From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 03

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Grand opening

People were lined up outside the gym’s entrance a good twenty minutes before we officially opened. A crowd of people anywhere from young kids to retirees swarmed the facility and took advantage of the free drinks and appetizers. Teresa acted perfectly normal and was actually doing a fantastic job advertising our group classes and private lessons. My eyes kept checking out some of the women that were present. I recognized a couple of them and even remember flirting with one of them who turned out to be Leslie and extremely eager to take some private lessons from me.

“What are your fitness goals?” I asked the curvy brunette.

“I am 5’9″ and weigh 155. I know 135 would be rather impossible but anything toward that direction would be great,” she explained.

“You never know,” I responded. “Looks like you booked something for next Wednesday. Go to this website and start a profile so you can keep track of your food intake and our training sessions and other calorie burning activities,” I said handing her my business card that had my direct line on it.

She chuckled and said: “Should I call you to learn more about those calorie burning activities?”

I was sure she was flirting with me but didn’t want to be too direct in this crowd of people that has grown to about 80 making it a near shoulder to shoulder event.

When she walked off, I took a look at her leggings covered rear which definitely had a few extra pounds of fat on it but was delicious nonetheless.

By the end of the event, we had booked a dozen new clients, 10 female and 2 males, and it looked like the yoga and group sessions would average about 10 people. We also offered free fitness tests that checked one’s height, weight, strength, endurance, flexibility followed by going over their goals.

Teresa and I cleaned up things without saying much to each other. I couldn’t resist, nor felt guilty, for continuing to check her out in her tight yoga pants each time she turned her back and ass to me to pick things up or put them away. I went upstairs that night slightly frustrated and extremely horny. I was close to making a call to the escort but downed 3 Heinekens and fell asleep to ESPN instead.


I found myself at the gym at 7 am the next morning. While we had nothing scheduled until official scheduled until Monday, our online calendar showed 4 more requests for fitness tests. I blocked out everything for Saturday and Sunday but a few of them didn’t hesitate sending me direct messages for various reasons.

From Lori: “Hi Don. It was great meeting you tonight. You really seem to be a great fit for me when it comes to finally meeting my fitness goals. I cannot wait for you to work with. Cheers, Lori 206-….”

From Leslie: “Hey Don. THANK YOU so much for creating this place. It looks great and I love your enthusiasm. I told my boyfriend about this place and he was wondering how it works for people that don’t live here. I will see you first thing Wednesday morning. Have a great weekend.”

I was disappointed to find out that Leslie had a boyfriend. She had a few more curves than what I usually find attractive but she is a gorgeous female and I already started picturing her 15 pounds lighter and how she would show her appreciation to me.

From John: “Don. Great job with the gym. I meant to ask you what the rule is for drop-in gyms and bringing guests.

From Heather: “I forgot to book a fitness test session. Please call me at 206-…. or email me to see when you are available.”

I didn’t recognize her name nor did I recognize her from the profile picture that was part of her email signature. She turned out to be a real estate agent and she had no issues showing off her big tits, white teeth and curly blonde hair. I decided to get an early start and just called Lori and Heather and booked them for an 11 am and 1 pm that day. I finished cleaning the entire gym and after a good ninety minutes realized that I needed to hire a professional to come in and clean. I was told to budget for it but I thought $1,000 per month was a joke to pay someone to come in each day.

Lori arrived ten minutes early with her own towel, yoga mat and bottle of water. She wore a fairly conservative outfit with some cotton leggings and NFL t-shirt. After getting to know each other while she was filling out the 2-page form, we were ready to start the session. She was an accountant for a law-firm and sat all day so she had posture problems, low energy and admittedly a few pounds that she wanted to get rid of.

“So Lori, it’s completely up to you, but I would recommend taking a picture in your sports bra and if you are not wearing one, taking pictures with your shirt pulled up to show your midsection,” I suggested.

“I didn’t think I would be taking pictures today,” she said rather uncomfortably.

“It’s definitely up to you. I have found that the before pictures can serve as great motivators once you start seeing the progress you güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri make. If you rather want to wait, we can do that do but again, the best way to do it is a before, meaning before your first day of your new workout plan,” I countered.

She hesitated and thought about it for a few seconds and said “ah, what the hell. You don’t post these online, right?”

“I will upload them to your profile and it will be up to you if you are willing to share any of the information including pictures on there,” I responded.

After another moment of hesitation, she pulled the shirt over her blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail. My male instinct is to always look for the sexy features in a woman which quite frankly, she didn’t have much to offer. As a trainer, my mind immediately started racing in figuring out what diet and workout plan will work for her. She was standing in front of me with her arms crossed and blushing. I took a few pictures from different angles and probably made her day when I told her we were done.

5’5″, 164 pounds, 36-32-41 were her measurements and we also measured her thighs, upper arms, neck and also her weight distribution. I then checked her heart rate and blood pressure before and after she stepped on the treadmill for 5 minutes going at a brisk pace. She was definitely spent after those 5 minutes and seemed embarrassed about it. I finally did a better job of taking off my inspector hat off to putting on my motivational hat and once we got to test her strength she actually shared a few laughs. She was only able to complete 4 pushups, hold a plank for 14 seconds, do a wall-sit for 25 seconds and hold some light weights in front of her for a few seconds.

She did a great job sticking with it despite the fact that she was definitely being challenged beyond her usual comfort zone. At 39 years old, she was definitely where the average person would find herself but I knew she had some goals in mind. We were able to spend the last 30 minutes of the session going over her goals and a bit more about her personal life. It sounded like she was getting paid very handsomely when she made sure that I knew that whatever the cost she was willing to spend. It was the time piece that made her struggle more.

She claimed to work 60 hours per week on average and with much emotion told me that she was sick and tired of working for others while letting go of herself. She was single and, without having to guess to hard, someone that allowed no time to spend with the other sex. At the end of the session, we had agreed on going at it full force which meant that I would see her 5 times a week which made me at ease when thinking of paying someone to come in to clean.

After a quick lunch, I went through the same routine with Heather. She was much less concerned about dressing down to her sports bra and even changed into boy shorts to show off her 44 year old body that was in pretty good shape. Especially her tits were a formidable 38D or close to it and only her midsection showed some excess fat with her arms and legs already well-toned. She definitely enjoyed having pictures taken of her and dropped a few flirtatious comments here and there.

She also did much better on the fitness test and in the end, it turns out that her goal was to lose 8 pounds to bring her 5’6″ frame down to 130. She was also aggressive with her schedule booking 4 appointments per week for the next month.

Later that afternoon, Teresa finally called me.

“I am really sorry for being M.I.A. Don and I worked things out and he is leaving her. He booked a 2 week vacation to Hawaii and we are leaving tonight. Good luck with the first two weeks. I gave your number to Jessica from the gym. She is the yoga instructor there and is always looking for more hours. She will do a much better job than me anyways,” explained Teresa.

Our conversation was rather short and I was a bit angry that she threw that curveball at me last minute. The first yoga class was to start in less than 48 hours. As soon as I started freaking out, my phone rang from an unknown number: It was Jessica and she was to come in to meet me within half an hour. My heartrate slowed down until she walked through the door.

As soon as I saw the babe in front of me, the lightbulb lit up. Jessica was the one girl who could give Teresa a run for her money at the gym we work out at. She was much younger, probably in her late teens or early twenties and just like Teresa, had the tightest body topped off with beautiful blonde hair.

“It’s so great to see you. I have never taken your classes but I heard you do a fantastic job,” I told her knowing very well that most guys taking the class only take it because they want to see her up close.

“I recognize you as well Don. Teresa and I have been known each other for years and you have come up in our conversations before,” smiled the blonde.

“Ok, not sure if that’s good or bad. Let’s get down to business. I am freaked out by what güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she pulled off. So are you available this Monday at 6?” I asked.

“Teresa mentioned that. I have a class at 6 but I already called the manager and told him I had something come up which is no big deal because he has 3 instructors to choose from,” she responded.

“Great. Thank you so much. What were you thinking about pay?” I asked.

“Well, here is the funny thing. It’s been taken care of by Teresa’s husband,” she responded lightly.

“Oh wow. Even better. So he paid you for the next two weeks?” I wanted to confirm.

“More like months,” she responded. “If you like me, they think you should hire me permanently. No pressure, of course,” she joked and grabbed my upper arm. “If you are game, I will switch my current schedule around completely and teach the afternoon classes so I can be here in the morning and the evenings you need me. It would add up to 16 classes per week so I need to make sure my body can handle it but I just love yoga so I think I will be fine.”

Nothing that came up during our conversation was discouraging or concerning. Once I found out that she broke up with her High School sweetheart 2 months ago, my hormones started going out of control. She was so enthusiastic about our new setup and seemed so comfortable around me, that I had no issues having her catch me checking her out a few times too many. She wore a brand new pair of Lululemon leggings and a tight top made by the same company.

I guessed her tits to be about C’s and whatever sports bra she was using made sure to push them up as much as possible. I was getting confident enough to invite her out to dinner and a drink but to my dismay was shut down immediately.

“I live in Southcenter (which is about 30 minutes away each way) and don’t think I want to go out with my workout gear if you know what I mean,” she responded.

I still thought that she left a window open: “I could follow you that direction and we can grab a drink around there.”

“That brings me to the second problem,” she said and handed me back her picture ID that I made a copy of earlier. She was barely 20 years old.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I should have paid attention,” I responded.

“You live here, right? I wouldn’t turn down eating in and a glass of wine,” she said and I swear my cock twitched instantly.

“That sounds great. I really feel like I owe you a great dinner. My buddy works at the steakhouse down the street. I could see if they could plate up some nice dinners to go and I have plenty of bottles of wine to choose from upstairs,” I responded as calmly as possible.

I called up my friend and they could have dinner for us ready for pickup at 6. Since we had an hour to kill, we just stayed at the gym and chatted away. I could have sworn she showed off each part of her body at just the right times. The highlight was when she stood in front of me with her side turn to me when she took her hair out of her bun and loosened it up by running her fingers through the entire two feet of blonde perfection.

With her hands behind her head, her chest pointed higher which caused her tits to perk up. The bottom hem of her top also came up showing off a glimpse of a very slim stomach.

“You are beautiful,” I simply said after she was done freeing her hair.

“Aww, thank you,” she responded and squeezed my upper arm again.

When it was time to go I followed her to her car checking out her tight ass wrapped up in front of me. She drove an old Honda Civic that had a good 200,000 miles on it but she kept it very clean on the inside. Every time we drove by a street light, her upper body, face and thighs would be illuminated and my eyes wandered over in the same rhythm. Dinner smelled delicious and before we knew it we were sitting around my dining room tables with candles lit. She was in awe of the place including the furniture, the view and especially the kitchen. She had no idea what wine to drink with her salmon dish but after letting her taste a few bottles, she settled on the Riesling.

I enjoyed my conversation with her and when I thought she was definitely acting her age maturity wise before, once she started working on the second glass of wine, she was becoming flat out childish. I didn’t really mind but she was embarrassed of herself. We decided to watch a movie and as if it was the only option that made sense, we sat next to each other on the love seat. With luck have it, the movie turned out to be more romantic than dramatic and after a sensual scene, Jessica readjusted and leaned her head against my shoulder.

So much had happened that week and while I would usually let things flow much slower usually, I put my right arm around her shoulder and pulled her in closer. She was close enough for my finger tips to reach her hip and after some adjusting on her end, I was tracing the upper end of her ass with my fingers.

“You know what else Teresa told güvenilir bahis şirketleri me about you?” she whispered suddenly.

“What’s that?”

“That you have an amazing cock,” she said nonchalantly.

Without hesitation, I leaned sideways to be able to grab her entire tiny ass and pull her on top of me.

“You know what men say about you?” I responded.

“What’s that?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“What have you said about me?” she asked.

“I just listen and keep my comments to myself,” I responded honestly.

“But I want to know. What do you think about me,” she said while cupping her tits through her tight shirt.

“That’s not fair. You know you are hot. What’s a man to think?” I asked.

“Let me guess. You want to fuck my tight pussy?” she asked.

“Well. That would be a thought,” I responded.

“What are you waiting for?” she simply asked.

I immediately pulled off her shirt and sport bra. Her perfect, and I mean perfect, tits pointed straight at my face. Her areola seemed to have been painted on using a dime to trace the outline. Her nipples were hard already and she just pulled my head against it. I sucked feverously as if my life depended on it.

“Fuck yes baby. Suck my tits. I am already so fucking wet for you,” she cried out. I don’t remember the last time I had sex with someone as vulgar, let alone as hot as her, but my hormonal engines were going into overdrive.

“Suck my cock, now,” I ordered.

“Yes, boss,” she said and climbed off of me, pulling my shorts down at the same time.

I got on my feet and pushed the coffee table out of the way. Jessica went straight for my underwear.

“Holy shit!” she blurted out as soon as my 8 inches sprang free. “I should asked her what she meant by amazing. That thing is huge,” she said.

“I think she was referring about what it does to a pussy anyways,” I said confidently.

Without saying another word, she went for it. She licked the tip a few times, stroked it, and shook her head when she realized she could barely fit her small hands around it.

“Spit on it and shove him down your throat,” I said after her playful behavior went on for too long.

She collected some extra saliva in her mouth, spit it on my cock with force and stroked it twice before attempting to deepthroat me. She managed about half of it into her mouth before hitting her limit. She kept at it for minutes, sucking and pushing her face against it but there was no more room to go. I was tempted to help out our by grabbing her head myself but I could honestly tell she was giving her best.

She showed no lack in confidence when she leaned back, looked up at me and said: “My pussy is wet so why don’t you shove that cock of yours inside of me. She pulled off her pants and was left in her black lace thong when I returned from the bathroom where I kept the condoms.

“More than one?” she asked me confused.

“Maybe I have big plans for you,” I responded.

“For the record, nothing up that hole for the past 2 months,” she said pointing at her vagina, “and nothing that size has ever been inside of that.”

I kneeled behind her and grabbed her tiny tight ass with both hands. She is 5’9″ and the small size of her ass didn’t match her tall body even if it was very skinny. I pushed her forward so she was leaning against the loveseat and pulled down her thong. I could definitely tell that she was musky but I could care less. My tongue actually went straight for her ass and it definitely wasn’t perfectly fresh.

“What the hell?” she moaned out when the tip of my tongue made contact with her sphincter.

“Shhh,” I just said and kept licking. With my nose stuffed against her ass, I licked her labia and reached for her clit. It only took her a few minutes to be close to cumming.

“Fuck, I am so close. Yes baby,” she cried out.

Instead of finishing her with my tongue, I stood up and stuck my raging cock straight inside of her. She was tighter than I expected and knew I wouldn’t make her climax with only a few inches inside of her. So with one hand on her clit and one grabbing her right tit, I forced my way deeper and deeper inside of her with each stroke while stimulating her from different angles. It only took a few more seconds for her whole body to shake.

“Yes, fuck, yes,” she yelled out once I was fully penetrating her and her body was going through wave after wave of orgasm. I fucked her straight through it and continued even when I knew she needed a moment to come back to earth. I now had both hands on her ass and hips and kept drilling her tight pussy. It was a combination of her expressed inexperience with being fucked by a bigger cock and the fact that I should have cummed days ago that drove me to take her harder and harder.

It wasn’t until I saw her grimacing face in the mirror when I finally slowed down and eventually pulled out exposing her dark red flesh of her pussy.

“Are you ok?” I asked while trying to catch my breath.

“Yeah. But I don’t think I will be able to walk for a couple of days,” she said.

“I definitely need you to be able to teach yoga,” I joked but quickly kissed her on the back to comfort her.

“Do other women take this without any issues?” she asked.

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