Harriet Part 1

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Harriet Part 1
I smiled when I saw Harriet get out of the taxi in front of my friends house. That house had certainly been the setting for some adventures, and Harriet was about to have her first here. Harriet cinched her trench coat tighter and walked up the path to ring the doorbell.

I thought back to when I first met Harriet. She was at school in the town I live in and lived a few streets away with her mother, a single mother as her father had died a few years ago. Harriet is a strapping girl, a jolly hockey sticks type, 5 foot 10 inches in her stocking soles and wide in the hips, so a big boned girl. Mousey hair with a natural wave, a pretty face with a snub nose and pale grey eyes. More on her intimate details later…

Harriet had started to go off the tracks, meeting with the wrong crowd after school, staying out late, defying her mother etc. Her mother was at her wits end frankly. The girl was out of control. Her mother came to see me, making a pretence of seeking a part time job for Harriet as a cleaner for me as she knew I lived alone. However her mother ended canlı bahis şirketleri up pouring her heart out about Harriet and rather pointedly said that I “have a reputation” within the town. “For bringing naughty girls into line” I replied. She quietly replied “Yes…”. I replied, just to make sure. “Even if that involves a smacked bottom?” to which the mother nodded.

It was arranged that Harriet should have a part time job with me, two evenings a week straight after school. That meant she was kept out of trouble. Harriet would come round to my house in her school uniform. Flat black shoes, grey knee socks, a huge expanse of leg – unshaven – and a pleated grey skirt which revealed chunky thighs. White blouse, tie and blazer completed the uniform. For the first few weeks I sat at my desk working as Harriet did the chores. Secretly watching as she bent over and I let my gaze roam over her wide beam and ample bottom. Upstairs she was not too big, normal size really. I let Harriet get on with her work, and paid her small wages to her mother as arranged.

On tipobet güvenilir mi the day that Harriet became legal things progressed somewhat… She knocked over a vase which I heard crashing down. The vase may well have been placed right on the edge.. who knows…. “Girl! Come here” I shouted. Harriet came into my office and stood before me, eyes cast down and shoulders hunched. I had her stand there a long time, letting the tension mount… “You know that was an expensive vase”. She nodded. “You are a clumsy girl. You will never be able to pay me back for that vase. Get over my knee”. To my surprise she did not need any further bidding and came over to stand beside my sturdy oak office chair. I could see a glisten of a tear in her eye. “Over my knee!” I commanded and she folded herself over my suited knee.

I adjusted Harriet’s skirt, pulling it up high to reveal fresh white cotton knickers. I left the knickers in place and pinned her wrist into he small of her back. I adjusted her into the correct position. Smack! Smack!
There is nothing finer tipobet giriş than hand spanking a girl for the first time, having her over your knee so you can feel ever movement, every tensing of her muscles and hear every little gasp. It is such a delight to find out, even in that first session, if you have true submissive on your hands, a girl who has now been discovered and is going to go through the rest of her life as a beaten sex object, made to suffer for the pleasure of men like me.

But back to Harriet. I smacked her soundly, on the crown of her bottom and then round the edges of her knickers on the bare flesh. I have a strong right hand and I could see the outlines of my fingers appearing red on her thighs. I could tell Harriet still had a lot of fight in her.

Finally it was over. I told Harriet to go and stand in the corner, and I followed her to tuck her skirt in her knickers. I told her that if she stood there till the end of her working hour then her mother would get the full wages She nodded, on the edge of starting to cry. I returned to my work, occasionally glancing up at the tall girl in the corner and seeing how my handiwork on her bottom developed.

At the end of the hour I told Harriet that she could leave, and she scurried off home. A satisfying evenings work, doing the groundwork for the next stages in her development.

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