Goa Beach

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Goa Beach
This happened about 6 years back when I was in Bengaluru, Karnataka. I had learned all the anatomy and physiology that had to be learned by a doctor for treating patients. I wanted to learn how to help people get relief from pain and misery.
So I enrolled in a physiotherapy course where I was taught about different types of massages. However, we were taught to do these on same-sex patients only and that too under the careful supervision of staff. This was ok but we found it to be a little boring. There were 8 boys and 20 girls in our entire batch.
Once we all planned to go to Goa for a picnic. Initially, all were enthusiastic and eager to go but as days passed, some girls got scared and dropped out. Some had money problem while some boys and girls didn’t get parents’ permission.
Finally, there was a group of 5 boys and 6 girls who were ready to go for the trip. We all managed to do the reservations and reached Goa. We had booked a guest house with 3 bedrooms and a hall and kitchen. As soon as we had dumped all our bags, we all changed into t-shirts and shorts and rushed for the beach.
Since it was a special far off distance outing all of us were excited. All of us waded into the sea holding each other’s hands. Our t-shirts became wet exposing the rounded boobs of the girls which caused visible tents in our shorts in no time.
The girls were so excited they did not notice our staring at their boobs. By the time they did, we saw other girls and boys bursa escort also in the same situation. The girls did not bother to try to cover their boobs anymore but were bashful about it. They also were staring at our tents from the corners of their eyes trying to gauge the size of our poles. (Surekha told me later).
Then we boys went to get beers for ourselves. Joy and his girlfriend Sharmila who were (Anglo Indians) part of our group insisted on beers for the girls also. Only Surekha (the one for whom I had eyes) refused to have any beer. Rest of us had 2 beers each and were generally enjoying each other’s company on the beach.
All of us were slowly sipping our beers and enjoying the sea along with eyeing our friend’s assets. Joy and Sharmila became a little frisky and started massaging each other’s hands and shoulders.
Sharmila gave him a deep smooch and led him away saying let us go to the room and let these people continue their drinks. After a few minutes, Surekha was feeling a little sleepy. She got up and fell twisting her ankle. In the next instant, I was at her side and started to massage her ankle.
She was in severe pain and within a few minutes, her pain subsided. She closed her eyes and leaned against me in relief. Her perfume was really intoxicating along with the heady feeling of the softness of her body producing a boner in my shorts.
At this time Vignesh and Lalitha who were the only ones left also were eyeing each other lustfully. Lalitha bursa escort bayan lifted her head to see what was happening around, as soon as her eyes came in contact with me. I winked at her and gave her thumbs up sign.
She smiled cutely and held Vignesh face in her hands and gave a smooch. He immediately became excited and started mauling her boobs over her dress. Lalitha showed me and Surekha to Vignesh and signed him to come silently behind her.
They slowly slinked off towards our rooms. I was now finding a little difficult to control having seen all the erotic foreplay of our friends and once again gently started massaging the legs of Surekha. Her eyes were closed as though sleeping. I then took her toes one by one in my mouth and started sucking them gently.
She was moaning gently and sexily with her eyes closed. I took courage and slowly moved my hands up her legs to reach her thighs. Her eyes remained closed but she was moaning a little louder, which excited me all the more.
Now I gently cupped her bums with one hand started to gently rub her panty above her pussy slowly.
This increased her moaning and she started to shiver slightly. I then was totally out of control and started to cup her boobs and knead them gently. Oh God even when I think of it my boner becomes hard again. It was the softest and most perfect pair of boobs I have ever touched in my life.
Immediately her nipples became erect and I took them between my fingers and gently twirled escort bursa them. Surekha now gave up all pretence of sleeping and got up and smooched me really hard. Then she realized that we were alone on the beach beside the sea in the dark. All our other friends had already gone into the rooms.
I told her, “I love you and you are the most lovable woman I have ever come across. I want to make love to you.” She smiled happily and told me she also has loved me from the first day she saw me in the class. She was waiting for me to make the first move.
Then we hurriedly undressed each other there itself and hugged each other tightly. I was sucking and licking her boobs and nipples like a mad man. She was squeezing my cock with both her hands and running her hands across my hair. I slowly nuzzled the nape of her neck which excited her thoroughly.
She started moaning loudly and gripped me tightly. I then went down to her navel and started licking it slowly and gave small love bites around it. She was like yes! yes! do it more. I then went down to her pussy which was wet and oozing loads of liquid with a different erotic smell.
I soon started to lap it all up enjoying the slightly sour champagne-like taste of it. She was trying to push my face deep into her pussy and shivering like a fish out of water. I continued to lick her pussy. Soon she came with a loud scream and squirted away to glory.
I was finding it difficult to cope up with the flow of her juices which overflowed out of my mouth. She became tired and exhausted and dropped down on the beach. We then got up got dressed and went to the guest house. On the way she was shy and blushing very deeply and full of love for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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