Fishy Seduction: Lucky to be Slow

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I had lured Veronica up to my graduate dorm room to see my fish mate. Seriously. Veronica was an extremely beautiful, dark-haired lovely. She was completely out of my league. Veronica was only dating me because she hadn’t found a replacement for her usual type of boyfriend. Veronica had gone out with me a couple of times, and that evening we had gone to a movie. Instead of calling it a night, she agreed to watch my fish procreate.

Veronica was clearly husband-searching for a good-looking guy who would make a lot of money – say a guy earning an M.B.A. She was unashamedly on the pill. She was unashamedly sexually experienced. Very experienced.

I was hoping for a career as a college professor, which meant I would almost certainly never have much money. Obviously I was never going to be “her type.” While I was technically no longer a virgin, the two girls I’d screwed in the back seat of my car had hardly qualified me as a knowledgeable lover. They hadn’t even undressed; they had just pulled their panties aside and guided me in. In seconds it was over. Fun, but over. One had even asked, “Is that all?”

So I was more than a little intimidated by Veronica, a woman vastly more experienced than I was. I had just told her about my fish and was kissing her in my car, hoping to get at least a little feel of tit, when she said, “What kind of fish? Goar- somethings?”

“Gouramis. Actually Pearl Gouramis. Trichogaster leeri to be precise. The male had just about finished building the nest when I left the room. By now they should be mating.”

“I’ve seen dogs and people mate, but never fish! Can I watch?” Veronica asked.

Even in my inexperienced state I realized that luring Veronica to my room was a good first step. “Why not? If we’re careful we won’t disturb them, and it is pretty exciting!”

“Exciting? Fish? You’ve got to be kidding! But let’s go see!”

I took Veronica up to my floor in the elevator and to my room. “Sh!” I said. “Now we have to move slowly and quietly so we don’t disturb them.” I unlocked the door.

“What about your roommate?” Veronica asked.

“He’s gone until Sunday evening. If he were here studying with the light on, I doubt the fish would mate.”

I opened the door and we slowly slipped into the room. The only light came from above a twenty-nine-gallon aquarium next to my bed. Two five-inch long spotted pearl gouramis were swimming is lazy circles. The surface of the water was nearly covered with a green layer of water sprite, and in one corner there was a huge mound of bubbles. The tiny fifteen-watt light on top of the aquarium made the bubbles sparkle and made the aquarium gently glow.

The only place to sit and watch was on the bed, so Veronica and I sat together and I explained what was going on. “The male is the one with the bright orange-red belly. He built the nest of bubbles. He’ll squeeze eggs out of the female, fertilize them, and then carry them in his mouth to the floating nest and spit them in. They’ll hatch in a couple of days.”

“Why aren’t they doing anything? They’re just swimming around.” She asked.

“They saw us come in. If we sit still for a few minutes, they’ll forget about us.”

Veronica obligingly sat quietly on my bed and watched the fish. In a few seconds they began to brush sensuously against each other. Their long feeler-fins intertwined. Suddenly the male wrapped his body around the female, effectively grabbing hold of her with his body. The joined pair began to slowly sink toward the bottom. They twitched a couple of times, and a small stream of eggs sprayed out of the female.

“God! That looked like an orgasm!” Veronica exclaimed.

“It was! For both of them! He sprayed his sperm on the eggs as they came out!” I added.

The male scooped up the eggs in his mouth and carried them to the bubble nest. He carefully spat them into the pile of bubbles. Meanwhile the female sank almost to the bottom before she recovered and began to swim again.

“Will they do it again?” Veronica asked.


A couple of minutes later, the fish did their sensual mating again. I put my arm around Veronica and kissed her. “I can’t believe that watching fish make out makes me feel romantic!” She said and she kissed me back.

I put my arm around her and we watched the fish mate several more times. I could feel her left breast against me as I held her. Each time the fish mated, I kissed Veronica, and she began to kiss me more passionately. My right hand had moved underneath her blouse, and I was soon rubbing her bra strap and the bare skin on her back. However, as I kissed her, I was afraid of three casino oyna things.

First, Veronica had always stopped me when I tried to touch her breasts, so I was afraid she would put an abrupt halt to my advances at any moment. Once before I had unfastened her bra, and she had quickly pulled away, saying, “Let’s just be friends, okay?”

Second, in the extremely unlikely event that my first fear didn’t materialize, I had never seen a woman’s vulva before. I had no idea where her vagina was. I was afraid I might try to push my penis into the wrong hole if I got that far with her!

Third, I was so horny I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to ejaculate. I was afraid I would explode as soon as my penis entered her magic tunnel. Heck, it wasn’t uncommon for me to shoot my wad into my pants when I touched a girl’s breasts! If I, against all odds, actually got to screw Veronica, I was afraid I was going to leave her completely unsatisfied!

These three fears caused me to go very slowly. Luckily Veronica interpreted my inexperience and uncertainty as an attempt to lovingly seduce her. My kissing, at least, was first rate. Many years of playing the clarinet had left me with a powerful pucker, and my kisses included lots of lip and tongue action!

With my right hand I unsnapped the clips on Veronica’s bra. I made no attempt to fondle her breasts as I kissed her. I ran my hand gently over her now completely bare back, slowly pushing the bra straps onto her arms. Veronica’s tongue began to slip in and out of my mouth. Any moment now I knew she was going to stop me, but what the heck?

As our tongues and lips intertwined, I undid the buttons on the front of her blouse, one at a time. I probably spent two minutes between buttons. Veronica began to breathe louder and her tongue pressed harder against mine. I KNEW this couldn’t last, but maybe . . .

I left Veronica’s blouse completely unbuttoned for several minutes while I gathered my courage, then I slowly slipped it off her shoulders, inch by inch. Veronica began to pleasantly moan, “Nnnh! Nnnh!” As I kissed her while doing this.

I broke our kiss and picked up her blouse and laid it gently on a chair next to the aquarium. Veronica’s breasts were loosely covered by her unfastened bra, and her half-open eyes gleamed in the light from the aquarium. “Look!” I said.

The fish mated again. I heard Veronica give a little moan as the eggs came out of the female. I kissed her and slowly pulled her bra straps forward until her bra slipped down her arms. I gently pulled the straps from her arms, and I laid her bra on top of her blouse.

In the faint light from the aquarium I had my first view of her breasts. They were upright and full (36C as I later learned by examining her bra), with dark areolae the size of nickels. As I turned back to her, she lifted my shirt and pressed her breasts against my chest. Veronica quickly pulled my shirt off.

There we sat on my bed, both of us topless, chest-to-chest. I ran both hands over her back and arms for several minutes as we kissed. Then I began to caress the sides of her breasts. Veronica moaned into my mouth, “Oh!” And her kisses became more forceful.

I felt Veronica’s nipples getting hard against my chest as I rubbed her breasts with my thumbs. I slowly pushed her back and twisted so that we were lying side-by- side on my narrow bed, still kissing.

My right arm was pinned beneath her, so I pulled it up and began to caress her face and neck with it. I moved my left hand to her right breast and began to explore. While I had felt a couple of breasts before, I had never done so on a woman this undressed!

Veronica had her right leg over mine and had her crotch against my thigh. I could feel her hips moving as she pressed and slid herself against me. Suddenly she broke our kiss, and I was afraid she was going to stop me from going further. Instead she gently pushed my head toward her breasts.

This was a first for me! I didn’t know what to do, so I kissed and licked all over both breasts, finally ending with her nipples. I alternated kissing and sucking on each one, and Veronica suddenly pressed her pussy hard against my leg and began to grunt, “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Her whole body shook for several seconds.

Was this the Big O I’d heard about? I didn’t know, but she had obviously enjoyed it, so I continued. I alternated kissing her lips and her breasts, and Veronica’s breathing got really loud and fast again. As I kissed her nipples, I slipped my left hand down and began to rub the outside of her right thigh through her skirt. She began to moan.

I slipped my slot oyna hand under her skirt and gave her bare leg a squeeze. Once again Veronica began to tremble and grunt, “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” This time her movements were more violent and lasted longer. Yes, this was definitely the Big O!

As she calmed down, I sat up and began to unfasten her skirt. I slowly unzipped it, then pulled it gently down her body. She raised her hips to assist me, and I sensed she wanted me to move faster. I took a lot of time, interrupting the skirt-removal with a lot of kissing.

I laid her skirt on top of her blouse and bra and looked down at her, lying on my bed, holding her knees together, wearing nothing but a pair of white panties. As I gazed at her, she spread her legs apart, revealing her panty-covered pussy. I could see her pubic hair and her pink labia through the wet panties. I smelled a thick, musky smell, and it really excited me.

Veronica sat up, grabbed my belt, and opened my pants. She quickly pulled them off, leaving me in my jockey shorts. I lay down and kissed her some more. I could feel her wet panty-covered pussy grinding against my thigh as she grunted and moaned with my touches and kisses.

My first fear was set aside. Clearly she was not going to stop me! But could I find the right hole?

I kissed and sucked on her nipples, and she started to climax. I pulled away and moved down her body, leaving her hanging. I began to kiss her legs, beginning with her knees and moving upward. The smell of her pussy was now wonderfully sweet! Veronica was breathing in little grunts, and she spread her knees apart.

When I poked my tongue under the top front of her panties, Veronica reached down and pushed them down her thighs. I slowly slid them down her legs, kissing all the way to her toes. I dropped her soaked panties on the floor beside the bed. I was still afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the correct hole!

Veronica sat up and pulled my undershorts down. As my erection sprang free, she took hold of it with both hands. I managed to get my shorts off. As I dropped them to the floor, a sudden motion caught my eye. “Look!” I said. The fish were again mating, this time with an incredible amount of jerking and twitching! Apparently our actions hadn’t frightened them. As they finished, Veronica pulled me down to her. She tried to slip my penis into her.

“I want to see you, first!” I said. Veronica took this as my being romantic when in fact I was just worried about what I was getting into! Besides I didn’t know when I would next get the chance to look at a pussy close up! .

Veronica really spread herself for me. What a beautiful sight! In the middle of a thick jungle of curly, dark pubic hair, there were dark red folds of skin making the sides of the letter A. I began to kiss and lick everything I could see. I loved the taste and smell! Veronica began to twitch on the bed. I moved up and kissed her.

“God! I’ve never tasted myself before! That’s so wild!” She exclaimed.

I repeated this several times, kissing her and smearing pussy juice on her lips, cheeks, nose, breasts, and stomach. Veronica was now writhing on the bed. She was moaning and grunting constantly. I was certain that we were going to make love, but I was still scared and I took my time.

I moved slowly to her pussy, still uncertain about where the right hole was. I need not have worried! As I kissed the top of the A, I felt a hard little stone, and as I licked it, her vagina opened with a pop. I looked down and there was the entrance to her tunnel, wet and ready for me.

I kissed and licked on her clitoris until Veronica began to bounce and shake on the bed, then I moved up and slowly slid my penis all the way into her. So much for fear number two! She was hot, slippery, and tight, but I could feel her expanding to let my penis in, inch by inch.

I pulled out, then pushed all the way in again. I immediately felt my ejaculation coming. My third fear was going to be realized. At least I was doing it in the right place! I pulled out and shoved myself in one last time. I felt my penis get even larger and I pushed myself hard against her and began to spray weeks of accumulated semen deep inside her.

At that moment Veronica exploded into orgasm. Her body convulsed on the bed. Her arms and legs thrashed and banged against me and against the covers. She arched her back and raised her hips off the bed, pressing hard against me. She screamed, “OOOOH! OOOOOH! AAAAAAAAAAAA!”

In the midst of her orgasm, I continued ejaculating into her several times. She acknowledged each burst with a loud canlı casino siteleri scream, “AAAAAAAH!”

My climax was done, but she was still shaking and screaming. I pressed hard against her pubic bone and rubbed back and forth against her button. She went off again several times, loudly and violently. I stayed inside her, although I felt my penis begin to soften. Worry number three was past!

It took several minutes for Veronica to calm down. I kissed her, and she almost smothered me when she kissed me back. I could feel little twitches all over her body. We were both drenched in sweat. Man! That was unbelievable!

“Holy fuck!” Veronica gasped. “I thought you . . . were an . . . inexperienced . . . nerd . . . with a great . . . body! . . . I had no . . . idea ANYBODY . . . could do that!”

I didn’t bother to confirm that I was an inexperienced nerd. I had also been shy and afraid, but even that had clearly worked to our advantage. “Aren’t you used to doing it slowly?” I asked, trying to sound sophisticated.

“God, no! I thought it was great when it was fast and hard! But this . . .”

I kissed her, cutting her off. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing me firmly. I could feel my erection returning.

I began to move slowly in and out, and I was soon completely hard again. Veronica broke our kiss. “I don’t think I can stand another one of those! This is new for me!”

It was new for me too, but I didn’t say so. I looked between our bodies and watched as my shiny-wet, stiff penis slipped in and out of her. What an incredible sight!

I took my time and kissed and caressed everywhere on her body that I could reach. When she began to climax, I stopped moving, teasing her. The only difference from the first time was my penis: I kept it inside her the entire time.

It was a long time later, certainly more than an hour, when I knew I couldn’t stop. Veronica was building to a climax, and I could feel my penis throbbing inside her. When her vagina began to clamp and squeeze my penis, I pumped faster and we both went over the top again, screaming. As before Veronica thrashed and jerked all over the bed as she thrust her hips hard against me.

When we were partly calmed, I picked Veronica up, keeping myself inside her. I pulled the covers down, and then lay in my bed with her on top of me. Her muscles were still twitching sporadically. I held her until I felt her fall asleep. Then I slept, too, my penis still inside her.

Veronica woke me. “Wake up! I really need to pee!”

I kissed her, and said, “I’ll have to sneak you down to the bathroom. You can wear my robe.”

Veronica got a playful look on her face. “Let’s take a shower, too! It’s 4:30 in the morning. I don’t need a robe! Who’s going to be up to see us?”

She was right. We slipped naked and giggling down the hall to the deserted bathroom, and Veronica got into a shower stall. She turned on the water and pissed down her legs. I used a urinal then joined her in the shower. We scrubbed and explored each other. I had forgotten to grab towels, so we ran naked, wet, and giggling down the hall and back to my room. At least I had my key!

As we dried each other off, it became clear that my bed wasn’t going to be useful for sleeping until I washed everything – including the bedspread which had been under us during Veronica’s first climax. Veronica didn’t want to put on her soaked panties, and I still have them. They’re a treasured memento of the first time I really made love.

Veronica got into the rest of her clothes, and I got into mine. We took the elevator to the first floor, then crossed to the women’s side, and went up to her floor. Veronica had a single, and as soon as we were inside her room, we pulled our clothes off and crawled into her bed. Veronica lay on top of me. “Let’s sleep, make love, and then go eat!” She said. In ten minutes she was asleep in my arms. I fell asleep feeling her gentle breathing against my neck. Her scent was fresh, clean and completely female.

From the time we woke up on Saturday morning until late Sunday afternoon we made wild, loud, love whenever we were awake. We washed our sheets several times in the laundry room in the basement. Just before 6:00 on Sunday we made my bed and left for dinner just as my roommate came back. We spent the night in Veronica’s room. I almost missed my Monday classes.

Our affair didn’t last long, but it was incredibly intense for several weeks. Other than sex we had no real common interests, and we finally broke it off with a final weekend of gloriously wild fucking. But how can I forget my first real lover, whom I seduced so well because I was afraid of so many things? The fish get a lot of credit, too. They produced over 300 babies that night!

My advice? Ladies, fuck a nerd! Sometimes they think and worry too much, but sometimes . . .

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