Father Mike and Sister Ann

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Father Mike and Sister Ann
Father Mike and Sister Ann , had been exchanging glances, for many months now. As they passed in the hall, as they went for Vespers, all the time the room was charged with energy. Sister Ann would sometimes blush, after talking with Father Mike. She was sure that her sisters in the faith could tell.

They were both aching for each other. It was wrong, so very wrong. Could they even be forgiven??

Sister Ann, had waited until everyone was a asleep, and snuck to the bathroom where she would rub her clit to orgasm as she imagined Father Mike, She would force two, then three fingers in her cunt, stretching and push, as she imagined Father Mike’s big cock. She did not know anything about his cock, but in her mind, it was big. Her thumb mashed and pushed her clit, she muffled her noises, as she cum. Then she would lick her fingers clean of her juices, flush the toilet and leave to return to bed.

She had her own cell, that she shared with another nun, named Sister Felicity Rose. It was a very tiny space, but her belongings were meager and it worked ok. She snuck back into bed and tried to sleep, but sleep eluded her for a bit. Her mind would not stop with the carnal thoughts about Father Mike

Likewise Father Mike had been masturbating a lot as of late, He lived alone and had a lot of privacy, so he would often abuse himself to gain release. One right as he looked into the refrigerator he saw some calves liver, still uncooked. He was canlı bahis siteleri never real fond of liver anyway, so he had an idea. He put the liver in a bowl of hot water and warmed it up. When it was warm he wrapped it around his turgid cock, and thrust his hips, imagining the liver on his cock was Sister Ann’s pussy. He thrust away into the liver and cum. He erupted so fiercely, he was amazed. He got paper towels and cleaner to clean up his mess, then put the liver in the garbage disposal, then went and took a shower, and asked God for forgiveness of his lust.

A couple of weeks later Sister Felicity was taken to the hospital with appendicitis. As Father Mike went about his duties, he could not shake the idea that Sister Ann would be sleeping alone this night. The thought bedeviled him, consumed him and so he devised a plan

Later that night when all is quiet Father Mike stealthily goes to the next door convent, and once there he sneaks in on Sister Ann, pulls her covers up to her neck, bends down and kisses her head saying, “good night Sweet Ann, sleep well” As he walks back, I gaze at her sleeping body, erotic thoughts in his head, but lets her sleep, and walks away. As he headed for the door, he stopped and turned around. warming his hands by rubbing them, his hands went under the covers to her skin. One hand on her ass and one on her breast. Her nipple stiffened immediately and she rolled on to her back, moaning in her sleep.

She makrobet thought it was a dream, and Father Mike, quietly got out of his clothes, and cupped Sister Ann’s mound with his hand. His fingers moved down and her lips opened and he rubbed her clit. His cock was so hard with excitement

Sister Ann moaned and moaned, her hand went to her sweet, neatly trimmed pussy and touched Father Mike’s hand. Her eyes open in a start. Father Mike whispered, “It’s Father Mike Ann, it’s ok.” As she looked, sure enough Father Mike was sitting on the edge of her bed, he was rubbing her clit, and he was naked. His cock was very hard, and she reached to touch it. It was shorter, but thicker than she imagined. Her heart was beating fast. She was no virgin when she joined the convent 20 plus years ago, and was afraid, and excited as well.

Father lifted one leg and bent down to lick her pussy. She gasped as his tongue licked her pussy. His tongue entered her and slid up and licked her clit. It was a most delicious way to awaken. Sister Ann’s hand on “Daddy’s” cock was getting him very hard. She desperately wanted to suck it. She turned to get closer to his cock and Father Mike moved over so Sister Ann could lick and suck his cock, as he was eating her. His tongue flicking her clit, and sucking on her labia.

Father Mike was so randy, his mind was wanting to do everything he dreamed of, so he licked her asshole sending shivers through her body, and went back makrobet giriş to her pussy, again and again Father Mike would lick her asshole, and each time his tongue would go in a little bit. One time his tongue slid in deep, and without warning, Sister Ann cum. Her body shook, She gushed, a load of cum, a little pee, but Father Mike’s face was soaked.

Father Mike was quite amused and happy. Sister Ann rolled Father Mike over onto the bed, and began sucking his cock with earnest. Father Mike’s cock was standing loud and proud and Sister Ann lifted a leg and sat on Father Mike’s cock. It slid right in, and it felt so good to slide deep into her pussy. How she missed having a man in her pussy, filling her, making her feel whole. As she rocked on Father Mikes cock, he squeezed her breasts, tweaked her nipples too.

She was about to cum again when she lifted up and guided Father Mike’s cock to her ass, and with no lube, slammed down on his cock. Sister Ann bounced on his cock violently, so wild and crazy, she was afraid she might wake up the nuns

“I’m gonna cum” I say, and with a quick and furious rub on her clit, she soaks him as he cums in her ass. Meeting his orgasm with her own. It was wonderful. They rock and rock, they doggy, they we spoon, Father Mike and Sister Ann make love for a couple of hours. As much as they both want to wake up next to each other, Father Mike cannot be here in the morning

“good night my love” Father Mike says. With a fervent and passionate kiss and Father Mike departs , Ann’s scent all over him. He thinks to himself, as he smell her scent on his fingers “ I might not shower today” and heads back to his room to think about what he and Sister Ann have just done

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