How I became a Dom & what I did to end up Now

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How I became a Dom & what I did to end up Now
I am writing this because I have received a number of emails on this site from a person that has asked me a number of questions. I have never given any thoughts about these questions, which were –

1. How I became a Dom/Master
2. How I met my first slave “alice” and then my life from there.

When I was around the age of 17, I met a girl same age, we became friends & we did a lot together, one thing that stands out & that I believe was a Dominant feature for me, was the 2nd time she & I had sex, while having sex, I started pulling her hair (not hard I will add) but hard enough that her head was lifted back up. She immediately reacted to this by saying “Don’t stop that, keep pulling my hair”

Hearing her say that, caused me to take her maybe a little more forceably than normal sex (although this was only my second time having sex), which she liked (later she told me that) this was something that got me hard again, I had No understanding of this or why I reacted the way I did, other than it felt good & that it was something she liked, I will add she couldn’t understand why she loved her hair pulled either during sex or at any other time. We remained good friends right through attending Uni. Looking back I don’t feel that she was a slave or submissive.

As the years passed, I met many women through Work, Sport & Social meet ups, I was about 22 when I met a woman one Friday night at the downstairs Bar at the Hilton (can’t remember the name of the Bar now) in Sydney, she was 37 very attractive, spoke in a way, her voice that turned my head instantly to face her, she had deep blue eyes, a very fit, tight body & was around 180cc tall (that is about 5’10 1/2). Her smile was very Dominating I found it hard to stop looking at her & watching her. I had never before seen a woman like her, she knew I was watching her, she knew there was some kind of connection between the 2 of us, I knew that, but what that connection was, I really had no idea, none ! There were 2 guys that were chatting to her, wanting to buy her drinks, pendik escort however from what I could make out, she never allowed them to buy her any drinks, or never really showed any real interest in them, they were dressed very well, spoke very well & were a few years younger than she was, which got me thinking, I need to talk to this very attractive woman.

So I just made direct eye contact with her again, she smiled at me, so I just walked straight up to her, asked her if she would like to join me at my table, that really pissed off the 2 guys big time, but shit happens.

She eye balled me from head to feet, slid off the Bar Stool, Saying to the 2 guys, “thanks for the chat” then walked over to my table, sat down, then said “I’ll have a Black Label Johnny Walker Scotch with 6 cubes of ice !” Back from the bar, I sat down, placed her drink in front of her, she then instantly counted the ice cubes !!! I thought fair enough, then she asked me my name (at this stage will not go into names) I answered her question, she smiled & asked me why I had been checking her out & why I was so interested her.

I replied with “You are the most stunning woman I think I have ever seen, your smile is just overwhelming in the very best possible way, your perfume makes it hard to not keep my eyes on you, your legs are breathtaking'” then she looked at me & said “that is enough, you have passed my test !” I had no come back.

After that we spoke for an hour & she told me that she was a Mistress & that she thought I might like to serve her, back then I had No Idea what a Mistress was or what she meant by *Serving Her* so she explained in detail what her lifestyle was & how it worked.

That night back at her Home for the first time I saw the inside of a Dungeon, the tools (she told me they were Toys, not tools) that this Mistress had, Canes, Floggers, Chains on the wall, 1 Chain hanging from the ceiling, Needles, Hoods, Paddles & a Spanking Bench, & more wow.

That was when she asked me what I through now, I really was lost for words, about all I was able to get out orhanlı escort Wow. Next question was “Do you want me to show you what these Toys are & how I use them ?” I nodded back “Yes” (I still find it hard that I allowed this Mistress to do this, but you have to start somewhere. So she told me to wait there & she would be back. Some 10 minutes later, she walked back in, dressed in Black Leather knee high heels, short black leather skirt, & what I know as a Corset, it was Red with Black around it, she was Hot. Then she Directed me to call her Mistress & to undress.

I am NOT going to go into any more details as to what did or didn’t happen then, mostly because my 2 brats are going to read this & I will cop heaps from them lol

However, later that night, when I had my right ankle cuffed & chained to the bed, & this very sexy woman got on top of me & well used me for her pleasure. I was told I was not permitted to cum until she said so, this was very knew to me, but somehow I did what she asked. Once she was on all fours, I took her from behind, so my normal thing was to *Pull the girls Hair* I did this, wow did that piss her off !!! She yelled, never pull my hair..

So from there I learnt what being a Dominant means, What a Dominant does, What a Dominant expects. We both over the course of 3 months became very good friends & sometimes played together with a number of submissives, I loved using the cane as well as hair pulling & the big one Spanking girls.

I was so lucky meeting this very nice Mistress, she introduced me to the real BDSM scene, back then it was much different than today, due to there being No internet then.

Winding the clock forward some 22 years, I got out into the scene, attended munches, play parties & private Formal Dinners. I had a number of submissive girls that I played with etc however none really made me think about offering them my Collar of Ownership. So for some years I played with many, I made very good friends with many people. Then at a Munch in Sydney one Saturday night in Surrey Hills at a Pub, alice & I aydınlı escort first met, that was just over 12 years ago now, I don’t know how it happened but instantly there was a connection between us, what a wonderful feeling that was. As a Master it blew me away, alice felt the samething as I did, I believe it was Love at first sight, it was remarkable.

We clicked then & there, yes we had sex, yes I spanked her, yes I pulled her hair, yes I bit her, yes I caned her butt, I bought her kinky outfits, then 18 months later, one night when out to Dinner at Center Point Tower, Sydney, just before our dinner was served, I told alice to get up, then to kneel in front of me, which she did (with a rather confused look on her face), then I told her I Loved her, I respected her & that I wanted her to give herself to me.

OMG did the water works start, she found it hard to talk, but in there somewhere alice managed to get a “Yes Sir, I have been wanting this for months” So I then removed a brand new leather collar from my coat pocket, placed it around her neck, still weeping, but smiling we were both where we wanted to be with each other. Boy oh boy did that get the other people there watching, the Photographer came over & took our photo, Not long after that, alice moved into my home, we were then in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.

Sure there were some problems to start with, but we worked together on those. The only big change was when we got to know diana. We had never done anything with her other than become very good friends, often the 2 would meet up for coffee, attend some female only events, but had never done anything with each other.

diana & her Master split & went their own way, it was then that 3 of us started to get closer to each other, it wasn’t all that long till alice & I chatted about diana & it wasn’t long till diana & I had the formal chat about joining us in our 24/7 Master/slave relationship.

To continue on from here my post covers it “My slave and My New submissive, One very proud Dom”

and then

To the reader that asked me those questions, I hope this helps you understand our relationship better.


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