Fucked at sea!

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Fucked at sea!
True story of a good fuck out on the ocean.

My wife Liz and I needed to take our 24’ sailboat from the bay in which she was moored approximately 30 miles down the coast to a marina for annual maintenance. The weather forecast for the weekend was perfect for a quick day trip so we planned to leave at first light on the Saturday morning. Liz’s mother’s second husband, Frank (much younger than her), is a keen fisherman and asked if he could join us and try his luck fishing along the way.

We left the mooring at first light as planned and sailed around the headland, heading about three miles out to sea to avoid the northbound current near the coast. We were all dressed warmly as the morning was cool but it started to warm up as the sun rose and there wasn’t much of a breeze. Clothing started coming off as the morning progressed and soon Frank and I were just wearing swim-shorts and enjoying the sun on our backs. Liz ducked below into the cabin to change into something cooler and came back on deck wearing a tee-shirt and jeans that had been cut into very short cut-offs. She sat with her back against the bulkhead of the cabin and rolled up her sleeves to tan her arms. The warmth of the sun and the movement of the boat soon had her dozing off, probably because of our early start as well. She was very relaxed as she slept and eventually her knees parted and I realised that Frank was getting glimpses of her panties güvenilir bahis peeping out of her cut-off jeans. I was about to wake her but felt my cock stiffening at the thought of him having a chance to voyeur her so let her sleep.

After about ten minutes the boat lurched over a bigger wave and Liz woke up and looked around to see how we were progressing. Frank went below to bring up some fruit juice and snacks and I took the opportunity to tell her what had happened while she slept. At first she was indignant that I let it happen but then she got a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and asked if I dared her to tease him a bit. My cock got rock hard at the idea so I gave her the go-ahead as Frank re-appeared with the snacks which he handed out before sitting down.

Liz put on a mock pout and said that it wasn’t fair that us guys could be topless and then whipped off her tee-shirt and leaned back in her black lacy bra. Her nipples were obvious through the sexy fabric and Frank’s eyes were fixed on them in amazement as he shifted his position, hopefully to hide a growing hard-on. He looked at me to see my reaction and, as he did so, Liz reached back, unclasped her bra and freed her lovely breasts. Her nipples were poking out from the excitement of the moment and from their sudden release from the confines of her bra. Frank’s gaze snapped back to her and she laughed and told him to get over it so that she could enjoy tipobet the sun. To give Frank his due, he really tried to keep his eyes averted but I could see him sneaking glances and he had to lean forward in his seat to hide the effect she was having on him. I could see that Liz was also becoming aroused and imagined her pussy being nice and wet and ready.

Liz stood up, leaning towards Frank and slowly undid her shorts and slipped them down over her hips before tossing them to me, standing before him just in her panties which didn’t leave much to the imagination. Then she turned and backed down into the cabin where she took off her panties, throwing then up into the cockpit and beckoning Frank to follow her below. He stood quickly and started below but Liz shook her head and said that he wasn’t allowed down while wearing his swim-shorts. Frank stripped his shorts off and his cock bounced erect, the sight of which got a giggle from Liz. I stood to strip my shorts off and could see down into the cabin where Liz was lying back on the settee, one hand squeezing her breasts as she frantically fingered her pussy with the other. Frank leaned over Liz, running his hands all over her body and she spread her legs so that he could kneel between them. I watched as she grasped his cock and guided it into her pussy. I saw him push into her, his butt and the muscles in his thighs tensing as he thrust in and out, fucking tipobet giriş Liz with all that he had. He was supporting himself with his hands on each side of Liz and she reached up under his arms and gripped his back, fingers digging into his flesh as she pulled him down into a passionate kiss. I was jerking my cock hard as I watched Frank fucking my wife and, when I saw him stiffen against her and then move his hips in a slow circular motion against her as he came, my balls emptied themselves, spurting cum down my thighs and I gasped involuntarily. Liz heard me and knowing that I had cum watching them brought her to an immediate and ecstatic orgasm.

My hands were trembling as I guided the sailboat to an anchorage, dropped the sails and anchor and made sure we were secure. When I went below to join the fun, Frank was fucking Liz again with long, deep strokes, enjoying her hot wet pussy and watching her breasts move to his thrusts. I moved to her head and Liz took my cock into her mouth, licking the remnants of my cum from the cockhead. Then I demanded my turn at her pussy and took her as Frank watched.

Later, we called family back home and changed our arrival time to allow us to stay overnight in the anchorage. We had a long evening of sex and wine in mind!

That was the first time since we were married that Liz allowed another man to fuck her. There have been others since including Frank’s son, her step-brother Ryan. So, she has been fucked by a father and son albeit not simultaneously which would have been wickedly awesome. I did contemplate setting it up but that would have brought out into the open how many times I had screwed Liz’s mom….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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