Holiday Fun pt2

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Holiday Fun pt2
What Joe and I didn’t know besides Elysha being Edna’s c***d was that she had just recently contacted Edna and met with her and Bob in a small family reunion. They them persuaded Elysha to join then in sex and willingly become part of our little sex group while she visited.
Thus when I went down and started sucking on Elysha’s cunt she already was expecting it along with the sex with me and Joe. I licked and sucked at her cunt feverously, enjoying the taste of her and her flowing juices when I suddenly felt fingers caressing my own cunt. Edna had moves onto the bed and was now playing with my cunt as I drove Elysha to a climax.
“OH FUCK” I heard Elysha yell out as she grabbed hold of my hair, pulled me as deep into her cunt as she could and exploded with a fury that had shown that I did a good job of sucking and biting her off. After a minute or so as I watched as Elysha tried to settle down, I finally rolled over onto my back as Edna had moved back so that I could move. Looking down at Edna,
“Get back to sucking my cunt whore” I demanded of Edna. She hesitated for a moment and then spreading my legs apart, dove back into my cunt to resume her eating me out. I had just started to get güvenilir bahis into the rhythm of her sucking and biting at my cunt when I felt a presence next to me on the bed. Glancing over I came face to face with Debbie, who had come into the bedroom with Carl and Joan and who now moved up next to me.
“Kiss me” Debbie whispered softly as she caressed my cheek. I turned my head fully towards her and our lips met in a very soft and tender kiss. It didn’t take long for her hand to slowly move down to my tits and begin to fondle them, then squeezing them and pulling on my nipples as we continued to kiss. I knew Joe was laying next to me now kissing Elysha as she played with his stiff cock and I wish I could have watched, but my mind was thoroughly engrossed in kissing Debbie while Enda continued to work over my cunt. When Debbie moved down a bit to suck on my tits, I was able to look over and watch as my husband kissed a black girl for the first time and saw just in time as Elysha moved down Joe’s body, took hold of his hard cock and into her mouth it went.
I always enjoyed watching another woman sucking on Joe’s hard cock and this was even better than I could imagine.
“What a fuckin’ turn-on” I thought tipobet giriş to myself briefly as I watched Elysha suck on Joe’s cock. But my attention soon shifted as Debbie came back to kissing me again. I was so in heaven as these two women turned me into frenzied whore and I reached down and found Debbie’s pert little tits and started to fondle them as best I could. I could hear Edna and then Debbie both start to moan and didn’t see or realize that Carl had gotten down behind Enda and was now sucking on her cunt while Joan had moved down and was doing the same to Debbie. Not wanting to be left out of the orgy, Bob moved over to the head of the bed and next to Joe’s head,
“Suck my fuckin’ cock” I heard him order Joe. I knew Joe would not hesitate and within a minute had Bob’s cock in his mouth and was sucking away as best he could.
What a scene we all made. Debbie kissing me, Edna sucking on my cunt, Carl sucking on Edna’s cunt while Joan did Debbie and Joe sucked off Bob. For how long this little orgy went on I couldn’t tell as I was so lost in a lustful trance that time seemed to stand still. My lips and tits were getting sore from Debbie’s assault, my cunt was aching as Edna perabet drove me into a wild bliss of passion and soon I couldn’t restrain myself anymore as I exploded with a shower of spray over Edna’s face, the spasms spreading through me, jerking my body as I released all my energy in a highlighted moment of pure lust.
Edna and Debbie must have been so aroused that as soon as I ended my jerking motions, they both moved towards one another and were soon kissing as Carl and Joan moved with them and kept up their assaults until both Edna and Debbie exploded as well. By now Joe had sucked on Bob’s cock so hard and long and fast that I heard Bob cry out,
“FUCK” as he shot his load into Joe’s mouth, almost gagging him with his heavy load of cum.
One last act followed as Elysha, sucking hard and fast on Joe’s big cock, now braced herself as Joe now unloaded his cum into her mouth. Climax after climax echoed throughout the room as we all reached our peaks one after another. I settled back trying to catch my breath and composure while Debbie moved off and sat at the side of the bed; Edna resting at the foot of the bed; Joan and Carl moving over to the small sofa and Bob taking the vanity chair for himself. I’ m not sure who started it, but soon we were all laughing at the spectacle we must have made in that bedroom at that moment; all eight of us exhausted and spent as we all relaxed and gathered our strength.
And the day was still not over.

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