Episode 111: a vanilla weekend?

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Episode 111: a vanilla weekend?
Hi my name is Amy, I’m roughly nineteen and a student at Southampton. My boyfriend Will is away for the weekend, and I’m already getting frustrated. You may know my big sister Annie, better known as Anna Dominatrix, who always loved to boss me around when we were younger.

My first memory of watching her having sex, other than masturbation – which we always did together under the bedclothes, was when she brought a girlfriend home from school.

They were naked in the back garden – I don’t think Annie noticed me watching from the bedroom window. The girl – I think her name was Chloe had beautiful long, dark, shiny hair and a thatch of dark pubic hair between her legs. I’d never seen such a stunning triangle – both Annie and I are blonde – she keeps hers properly trimmed and of course I hadn’t reached puberty yet, so was completely bald above my junior pussy lips.

I could hear Chloe moaning as sis opened her up, initially just one long finger, then two, plunging deep between swollen, wet pussy lips. The girl was creaming, grabbing her own rock-hard nipples as Annie finger-fucked her to a quick, noisy climax.

I’m pretty sure I came at the same time she did – my very first lesbian voyeuristic experience before puberty – but I knew I needed more, so plucked up the courage to go outside and join in.

Chloe was so embarrassed to be caught naked and cumming while being watched by a fully-dressed c***d, she clamped her legs together and tried to hide behind Annie.

“Go away” she screamed “you little pervert. Can’t a girl have sex with her girlfriend in private?”

“Tell you what” said Annie “why don’t you bring your little s1ster over to play with Amy next time and then we can get some fucking done in peace”.

The next day Chloe arrived in jeans and tee-shirt – the first time I had seen her dressed, with her baby s1ster, who introduced herself as Amber. She was really cute – long dark hair, blue eyes and little button nose. I couldn’t wait to get her up to my room for some heavy petting.

Chloe held onto her hand for just a second too long, then slapped her on the arse: “go and have some fun, little one – I’m sure Amy can teach you some new tricks. See you in about an hour”.

“Oooooh yes, Amber – why don’t we have a shower, then try on some rude underwear – I’ve got these new see-through panties that Uncle Dave bought me for Christmas. I’m sure they’d fit your tiny bottom”.

We scampered up the stairs – my face just inches from those tight, shiny satin shorts, breathing in the sweet scent of her natural arousal.

We hugged in the shower – water cascading off her downy back and between her hot buttocks, where my slippery finger-tip entered her tight puckered hole.

She moaned into my neck, wriggling her soapy bottom as my finger penetrated further to the knuckle.

Now she was babbling incoherently about the amazing feeling between her legs, as a dribble, then a steady stream of hot pee gushed from her gaping pussy.

“Oh shit – that was awesome, and you never even touched my clitoris. We are going to have such fun – can I touch yours now?”

“Of course, baby girl – here’s the liquid soap – my favourite – enjoy yourself – see if you can make me cum”

Much later the young Amber.and I are wrapped in one enormous white towel, laying on the couch watching big sisters Annie and Chloe playing with a black strap-on dildo.

Amber loved the sight of Chloe being stretched wide by the plastic cock, then kissed Amy full on the lips: “have you ever…done that…?”

“No, but we could start with this little-girl-size double-ender. You lick this end and slide it in and I take bahis siteleri this end, then we just press our pussies together until it’s all sort of linside, then we rock backwards and forwards until one of us cums.

“Open wide, baby girl”.

Not quite knowing what to expect, Amber lay back in Amy’s arms, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide

Amy kissed her hard full on the lips, tongues clashing: “funny girl – I meant the other end”

Amber slowly pulled her buttocks apart allowing Amy to slide the flexible plastic cock head deep into wet arse.

“Ooooh that feels funny…are we making love yet?”

“Soon, my little baby – just as soon as I get this end into my cunt, then we’re locked together”.

The towel had long ago slipped to the floor, revealing our plastic tribbing.

Although we didn’t have the words yet, it was obvious watching Annie holding Chloe’s arms behind her back as the vicious black dildo plumbed the depths of her arse, she was being dominated.

Chloe crawled across the floor to wedge her face in my backside as Annie continued to pound hers – she made the perfect sub, as did her baby sister Amber, who was creaming under our intense tribbing. So I guess that makes me a Switch, which is surprising given my early experiences submitting to Annie’s every whim.

We all swapped a few times – Annie sitting on my face, while Chloe did the same to Amber and finally Chloe letting me play with her tits while Annie thrashed Amber’s bottom for daring to kiss her.

Coffee bar

The next time the four of us met up again, was around 4 years later in our favorite place for picking up boys or girls

Amber had grown a nice large pair of soft tits, clearly visible under a clingy top and mine, although still only an ‘A’ cup with rock hard nipples never needed a bra were both on show.

Amber and I were sat on high stools in the coffee bar, flashing our bare crotches under short skirts whenever an attractive boy or girl walked past.

Annie and Chloe appeared, standing between our open thighs, rubbing our hot pussies with their latest dildos just purchased from the sex shop next door.

Annie kissed my neck and I melted into her embrace, thighs twitching from the hidden cuntal assault.

Chloe seemed to be having the same effect on her little sister, Amber was purring like a kitten as her climax built.

Just then the young serving boy brought over our coffees, amazed at the amount of naked female flesh on show.

“Are you all lesbians?” he whispered, staring at my new tits and stuffed crotch.

Annie rapidly took control, pulling out the dildo and offering me to the boy.

“You, worm – on your knees – eat my baby sister out. If you do a good job and make her cum, you might just get to fuck her when she’s legal”.

Annie held his ears, thrusting his face into my cunt – rubbing his tongue all the way down to my butt, then up through my folds to circle my clit and then deep inside to lick around my just-teenage piss hole. I loved it – my juices running down his chin – he clearly hated it, but Annie hit him whenever he stopped.

Amber was bouncing her cute butt up and down, rubbing her own clitty, demanding: “me next, it’s my turn now, you have to do me too”.

Chloe seemed to notice her baby sister’s tits for the first time and was twisting the nipples into grotesque shapes, muttering about fucking the little kitten when they got home.

Amber leant over to kiss my neck and I exploded all over the boy’s face – he was soaked – juice staining his coffee shop uniform shirt collar.

Annie let him stagger to his feet, then Chloe grabbed him by the arse and frog-marched him into the stock room to fuck.

They perabet güvenilir mi left the door slightly open, so we could all see her pin him to the wall and force his trousers down to reveal a good sized erection. She climbed up him, holding on to his shoulders, locking her heels behind his back, so he was forced to support her under the bare buttocks and slide into her gooey depths. Chloe rode him hard, taking long slow thrusts, then rapid short fucks, just as she liked, panting through the exertion: “don’t you dare cum in me, worm – this is just my fantasy, we’re fucking for my pleasure, not yours”.

Chloe could sense him getting close, pulling up at the last moment, to redirect his cock into her tight arse. He erupted, spraying hot sticky sperm deep between her cheeks, before she turned around and insisted he clean it all up with his tongue.


Annie, Amber and I slipped into the room to watch his final humiliation, sucking his cum out of Chloe’s backside. Surprisingly he still had a good hard-on, which Annie fed into her emergency condom and pinned him face up on the floor

“fuck that” she demanded, pushing Amber’s virgin cunt down onto his erection. I sat on his face, jilling hard to hold him still, so he couldn’t see his ‘bride’ being prepared for her ritual deflowering.

Chloe carefully undressed her trembling baby sister, tying flowers in her hair and decorating her breasts and thighs with white silk ribbons. She looked good enough to eat or fuck for the first time.

Chloe held the baby girl over his erection and pressed downwards while Annie held the c***d’s hands behind her back until she screamed as her hymen was destroyed and his cock hit her cervix. It was a bit messy, but the deed was done – she wasn’t a virgin any more: “don’t even think about asking her out, you’re just a cock being used for sex”.

He looked up my short skirt when we let him up: “no chance – I lost mine years ago with one of her pointed vibrators. Lucky we were playing in the shower – all the mess got washed away. Come on let’s go”.

We paid for the coffees and left with his sub phone number, in case any of us fancied dominating him again.

On the way out the boy tried to grab Amber’s tits, she bit him and I kneed him in the balls.

“So long, sucker – thanks for the orgasm. Perhaps we’ll both fuck you next time”.

Years later – March 2019 – Shopping

Annie is spending the weekend with her k** sister Amy looking for some vanilla sex, trying to put the breakup with slut and temporary loss of sass behind her.

They have gone clothes shopping at Westquay, Southampton and found themselves outside the Ann Summers shop, watching the gorgeous black shop assistant, Sue, dressing a mannequin in the window display.

Unlike most of the hard, sexless plastic models, this latex one had a fully detailed vagina – Amy marvelled at Sue’s long black fingers disappearing between the hot pink pussy lips.

Annie picked a matching pair of pink latex micro-dresses, which they are trying on in the crowded changing room.

Annie never normally wears underwear and had forgotten to take any.

The dresses clung to their pert arses, and smooth hairless pussies. The heart-shaped cutout in the top exposing a delicious slice of underboob whenever they leant forward.

Annie brushed her sister’s long blonde hair “Do you remember that time I brought home a boyfriend and he couldn’t take his eyes off you masturbating while he fucked me? I told him you were still much too young for proper sex, but you insisted on sitting on his face when we were finished. Then we gave him a lesbian cuddle”

“Sis, tipobet I can see your arse in that dress – do you want to borrow some panties?”

Sue approached, holding two flesh-coloured latex thongs, except they didn’t have any waistband – apparently called C-strings: “here try these – they provide a bit of cover, but don’t leave a visible panty line under these tight dresses”.

“I like these – they sort of grip your sex like a hand and stay up even when you dance – we’ll take them”.

Sue kissed them both, stroking Amy’s bottom.

Gay Bar in Southampton
Dressed in the very revealing pink latex, Annie and I were soon spotted by the only straight couple standing at the bar.

“Can I buy you ladies a drink?”

Annie laughed “we ain’t no ladies – but mines a white wine, and sis here will have rum and coke”.

“Sisters – wow – you two look hot”.

His girlfriend slapped him: “you’re supposed to be out with me – not picking up under-dressed blonde slappers”.

I tried to pull Annie away, suggesting we were supposed to be picking up blokes, not mouthy straight birds, but now she was riled.

“Come here bitch” said Annie, dragging her off to the back room “I like a challenge”.

Meanwhile, I had my hand down the front of her boyfriend’s trousers, feeling up a rather nice cock: “don’t worry about them – your girlfriend is in very good hands if you’ve ever wanted a bi-sexual submissive”.

His cock twitched as he felt up my tits: “shall we join them and then you can watch”.

In the back room his girlfriend was bent over a pool table, pink panties stuffed in her mouth to muffle the moans and her bra strap used to tie up her hands.

The bloke seemed appalled his straight girlfriend was being finger-fucked to orgasm by my big sister, like she had been lesbian all her life, but I managed to drag his attention away by going down on him. Then I joined her on the table, ankles behind my ears while he tried to figure how to remove the flesh-coloured C-string cupping my crotch.

“Just get her fingers around the back and it should pop out”.

He was pretty good at fucking plowing a deep furrough to deposit his seed high in my womb while watching Annie seducing his girlfriend.

Annie came on girlfriend’s face and then we swapped

I got to eat out the exhausted girlfriend, while he tried to fuck Annie’s arse.

BDSM club

“Mistress Anna – lovely to see you again”.

“Thank you, Charles. It’s great to be back at the Club; it seems like I’ve been away for months”.

Charles: “.. and this must be the delightful baby sister, Amy. You’re looking gorgeous today – how are you my dear – will you sign in here as a guest”.

Amy positively purred at the compliment from the tall, black doorman; she could feel her nipples already hardening as his eyes swept across her lightly covered breasts.

Big sis Annie had come down to Southampton for a weekend of sex and fun with Amy; luckily her boyfriend Will was away.

“Big Al is in tonight and would love to have the two of you in his playroom”.

My legs went to jelly as I imagined Big Al taking me in his arms while Annie watched her baby sister getting bred all evening by the most experienced Dom in the building.

However, it turned out slightly differently – he got us both to strip for him, stroking massage oil into each other’s hot bodies, so we glistened. I lay on top of Annie, kissing and fondling, riding the feeldoe joining our cunts together while Big Al stroked his cock and my bottom, watching the puckered brown hole winking at him.

At first I wondered how he could possibly be fucking my upturned arse from that distance – I knew he was well endowed, but that was ridiculous.

Annie let go of my face, allowing me to look behind – of course it was Will – grinning like an idiot and buried to the hilt in my soft cheeks.

We fucked like rabbits as Annie and Big Al sloped off to find some new submissive talent to play with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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