How showing the wife began

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How showing the wife began
Soon after moving in with my then girlfriend (now wife) Cathy, we soon settled into our daily routine. Always leaving the house around an hour or so before her, she always saw me off by the front door with a hug and kiss. What she wore during these farewells varied as to how far she had prepared her makeup and things.

One particular day, she arrived to see me off wearing just her bra and panties and as always, planted a sweet little kiss on my cheek as we opened the door. As I left the house, she casually asked me if I could see the postman along the street, mentioning she was expecting a registered parcel.

Having closed the door behind me I headed down the road, only to see the postman delivering around five doors along. I knew it would only be a minute or so before he arrived, so imagining her having to scramble around some for some clothes amused me somewhat. The thought then occurred that she may just think it was me returning and simply open the door as she was.

That was when I felt a strange feeling; a mixture of jealousy and excitement at the thought that the postman may see her in her scanty underwear. The thoughts stayed with me all day and the more I thought about it the more I was getting unexpectedly aroused. I considered phoning her to ask but didn’t. So it was not until dinner that evening that I casually broached the subject.

“Did your parcel arrive ok?” I enquired casually.

“Yes, no problem, just after you left actually. Didn’t you see him down the street?”

“Hope you had time to dress then.”

“Actually no. When I heard the doorbell I just assumed you had forgotten your keys again and just opened the door. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw me. I don’t know who was the more embarrassed – him or me.”

“What happen then, did he say anything, or just do the gentlemanly thing?” I replied, afraid to sound too interested.

“Well I just stood there, unable to move for a moment, so I simply apologised, telling him I thought it was you. Then took the parcel and signed for it. I’m sure I blushed like hell because he kept trying to glance inconspicuously between my boobs and my legs.”

“Probably made his day as well,” I laughed.

And that was it, but that night’s sex was amazing. Cathy was as horny as hell, and as we fucked, images of her standing almost naked in front of the postman really excited me.

Our normal routine continued, with Cathy nonchalantly waving me off by the front door, until I reached our gate each day. A few days passed with our usual morning panics, Cathy scurrying around half dressed as I turned the place over looking for keys. Calling out that I was leaving, Cathy appeared in the hallway in just her lacy bra and pants. As my hand was on the latch she covered it to prevent me opening it and planted a very sensual kiss on my lips. Had I had the time we would have certainly ended up screwing on the spot.

After a playful struggle, I managed to open the door and head down the short path leaving Cathy in the doorway to wave me off. As I reached the gate I teasingly asked if she was expecting another delivery or something. She just laughed and blew me a kiss before slowly closing the door.

Whilst walking along the road which was almost clogged with busy rush hour traffic, the thought came to my mind, that anyone who was driving past would have probably seen her. Thoughts of their reactions unexpectedly aroused me, and I came to realise, that now I was almost wishing for someone to actually see my loving partner’s near nakedness.

That night we were having an awesome session when I expressed how she had sent me off wild with desire for her that morning, and concocted a fantasy of her being seen by others next time. In the throes of excitement, she admitted that when she mistakenly opened the door to the postman, it had awakened new emotions inside her. When I lovingly pressed her further, she not only admitted that she had enjoyed his eyes caressing her near nakedness, but that after he had left, she was so turned on by these unexpected feelings that she could not resist the temptation to bring herself off. Her admission sent us both over the top, coming hard almost simultaneously.

Over the next few days my mind was continually aroused by thoughts of her being seen by strangers and decided that at the next opportunity, I would enjoy encouraging proceedings. It didn’t take long for another chance to arise, and thinking back Cathy must have encouraged it as well. She was upstairs as I was preparing to leave and shouted for me to wait. Moments late she appeared in a very sexy skin coloured bra and panty set. I gulped at thought of whether she may want to wave me off in such sexy underwear.

Coming up close, she threw her arms around me almost devouring my mouth with her sensuality. Fuck! I was so turned on, my mind dizzy with the possible outcomes. Returning her embrace, I slid my hand behind her back, unclasped her bra, and slid it off her shoulders. internet casino Hoping she now realised I was also excited with the thrill by her recent behaviour.

Still in a clinch, she moved her left hand to turn the latch, telling me I’d better go or I’d miss my train. As I tore myself away, I almost came on the spot when she let her bra float to the floor. I pulled her back to me to give her another deep kiss, secretly hoping that she would satisfy my newfound cravings while she opened the door.

My heart was thumping with anticipation as she pushed me off, allowing me a moment to take in her exposure, before seductively positioning her right arm to cover her shapely boobs, opening the door and urging me out.

Walking with my head turned backwards, it was not until I reached the gate, that she simply took a pace back into the hallway, uncovered her breasts and waved. What else could I do but just stand there waving back enjoying her daring act until she closed the door?

Making truly passionate love that night, we totally admitted our mutual arousal and fantasised on how we would progress this exciting new obsessional desire.

Over the next few weeks, Cathy continued to wave me off wearing very little, and even standing in the actual doorway on many occasions, inviting stares and waves from the drivers in clogged in the morning rush hour, which always led to a wild evening of lovemaking when I got home.

Cathy now continues our story: After the unexpected thrill I experienced when I opened the door to the postman, I was at some sort of crossroads. Dave my lover, was always hornier returning home on the days I had waved him off wearing very little clothing. Lovemaking on those nights was immensely erotic, especially when we fantasised that other men may have seen me. Although the thought of turning fantasy into reality aroused me, I decided not to push things until I was sure Dave’s enthusiasm was as strong as mine.

Things developed a few weeks later when we arranged a night out to celebrate one year since our first date. Dave had booked a table at a rather exclusive hotel in a nearby town and suggested I wear my black crossover dress for the occasion. As usual I had dressed well before time, and on checking myself out in front of the mirror, decided to try wearing it without the bra. Actually, I felt very sexy when I puckered up my already aroused pink nipples, and seeing how much they protruded through in the silky fabric provoked some interesting notions.

I could tell Dave was well impressed when I joined him in our lounge. So much so, that after I did a twirl to show him, he started playing around. Then he teased me about the fantasies that had developed during our lovemaking. Pulling me close, he untied the sash holding my dress together to see the effect. Loosened to the extreme, most of my curving flesh was visible. Already in the mood, I was delighted when he re-tied it to show significantly more cleavage. He mischievously added that we may want to slacken it even more later.

We drove to the venue, having pre-booked a taxi for our return. On arrival at the restaurant, we were shown to a corner table, where I chose to sit facing the wall. Then whilst wriggling out of my coat, I deliberately caused my dress to reveal my left breast. Hell! I felt so hot when my lover then told me how gorgeous I looked, and urged me not to cover up.

Seeing an older Latin type waiter approaching I hastily considered my options – should I just cross my arms to cover my exposed nipple or should I just partially cover it?

By this time in our relationship, I knew my lover would want me just to sit back in the chair and allow the waiter to see my tit. But basically I needed some Dutch courage, so chickened out, and discreetly drew my top to partially cover my exposed flesh.

The waiter welcomed us, handed us the menus, and then informed us of some of the specials available. Not immediately knowing his reaction, I was afraid to look directly at him. But out of the corner of my eye, I could see his eyes continually drop to the exposed valley of my cleavage. Sensing I had attracted his fascination, my nipples hardened to protrude against the silky fabric. It made me wish I’d had the courage not to cover up so much on his approach.

Giving him my order, I turned to look up at him just in time to catch his roaming eyes return from my chest. So with a provocative pout, I simply looked down at my chest then back to his eyes, confirming to him I was aware of my exposure. I hoped to convey that I was comfortable with him looking at my aroused impressions. His returning smile after taking our order confirmed his appreciation. As soon he left, Dave leant forward to let me know that I had aroused him terrifically by teasing the waiter.

Our stimulating conversation continued until our waiter returned with our customary two bottles of wine. White for me and red for Dave. Uncorking mine first, he stood to face me then took his canlı poker oyna time as he poured me a sample to taste. While he was performing this ritual I raised my eyebrows and smiled, wanting him to acknowledge what he could see. The meal arrived and as the evening progressed, our conversation continued. Dave reiterated how much he enjoyed my recent early morning exposures, and how much more energetic our lovemaking had been. With some liquid encouragement, we became a little more candid about our desires. Eventually both admitted we wished to explore the fantasy of me being seen by others.

We received such wonderful service all evening. The waiter went out of his way to top up our glasses or to confirm our satisfaction, whilst paying undeniable attention to my obvious lack of a bra. Dave kept asking me how much I was enjoying the waiter’s attentions. I replied that I was adoring his special attention.

By the time the bill arrived and having drunk almost a whole bottle of wine, I was feeling very relaxed and really turned on. Dave offered his card to pay, and our waiter disappeared to get the card machine. Whilst he was away, Dave reached over and adjusted the fabric of my dress. Looking down, I saw he had exposed it show the dark edge of my areola. The sexual energy generating between us was awesome. Dave continued the flattery, saying he was sure the waiter would recall what he saw to enjoy himself later. When he returned to process our transaction, his eyes immediately took in my increased exposure. Knowing one of my almost naked boobs was being relished by this older man excited me more than ever.

Eager to reward our waiter for his obliging service, I reached for my coat knowing my flimsy crossover would slide to reveal my full breast. My eye caught his just in time to see a subtle smile of approval which generated a wonderful surge of pleasure.

Keen to continue this newly discovered and stimulating activity, we moved to the lounge area where we found a somewhat secluded sofa. I sat crossed legged displaying a fair amount of naked thigh until the bar steward arrived and took our drinks order. While he was away, Dave confirmed what I already knew. The steward had been openly staring at my legs. Then as if reading my thoughts, Dave suggested he seemed the type who would unwittingly participate, and enrich this adventurous experience. So now taking things a little further I toyed with the edge of my crossover, so when I leant forward most of my aroused left nipple would undoubtedly show. The sexual tension between us escalated while we continued with our sexy dialogue and eagerly anticipated his return.

He returned a few minutes later and placed our drinks on the table in front of us. It was now or never. I casually leant forward, knowing full well I was presenting my complete left breast for him. As Dave fumbled for the exact payment, his gaze blatantly lingered on my rather obvious exposure.

It was while Dave teased me about the thrill we just experienced that I saw some work colleagues at the bar which cooled things slightly. Not wanting to cause any embarrassment, I covered up before they spotted us and came over. We chatted with them for a while. They were nice enough, but not the company we wanted that night. I sensed that Dave was as cheesed off with this intrusion as was I, so after a few minutes we made some excuses and left.

Dave pulled me into a doorway for a long deep lingering kiss and ran his hand under the fold of my dress. As his hand delved between my legs, I just had to stop him. I just wanted to savour this amazing arousal for as long as possible. Reluctantly, he moved his hand to play with the waistband of my panties, then whispered he wanted to remove them before we arrived at the nearby wine bar. Almost melting with the intensity of the moment, how could I refuse such a sexy request?

Fuck! I felt so vulnerable, but also unbelievably sexy as the cool evening air caressed the slick wetness seeping from my recently shaved mound. Then I wondered how daring I would be if a sudden gust lifted my dress.

Feeling tipsy, we moved along the road to the crowded wine bar where we had to push ourselves through to get to the bar. We bought our drinks, then managed to get to a high stand-up table with a couple of high stools that had just been vacated. With Dave’s constant flattery and encouragement, I purposely fidgeted on the high stool to expose more of my soft swells. I was also obviously conscious of my lack of underwear, but confident enough to allow my dress to fall to the sides of my legs.

Glancing through the crowd at all the couples and groups, I saw two guys probably around mid-twenties standing near the bar. They were deep in conversation but also seemed to be watching everyone, probably looking for a couple of women to pick up. One of them looked my way, then said something to his friend which caused him to turn to look in our direction. I just kept chatting to Dave occasionally canlı bahis glancing in their direction. I was sure they were looking at me, and that I was their topic of conversation.

It wasn’t too long before they edged closer, eventually asking to put their drinks on our table as the place was so crowded. We soon started a polite conversation, which was difficult due to the continual thump of the heavy music being played. I was really flattered knowing these guys had moved over to join us, no doubt my loose dress had been a factor.

As the conversation continued with all the usual openers, I deliberately hunched my shoulders as I leant towards them. I was happily inviting them to see inside the top of my dress. Then I began getting concerned as to Dave’s acceptance of my flirting. So reassuring myself, I ran my hand over his thigh to his crotch where his hard erection confirmed his total appreciation of my behaviour.

The banter was getting more sexual with the guys now openly flattering me, and telling Dave how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. The more they flattered me, the more my arousal was escalating, especially when they commented on how daring my dress was. I chuckled to myself wondering if they guessed I was totally naked underneath.

It was the first time in my life I had effectively invited strangers to see me in such a way, and I was enjoying every minute of it. Each time I leant towards them in conversation, they took advantage of the opportunity to gaze at my cleavage and possibly even my pink nipples. Each time gave me a little flutter of excitement.

Then Dave chirped in saying how much he loved me to dress this way. As he said the word ‘this’ I felt his warm fingers on my mid inner thigh, then draw my leg closer to him. The motion effectively parted my legs, baring my femininity, which left me almost naked from the waist down. As the venue was so crowded, everyone including our present company, was totally oblivious to Dave’s actions. I swear if his finger had brushed my exposed pussy, I would have come on the spot.

Fortified by the effect of the alcohol, Dave elaborated on why he loved my dress so much. How it made me feel extremely horny, especially when appreciative guys could see my cleavage. The younger of the two agreed it made me look very sexy, and that seeing my obviously aroused peaks poking through the material, turned him on as well.

Dave checked his watch saying we’d have to leave in ten minutes or so because of our pre-booked taxi. It crossed my mind to let it go and prolong this electrifying stimulation. But knowing the difficulty in getting a taxi at this time on a Saturday night, thought better of it.

Aware that we were running short of time, I secretly craved for Dave to do more. Dave carried on to say how the dress was tied, and how, depending on my mood it could be tied accordingly. The younger guy, feigning innocence, suggested that they are shown what he meant. That was it! Dave urged me to twist a little in my seat to show where the bow was tied. This also had the effect of showing much of my exposed thigh. While the increasingly sexy banter continued, the anticipation of how far this would take us was driving me wild. My libido was simply going off the scale.

Then looking deep into my eyes to confirm my enthusiasm, Dave tugged the loose end releasing the bow but left the twist in the sash, leaving me the opportunity to proceed as I wished.

Many thoughts flashed through my mind. Yes, the heady mix of alcohol and arousal was having its effect, as did the super electric atmosphere of the moment. Not wanting this mind-blowing evening to end, I glanced around the room to see if anyone else was looking. Then simply laughed, deciding to let my body movements do the rest.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long for the shiny sash to slacken, allowing the flimsy bodice to loosen. Then my animated movements loosened it to the point of allowing it to slide over my small but very erect nipple. I felt I was in seventh heaven, so didn’t even attempt to remedy the exposure. It was incredibly thrilling, listening to their very flattering remarks and watching their lecherous expressions.

All too soon it was time to leave. I swung off my stool letting gravity take its course. My dress just held in place with a very slack twist in the sash, now a hell of a lot looser than when we arrived. We said our goodbyes with them hoping to see us there again. Dave picked up my coat and pushed our way through towards the doorway. I trailed behind with the thrilling knowledge that my ripe nipples were popping in and out of view with each step. Dave reached the doorway a few moments before me, so for his titillation, I brushed my hip against other patrons, coaxing the total length of my legs to become visible.

Running a little late, we rushed to our taxi pickup point and settled in the back of the comfortably warm Mondeo. Both of us were intoxicated and highly aroused after experiencing our fantasies. It didn’t take long for Dave to unbutton my coat and realise the sash had completely detached during the rush. Unconcerned, but somewhat excited that the driver might see, we kissed and fondled each other all the way home.

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