my cock head in and out of your mouth bitch!”

“Shlurp shlurp shlurp!” Emma did as she was told! “Fuck yes you gorgeous young cock sucker! Don’t stop! That feels so good! ‘Shlurp shlurp shlurp!’”

“When did you give your first blow job? Was it given to one of your actor friends! I’ll bet it was! Or maybe it was given to a Director so you could get a good part in a movie! Have you ever taken money for a blowjob?” asked Howard.

Emma gave him six more quick slurps and then took his cock out of her mouth to answer him.

“My first blowjob ever was given to an actor you’ve never heard of! In fact, he taught me all the ins and outs of the blowjob! And yes, I have sucked off a Producer for a good part, and I once took money for giving head to a guy! So I’m quite experienced at it. In fact all the men in the business say I’m a great little cock sucker! Let me show you!” Emma said.

With his cock half way into her mouth, Emma was moving her tongue all around his cock! Then she used one hand to stroke his cock up and down as she twisted her hand at the same time! She repeated the motions about five times until she suddenly stopped with his cock half way in her mouth.

“Oh fuck! Keep going! I’m about to cum in your mouth!” said Howard.

“Oh fuck! Here I cum! My balls are so full for you! Oh shit! I’m cumming now!” he said.

“Fuck!” thought Emma! “He’s filling my mouth with his greasy cum! I better swallow all of it!” But try as she might, some of his thick white cum escaped her lips and ran down her chin! “Yes…fuck my pretty little mouth! God his cum tastes good!”

Removing his still spurting cock from her mouth, Emma stroked it and was rewarded with several additional shots of his cum directly on her face, with one thick rope going directly into her open eye.

Emma swallowed two more time. Then she sucked his cock back into her wet mouth, cleaning his cock with her lips and tongue. It took Emma about five minutes to finish cleaning his cock, then she looked around to see who was next: it was Elsie!

“She’s gorgeous!” thought Emma. “I can’t wait to eat her pussy! I can’t wait for her to hold my face tightly to her cunt!”

Without wiping the cum off her face, Emma crawled on her hands and knees over to Elsie. “Please Elsie! May I lick your pussy?”

“Of course you can sweetie! Just take my panties off and use your tongue on me!” said Elsie.

In two quick moves Emma had Elsie’s panties on the floor. “Make me love you!” said Emma.

Reaching down with one hand, Elsie pulled Emma’s cum covered face into her casino şirketleri cunt! “Now lick and make me cum, slut!”

With the sweet smell of Elsie’s cunt in her nostrils, Emma stuck her tongue out and began licking Elsie’s pussy. She licked all of her pussy, but soon began concentrating on her clit.

“Ooooh yes! Lick me right there! Ooooo! Fuck that feels good!” said Elsie. “Eat me out Emma! Eat my cunt!” Elsie loved the light touch of Emma’s tongue on her clit. Elsie especially liked it when Emma changed the pace of her licking: first slow, and then quickly flicking her tongue back and forth.

“Emma Watson! You are very good at this aren’t you? Have you had a lot of practice eating out your girlfriends? Or maybe you just pick up a young girl at a bar and teach her the pleasures of Sapphic love? However you learned, you learned well. Who was the first women to eat you out?” Elsie asked.

Raising her face from Elsie’s pussy, Emma said, “My girl friends would be shocked that I’m bisexual. My usual girls are found in lesbian bars. That way you always score! The first girl to eat me out was a dresser working in one of my movies. She was great! She taught me a lot! Now may I continue my licking?” asked Emma.

Not waiting for an answer, Emma continued her cunt lapping of Elsie!

“Ooooo yes! Oooooh that’s so good! Janine! Come over here and start eating Emma out! I know she wants it!” Elsie said.

Emma felt her panties being pulled aside and Janine began eating Emma’s pussy! “At last I’m being tongue fucked!” thought Emma.

Emma began timing her tongue lashing of Elsie with Janine’s tonguing of Emma. If Janine paused, then Emma paused.

“Why are you stopping? Keep eating me out!” said Elsie.

“We’re timed by Janine! If Janine keeps eating me out, then I’ll continue giving you a tongue lashing! It’s a little game you’ll really enjoy!” said Emma.

Elsie gave Janine a slap on the ass! “Get to work on her bitch!”

Janine sped up her licking of Emma, and Emma restarted eating Elsie’s pussy! The starting and stopping continued for about twenty additional minutes. Elsie was the first to go over the top!

“Ooooh shit! I’m almost there! Don’t stop Emma! That’s the way, you worthless whore! Eat me! Eeeaaatt ME! I’m cumming now! You’re a whore with a very talented tongue! Shit! Fuck! Fuck!” Elsie finally fainted from the pleasure! Her eyes closed and her legs quivered!

“Keep going Janine! Make me cum too! Then it will be your turn! When I cum, I’ll need just a very short time to rest before I’ll go down on you!” promised Emma.

In a surprise move, Howard grabbed Emma’s head and forced his cock back into Emma’s willing mouth! “Suck bitch! Suck like it was your first blowjob!”

Emma looked up into Howard’s eyes and began bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock! Of course Emma was very close to her own orgasm which made her even more energetic on his cock!

As Emma approached her orgasm, she moved her lips and tongue to the sides of his cock. Pressing her wet lips and tongue hard against it, she slowly shook her head on his cock. She also used one hand to stroke it!

Emma saw the head of his cock was turning a deep purple red color and the skin was very taut! A last trick she used was to clench her other hand on his big balls!

Emma couldn’t avoid how wonderful Janine’s tongue felt on her clit! Removing her mouth from Howard’s cock, she said, “Janine! Christ you’re about to make me cum! Cum with me Howard! Jerk your cock off casino firmalari and cover my pretty little face with your jizz!”

Howard took hold of his dick and began to furiously stroke it! He grabbed Emma by the hair and held her face as a target for his cum!

Then Emma began to cum! “Mmmmmph! Fuck Janine you really know how to lick my pussy! Oooooh! Oooh shit! I’m cumming! Your tongue is so good!”

Just then a big spurt of cum splashed on her face!

“Yeah Baby! Cum all over my pretty little face!” Emma said.

“Splat! Splat! Splat!” she got her wish as three more ropes of cum covered her face.

Janine stopped licking Emma and then she grabbed Emma’s head and began rubbing it all over Howard’s slowly shrinking cock! Emma face was like a glazed doughnut with all the cum on it.

“Ok Janine! Get on your hands and knees Baby! Show me that pussy and asshole! God your beautiful!” said Emma.

Soon Janine was of the couch with her ass up. As quick as she assumed the position, she felt Emma’s tongue lick her asshole! Emma began licking her from clit to asshole repeatedly. Janine felt Emma pause at her ass and licked it round and round! Around the World! Janine didn’t know exactly how Emma did it, but Emma’s tongue penetrated her ass and began tongue fucking her ass!

Janine was in Heaven! Especially when Emma used two fingers on her clit! Somehow Emma knew exactly how Janine liked to have her clit rubbed. At this rate it wouldn’t take long before she would be ready to blast off!

“Lay on your back on the couch and spread your legs for me!” Emma said.

Quickly Janine obeyed. As soon as Janine lay on her back, Emma’s face was on her pussy!

Emma started off lick Janine’s clit slowly on just one side of it. With each lick, Janine felt a new increase in her excitement. After a few minutes of this, the other side of her clit was begging to be licked also!

“Please Emma! Please flick your tongue across my clit! Please!” begged Janine.

In response Emma moved her tongue very slowly across Janine’s love button, and then back again. Then she stopped with her tongue on Janine’s clit, motionless.

“Shit! Stop teasing me! I want it all! Now!” demanded Janine.

When Emma didn’t move, Janine began moving her pussy back and forth pressed against Emma’s face. Then Janine grabbed Emma by the hair and held her motionless.

“Ok you pussy tease! Stick your soft tongue out as far you can! Take this bitch!” and Janine began shaking her hips like a belly dancer. With Emma’s face stationary, Janine drove herself close to orgasm!

“Take my pussy all over your face! Make me cum, Whore! You’re my little cunt slut! My pussy Whore! Now shake your head fast against my cunt!” ordered Janine.

Emma did exactly as instructed! Janine held her hard against her cunt, and Emma shook her head rapidly left and right!

Janine couldn’t stand it any longer and she started cumming! “Stick your tongue in my asshole Emma! Tongue fuck my ass! Oh yes! That’s the way!” demanded Janine.

“Oh God I’m cumming! C-cccuuummmmingg! Don’t stop! Yyyyeeeessss! Aaaaeeeiouu! Fuck yes you Whore!” screamed Janine.

Janine’s orgasm lasted several minutes until at last, she closed her legs and closed her eyes with a look of complete satisfaction.

Emma stood up and walked to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned, Emma said, “Are we all ready for take two!”

Howard, Elsie, and Janine shook their heads! “We need some rest.”

“Ok, I’ll just rest my head on Howard’s belly and slowly suck his cock back to life! No pressure to perform Howard! This is my time to relax also! But I need a cock in my mouth right now, and you win by default!” said Emma.

Emma felt they might be ready in thirty or forty minutes! She would be ready!

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