Getaway to Mexico

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We wake up early to get out the door and on our way up to the airport. After months of planning and waiting, we’re finally on our way back to Tulum. The kids are already over at your parents for the night, so it’s a quiet morning and we enjoy the drive up and quickly settle in to our seats on the plane. It’s still early and we lean in to each other and doze a little bit, enjoying the feel of each other. The flights go smoothly and before long we’re in our cab and on our way to La Zebra.

We arrive at the front of La Zeb and a bellman takes our bags, allowing us to walk in to the front desk area and check in. They give us a welcome mojito and guide us to our room. We walk up to the second floor of the building and out to the sliding glass doors that open up to the ocean. There’s a small plunge pool on our balcony with a couple of chairs, and then smooth sand and ocean in front of us. We smile and embrace each other, feeling our bodies relax and ease in to vacation.

You’re wearing a sun dress and as I run my hands down your back, I cup your ass gently, squeezing you in to me. You lift your head and kiss me, pulling me in to you. We kiss for a few minutes, sucking each other lips and necks, grinding against each other. You feel my cock get hard and press against your stomach and run my hands up your front, cupping your breasts and gently pinching your nipples.

I guide you back to the bed and push you down so you’re sitting. You eagerly undo my belt and drop my shorts and boxers down, letting my hard cock out. You reach out and cup my balls with one hand and gently run your other hand up and down my shaft, taking a moment to rub the drop of pre-cum around the head, making it shine. I quickly strip off my shirt and kick off my flip flops and shorts and you wrap your lips around the head of my cock. I feel your tongue swirling around the ridge of my head, tasting my pre-cum, before dropping your lips down my shaft, taking me deep in your mouth.

You hear me moan my pleasure as my hands hold your hair back so I can watch you suck my cock. One hand is tickling my balls and gently stroking behind my balls as you bob up and down, making me throb with pleasure. I love the feel of my cock in your mouth, but after a few minutes, I pull you off me and push you farther back on the bed. I slip your dress up over your head and pull your thong down your legs as you slip your bra off. You surprise me with a freshly waxed pussy – just a little landing strip and you hear my groan of approval. I kiss my way down your smooth stomach as you stretch your hands above your head, ready to give in to whatever you want and I want through this vacation. I kiss your inner thighs and gently lick my way up your legs until I get to your smooth pussy lips.

I run my tongue up and down, tasting your excitement as you gently moan, waiting for me to do more. I dip my tongue deep inside your pussy, then slide it up to your clit, gently caressing it, before moving back down. I run my tongue all the way down your pussy and back up, again and again, before sliding two fingers inside of you. I move my mouth up to capture your clit between my lips and start rolling my tongue around it, knowing you love this. Your pussy is dripping wet and I take my other hand and press a finger against your slick little asshole, slowing sinking it in. My two fingers in your pussy are thrusting in and out of you as my tongue lashes your clit, getting you closer and closer to coming. I add another finger in your ass and alternate sliding in and out of your pussy and ass as I suck and lick your clit. You are slowly losing control, building to a huge orgasm, türbanlı escort grabbing my hair and keeping my mouth on you. Finally you let go and I can feel your entire body spasm with pleasure – your pussy and ass gripping my fingers and come flowing from you.

As you come down from your orgasm, I gently slide my fingers out of you and slide up on top of you. My cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum from going down on you and I easily slip it all the way inside of you. Your pussy is so warm and wet wrapped around my cock that I just want to fuck you hard, but I wait for you to recover a little bit first. You look up into my eyes and you have the heavy-lidded look of having just had an amazing orgasm. You kiss me deeply, tasting yourself on my lips, and feel my cock throb, knowing that I get off on the thought of that. I start to thrust into you and we settle in to an easy motion for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s body and being with each other.

I shift my hips up a little bit and put more pressure on your clit from my cock sliding in and out of you. Your eyes roll back a little as you groan and feel your pleasure start to build again. I start to whisper in your ear how I want you to come – how I want to feel you squeeze my cock and drench my balls with your come. I whisper how you’re going to be my little fuck toy this whole vacation – you’re going to do whatever I want to give me pleasure. I’m pounding your pussy now, driving you closer and closer to orgasm as mine builds too. You moan that you’re coming and I feel your pussy contract on my cock just as I reach my limit too and fill you with my cum.

We slowly come down from our highs and lay together, sweaty and breathing hard. My cock is still deep in your pussy as we gently kiss each other and look into each other’s eyes, enjoying the moment. I rise up into a push up position and slide part of my cock out of you. We look down and see my shaft, slick with our cum, and I slowly slide it back and forth in and out of you. I look down at you with a devilish smile and whisper “After I fuck you tonight, you will be sucking my cock clean of our cum, my little pet.” I see the nervous excitement in your eyes before you say “Yes sir. Your every wish is my command this week.”

* * * * *

After we get cleaned up and unpacked, we make our way out to the beach and find two lounge chairs under a big palapa and settle in. We order some fresh ceviche and other snacks to go along with a couple of cocktails and enjoy the afternoon on the beach. You look amazing in a little bikini – something you might not normally wear with friends around, but decided to be daring on this trip with just the two of us. My eyes wander over you many times, feeling my cock stir thinking about what we just did and what we will do the rest of this trip.

We swim, read, nap, and snack the rest of the afternoon before heading in to our room to clean up for dinner. We strip down and hop in the shower together, enjoying the feel of each other’s naked body, taking time to soap each other up. I love the feel of your soapy tits and ass as I slide behind you and slip my hard cock between your cheeks. I thrust up and down slowly a few times, enjoying the sensation, before you turn and face me. You soap up your hands and grab on to my cock as I continue to play with your tits. You reach down with one hand and cup my balls and rub my taint as your other hand continues to slide up and down my shaft. I spread my legs a little bit and you continue to rub my taint, your hand drifting a little farther back. I moan and spread my legs more as you drop ümraniye escort down to your knees, looking up at me with my cock in front of your face.

You slowly work your fingers back to my ass and gently slide the tip of a finger in me. You see the pleasure on my face as you continue to stroke me, looking up in to my eyes. “Cum for me babe. Cum on me. Cum on my face. Cum in my mouth. Cum on my tits. I’m yours.” You sense the urgency in my body as I get closer and you tighten your grip as you slip your finger deeper in my ass. You open your mouth and stick your tongue out, begging me to blow my load. I explode – shooting a stream of cum into your mouth, coating your tongue. You aim my cock lower and my next stream hits your tits. You continue to stroke me, coaxing a few more spurts of cum out of me that drip down your hand. You look up at me, showing me your tongue coated with my cum before closing your mouth and swallowing it. I moan at your naughtiness, loving it. You stand up and wrap your arms around me, giving me a kiss and whispering “Do I please you, sir?” With a very devilish smile, you turn around and rinse off before turning off the shower and wrap yourself in a towel. I take a moment to recover before drying off as well.

* * * * *

We get dressed and walk out to the open air restaurant at La Zeb, enjoying the sound of the ocean and the cooling breeze. You look radiant in your tight-fitting orange dress that I love. Your eyes sparkle as we sit down and enjoy ordering small plates of delicious, fresh, Mexican food along with a couple of cocktails. We’re feeling mellow and full afterwards and take a long walk down the beach, hand in hand. We take off our shoes as we walk to feel the sand between our toes, exploring the beach and looking at the various hotels and houses as we go. After an hour or so, we’re back to our hotel and you turn in to me, holding me close and giving me a sensuous kiss. “Ready for round 3, my love?”

I murmur my ascent and we start to walk hand in hand back to our room, stopping to wash our feet off of the sand. You stop me and tell me to go to the bar and get a drink and give you 10 minutes to “freshen up”. I smile as you give me a quick kiss and a wink before turning to our room. I slip in to a seat at the bar and order another mojito, watching the time slowly tick past until 10 minutes has gone by.

I come back in to the room and you have the lights dimmed with a few candles lit around the room. You are wrapped in your pink silk robe and I can see you’re wearing black stockings and black high heels. You have deep red lipstick on and your eyes are dark and smoky. My eyes scan the room and see that you have laid out a few toys on the bedside table and when I come back to you, you walk forward with a black silk scarf wrapped loosely around your wrists. “I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I need to be punished.” I smile as my cock throbs in my shorts. I take the scarf off your wrists and then slowly undo the belt to your robe. I open it up and enjoy the view as your full outfit comes in to sight. You’re wearing a lacy black bustier that pushes your tits up, a tiny black g-string, and a garter-belt with your stockings.

I slip your robe all the way off before asking “And what, my pet, have you done that is so bad?” You smile slightly as your hand drifts down to your pussy and you show me the little loop that is sticking out, telling me that you have your ben wa balls already inside of you. “I just couldn’t wait for you, so I had to get started with out you.”

I turn you around so you’re facing away from me, taking a quick second to acıbadem escort admire your ass, before pulling your arms behind your back and tying them together with the black scarf. I then guide you to your knees and pull out my rapidly hardening dick. “Open your mouth, my little slut.” You look up at me with submissive eyes and open your mouth to take me in. I’m not all the way hard yet and I take your head in my hands, guiding you all the way down my cock. I push in to the back of your throat before pulling out pushing in again. I hold your head still and thrust in and out, fucking your mouth until I’m rock hard. I take my cock and run my finger up the shaft, gathering some cum at the tip and watch you lick it off.

I full undress and then help you to your feet before guiding you over to a chair. I sit down and have you lay across my lap with your ass in the air. “You’ve been a bad girl, and bad girls get spanked…” I caress your ass, enjoying the feeling of your silky bustier against my hard cock. I run my finger along your thong, in between your ass cheeks, tickling your tight little asshole before dipping it in your dripping pussy, feeling the balls inside you. I raise my hand and give you a light smack on one check, then the other, warming you up a little. You jump a bit and squeak, but quickly the slight pain turns in to a warm glow. I spank you again, harder, and feel you grinding your crotch against my leg. I reach down to the loop of the balls and pull on it, causing vibrations in your pussy as you continue to moan and grind.

More spanks turn your ass cheeks a bright red as you are breathing heavily. I reach over to the table full of toys and as you’re catching your breath, you feel your thong pulled away and a plug pressed up against your asshole. I watch as you relax, letting your ass open up and take the toy inside of you. You feel my cock throb again, knowing that playing with your ass is a huge turn on for me. I stand you up and move you to the bed, untying your hands briefly to position you laying face up on the bed before retying your hands to the headboard. I take a moment to admire your incredible sexiness, knowing that I get to enjoy you fully tonight. I climb between your legs and slide your thong off, again taking a chance to look at your smooth, sexy pussy. I pull the loop and the ben wa balls slide out of your pussy, covered with you. I hold them up and suck your pussy juice of off them, savoring your taste, before lowering my head and taking a long lick from your ass to your clit.

You shudder with pleasure and whimper for more. I happily oblige you and run my tongue up and down your pussy, tickling your taint and caressing your clit. I reach back over to the table and you see me pick up a dildo and bring it back, positioning it at your pussy. I push it in as I tongue your clit again, making your ass and pussy full. I climb up to your face and kiss you, again having you taste your pussy on my lips. I whisper “A slut like you just can’t get enough cock, can you? I’m going to fill every hole you have.” I swing my leg over your head and position my cock at your mouth, then laying my body over you so I can lick your clit while fucking you with the dildo.

Your senses are overwhelmed. Your ass is stretched and full, a big dildo is plunging in and out of your pussy, your clit is getting worked over by my tongue, and my hard cock is filling up your mouth. You quickly lose it and your entire body shakes with a mind-blowing orgasm. I keep tonguing your clit until you beg me to stop. As you continue to enjoy the aftershocks of your orgasm, I pull my cock, the dildo, and the butt plug gently out of you, allowing your body to recover. After untying your hands, I lay next to you, holding you as you come down.

Once you’ve caught your breath, you roll me on to my back and lay on top of me, looking in to my eyes and say “Now it’s my turn to blow your mind.”

* * * * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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