Glen Cove Avenue Soccer Moms- Pool Sex

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Glen Cove Avenue Soccer Moms- Pool Sex
I retired from the Marines a year ago and was sick of living in a military town. I decided to move to an upscale suburban family neighborhood for a change of pace. So here I am in Florida playing cards with my new group of friends I jokingly refer to as my “Glen Cove Avenue Soccer Moms”. All of them happened to be suburban housewives in their mid-thirties to late forties. They were all very good looking classy women who had been “sentenced” to be suburban housewives by their rich husbands.

Well how did I get to this card table you ask? Well after 28 years in the Marines I was still in great shape for a 53 year old. I usually ran three to five miles a day. I guess while running I had caught the eye of these young honeys. I know when I run; my eight inch cock gets semi-hard and protrudes from my running shorts. During my morning runs I always said Hi to all the bored stay-at-home moms in my neighborhood. I often chatted with them and I got to know them fairly well.

I met thirty-something Sandra and Alice while they were walking their dogs. I met Rita a 45 year old former school-teacher who turned out to be the first soccer-mom I fucked. Then I ran into Karla a young thirty-something who was going through a divorce. Little did I know that I would be fucking all these nice honeys’ before the summer was over?

Well Rita and I had a tryst in her pool one afternoon where she met my nice eight inch cock and learned what it was like to be fucked by a guy who runs three to five miles a day and doesn’t get worn out. After her fifth orgasm and me cumming inside her twice she learned what it was like to be fucked by a soldier. I was a pretty skilled lover and have been fucking some really experienced whores from Vietnam to Naples, Italy for decades. I learned a lot as a Marine about how to please a woman.

I soon learned that Rita discussed her fine experience with me with the other ladies in the neighborhood. So before I knew it I was invited to their Wednesday afternoon card party. That week the party was held at Karla’s, the young divorcee’s house. Now it was obvious to me that the reason I was invited to join this club. All four of these kaçak iddaa lonely women were looking to get laid. It was a hot July day and all of them were dressed in the skimpiest outfits they could find. After all, you don’t go to a neighborhood card party looking like a teenage fashion model. There was a dollar limit, so I lost a few bucks, but I had a great time just being around these fine looking honeys. Moving here looked like it was turning out to be a fine idea.

Well after the card game Karla mentioned to me that “all the bulbs in her hallway chandelier were burned out, but the chandelier was 14 feet in the air. She said she would feel like an idiot to call an Electrician to change some light bulbs. I checked it out and I had a 10” ladder, but it was still fucking dangerous to go that high up. She offered to hold the ladder steady while I went up there. The next day I went out and got those new five year bulbs and replaced every light in the fixture. Afterwards, Karla asked “How about I make you some burgers on the grill”. Go sit by the pool and I’ll get them ready.

Well Karla got more than the burgers ready; she came out in a red tube top that barely covered her nice firm tits. Her long brown hair was down to her shoulders and she wore a small pair of tiny white shorts which revealed most of her small tight ass. She wore full make up and looked stunningly beautiful.

Karla cooked up the burgers and made me one of those tropical drinks where the fruity flavors really hide how much booze is in them. Karla made a few more and soon we were both hammered. I wasn’t surprised when Karla asked “hey Ray I’ve seen you out running with that big cock swinging in your shorts. How big is it really? I laughed hysterically and thought of a great prank. I had brought my tool box to fix the lights, so I went and got my tape measure. I said “here, do you want to measure it? I was shocked when she replied “Yes, hand me that tape measure”.

I pulled my shorts down and there was my flaccid cock which was only about six inches long because it wasn’t fully erect. She said, it’s not that big, how big does it get when it gets hard? I said honey how about you suck it for a kaçak bahis few minutes until it’s nice and hard and measure it. Karla was so drunk she took a chair cushion and got on her knees and began to slowly lick the head of my cock. She said “I can’t believe I’m doing this”. I replied “neither can I honey but you’re the one who asked to see my cock”. With that she lowered her head as her warm mouth met the head of my cock. Karla was a fairly good cocksucker as her tongue traveled up and down my cock. Then she lingered over my balls gently sucking each one into her pretty young mouth. She finally got serious and put my cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock in a nice smooth rhythm. Soon that monster had expanded to its full eight inches.

Karla grabbed the tape measure off the table opened it and put the end right where my shaft met my ball sac. She then raised it up and said “holy sh^t, that thing is eight and a quarter inches long”!! I said well honey if you want it just let me know now. Karla said “do I want it?, I haven’t been fucked since my husband left me a year ago, of course I want it!!! Let’s go fuck in the pool?

We both got out of our clothes and I saw that she had one of those floating pool chairs in the pool. We both got in the pool and I gently kissed her and held her close, my hands gently stroked her hair and wandered down and began massaging her breasts. I could tell she had really sensitive breasts so I lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth and gently sucked on her cherry red areolas. She moaned softly as I sucked on one and then another as my hand found her pussy and I inserted two fingers into her vagina. Karla had definitely not been laid for a while. She moaned as my mouth pleasured her nipples and my fingers massaged her fine pussy.

The Karla swam over to the chair and got in it. She said “Ray, grab the chair and hold against the wall right at the three foot marker”. I grabbed her arms and moved her to this area and pushed the chair against the side of the pool to hold it steady. Karla moved around a little bit in the chair and said “perfect”. I looked down and wow!!!! There was my cock lined right up with her pussy. güvenilir bahis She slid down in the chair a little bit and I grabbed my cock and guided it right into her. Karla let out a loud AHHHHHH!!! As my cock entered her vagina. She yelled “God that’s the biggest cock I have ever had inside me, go slow honey, that thing is huge”.

I knew from experience I had to be gentle with a woman who had never taken a big cock before. I slowly entered her and just stood still just to let her get used to the size of it inside her. A minute or so went by and I began slowly moving a few inches of my cock inside her. Then I gave her half of it and like most women after having the whole eight inches inside them they wanted the whole thing again. I slowly pulled my cock back until it almost left her pussy and then I slammed the whole eight inches back into her. I repeated this about ten more times and she began moaning as her whole body writhed from having this monster inside her. Her a****l lust took over her body and she squirmed every time I entered her. Like most women for eons they craved a big man inside them. Karla shouted “fuck me, fuck me Ray, and fuck me hard”!!!

I obliged my young lover and began fucking this young honey good and hard. Within a minute her first orgasm hit as her hips thrust upwards. What made this incredible for me was that she was floating in the water!!! The sensations of the water moving her body around my cock were incredible!!!!!! The chair moved along with her pussy. I had never had such a pleasurable fuck. The feeling of the cool water passing over my cock as the top of it was in her warm pussy was incredible. You felt the warmth of a fine pussy and the cool soothing feeling of the water on your lower cock and your balls. We must have fucked another five minutes when Karla had a full vaginal orgasm and was writhing so much in pleasure that she fell out of the chair and into the water.

I put her back in the chair and resumed fucking her, but I knew I was going to cum. Sure enough, despite the cooling feeling on my balls my sperm rose up and I came deep inside my young lover. We wrapped our arms around each other and had a long passionate kiss. Then I looked down and my white semen was floating in the water as it oozed out of her pussy. Karla said “wow that is incredible” both of us were so drunk we stood there laughing as we watched my jizz floating around in the pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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